Friday, March 31, 2017

fishing on the mining pond

The heavy rain
The water rises on the mining pond
It is where all the rubbish thrown in
It is where fishing men will throw in lines

When the rain stops
The cool refreshing wind
Under the droplets of water from the trees
The men will throw in fishing lines

The signs are put up
Warning the pond is out of bound
The many signs many will ignore
The enforcement will never arrive

Years ago the pond claimed lives
Catching fishes ran into deep water
The pond has a habit to claim souls
The signs are a warning many ignored it

Fishing can calm nerves
Fishing can cool down pressures
For hours the fishing men will stand
Puffing up smoke letting the time floating by

let it be quick

Let it be quick
Don't wait for the time
Grab it while you are at it
Tomorrow will be different

What you see today
It will come in full circle
Once it reaches your door
Don't miss the opportunity

Though many will be busy
Plotting and planning to get there
They forget to stop and take a break
Sometimes riches come in quick succession

The missed points in the circle
The opportunity slips through the fingers
The lucky time comes unannounced
Once you miss it a long time to wait

Let it be quick
Don't jump in blindly
The opportunity in the circle
It waits for nobody when it arrives

don't cry

Don't cry
When you fall
You know what you do
The life you lead into

Too many bribes
You get a cut and prosper
You don't realize its implications
Once you are expose

Don't cry
When the law knocks the door
You can run but you can't hide
Sooner or later you will come out

Don't cry
When the shame drops by
You know what you do
The life you lead into

don't married the moon

Pas has fallen
Even before the general election
The truth will be hard to chew
When its leaders dreaming on the moon

The promises made must be kept
The elections of the past seemed forgotten
The years of Tok Guru had gone
Pas will be in history

The falling from grace
Pas has to accept its fate
The truth is hard to swallow
It has to happen to make the leaders realize

Don't give promises you can't keep
Don't act arrogantly as if you control it all
Don't push your hidden agenda of humans sadism
It never works in society of freedom and choices

Thursday, March 30, 2017

it is time to bring back our shine!

Don't run away
The game of high stake
When the future of the nation
Every one has a claim

Be it small or big
As long as it brings a positive value
To the frayed image the nation suffers
It is time to bring back the shine!

We are the players
We aren't the audience
We have our roles
The game of change

The script of the old
It has to go
Too much bad in the fold
It makes us look small

We have bitten our shares
We have suffered our pain
We don't have to go through again
We know we have our chance this way

We have the right to change
Don't let the bad rule the game
Put them all in a neat package
Put an address to Bamboo River

Don't run away
We have our rights to make right
Change the game of play
We have a chance on stage

afraid to step on toes!

The wagon train
It has changed
The slow coach is gone
It will be the fast lane

The cruising speed
It makes the heart beats
The wagon train will stay
In memories of a time gone

The crooks will laugh
They still do of the past deeds
Today there is nothing of a catch
The walking free; the whistling melody

The Bamboo River hits the iron bars
Ringing loudly in the walls
There is still the slow investigation
Afraid to step on the toes!

the civil servants

The civil servants
You aren't paid by Bee Anne
You don't have to bow to pressure
Bee Anne isn't the one

You are paid by the tax payers
Through the party elected by the people
You shouldn't pay heed of the call
You have the right to play ball

You have the rights
Under the Constitution
No General Orders should take away that
You can exercise your right to vote

You don't have to live
Under the illusion Bee Anne pays you
You only show your support for the government
In carrying out policies and implementations

The civil servants
You have your Constitutional rights
You can vote for any party leaders you like
You don't have to listen to the vote buying tactics

the child predators 2

The child predators
Don't cry the law
You have your way
Many times before

The children are innocent
They don't know what is right and wrong
You take advantage and use them
Now don't cry in the corner

If you have an illness
You better seek medical assistance
A professional doctor will help you
Before you spiral down to the dark pit

The child predators
The law will be implemented
There is no way to hide and sulk
It is better to stay clean

The child predators
Many eyes will be in the air
Once on the wrong move
The police will knock the door

don't fall for the game

The play of Bee Anne
The usual tactics of good cop bad cop
The components in the wheel
Dodging and pushing in the press
Finally the crunch afraid to lose in the polls
Amno baru leaders will say the nice things
On the face there is no sincerity
The decades of religion and fear rule
The wagon train will keep ringing in their ears
And they think the people are fools!

