Thursday, September 08, 2022

the laws will wing into their minds


The kleptocratic leaders

They are counting the days

When they will face their music

The 4 walls kind of ringing noise

One kleptocrat has gone to prison

He will serve his days a long time

He wants to get his pardon quickly

He hasn't warmed up his bed yet

He can't stand his stint in prison

He needs to get out quickly as possible

But the doors will be shut for him

He hasn't returned the millions or billions yet

He will not get his pardon

Because he has cases in the court

He better doesn't play his tricks

He better learns God sends him there to repent

The others in the wings

They are watching their backs

The opulent living will give them away

When their income can't match their life styles

When a good team comes on board

The laws will wing into their minds

The bad leaders will try to run or hide

It is better they confess and return the loot

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