Wednesday, September 07, 2022

call the banks for verification


The scammers on the rise

They are smart people but on the wrong side

The police will take a long while to catch up

And the banks are even slower to block or investigate

Many have lodged reports to the police

Some even wrote to Bank Negara for help

But the assistance isn't knocking the door

The cash transactions through on line are gone

The victims call the banks

The banks will push back and wash off its hands

The scammers know about the fall out

It is to their advantage to withdraw and run

The victims will be blamed

The banks will say and stop investigating

As the complaints have gone up

Bank Negara should step in and give protection

The hard earned monies shouldn't be gone like that

Within minutes the transactions of withdrawals

The victims accounts are cleaned out for good

The banks can easily trace it but banks refuse to do

The banks must be held responsible

The banks can't wash off its hands and say otherwise

The cash withdrawals must be able to recall in another banks

Because this is how it operates to upload and withdraw and run

The scammers on the rise

The people must stay alert and wise

Don't listen to the callers or emails

Unsure just call the banks for verification

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