The nation is Secular
On the day she was born
The Constitution says it convincingly
It is only the manipulative politicians
They think they have the god's right to say
They forget to leave Almighty alone
God doesn't need humans interference
Let the party of moon dream in the cold room

Some retired judges say the wrong way
Maybe they try to curry favours twisting the facts
The Constitution has the ingredients of a Secular Nation
It has never wanted to be an Islamic entity
Let the sane minds rule for the country
Seriously we can't be living under 2 sets of law

It is time to change party
Bee Anne has its chance to rule
For over 6 decades it plays the division game
Look at what we are facing today
High debts, scandals, corruption and greed
Let us send them to Bamboo River
They can play chess everyday

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

when fear is gone the bad will run

The silent grow
When fear ingrained in the mind
It's a natural way to intimidate
Loss of freedom; loss of life

When injustice lashes in
Nobody will let it through
In the beginning maybe it is true
The silent grow with fear in the role

The good souls will not let it go
Justice must be served for the truth
When every entry is blocked
The fight back will begin

The draconian laws will not last
When fear is finally removed
The trend of freedom will march
The bad leaders will be punished

Nobody wants to live in fear
When injustice rears its ugly head
Justice for the truth will prevailed
When fear is gone the bad will run

the child predators

The child predators
The crime will be over
A new law will be passed
The punishment will not worth the crime

You better seek help
It is a problem inside your head
A child needs to be protected
A child isn't used for sexual escape

It is a long time coming
The people talked for ages
Yet no proper law to punish
Until now there will be a law

The child predators
The law should address the child's marriage
It shouldn't be allowed even in Islamic considerations

It may defeat the purpose of the Act

you can hide

You can hide now
Away from the noisy neighbours
Watching the movements
With eyes on the bad

Draw the curtains
Hide the shadows in the dark
Let no preying eyes see
The secrets behind the closed curtains

All the bad can be kept in the boxes
Stacked up in the stores and in underground
The secrets should be kept in locks and keys
Let it never walk in the day or night

When power is still with you
You can delay for as long as you take
Once it is over the can of worms will crawl
Leaving you with no choice but to show your cards

the house will collapse

The black dogs run
They don't want to go back
They smell the danger
They know the house will collapse

They cut the losses
They rather be the vagabond
Roaming the streets
Living in a carefree way

The house of cards
The domino effect will ring it
The collapse will rise up the dust
The truth will shout out loud

Th black dogs stop a while
Turn around to see
The bosses still shouting in the castle
They don't hear the cracking sound

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

granted we have some bad apples

The agents, spies and assassins
The nation can't escape it
These professionals arrive here
Under diplomatic immunity

They can move around easily
Within our laws and common sense
Occasionally we will hear the bad news
Like the case of Kim Jong Nam

The assassin put the nation in the bad news
The nation will be known for the wrong reasons
The pawns were arrested but the agents escaped
On the day of the assassination

Besides we have thieves, robbers and militants
The militants causing headaches for the police
The special unit force will hunt the militants down
We must help the police for the peace of the nation

Nobody can close one eye
The Islamic militants want to create chaos
The bad apples aren't going to stay quiet
They will seek a popular target to get the news

We are a nation of peaceful people
We aren't in the habits of making chaos
Granted we have some bad apples who will do
Giving the nation a bad publicity!

the honoured titles

Cash for titles
It has been going on for years
The market talk about it
Though it has never been acknowledged

The businessmen surely want it
It gives them a certain prestige
A social standing they craze
Even the Mrs will be proud of the name

Cash for titles
Some go to the dubious ways
Though the titles may not recognize here
The men will use for its prestige

The recent cases of titled persons arrested
It has become a source of embarrassment
Some involved in cheating; some involved in gangsterism
How did the vetting go wrong?

Now a law had been passed
It is hope to weed out the bad ones
The honoured titles must be for the deserving persons

Let the honoured titles be the pride to pin it

the painted pictures on canvass

The painted pictures on the canvass
It may tell stories of lies and greed
The smiling faces may hide the truth
It may be nothing but just imagination

Many can't see the truth
They only imagine what they want to see
They want to feel the good feeling factors
They don't see the elephant in the room

The painted pictures on the canvass
The offending party will feel disturbed
They will find ways to get on track
They get the police but they hide the truth

One of our famous cartoonists feel the heat
The police keep harrassing him on his painting
The oppressive law is used on him still he fights on
The truth has no boundary or ill wind

