Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Balik kampong has begun
The traffic bottlenecks and rushing scenes
About world economy and pitfalls
The minds don’t have to worry
It is celebrating time

Police blocks and speed traps
Advising to drive carefully
Lives can be lost in accidents
Every year some never reach homes

Patience brings peace and joy
Arriving home free to celebrate
Don’t be angry on the roads
Let the spirit of Hari Raya rules
For the people of many races and cultures
Sharing our common destiny

While we are at it
Spare thought and prayers too
For RPK and others in detention
In the hotel of Kah Moon Thing

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Every one in cyber space
May the day brings joy
Let freedom rules always


tengah beach langkawi

How many sunsets glow?
On the beach on the island
Admiring the beautiful sky
The works of nature
And the hands of God

At one time a beautiful Arabic word
Nicely carved out in the sky
A former Kedah MB took a shot
He said he never saw it before

The natural setting
It tells the people don’t deny
The way of salvation
It is right at our doorsteps

On the wavy sandy beach
As the sun set glowing its natural light
People gathered to admire
The power of its glow
In the sky of golden bright

The calm sea
Ripples slowly away
As the sunset descended
The people pray
The Lord is still up there
Watching us……..

Monday, September 29, 2008


iwalk_rpk by hakimhamka.

As the festival drawing near
People are ready to ‘balik kampong’
Shell petrol stations run out of petrol
For the owners never stock………..

In the Klang Valley
The buzz was it
The rush to going home
It has started to flow

In Taiping
The King of bloggers imprisoned
For a trial never materializes
Afraid to charge him conveniently put him in
Without trial the UMNO leaders feel safe
No worms to spill on the garden………

RPK will not be forgotten
The people will go to give him moral support
In Taiping where he is imprisoned
In the house of Kah Moon Thing

We will remember, RPK
Hang on there with your belief
Time will make the opportunities
You will see the light
When it finally materializes


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The financial crisis in US
It had been written in the Holy Bible
Those bible crusaders talked about it
For years nobody belief

Greed of wealth
Power corrupts the minds
Law makers forget their roles
Descended to the quests of masses

Gay marriages
The rules bend to popular reasoning
The personal crisis is brewing
Yet the powerful US is dreaming

The massive earthquakes will hit her shores
The US will never recover when this massive earthquake strikes
Starting from the land of Africa it travels to the US coastlines
Hitting them the magnitude of many times tsunami
The world leaders will sit and feel the sorrow

We have seen the best brains
Running the financial services
Yet they don’t foresee the liabilities
They dream on it
As the Lord says He will teach them
For forgetting His lessons

Back in the country
The dilly dally personal crusades
Of political power and gravy train
If we aren’t aware, we will feel the heat

Time not to put blame
Wake up and do the positive values
Admit mistakes pray harder
Else nothing will help

We are blinded by our greed
Of personal grandeur and crusades
Time to take stock of what we have done
Before it becomes our nightmares too

For the Lord is coming
He doesn’t have to say
These are his signals
Do we see it all?


penang ferry

Why wait Gerakan?
You have no home
Now only on patronage
Leave BN the soonest the best
Let the change comes
Leave the old clothes behind
Salute the new light

Yet Gerakan
You find it hard to go
The ties binding fools
You want to shake free
Then about gravy train

Don’t sit and procrastinate
The best leaders never sleep
About survival and relevancy
They go and hedge their opportunities
Gerakan you have lost your soul
It is time you return to the original

UMNO sinking with its deceits
Covering up all these years
Now it becomes heavy and burdensome
It is sinking hard on its knees

Now Gerakan
Don’t wait any more
Pack your bags move into a new ground
Start a fresh hope it survives


The moon shining bright
Every one of us painted faces
What color you think you want?
The pain and laughter; the fear and vampirism desires
Cruising in our minds

Every day we put up faces
Different mask for different occasion
Let nobody knows the true intention
Living in this political maneuverings
Only it seems money and power talk

As we learn into our lives
The power truly corrupts the minds
Engaging with the power crazy ones
There is no end unless power is clipped

In the late night
The moon still shining bright
The hunger of power
Assail to the wondrous mind

Somewhere in the dark cell
RPK is locked up for speaking his mind
Trusting the good Lord will bring him freedom
The way it should be……..right the wrong

The opposition leader better gets his numbers right
Don’t tell a silly joke; it backfires on the people
If you have it now, act on the urgency
Else it is the painted drama on stage

RPK will lock up for ages
He needs the opposition leader to get the sum right
Every concerned people wish you hurry it now
Let the light shines see the real faces
When history is proclaimed

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Light for Justice by Rescue Dog.
borrowed www.flickr.com(Rescue Dog)

Days and nights
The candles vigils in our minds
For RPK we wish well
Down in Kah Moon Thing
The government put him there

Tears have no meaning
When he isn’t free
Fighting for justice
For all of us human beings

Only when he is free
The spills of his words
The BN leaders get scared
Asking their running dogs
Go and bark………….

Days and nights
The light will be burning
Telling him he isn’t alone
Fencing it up in Kah Moon Thing
We want him free

The liberty of our rights
Our representatives forget
Got voted into power
They use it to hit us back!

