Monday, September 19, 2022

the wolves can't escape their fate


The economy isn't rising

The hardship many people will face

Unemployment touching around 3.7%

The back door leaders looking worried

As the turtle man talking on GE15

Pressured by his party bosses to hold it soon

It is all about their own need to survive

Nothing on the people's suffering and needs

Even EC says it costs around $1billion to hold GE15

As the economy isn't in high gear to flourish the nation

GE15 shouldn't be conducted this year

Though the turtle man has no back bone to stop it

The top 5 leaders meeting on 30 September

The wolves will want GE15 to be on the roll

The budget will be announced on 7 October

Will there be the dissolving of Parliament?

By then PH will be ready to march

The Comet Man has launched his campaigns

Rounding up in the country

The wolves will face defeat again

Once a giant is dethroned

Getting back on the feet will be slow

The bad leaders and corruption

The wolves can't escape their fate

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