Thursday, September 15, 2022

the foreign workers


Why the need for foreign workers?

We don't have to recruit so many

Every year we hear the same old story

We need foreigners to run our basic economy

Right in our back-yard

We have the illegals running to a few hundred thousands

Why not the government recruit these illegals?

We don't have to pay agent's fees or commissions

We don't have to pay to cronies of the elites

The government refuses to get these illegals

Because the cronies will not get a cut of the commissions

The recruiting agencies will stay to shout and cry

The nation can't support too many foreigners

The social problems may increase and the nightmares

We had stories of murders by Myanmar at one time

Causing pain walking on the streets

The foreign workers

The pool of illegals can be hired

There are already living here

Why so hard to get them employed?

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