O the nights will be long
RPK and other ISA prisoners
The people will fight for freedom
The final crush will be on October 13
So hang it there
The candles burning in our minds
For you it worth the march
Down with ISA
Bin it to eternity


You want change
Yet afraid to embrace it
What people want?
Scared of death already?

Death is a journey
It is another world to correct your mistakes
So you have a time to enjoy the benefits
Learn the good and the bad maybe the ugly too
When you go, you know you have the experience

Every time when the night falls
What you think it will happen?
Good over evil?
You must be dreaming

Technologies must come
You love it or you hate it
Don’t deny others have a go
If you think about hazardous exposure
Stop and look around yourself

Do I need to numerate it?
Only anything in excessive uses
It benefits nothing in the end
Even sleeping too much
It will cause you dearly

Go embrace Wifi
No need to fight
Listen we will die
On the day fixed for us
So why worry?
Enjoy your life
Don’t get dizzy with it

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I walk with RPK
Sadly he is imprisoned under ISA
Nothing to fight in court
Afraid of just one man………

The BN government will disintegrate
Of the lies and dishonor it brings
It spends too much time fighting its own agendas
Leaving the people fighting for their rights

The economic journey hasn’t started to push
The world events glaringly reminding the BN
Don’t waste time better marshal defenses
Against the economic slowdown

Does the BN government hear it?
I walk with RPK in cyber space
Reading his writings and the fights he fought
Not for himself but for the country and her people
Sadly he is sent to Kah Moon Thing
By the no balls BN government
Afraid to see what he said is true

I walk with RPK
In my own way I will post
My view about ISA
And the people under its claw
Imprisoned some for years

I walk with RPK
Abolish ISA
Let freedom rules
Let us have a heart
Let us have a mind
To pursue our identity
Of Malaysians


Many feel despair
The new change never materializes
So much drum beating
Dates set mind focus on it
The days now gone
The bitter pill swallowing pride
Yet the game isn’t over
From now till October 13

Many say
We should get on with the job
Enough of fixing dates
Nothing seems to come this way

Patience the quality of a leader
One shouldn’t just brush it off
Setting the game plan now working on it
It never ends until we forget
What we want to do……….
Change for the new light
Giving us hope to carry through

RPK and Hindraf 5
And those retained in Kah Moon Thing for years
The light they hope will shine
They still believe especially RPK
The marching will bring the new light

The number is in the bag
Now following protocols
Believe it or it doesn’t
The good fight will come to an end
Very soon……….set the people free
For the new chapter will begin


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borrowed www.flickr.com(Marky Lil)

The change set on Sept 16
The marching will be on
The target didn’t get the bull’s eye
The spirit lives on

Some say why never happen?
It is the rule of the game
Protocol and gamesmanship
It will happen don’t write it off yet

Nobody expects the ruling elites to say
Come right in and take your seat
No Sir these losers will put up blockades
Finding it hard for the opposing team to advance

It will happen
The time is ticking it away
The PR follows the rules
Give BN face

The marching is in silent mode
PR leaders planning ways to execute its plan
The government business will be over
When we wake up one fine morning

A new chapter will be written
On the corridor of power
Changes must come quick
For the world isn’t waiting for us

Friday, September 26, 2008


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Time to go
When events came along

It is no use holding it
When the goings the warlords disagree
The sins of the fathers came
Make the exit and do the honorable thing

Release all the ISA detainees
Make it day people can rejoice
The days are numbered
You know the drill
The warlords want their spoils
In the secret vaults……….
Is it true or just an empty talk?

Raking a leaf from MIC
Too many unfinished businesses
Yet all those years what happen?
Sleeping on the job dreaming it away
When perseverance lacking in quality
It derails one own objectives

The high stake poker he dares not take
He tries to avoid it at all costs…………
Sleeping on it hoping it will go away
By lord it has to come no matter what you say

Time to go…………
The writings posted on the walls
If you want to leave a legacy
Throw all draconian laws into the bin
In this way the reputation records in history

Will it happen?
Else you will be known
As the sleeping beauty forgetting own values
Devaluing your own stakes
As a leader finding no direction


We all die one way or another
No matter what you want to say
Do many surveys and study groups
We die when our times arrive

Embrace technologies
The signs of living in time
Atmosphere now full of many ills
You name it – smog, pollution, acid rain
Even without Wifi………….
We know our times are fixed……..

So why worry unnecessary?
Go and take it enjoy your life

We all scared to die
It is written we would have to go
One way or another; no second guessing
Just don’t be a fool living under the coconut shell

When The Lord asks you
Have you enjoyed your life on Earth?
What will you say?
Dear Lord I don’t………
I am scared of death
I want to live in the jungle
Yet the progress beating me to it
So if I don’t do anything
So if I don’t contribute any
I still die………
The Lord says
Yes it is
But you have enjoyed it while you are there?


Rules and rules
Who will supervise them?

