Wednesday, September 28, 2022

the failed script


The turtle man

He can't really move

Legs bury on the ground

Only his eyes see

He is hit by his own party leaders

He can't say much as he isn't the chief

He is a follower no reason to play his card

A puppet has no choice but to follow

Moo too criticizes him

His NRC recommendations

The turtle man takes too long

The costs of living rising high

Though the turtle man tries to shift blame

He forgets he was in Moo's Cabinet before

He is equally should get the failed script

Now he's running the show but no credibility

The turtle man

Finding he has no support

He doesn't want to call GE15

He doesn't want to be the shortest pm stay

He will try to push it

On 30 September he will know

Will he has back bone to stand up?

GE15 this year will be bad

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