Friday, September 30, 2022

the voters


The voters

Use your vote to kick out the bad leaders

You have that veto power in your hand

Don't waste it away by accepting crumbs

All politicians will feel for you

They will come with promises and gifts

The entrapment to take away your vote

Once you fall into their traps they will win

The country is on the edge

The Sulus has a claim of US$15 billion

Though it is wrong to give a new contract

The judge failed in his duty but he didn't care

This is the back door dilemma

It is also our own problem if we allow the bad leaders to stay

So the voters should know the reasons to vote wisely

Kick out the bad leaders don't waste your vote

The voters

You have a role to play

A very important role in your life

Vote for change save the nation

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