When the little napoleons running free
All those years with BN government
Habits they say die hard to change
Pakatan Rakyat government came to know too late

Orders never carry out
The little napoleons done what they wanted
Forgetting about directives
They used to do their own ways

What now for PR government?
Investigate and punish the officers
The dereliction of duties no excuses
The president of the Ampang municipal
He should take the blame

MIC came out strong
The party wanted to publicize its image
It is too late to say the least
The leaders have their own agendas
Not necessarily fighting for change
If MIC really thinks so
The leaders should quit BN and go solo

Now the damage had been done
The temple gone unhappiness with the followers
PR should quickly take remedial action to win support
Find a piece of land and let the temple be built
At least PR will win support
And take action on those officers………..
Don’t let them off the hook!


Emergency UMNO meeting
Hustling of transition plan
Forgetting about the forces at the gates
Inching closer to get the title

UMNO on the road of nowhere
The sins of their fathers come to pay
Nothing will be less……………..
The dying party sinking with holes

The years of abuses
Of wealth and corruption
Of power and forgetting the rules
The sins of their fathers come to pay

Racial base parties
It isn’t the way forward for the country
It is better it evolves into multi-racial wheel
It moves with the masses…………

Anwar Ibrahim
You couldn’t meet your target
You wanted to follow protocols
Now what happen?

It is time to strike
When the enemy is in disarray
No more abiding by the rules
UMNO leaders don’t comply

UMNO emergency meeting
You take it to run the country
When the enemy is already mortally wounded
Don’t let the enemy recovers
Hit the final blow into its head
Get your title
And the peoples’ freedom


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borrowed www.flickr.com(kookybites)

Don’t worry
The darkness will not swallow you
You are now into the dark
You are left alone
Facing your truth

Don’t worry
The truth lies with you
You get it out
When you are ready
Nothing will break your day

The day moves
Light and dark every day
Nobody will forget you
Fighting for rights
Spices of a life

The evil doers
They don’t live in paradise
On the hell beds they recognize
Don’t do to others
What you don’t want others do to you

Yes…..don’t worry
They will give their end
For the people want it
A new light to fight the darkness
And bring us to the glory
For us to be free!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


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No dead line
Once bitten the game changes
Now wait in the corner
Ringing bell

Annoying the sleeping beauty
He dares not take the gamble
When cards on the table
He can’t throw the extra mile
To call his opponent bluff

Now he watches
By the windows shaded by the dark curtains
He dares not see the light of day
Believing he will lose his seat

Now Parliament no activity
Only the Supreme Ruler to play his role
The opposition has to get it done
Wasting time benefits nobody

The hope of the nation
Clinging to one man to stirs it around
It is now or never……………
Get it done and sail the ship to calm waters

No dead line
The opponent marching his forces
Reaching right to the hill slopes
The final push will come………

It is now or never
Else forever hold your tongue
The hope is still there
The person can make the difference
Before October 7….


ISA what have you become?
A scorn of society at the hands of the crazy elites
Doing it in your name and see what get you into
Every one on the streets seem to hate you

In the beginning it was for security motives
In those years long gone in history
Yet you are still around to mock the people
In the wrong hands you become evil……

ISA you can’t be living
You have passed your life expectancy
Causing so many miseries to wives and families
Friends and colleagues missing their anchor buddies

The pages of history
You are listed as heartless piece
No soul yet you want to live
In the hands of the evil doers
ISA you should feel ashamed
You should die quickly
Change your ways

The deeds people don’t want from you
You make life a misery, a crying shame in a democratic country
ISA let your soul brings peace
Get the evil doers crossed them till they suffer pain
So they will know how people under you suffer
Don’t let the evil doers escape!

ISA it is time you disappear
Into your world counting in history
Of the draconian law cheating democracy
It is time you wave goodbye
And let us live in peace………


CB025320 by linma_i.

Racial conflicts
On color one gets berserk
Black, brown, yellow and white
We share the same Earth
We breathe the same air
We all will die one way or another
Can’t we live peacefully respecting each other rights?

Foreigners we keep a distance
Dare not want to mix with them
The blacks of the African nation
They come here to learn
And see what get them?
Racial prejudices………

We want to preach racial freedom
When foreigners arrive here to learn and work
We think we are the kings treating them so differently
What have we gone wrong in our multi-racial composition?

Even in my housing area
The neighbor teaches his dog to bark at black people
Animals will not know the color…………..
Unless the dog trainer or owner teaches otherwise
So I observe the dog will bark at black color….

Racial relations start at home
It is here the foundation will be laid
Passing Race Relations Act will not solve the issue
When the foundation is weak
Nothing will stand up in the long run

We have to change
Our own thinking; our own prejudices
We can’t tell others we are different
We are the same family
Dividing only in colors
Nonetheless we are family

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Jail House Rock
RPK gone to lock
With it the juicy stories halt
On the 4 walls……….

The freedom one seeks
It lies buried within walls
The UMNO leaders think they win
Branding him a national security risk!

The order signed
A detention for 2 years without trial
It is just merely to silence a man’s view
About the ills running in the UMNO mind

Never mind the spin
The day will come soon
For the Jail House Rock
It will be empty without souls
Only the echoes of past residents
Clawing on the walls………..
Wishing it will fall

One can go in physically
The mind is still roaming free
Collating data and images
Then it will be released

The Jail House Rock
RPK gone to lock
UMNO leaders have silent him
They forget others will unlock
Marching for down the ISA
Let us throw into the bin!

