Saturday, September 24, 2022

the AG should his appeal on komidi case


The Komidi can feel high

Unless AG doesn't want to fight

Waiting to read and study the judgement

AG should file for the appeal

If Komidi lost his case

His lawyer would file his appeal immediately

The lawyer would not want to study the judgement

File in and review the judgement later

How long will AG study and consult his team?

He mustn't wait too long as it is a public interest

Cash could have exchanged hands

The judge never asked that question

The Komidi can't escape easily

He has his pending case in court

Macc should look into assets of houses and cars

It costs millions to acquire it

In the youtube video

It was highlighted of his 20 expensive cars and bikes

The vehicles cost millions to acquire it

Macc should study his assets again but should they?

The Attorney General should file his appeal

He can study the judgement later in his office

Let the appeal go to the COA

He can form his attacks when it comes up for review

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