Saturday, September 17, 2022

sacrifice Sabah and Sarawak voters


The Sabah and Sarawak voters

Sacrifice to seek the changes in your life

You can't be voting the same old leaders

You stay poor because you are afraid to change

Now there is an alternative party

Sacrifice to seek a better time ahead

Let PH be your choice in the next GE

You don't want to remain poor forever

You shouldn't complain every time

You stay poor in many ways

Because you vote the same set of leaders

Who care more on their own benefits and pockets

Don't complain on MA63 or Putrajaya

You voted the cronies who support the wolves

Through the decades until you are still poor

Now change should come in your mind

Don't be afraid to change

There will be the positive vibrations

You can't lose it now

GE15 let PH run the show

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