Monday, September 12, 2022

so sympathy for no remorse convict


MO1 less than a month in prison

He gives out a few health issues

Maybe it is bag of tricks again?

He wants to gain sympathy

When he was outside pending appeal

We didn't hear him complain of his health issues

He could campaigns aggressively for his party

He could walk on stage and delivered his speeches

Is he trying to spend time in hospital?

Living in the air conditioned room?

There shouldn't be sympathy for him

The future generations will suffer for it

The stolen wealth in his watch

In prison he seems to have health issues

Because he can't find his entourage?

There shouldn't have sympathy for a convict

There are still cases pending in his name

One case is still on-going to this day

MO1 knows he will be cooked for good too

So he wants to create a drama on his health?

There will be no sympathy for a convict

He is suffering from attention pursuit

So he will complain on his health issues

There shouldn't be any special treatment

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