Sunday, September 11, 2022

the wolves never learn


The wolves in split camp

In the open saying to the public

All because of GE15 looming

I say you say” segment crows

The wolves can't be believing

Even bad wolves have court cases

No disciplinary action will be taken

Even going to jail the party leaders support

This isn't the way forward for the wolves

The badge of honour of doing bad things

Maybe it is reflective of their logo

One has to look at it in different view

The Medusa on its head

The serpent with 2 heads

The 2 sharp keris pointing downwards

Draw a face reflective of a frog smiling

Its magic has gone

The new players will come on board

The challenges on the political field

Crowded with racing of the same product

The wolf leaders

Arrogance has no place in society

The wolves will be punished in GE15

They never learn but hungry for the old way

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