RPK Rocks
The prison wardens look
They don’t know what to say
For the Bugis prince stands his ground
For the cause he believes he is right


borrowed from scothong.wordpress.com
RPK fights for his views
Write what he thinks ills the country
No hold barred he carries it through
In this hot spot he got Jail-house Rock

Engagement isn’t the government fort
The BN/UMNO leaders just crying foul
Never want to face to face with RPK
Maybe these UMNO leaders can’t match him
So the easy way out send him to Kah Moon Thing

Though he may have spice up his writings
Make it facts and fiction……………
Too much hard facts can be boring
A little spices it makes interesting reading

All the while the messages
Make changes for hope to flourish
For new outlook for new pictures
We should live in a world of progression

Now RPK goes to Jail House Rock
The idiot BOTAK says he is a national security threat
What lie he wants to spin!
Of his own members in UMNO
They all get free……….

RPK the fight isn’t over
The darkness for now
A little help and hope from friends
A new painted road will arrive
For there is always light when darkness falls


We live once
In this life on this Earth
We must hug new technology
Though others may condemn it

Wifi…..why fight?
Embrace it
It is how one uses technology
Don’t be a slave that’s all

Though many talk about health
Implosion in the homes
Implosion in the country’s landscape
It is anything new?
When our time seems near

If you don’t embrace it
God will ask you why
Don’t you like the new gadget?
Of course there are obstacles
What life isn’t?

Currently we face death
In many forms in many ways
So at least with new gadget
Life can have a semblance of balance
In reality and in cyber-space

Just don’t forget about precautions
Do it right gadget will help
What life doesn’t have obstacles?
We face death many times
Waking up and going to sleep!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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Do you have the number?
Don’t play games no more
Sept 16 gone
Sept 23 nearly over
Now jumps to Oct 1

Tomorrow the sodomy trial
A hurdle Anwar has to pass by
Though on the surface
He has no problem facing the charge

This is just a side issue
Do you have the number?
Changing the guards
This is what the people wanted to know

The façade of calm
In the government administration
Something is raring to explode
When Parliament meets on Oct 13

Do you have the number?
The waiting game is too long
RPK and others sacrificing their belief
For a change to set them free

The economic activities running slow
The investors play a wait and see game
So do you have the number?
Don’t play games no more


The devil smiles
The cronies do the job
Signing orders
One man disappears
Behind close bars
For years to come

Out in the open
Candle vigils light the night
Telling the government
Be fair

The protests have no bearing
The government forgets its people
Marching orders without trial
The government has no answer
So hiding it behind ISA

Some graduated; some new, some fail, some returnees
In the prison walls of Kah Moon Thing
The inmates’ struggle hoping to get freedom
The changing of government

The rules of law
It never applies fairly
Under the Constitution
Every one must be treated equally

One man believes
The government gets scared to meet him
Now the waiting begins
For the change is forthcoming


The time has come
There must be a change
In the political landscape of the country
Enough of the one sided affairs

Many grouses on the ground
The UMNO/BN leaders pretend
They cover their eyes to the people’s plight
They take care of themselves

The time has come
The changing of guard must prevail
No more two sided laws
The people have seen enough

Enough of the uncertainties
Parading in our minds
Enough of the interferences
To pursue self interests

The time has come
The dark hill needs light
Enough of the peoples’ suffering
The change must arrive


raja petra kamarudin

Anwar better gets this way right
Too many people waiting for his light

RPK now ordered to detain in Kah Moon Thing
For two years without a fair trial under Section 8 of ISA
His court case appears today……………..
And he is ordered to serve in Taiping

The battle of the minds shift
On a notch higher now
The other political leaders
Play like a true champion
Don’t let UMNO gets away

The BN leaders what are you waiting for?
Saying so bravely in public
Yet in the cabinet meeting what happened?

The fall of the regime
Of BN is drawing near
One more nail into its coffin
It won’t get up when it comes

RPK knows
He has prepared for it
Anwar now has to work harder
Get the work done quickly
Enough time has lost
Staring at your cards
It is now or never
RPK in Jailhouse Rock

And the people still believe
Anwar has the number to topple the BN
It is just better worked it out soon
Let all the ISA detainees spend raya back home


borrowed www.flickr.com(Paul Petruck)

The calm before the storm
September 16 done and gone
People came to understand
Why the sleeping beauty dare not call?

Calling mirage
A reflection of retro leader
The world will not wait for you
It has to go on whether you like it or not

Giving excuses
Trying to buy time
September 16 done and gone
Be a gentleman calling his card

Anwar has given the opportunity to you
By the book he asks you to play the rule
Yet you aren’t forthcoming
Afraid you eat your own words

Mirage for waking up from sleep
Eyes hardly open seeing images
The mind isn’t focus on it
You say mirage
Only for yourself you should ask

The change will come
On the road to Putrajaya
Better call Anwar
Get it over and move on

Why wait?
When the marching forces begin
The people want the change
You can’t stop it
By any law you want to implement
It will fail

Meet Anwar
Settle the poker game
Once and for all
On the table play the cards

Monday, September 22, 2008


The gravy train
Even in sleep you think of it
The 3Ps high on the list
The power tools in economic managing
Of wealth to appease

Changing portfolios
High finance to defense
So one can sleep easily
No need to crunch numbers
Only maneuvering with guns
So easy just aim and shoot!