Nobody can fight the change
Once it takes root
Nothing will stop it from happening
The painted pictures on canvass

in our everyday life

The civil society
We pride ourselves
The sanity of our minds
We can't do the wrong

Yet in our everyday life
We commit sins in large numbers
We never admit to our mistakes
We put blame to circumstances and time

Every light every night
We lock the doors, close the windows
Draw the curtains, put on happy thoughts
Dream the night of shadows and light

The haunted darkness will knock our minds
The civil society we pride ourselves
Yet in our everyday life
We commit sins in large numbers

Monday, March 27, 2017

we can't live blindly

We can't live blindly
Taking for granted the peaceful ways
There is a dark force lurking to make chaos
The peaceful living the dark force doesn't want it

The way of the bad
It will not go away
It will stay by the shadows
Dreaming of the day to rule

We can't live blindly
We must wake up and see
The forces of evil are around us
They use religion to gain a foothold

The spreading of ill-wind
The way of the bad will do
It's time the good people
Stay united and beat the bad for good

yo dftz

The wagon of billions
Jumping up wild
In the e-commerce

This isn't a dream
The market is huge
In the borderless world

The young talents wake up
Don't miss it in the world
The game of making monies
In the world of e-commerce

The old ways will stay behind
The e-commerce will push up the sky
The world of business will be ringing
The young talents better catch the opportunity

Don't run out of steam
There is a history of habits
A good card turns red

the publicity blitz

The publicity blitz
Bee Anne leaders will take turn
Nazri got a good coverage
On his debate with his former boss
Though the police didn't approve the permit
The generating of publicity got everyone interested

The DFTZ was another cap in history
The story of the digital world of commerce
Here pm got his news a smile on his face
Touted to move Malaysia ahead in the industry
In doing so a 60,000 jobs created

MCA leaders will highlight Chinese education
Drumming up the beats Bee Anne never neglected
The mock-up cheques worth millions
The political smile on all faces
MCA leaders forget they have to beg
The funding takes a snail walk to the finished line
On the news showing how good the leaders are
The fishing for votes have started

The urban and city folks know the drill
Majority have made up their minds where to cast votes
There is no if or but in their lines of questioning
They expect changes to the country's landscape
It is the rural folks needed convincing to change
Walk on the new road let the old in memory

The nation needs a new party
To walk the talk and save the country
Current party will give us nightmares
We don't want to live in a failed state
With our debts riding high in the chart

women stop complaining

The men will say
The women should stay at homes
This is the place they got the influence
Make the homes bright, happy and high

The men will try
Make the women feel second best
The men can't stand the clever women
They will make them feel small

The men will forget
The women make the world go round and round
The women have the soft touches
Turning the men into their thumbs

But the women will forget
The power they have in their hands
They allow themselves to be used and pushed
Letting the men feel superior

The women should take back the power
They can make the men go round and round
The magic of the soft touches will not fail
If only they stop complaining and play the game

Sunday, March 26, 2017

it takes a wrong passionate move

In the night of the rocky mountain
The lovers will not see the sharp edges
The deep ravines the soft holding steps
It takes a wrong passionate move
The months of agony and shame
The raging hormones; the lusts to bridge it
When the wake up called is made
Who will get the blame?

The religious bodies of men
They will point the fingers to the women
They will say the women are causing pain
They will never say the sins apply to all
It takes two to tango on the floor
The lustful men the children every year
Who will get the blame?

In the night of the rocky mountain
The wind will blow with seductive echo
The moments of the right time and place
Nothing will stop the bridge to be made
The caution will be thrown to the wind
The raging hormones will sing its loudest voice
Let the bird fly in the echo of the heartbeats

Now who will get the blame?
When point of sale is executed?
The ringing of lusts in the minds
Blame it on the rocky mountain?
Blame it on the easy laid?
Blame it on the passionate moments?
Every excuse but the shame will come
In the moments will sin take flight?

don't fall for satan promises

The lake of fire
Many tend not to remember
They think they don't go there
It is real in the mind

We are born for a reason
To test our faith on a fixed time
Learn it well before it is called home
Where we have to account for our actions

The lake of fire
It is for those who failed
They need to be cleaned and washed
For how many sins they have

Some may take years
The heavy load of sins
But there is always a hope
They will make good in time

The lake of fire
The fear is melting of skin
To the bare bones
The scream with dancing fire

