Thursday, September 22, 2022

no divide and rule of the old way


The Old Man

The lights will shine

Will you wake up and realize?

Malaysia isn't for Malays!

Where is our hearts of gold?

It seems to disappear by the wind

Blowing hot and cold on the land

Of bountiful and beautiful and yet

The Old Man

He lives to ripe old age

He should have learned

Malaysia isn't for Malays!

The nation of beautiful colours

United we will progress abundantly

The segregation will make us small

In the eyes of the world

The Malay political parties

Indulging in race politics and its religion

The leaders can't think rationally and economically

The addictive minds want to take only

The Old Man

Live to see his handiworks

The broken pieces of the nation

He needs to apologize

The nation in the colours of peacock

Every one has to come to term with it

It isn't for a single race floating with the wind

It is for all to progress equally with shared vision

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