The crunch will come
Not without a fight
This seems the logic
Giving you a horse
Find your own saddle

The country moves
In automatic controls
Nobody seems to know

The menu changes again
The chef gets annoyed
The kitchen brigade banging away
This isn’t right to do
Wasting time showing authority

The puppet maker disappears
Nobody can find where….
The puppet dolls dangling on the strings
Floating, dancing, swaying
By the fan whirring it away


The terrorists never value lives
Using religion to justify a cause
Laying waste of developments and economy
They say it is for a good cause

Who are the terrorists kidding?
Destroying lives for selfish needs
This isn’t about advancing a cause
This isn’t about propagating a religion
It is self interests to pursue self grandeur

The terrorists brainwash others
Taking the jobs promising heavens and paradise
Like the Crusades of ancient past
Many lives lost but what was gained?
Nothing to advance a religion
Nothing to advance a cause

People don’t get fooled
The terrorists the devil’s agents
Using religion – jihad or crusade
It isn’t about religion
It is about self worth

Allah telling you about Jihad
Read His words printed so clearly
The hearts and minds of devil play
The lost souls get right into its web

The terrorists shouldn’t be allowed
Endangering lives and properties
Telling so many lies
Yet the leaders never lead
They hide somewhere
Only the stupid fools die for them

It isn’t God’s will
They die into hell!


Something is brewing
Yeah the change of government
Every one is anxiously waiting
Right in the kopitiam talk

UMNO is reeling
The warlords want their chief to go
Afraid when he stays too long
Implosion will happen
UMNO will disintegrate

Pushing its president
Letting him know he has to go
Yet the people hope
He will do his last good work
Release all ISA detainees
Then he can wave his goodbyes

Anwar works his magic
Giving enough rope to appease
The government leader to take steps
To meet him to solve the impasse

Calling his bluff doesn’t solve the issue
It is better the sleeping beauty calls Parliament
Lay the cards once and for all
See who will run the show

Something is brewing
Amongst the warlords I am sure
Trying their best to find ways
Before the ground breaks

Anwar must be sure
Otherwise his creditability is ruined
For he will find it hard to establish his reputation
When the truth isn’t found its way

Something is brewing
The sky is dark the rain has fallen
The ground is wet
Will it happen?
The changing of guards on the hill

Sunday, September 21, 2008


borrowed www.flickr.com(wearn)

Races in the country
Years of economic developments
Dividing them into a compact units
From the villages into towns and cities
The racial bridge finally frays

Where have we gone wrong?
Marching towards the globalize world
Leaving our shared values and neighborliness
We have forgotten our racial relations

Basically we are all immigrants
No race should claim they rule this land
It is shared by all to protect and nurture
The land we came to build our future and fortunes

Look inwards towards ourselves
Think of those years gone away
We may not get it back
At least build a new bridge to settle it

Races in the country
Politicians play for their galleries
Ignoring the social fabric of balancing act
They think about their own
Nothing for the neighbor

Let them enjoy their fruit of labor
Amongst races call Malaysians
No creed, no color, no nothing
We should make this country
The best model in racial harmony
For the world to observe and practice


No ISA review
This draconian law affects all
The walk of life of the society
Only the ruling elites want it stays
For nation and security what they say

Now draft out other laws
When this law overrides all
It is better to let the other laws go
No judges to intervene
Save millions what you say?

ISA isn’t used for its purposes
It is now used on the political opponents and bloggers
Denying them the rights to defend on the charges
When at current level there are laws aplenty to use

This is the tool the BN government wanted
Shove up its rules without telling you why
Use ISA to control their power base
Voted by the people to assist the people
The leaders turn around and bite these voters

ISA shouldn’t be allowed to breathe
In the democracy the country practices
It is time the draconian law must go
Into the annals of history
Why still shackle by the Colonial law?

BN leaders never listen to the ground
Every action these leaders take will be their end
For now the people realize…………….
They are the bosses so the government better wise up
Be fair to all………..


The stalemate on the table
The players stare at each other
The silence in the room
The supporters eyeing each other
What now?

The high stake poker game
The players know the fame
Whoever wins?
The riches and power came

The juggling of time
The moment of truth must arrive
The cards on the table
Only one card separates the winner and loser
Who will he be?

The forces within
The truth will be known
Only this time one card decides
The fall of a regime

Simple, clean, gentleman
No arms rising; no nothing to defend
On the table the card decides
The winner takes it all

The susurrus wind
The air-condition units barking
Cracking into the silence
As the players stare
Into each other moves
On the table the card decides


MCA still harbors for the Chinese
The leaders in MCA never learn
March 8 had told the story
Don’t go barging into race politics!

The Chinese here is about 30%
You can’t even form a government
What more to fight for the Chinese rights?
The leaders in MCA are dreaming
Thinking about the glorious past

Don’t join UMNO
If you know the truth
Running errands hiding faces
Yet you want to go on living
A disgrace to the race!