It is best don't go there
Stay on the true way of life
The lake of fire
Don't let Satan make you cry

every mind must be innovative

Malaysia must move
The borderless world will not wait
Every cycle much to be made
Don't let race and religion blockade

A small nation we must push harder
The weak minds will not make the grade
The innovative minds will fly
To every corner to seek fortunes

The old ways must go
The promotion and prevent type of rule
It should be discarded to absorb a new
We can't be living under division and fear

Malaysia must move
The old horses must go
Every mind must be innovative
The world is huge for trade

the affordable homes

The affordable homes
You can't find it in the city
The developers will want huge profits
They blame the land costs too high

The every layer to get a cut
Every one wants to earn a living
As a result the housing woes in the city
The house buyers can't afford to get it
Open up to the foreign buyers
These people will eager to buy
The exchange of monies make it low
The foreign buyers have no issues

The affordable homes
The locals have to wait
Let someone like the case of Sultan of Johore
He makes it possible by his caring ways

For most of the local buyers
The affordable homes will be a long dream
It is the cycle of profit margins
The horizon of light a long while to wait

Saturday, March 25, 2017

let pas dream on its moon

Pas behaves arrogantly
The green moon flying on trees
Its leaders think they are on the moon
Feeling the greatness but self defeat

Pas broke its promises
An Islamic party got sins
The Trojan horse in the circle
Its leaders behave as if to rule

Now Amno baru crafted a dance routine
Pas leaders fell into its hold
The Syariah Law amendment a trap to a fall
Pas fell for the entrapment dreaming of the moon

Pakatan Harpan leaders don't waste time and energy
Pas isn't your cup of tea and hope
Pas isn't the party to bring change
It is the party into the ancient world of dead

gone were the days

Gone were the days
When we were young
We had our freedom
Though pockets were empty

The young minds couldn't see
A stone throw from the house
We could see the empty field
We could pass our times there

But we didn'think so far ahead
What our lives would be
We let time slipped away
We buried ourselves in games

The innocent lives couldn't stay forever
Growing up years and moving to live independently
The struggling to fill up the pockets
The woes of living to stay alive

Now the eyes could see far ahead
The mind could imagine and plan
Some could make it others would fall
The fighting for survival was everyone skill

When the day was done
We could be the same
Decayed and returned to the soil
Rich or poor didn't matter at all

the terror plot

The terror plot
The evil minds will keep pushing
Believing in the paradise magic
The terrorists will forget the fall

Once they feel the fire
Dancing through their minds
It will be too late to U-turn
Death will surely come to claim

Who will benefit it?
Satan will sing his rock and roll
The dancing fire will take the souls
Burning like hell there is no paradise

The police special unit will hunt the bad
Take them to prison let them rot in time
They will see and learn there is no paradise
Where they are going is the lake of fire!

don't sing on the race and religion

A new road a new vision
The nation needs to succeed
The old ways have to dismantle
Bite the bullets make it happens

We need all to come on board
Don't draw race and religion into it
We are Malaysians better stick on the idea
This is the march to forge a new face

In forging ahead treat everyone has a right
To carve a contribution to advance the nation
Don't let the old ways impede progress
Don't sing the divisional card of race and religion!

Malaysia will be 54 years soon
The forging of ties should be grounded well
It is now to look for a new face
A new road a new vision

Friday, March 24, 2017

don't be afraid to walk a new road

Bee Anne can be dethroned
Destroy the fixed deposits
In the rural folks and East Malaysians
Give them hope in their empty pockets

The costs are rising
The taxes become a heavy load
The daily expenses will not go down
The rural folks will have to pay

Tell them dare to change
Don't be afraid to walk a new road
Don't stuck in the old ways
It's time to stand up and be counted

Bee Anne leaders are afraid
The seat of power will be lost
Don't dream of the wagon train
It will be the thing of the past

pkr time to cut the rope

PKR time to cut the rope
You don't have to hang there
Believing Pas will still have you
It's leaders have no values

Don't your remember PKR?
Pas stabbed your leader behind her back
Playing the male dominated role
Saying a woman can't rule

PKR why still dreaming on Pas?
You better let Pas go for good
Pas has played its part to derail plan
Now they are cooperating with Amno baru

PKR don't dream of the past
Time has changed the values turned
Anwar in prison time to step up gear
Get the opposition pact together

Pas has fallen on its own folly
The party will be sunk in the sea
The sea of people will let it know
There is no place of its ancient view