Monday, September 26, 2022

the burberry man


The Burberry man

He can't speak London

On the stage in UN

He missed his opportunity

He wants to show his village champion

In UN the opportunity shouldn't be missed

Speak London to tell these leaders

A small nation can run with the pack

But alas he can't speak English

He fears his inferior complex

Even if he speaks broken English

No leaders will laugh at him

They will appreciate his try

It will show the world leaders

A small nation can run with the pack

Alas he brings us no opportunities!

The Burberry Man

He so afraid be brought 30 of his members

What were they doing enjoying free rides?

At the expense of the Rakyat?

The Burberry Man

He shows his fear to speak English

He doesn't bring opportunities to the nation

He shows we are still backwards in our focus

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