MCA leaders wake up
Open your party to all races
You can’t bank on 30% votes
Of the Chinese to stay relevant
You must be dreaming all these years

The mood has changed
MCA has become irrelevant
On race base philosophy
It doesn’t carry weight no more
It is noose around your neck
So better reinvent to stay focus
Else you will be buried
In the annals of Malaysian political history

Saturday, September 20, 2008


投名狀 The Warlords by K嘛.
Before you go sleeping beauty
Think of ways to legalize your legacy
Your UMNO party warlords have ganged up
Pushing you far into the side walk

You realize your time is up
Your supreme council members are baying for your blood
They don’t care what happen to you
You forgot your promises in 2004
Now you realize your own folly too late

Do the right thing now
Release all ISA detainees
Abolish all the draconian Acts
Establish and push through
Agendas of change

The sodomy charge on Anwar
It is a joke if you care to admit
Abandoned the trial and admit mistake
You can’t carry it through
You know the results already
Playing it up by the warlords
You know who they are…….

Do the right thing now
Let history say something nice for a change
As a prime minister who dares to abolish all draconian laws
So that freedom in democracy flourishes

Before you go sleeping beauty
Hit the gong call for change
Let history records your last deeds
‘The man who restores democracy in the country’


borrowed www.flickr.com(Threepwood)

The elephant walks
On a leisurely pace
On the white paper
In the hands that do the drawing

It comes alive
In minute details
Of an animal
Big in the jungle

Eyes of kindness
Big in heart yet suffering from poachers
By the evil of guns and bullets
You hear the roaring cries……..

Yet in your hands
The drawing comes alive
An elephant staring at you
‘Remember me when I am extinct’

Artist in the works
By the canvasses and papers
Living it in the minds
Hands draw animals come alive

So when you are down
You have a passion to draw
In this way you have your focus
Drawing it to make your imaginations
Turning alive on papers and canvasses


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If you have the number
Don’t throw it away
Call the King
Let the drama ends

The forces of losers
Gathering to launch its final assault
Read the messages
They filing hidden agendas
The members went to make police report
Some supporting the present elites

Don’t let the suspense
If you have the number
Do it now………….
The sleeping beauty doesn’t care
He is cornered in his castle
Counting sheep to get out of his quagmire

If you have the number
Dance on it quickly diffuse the suspense
Call the King
Let the drama ends

Too much time wasted
Allowing the enemy to take a breather
If you have the number
Call the King
Let the drama ends

GET THE KINGDOM.............

The throne is near
The knights’ subtlety differences
Eating it or welcoming it as pets
Into the crowded house

The human frogs
They can turn into useful pawns
Like them or hate them
The knights must agree
For the throne is near

When Destiny arrives
Needful things of each knight
It has to put aside
For the overall good of the brotherhood

The ultimate aim
Dethrone the present black knight
Put a white knight to rule
The kingdom be fair to all

The other knights
Yes they should keep their needs in check
The momentums get rolling
When the black knight retreating
Hit the road forget about petty issues
Get the kingdom
Then decide the nitty gritty details

Friday, September 19, 2008


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borrowed www.flickr.com(microabi)

This group of UMNO members
They only represent themselves
Don’t lump us into your cause
You should ask your president
What he is doing now?

You made police report
About Anwar statements
He has his rights to defend
On his believe of forming the government

Why don’t you guys ask your president to meet Anwar?
Why does he hide it away?
So he knows the truth what Anwar says

Now the deputy IGP should interrogate these guys
About their police report alleging instability in the country
If the police report is false, these people should be charged
So now deputy IGP takes your cue of what you said

The people want change
For the betterment of the country
Nothing will ever stop the momentum
The change must come


The saving grace
The elites try to mend
Writing it in saving face
Leave to the leaders to decide

The Rakyat doesn’t want the party
They better wake up soon
Trying to believe the party is still relevant
In this context they forget
March 8 had spoken it clearly

Look into China
A communist country with capitalistic route
The leader then Deng Xiaopeng knew it
Change the party hard rules tap into the capitalistic markets
So the people have new toys to play
The party stays relevant to this day

UMNO is for party members
Wealth and projects inked into them
Leaving the crumbs for others
If one is lucky, one may have something

UMNO should open its doors
To all Malaysians irrespective of colors and religions
If the party wants to stay relevant
This is the choice the leaders in UMNO must decide

The momentum of change
It is already spreading on the ground
Slowly it will take over
For the people had spoken

Will UMNO change for the country?
It is hard to look into it
The 3Ps always in the leaders’ minds
It may have blinded those ages ago

It needs a ‘all shook up’
To finally realize its ways
Otherwise it is in ‘Jailhouse rock’


The house shifting
Neighbors looking at it
Furniture and fittings
Bags and linens
Boxes of other stuff
On the porch ready to roll

The day turns gloomy
It seems it is going to rain
Breezy wind caressing the pillars
Brushing its weight silently whisper

The branches bowing low
Dead leaves floating away
Crying with the wind
‘O please! Don’t take me away?!’

