Wednesday, May 31, 2017

the fool games we play

The world of money
The world of fools
We live in it
We use to indulge

When age takes hold
We realize our mistakes
As the old before us
They told us the familiar story

Money the root of all evils
It will make life easy and miserable
It depends on whom we talk to
In the end we realize we can't bring along

The place where we are going
Our worldly possessions yield nothing
It has no value to save our souls
It makes us fall on our knees

The old before us
They paint the long list of our ills
We haven't learned in our history
We will fall like the old

It's the good deeds
It will save our miserable souls
Rich or poor it doesn't matter
It's the kindness and compassion

the poisons in the air

The poisons in the air
It will make us sick
Death isn't far away
Unless we stay together

The disunity will make us fall
We will be the easy target
Inside the country or from outside
The instability causing economic weaknesses

The confusion of a race
It causes it to see the divisions
The foundation is so weak
It can't listen to reason

The poisons in the air
The spreading of lies and untruth
Look in the mirror say it right
The disunity will make us fall

the twilight

The twilight
Raining into the night
It will happen to the bad
When it is time

The darkness will flow
The bad will not see
The eyes are blinded
The imagination will run

Once of the light
Everything would be clear
Now the twilight
The time sits in

The bad will realize
The sins will have to pay
It can't stay forever
It isn't the way

The twilight
The bad hats will run
The darkness will hold it
The eyes will turn blind

don't play double standards

Don't play double standards
It will not bring hope and peace
It will bring us to the fallen
The laughing stock we should forget

Don't hide the facts
When many reports are lodged
There are many streaming videos
It will show the truth

Don't act on a race
It will never bring peace
It will bring bad intentions
The falling race will begin

Too much spoon feeding
The addiction rings in the mind
Playing a game of double standards
It will bring us to the fallen

Let the game be fair
Everyone should be treated equally
Let us don't split on race and religion
It will bring us nowhere

there is no short cut to paradise

Dreaming of paradise
There is no short cut to arrive
A person has to work hard for it
Don't let the wrong teaching do you in

The wolves in religious clothing
They will make you pay with your life
There is no short cut to paradise
God doesn't need help!

Jesus has warned
Many will come claiming to be
There will be none until he returns
The day hasn't arrived yet

Read the Holy Books
It will say what we need to do
The wayward people will fall
Lose their lives and souls

Don't let Lucifer make us a fool
In history many died suffering in pain
We read their stories in history
We mustn't be fooled again!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

women finding love

Women finding love
Looking for men in their lives
Don't get hooked in a hurry
Don't declare your intention so soon

Beware of the wolves
They clowned around in lamb clothing
They will say all the nice things
The ears will sing its praises

Once you pick the wrong
The headaches will begin
Sometimes death walks the door
The jealous lover will start to kill

When in an intimate relationship
Don't get yourself expose to naked streaming
Don't get cowed by the lover
It is better you walked out than feel sorry

There are many cases of death
Of men who play the jealousy game
The timing guys will tell lies
Be alert when you seek your courtship

Bid your time
Let patience be the strength
Don't worry of growing old
The old virgin but no regrets!

face the facts

Now the 3rd slap
It's the Star
On its headline
Talibanites don't like

The home ministry issues a notice
The Star has to respond within 7 days
Why the headline “the Malaysian terrorist leader”?
It is a fact a Malaysian leading the attack

In the Malawi city siege
A Malaysian leader holed up in the city
The Philippines troops cordoning off the area
With bombs dropping on the hideout

Maybe the Star wanted to help the election
Putting fear into the public mind
The Islamic militants must be caught and jailed
They have no business to take the laws into own hands

The home ministry thinks otherwise
The Star got its 3rd slap on its front page news
The editors were summoned to answer
The Talibanites show the displeasure

some can't take the heat

Some can't take the heat
They want to find a way to get away
Thinking the other fence will be much better
Then the current dwelling they live

The bad religious people
They enjoy spinning the bad tales
They don't read the Holy Books
They don't understand the words

They are blinded by the Devil
They are the confusing souls
Satan likes the wayward people
He can pick them at will

