Friday, September 23, 2022

get the heartland folks


Pakatan Harapan

Get the heartland folks

The winning ticket lies there

Once they swing their votes

The return of the good leaders

Once more to lead and fight for all

The nation needs the hope of change

Else she will fall flat feeling the shame

Seeing her wealth still disappearing

By the crooked politicians in power game

Pakatan Harapan

The wolves will be singing high

Knowing the chief has been acquitted

40 charges without even one strike

Many will feel what the judge is smoking?

Now he will sing in high pitch

I want GE15 now!”

Pakatan Harapan

The hope of many in your campaigns

The wolves will be celebrating

The AGC will feel the heat

PH must take note on this score

The turtle man may pass his baton

Since his chief is free for now

Pakatan Harapan

Tackle the heartland

The winning ticket lies

The towns and cities

They know the reasons well

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