Hours floating away
The truck hasn’t arrived yet
What’s happening?
Calling truck company
Nobody answers the line

The sky darkens
Black color with dim color light
Sitting on the rocking chair
Wasting time

Will the truck arrive?
Heavy traffic jams in the city
Delaying its arrival for many hours
So the waiting begins

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The cards lay out on the table
The chips piling high to see
4 cards displaying for all
The challenger calls his opponent
Tell me what you see?

The sleeping beauty calls it bluffing
His supporters drumming on the chairs
Laughing and smiling on the cards display
It is unlikely the challenger will get a royal flush

Ever confident on his moves
The sleeping beauty calls it a mirage
Only the challenger can see it
It is just an illusion even in dreams
He lays out his cards of two pairs each
A house perhaps better than his challenger

He looks at his challenger
Now tell me what you see?
My cards on the table enough to win
You have one card the odd against it
A royal flush you must be dreaming!

We will see
When the time comes
Right now I raise my stake
Higher this time
Since you are confident of winning

Resign your post when I win
The challenger never smiles
Staring straight at his opponent
Now are you game for it?


borrowed www.flickr.com(Blooms n&#039)
The darkness sing
Of those who will be sunk
The hollowness of the dark
It awaits those greedy ones

The hammering in desperation
Looking for a way out
In darkness it is all black
No light no leading the way

The vultures bid time
Knowing the greed will come
Of desperate leaders on desperate measures
The darkness sing

The dark soldiers assemble
For the days and nights rule
Capturing the simmering light
If only they know the truth

The leaders of the light
Better move quickly
For the plotting has begun
Don’t you hear the darkness sing?

The truth will be told
No matter how many nights come
The light will shine for all
Believing it; a small step to freedom


The changing chair
The wait is so long
The music spins away
Do you hear the applause yet?

The party goers hang around
Eyes glue on the big LCD screens
Ears listening for the announcement
Legs ready to tap dancing away

The changing chair
The participants wait
The announcer has to make
Who will be the winner?

The wait is so long
The sweat flow on foreheads
Anticipation of a new leader
The changing chair
Sits quietly

The doors ajar
The party goers strain their eyes
Ears listening who will he be?
As the party slowly begins


The air smog our eyes
The dust doesn’t even settled down
Another dark cloud zooms into our lives
By the sleeping government one more time

The drama of reality show
One after another takes the fall
Of the truth the sleeping beauty doesn’t understand
He just wants his toys and his bed to sleep all nights

ISA has no place
In a society of civilized people
Engage the bloggers
Don’t use ISA
A legislation for a communist and terrorist
Now use it for anybody

The sleeping beauty doesn’t listen
Empty talk only pleasant to his ears
Riding now on his scared maneuvers
Using ISA to prop up his show

Damn where is the challenger?
Give the knock out punch
Get rid of the retaining wall
Let the freedom flow
In our lives

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The poker game is hot
Sweat appears on the players’ foreheads
Looking at the cards on the table
One will never know
The outcome of winner takes it all

The crowd gathers
Supporters lean for their leaders
Throwing chips falling like rain
It ripples the heart thinking of the money
Eyes blinking on the objects
The two players finally matched

One player wants to see
The opponent card in his hands
Lay down your terms
See what you have with you

The high stake poker game
Nothing to hide away
It is now open for all to see
Who will win?

The challenger must move
Now or forever keeps his ambition
Of wealth and power on the table
For the game has turned
Into a game of survival
Of ambition and prize
The throne of the seat of power
On the table it has to decide

the poker games begin

The writings on the wall
Slowly glowing with the numbers
Yet the sleeping beauty does not see
Sleeping still in his dreamy world

Sure Sept 16 gone
Only the press conference to show
The numbers game hit the road
BN still sleeping on it

The protocols gone
Giving grace yet showing no response
The embattled sleeping beauty
Laying staring at the stars
Counting sheep jumping over it
The 3 bags full…………..

The marching is going
The foot soldiers have moved
The new chapter is opening
By Sept 20 I believe so

Now the current ministers
Giving statements attacking it
Desperation of one man
Seeing mirage in his eyes

The game is set
The poker game begins
Now we wait for the draw card
And we will know the winner
Taking all his winnings


polytikus(Li Tsin) hope to her back again
borrowed http://rocky's bru.blogspot.com

People come; people go
Time to blog; time to say goodbye
It is the fact of our daily life

Miss some; remember a few
Things will be carried out
Changes perhaps in our lives

Nothing is ever staying permanent
The concrete walls maybe dig out
New layers put on it again

Yet it is always sad
Seeing bloggers disappear
When they started off
Hardly people know

Then as the time progresses
Visitors pop in saying hello
Now there will less one to seek
Sharing thought and idea in space

Somewhere in time
Perhaps we will see her write again
For life journey must be shared
In this world of many colors waving every time


PR hasn’t set the mood
Press conference said of correct numbers
The sleeping beauty rejected requested meeting
Now the next move is the Supreme Ruler

There is nothing wrong
MPs can cross over
It is allowed in the Constitution
Even Federal Court ruled it so

Some talk about ethical rules
Some talk about saving the country’s wealth
Let the MPs decide for themselves
Be with the devil or with the people
For the light will be actively pursued
Until a new chapter begins

Change must come
Nothing to be afraid
Enough of the present government
Talking and taking all for their own
For their party, race and religion