The one sided benefits
The cap keeps opening and closing
As if it will never stop feeding
The addiction makes the weak

Learning many languages
It is good for the mind to grow
As well as the comparative religions
Nobody will be at a losing end

But the heat is rising
The haze still spreading in the sky
Some can't take the heat
They want to migrate

the red dragon

The Red Dragon
Up in the sky it flies
Seeking fortunes
On the weak nations
On the corrupted leaders
Take them for rides
Let them see its power of flight

When they see its power
Up in the sky feeling helpless
The Red Dragon will write
The way it wants it done
The nation of weak leaders
Afraid of the fall will quickly agree
They feel happy walking on the ground

But the Red Dragon isn't going away
It will fly in with its roaring ball of fire
The intention is clear from its claws
The shining sharp blades tell it all
I am here to stay
There is a debt to pay!”

the moderates stay your ground

The moderates shouldn't hide
Behind the curtains or doors
Praying hard nothing will happen
By a few who want to sing chaos

Don't let a few to do the bad
They will sing the bad songs
The moderates shouldn't ignore it
They should scold them with scriptures

The country is at a crossroad
The left or right turn or stay at the middle?
The imported bad persons instilling bad news
The few bad apples will crow of support

The bad apples stink
It never will bring back good news
Don't let it go of the bad intentions
The moderates should scold them with scriptures

The moderates don't hide away
Stay your ground make it glow
Let the bad know don't make troubles
The good will cage the bad

Monday, May 29, 2017

up on the hill

Up on the hill
The quiet atmosphere
The cool misty morning
It makes the day

There is no motor vehicles
Driving around the clock
Walking is a pleasure
Listening to the wind

Everyone seems polite
The locals and tourists alike
There is no air of importance
There is the sharing experience

The night on the hill
The bright stars and cool wind
The insects will sing song
The echoes in the night

The serenity on the hill
There is no rush; there is no dateline
It is the normal routine every time

Living a long life

the game of sacrifice begins

The cats and dogs game
In the politics of ladders and snakes
Who will keep a straight face?
Who will need to sacrifice?

The young Turks are in a hurry
The need to go up the ladder
The top to see what lie at the bottom
They forget they were once there

The internal conflicts of power
The cats and dogs game of chasing
Puffing hard on the chase
Until the snakes hissing

There will be the barking
Behind the pillars the meowing
The snakes curl up the ladder
The game of sacrifice begins

live the life

Live the life
Though it may find
The wayward split
Of rich and poor

The poor will dream
How to live like Rich
All the good food, wealth and wine
Surrounded by maids and drivers

And the bodyguards
Every day of a rich life
The celebrity status
The salutations flow

But the Rich will say
They rather live in the Poor
Without the trappings
Without the preying eyes

They can go anywhere
Nobody will say or report
They are on their own
Minding their business

They do have to worry
About kidnapping for ransom
They can enjoy the simple walk
Like the ordinary people

No matter what we are
We must enjoy the life we have
It's no use comparing and complaining
We were born in the different fences

read the holy books

The last stand
In the city of Malawi
The Islamic militants
They will face death

The soldiers marching in
With guns, helicopters and jets

The city of Malawi
The smoke and thunder in the sky

The soldiers will not give way
No second chance for the militants
They have cause enough pain and misery
It's time they too face death

The Philippines soldiers
They will shoot one by one
Over 100 militants will die
Going to heaven a pipe dream

Other militants may rush in
Hoping to help the trapped comrades
It will be a futile exercise
Death can be on the sea

Back home the police napped a few
The Isis militants going to jail
They should read the Holy Quran
It has the answers all the times!

We mustn't stay asleep
We must recognize the threats in our lives
The Islamic militants are the crazy lost souls
They forget to read the Holy Quran

Sunday, May 28, 2017

the devil's world

In the devil's world
There's nothing but lies
Everything on display
It's the work of magic

It's the illusion
It tricks the eyes
It makes the mind goes cold
There is no reason to grow old

Once the devil has you
You can't disobey or run
There's no way to get out of the bind
He takes you down to the cold mine
The devil will give promises
He will give you the grand tour
He will make you confident
All the riches; all the power!