What happen to the rest of us?
Aren’t we playing a part in the election?
When the election is over
We aren’t wanted any more

Now we realize
We were fools
For once we want a change
Draw a new line on the road


Wake up don’t sleep any more
The changes have come
At the doors

Open your eyes to see
The good weather says
Beautiful blue white sky
A new day today

Only the evils lay
Dare not come out to see
The shaft of golden light
Hitting into every nook and corner
The evils wail softly
Knowing the end is near

The people gathered
On the ground with candles
Singing songs of freedom
The evils know they have gone
There is no place to hide any more

The white knights arrive
Galloping horses lances of light
Burning the evils spike it high
For the truth will let us go free

It has arrived
The new light for the people
Freedom, peace and living harmoniously
Exchanging religious knowledge
Without barriers and color blind
For the good of the nation and her people

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Marina and her husband RPK

RPK alone in solitary confinement
Under ISA physical and emotional abuses
It can break a person
The police forget
He is a Bugis warrior
He isn’t afraid

The ancestors of his long lineage
Fighting wars on seas and lands
Now the police are facing a man
Born to the Royal Household of Selangor
A descendant of the Bugis warrior

RPK had been there in2001
He knows what it will be like
An experience he has shared
Nothing will break him
Only the truth he fights for it

Alone he stands
Fighting the lap dogs
Barking at him incessantly
For the prince in him
He knows he isn’t beaten yet

The candles vigil
Lighting up his strength
He stands to fight for the truth
Sure he spins his tales
So as people can relate

RPK he knows he is stubborn
The warrior spirit never runs away
Alone to face his adversary
He stands his ground
For the truth and freedom
He fights and cherishes
For the common people like us
And him taking the heat
For he is the Bugis warrior
He takes them all


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Candles vigil
People hold
Gathered in common goals
Of life needs to be treated fairly
About freedom and associations

Religions teach about tolerance
About don’t run overboard
Pray as you must in life
Think of others feeling too

Don’t do it unto others
When you don’t want others to do it to you
The simple logic in the scriptures
People fail to heed God’s words

Man created laws
The flaws are many; havoc in our souls
We seem to forget about learning from other
We think we are the only one in this world

The pillars of our diversity
It must be shared and cherished
Know the laws of God
It is here fairness rules

Candles vigil
Praying for the freedom and associations
It will spring forward into our lives
The pillars of our diversity


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The art of war
Quickly make the opponent weak
In their eyes they see the bogeyman
Running after them

Sleepless nights
The mind growing weak
The body eroding of self renewal
It comes out stupid in administration

The art of war
It makes the enemy seeing shadows
Every corner in its power
It is the devil coming for souls

So they issue statements
Denying the road to doom
For the internal squabbling arising
The weights and measures unbalancing
The leaders dare not say the truth

On the ground many want to believe
The day it will happen in our eyes
The ‘Titanic’ is sinking fast
Rushing water sending out signals
For the wrong direction

The art of war
Make the enemy knows his glory
When he is sleeping
Take over his kingdom

dont be afraid

Don’t be afraid
About the growing years ahead
About the growing old in later years
It is just a cycle enjoying the process

Even the waves rocking on the shores
Knowing it can’t conquer it all
Yet the waves will keep trying
Don’t be afraid

In life changes will come
The seed, the growth, the popularity, the death
In between seek the fortunes, peace and living well
You can’t be sick; you are not suppose to be

In the short time
Learn what you born to do and live
Don’t be afraid
Go and multiply

Don’t be afraid
The light and darkness
It is just a renewal process
For tomorrow is always there


Malaysian Flag by noonard.

Oh Malaysia Day!
This September 16, 2008
The birth of Malaysia
It is so quiet
Why no celebration?

There is no public holiday
For such an important date
The formation of Malaysia
Integration complete

The quiet movement
Marshalling for recognition
On Malaysia Day
A new light will be shining

There is enough talking
Now action must proceed
On this date
It must be fair to all communities
In pursuit of progress and peace
Living harmoniously enjoying each other company

Oh Malaysia Day!
Let us hear your sweet songs
Lingering in our minds
For it will be a start of something new
This time around


Do you smell the roses?
Early in the morning light
The clouds are cloudy
Sunny comes out late

The date has arrived
The destiny of the nation roars
Do you hear it in your mind?
Something good will come to night

The BN leaders say
There no such thing
The line seems divided
The truth will come
PR will take the seat
The glory for those who believe

Do you smell the roses?
Blooming right on time
The day of the new light
A new story to write

Monday, September 15, 2008


The wrong decision
The government tackled problems
Invoking ISA without trial
This isn’t democracy

The self implosion will occur
The BN partners tap dancing away
They don’t agree
They know what will happen
When the next GE arrives

Now the BN partners are talking
Knowing the light is diminishing
The wrong decision
Invoking ISA without trial

The people don’t agree
The civil rights movement too
The Bar Council condemns it
So are some cabinet ministers

The time for change is now
The honest MPs take your stand
This isn’t about ethics
It is about obligation
To the people and nation

So light the candles
Let the light shine in the darkness
Golden sparkling bright light
There is tomorrow
And it will come