But once you sign it away
There's nothing but empty promises
You will see the illusion crumble away
Leaving no way out but to cry loud

In the devil's world
Don't believe a word he say
He wants your soul

To get himself back to his old

the china player comes in

A child is sold
The years of bringing
The years of sacrifices
It still dwindles its popularity

Once it cornered the market
In the local car industry of 75%
Now it achieved 13% of its share
It tells why the confidence die

The China player comes in
Acquired a stake of 49.9%
It is hope it will bring forward
The glory of the car brand

The China company has the expertise
It has the world markets at its disposal
A child is sold for a reason
To get into the global market

A parent will cry
A few teardrops for the best
The world is full of traffic stops
It is hope its name will roll by

the monkey he is

The monkey he is
He will jump from tree to tree
Sometimes he will walk on cable
Doing his antics for all to see

He thinks he can misbehave
When he has an offer of a banana
He will take it without question
The monkey will jump for joy

In the arena of other animals
The monkey can't hide his fear
He will try to put up a brave front
The python will hiss at him

So he will jump from tree to tree
Afraid to say his nice things
Though he makes he is well trained
But what comes out is his shame

the money tree calling

The money tree
It always makes the day
It always lure the mind
It will not go away

A man will leave his family
His wife and children to go
The money tree in his mind
On foreign land to seek his fortunes

The wife will suffer the loneliness
Everyday waiting for his return
The children may ask about their father
The answer is predictable

He is away overseas
Looking to enrich himself
The money tree calling
He can't refuse not to go

Once he has his own business
Running it quite well for many years
He gives it up to seek his fortunes
Believing he can make the grade

He forgets his age
Time isn't on his bidding
But the money tree calling
He leaves everything everybody behind

Saturday, May 27, 2017

learn patience to gain strength

1,000 members leave Pribumi
It is better that they resigned enbloc
They don't serve the party
It is only their self interests

A leader will pick his own team
He needs to solidify his base to move
He can't have engine troubles
He can't be there to put out the fires

It is a new party
A leader needs time to grow
The disgruntled members
Learn patience to gain strength

If you want to gain quick riches
It is better you join the rich quick schemes
In politics is to serve the nation her people
It is nothing to do with personal glory

the slapping culture

The slapping culture
Does it become a norm?
Once it was in front of PM
The other after Friday prayers

The physical intimidation
It doesn't solve an issue
It is through mature dialogue
The problems can be solved

The first incident
The PM didn't rebuke on the spot
He played the good guy
Asked them to shake hands

But is that the way?
Using physical force to intimidate?
Then to say sorry and forget?
He should put the aggressor in jail

While the mosque incident
It is sad after Friday prayers
The incident happened
The praying came to nothing!

There will be a 3rd slapping
Somewhere somebody will do it
The police shouldn't ignore
Open a file to charge the aggressors

pastor koh

The 100 days for Pastor Koh
He was kidnapped in broad daylight
CCTV captured the scenes
Yet the police still investigating

The police don't give updates
They will say it is still gathering information
Of a kidnap case going cold
As the family members stay awake

The 100 days for Pastor Koh
The leads have gone nowhere
He may have died in captivity
Leaving no trace of a crime

The 100 days of the kidnapping
The road may have turned cold
The leads aren't around to plug in
The case has taken a long time to solve

Though the police will try
By now it seems to turn cold
With no new developments
What else to do but pray for the best?

when times are bad

The gangs will flourish
When the economy isn't good
There aren't many opportunities
The back door of life will begin

Though they know crimes don't pay
With rising costs and future is bleak
What else can the people do?
Cry and sleep and pray everything will be alright?

When times are bad
The gangs will rise
Hit the targets escape the loot
In the end they may lose it all

If they escape the crimes
They will celebrate with gutso
They know tomorrow will face prison
In the cage for their crimes

As long as they are free
They will plan to get the loot
When times are bad
Crimes will flourish

Friday, May 26, 2017

catch the big sharks

The bad police
The name of shame
It isn't something new
It is always there

The bad officers
They will face the law
They will face jail
Time they will learn

The protection rackets
The gambling dens and illegals
The easy money to exchange
Living on the expensive lane

The dishonesty will not last
It will be a short gain
Once the lid is blown away
The rain will soak it through

But Macc where are the big fishes?
The small fishes will stay
They are the easy pick
It's the big sharks in your radar

The silence in the book
When will Macc spring into it?
The big sharks are swimming free
Shouting their good fortunes
And we have to keep quiet
Let Macc do its job?
Look how it drag its feet
The sins of the nation

We are still crying!

once we had the garden of eden

Once we had the Garden of Eden
Everything was for free to enjoy
Then everything was changed
We made our sins we got kicked out
Into the land we have to work and die
The history of our existence
The archives of our pain and sorrow
It never goes away from us

The World Wars fought and died
The stories of misery and death
Though good triumphed over evil
It was a cost of our lives

Even the Crusades
The Crusaders thought sins could be forgiven
Inherited the paradise of their sacrifices
It was a lie asking them to fight for the Holy Land
For years many fought and died
Holding on to a lie of paradise!

Now we have the Islamic militants
These wayward souls thinking of paradise
They cause havoc, chaos and death
They think they do God's work
They will inherit Eden for their lives
How a lie can be so powerful?
You will go to heaven when you die
By doing God's work bringing death!”
Though they pray but they are led astray
Surrendering their lives for a worthless cause
Using God's name in vain
Don't test God for their selfish ways

Let us leave in peace
Show our hands of harmony
Living together for better days
We share the same world
Let us all pray together
For God will decide our fate!

the cat will fly

Bee Anne representatives in Penang
Are you sure walking right?
Telling the folks CAT is dead?
Unless you sink your head in the sand

Maybe you guys are jealous
You don't get the riches anymore
Even contracts must be on merit
No more direct to you

Though the Federal government ignores
The funding to the State
Pakatan Harapan still flourishes
By doing what is best in availability

Why not you guys go to Putrajaya?
Show your placard on $2.6 billion?
Why still no documents to show?
Still saying it is a donation?

You have your chance
For decades you had it good
Now you can only dream
The CAT will fly

we should stay awake

Now we should stay awake
We shouldn't forget
The tragedy once we had
We will face another
If we don't take a firm stand
The religious extremists will do
Harping on a race and its religion
Trying to crawl into its realm
Though certain amendments passed
They still aren't satisfied
They want it all at any costs
These group of people
They don't believe in the Secular Nation
They want a religion to rule supreme
All others must adhere to its rule
Again it is boiled down to the weak leaders
They only think of power
They only think of their pockets
They only think what they can benefit
Leaving a vacuum for the a religious extremists
They will exploit it to their interests
So we must stay awake
We shouldn't allow a bad group to take
Our freedom and interests away
In the name of its race and religion
No Sir, our Secular Nation must stay

Thursday, May 25, 2017

the bad will burn

The lone wolves
They will strike
When the time is right
When the police aren't alert

With the false pretense of security
The lone wolves will make it
They will look for crowded public places
They will want to make an impact

It is best to go back to basic
The religious schools challenging young minds
The religious teachers who will guide the young
It is here where the seeds will be implanted

It takes years to nurture
Until the police find a source
This can be as good as any
The young minds can be easily manipulated

The wayward believers
They think they go to paradise
Sacrificing their lives for a cause
It never brings a gain to anyone

They will get roasted in the lake of fire
Every circle they will scream of their sin
The fire will burn them alive many times
As the circle will keep turning around!

The lone wolves
Don't be so foolish
Sacrificing yourself
There is no heaven

no need to wait, macc

The small fishes can wait
They can't swim far away
They will be around when the net throws in
They will be caught in low tide

It is the big sharks
We want them trawled in
They can't be allowed to splash around
Giving us a bad name

No Macc, patience has its limit
There are the physical assets to show
Just use your common sense to know
Over 2000 officers but the big sharks go

And yet the big sharks swim free
There is no net or condone off areas
There is no warning of sharks in the sea
It is as usual of normal business

No Macc, patience is for knowledge
Corruption mustn't allow to go free
Do the mathematics you will see
The big sharks always spin the tales