Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the company of brothers

The Tarzan in Boulevard
The years of living in the city
They haven't got tuned to the ways
The city folks like to behave

It is the carefree way
Of the old which brings the fun
Nothing to worry about social rules
Living free enjoying the company

The apemen of the old
Running wild from tree to tree
In the modernity of life
Only the bare chest to see

But life is still good
In the company of brothers
In the circle of Boulevard
The gong rings the drumbeats

the chambers of history

The chambers of history
The time of old China
Of a time in the story book
Of marriage of a destination

Now Pat and Peter
Time travel to history
Of the Chinese rituals
Of those pages in the story

The hard wooden chairs
For a while to feel it
It doesn't want them sit long
Without cushions padding

For the moment in history
They pretend the royalty of the day
The history of the time past
The pages which spring to life

the history of a time

Too much Ip Man
The Final fight
The Grandmaster
This much he stood

The stance
Eyes fierce
The battle claws
In the hands

The legs firmly stood
The challenge on the bullock cart
The horns floating in the clouds
The firmed grip of the handles

The yell of the race
The fight on the ground
In the Malacca museum
Of all things historical

the kitten on the rooftop 2

The skeleton kitten
Meowing on the rooftop
For days it could be feeding on milk
It doesn't know how to jump down

Today I watched
Over at the neighbour's rooftop
Running along the skeleton kitten
Looking down yet never dared to jump

The mother white cat jumped up
Over the fence to the rooftop
Calling the skeleton kitten
Showing how to jump down

The poor kitten just stared
At the edge of the rooftop
Ears sharp eyes fixing to the ground
It never dared to jump

The hot sun came
The skeleton kitten hides away
Maybe it will summon enough courage
To jump down from the rooftop

the bubble has to burst

The bubble has to burst
It can't stay forever
The time has come
It's time for the change

The moment of history
It will be talk of generations
How a regime has to fall
By the will of the people

The top cats know
The jet planes are obsolete
They can't challenge the new
They will be lost in the air

They may use their tricks
With the manual of sophistication
The top cats can't pin point accurately
One by one they will fall from the air

The fortress or fixed deposits
They aren't what they wanted
Years of neglect with the crumbs
They will revolt the chains will be broken

The time of history
It has to be this GE13
The will of the people
The rays of golden light

Monday, April 29, 2013

the brown dog

The brown dog sat
By the road yesterday night
Right at the corner wishing to die
As the motorists drove passed by

The look of sadness
Sitting there alone
The owner couldn't be found
The brown dog sat wishing it was somewhere else

This morning the brown dog laid
On the grass near the corner it sat
Maybe the brown dog finally gave the last breath
There was no inhaling movements on the body

It was a healthy brown dog
The dog could be poisoned by the food
Picked it up on dustbins or somebody fed poison
On the grass lying quietly with heat of the morning sun

selangor will be with pakatan 2

You got your facts wrong
My home State Selangor
Already a developed State
Don't you remember?
It was under K Toyol
You were dreaming
Campaigning in Selangor
Umno/ Bee Anne had 50 years
Selangor had deficits through
Projects benefitted all the cronies
The State 'lost' KL and Putrajaya
It was under umno/Bee Anne watch
Your party and coalition partners
They had 50 years of Selangor
What were they doing those years?
Maybe dreaming to plunder the State coffers
It was why the deficits in Selangor
Now under Pakatan
Selangor had billions in cash reserve
It tells my home State
There is finally a good CEO
Running the State
Selangor will stay with Pakatan Rakyat
You will suffer the blues
Even now you are wearing it

one week to go

One week to go
The decision we will make
On the polling stations nation wide
What will it be for all of us?

The same old stories
Playing by the older players
Strumming the familiar tunes
Ringing in our ears

Maybe a new tune
Whispering with the blowing breezes
Listening to it
There will be hope

What will it be?
The fence sitters and young voters
They have the votes
The country crying for change

get it right

The billions spent
On subsidies of goods
Trying to say it helps
The people in general

The truth could be something else
It's the cronies companies all along
Maybe the people don't see it that way
They think they can save a few dollars

But does it really help us?
All those billions can be put into good uses
Like building affordable houses
To all the people who need it

Just imagine the billions every year
The people will have houses over their heads
The subsidies aren't really helping
The costs of living each of us rather want homes

Instead of subsidizing of essential goods
It is better to control the companies
Under the central government helping the people
We don't see it happening...

Subsidies are bad
It never teaches the people how to spend wisely
It is better the billions spent for building homes
Every one can stay with peace of mind

Sunday, April 28, 2013

we must vote for change

The 2nd tsunami is coming
May 5 the day of recognition
The voters will make the decision
The future for all of us

We must vote for change
We can't stomach Bee Anne
The country debts running high
She is in the brink of a disaster

We mustn't let it happen
We must put a brake before she suffers heart attack
By voting out Bee Anne
We have a chance to revive our country's wealth

This is the important decision
It is history recording of our votes
The change of guards for a bright future
With fairness and equality for all people

give bee anne the boot

We have to change
Bee Anne has to go
We want to find the truth
Pakatan will lead the way

We mustn't be afraid
We mustn't feel the fear
The demons have to perish
In the wrath of our votes

The lies we hear
The corruption inspired votes
This isn't the way forward
It is the way to our shackles

Bee Anne want you
In the prison's walls of your mind
It is time to strike free
Give Bee Anne the boot

When we bring the curtain down
There will be the cleansing and rejoice
Many Bee Anne leaders will face prison
Many of the cronies too will get the chain

So we must take charge
We can't be led by our nose
We have our votes to make change
We must if we want to see our future

there is always a place

Malaysia has the charm
She never hides away
In the sun; in the moon; on the beach
The cool weather on top of the hills

There is always a place
For the mind and eyes to wander
Searching for relaxation
Among the trees, malls, pools and forests

The food of many nationalities
The stalls never sleep in the night
At any time there will be food and drinks
Life in Malaysia work, eat, sleep and eat

The fusion of entertainment
In the city and towns......
The dreams of sights and sounds
The indulgence to be free

The best part of life
The crowd of family trees
The web of close knit family
It brings the joy and laughter

The stories will be shared
The journey will be taken
The footprints will be stored
In the memories of our archives

The breezy hot wind whisper
The sun in the bright blue white sky
In the night the moon and stars
The stories of lives shared

when the country cries

When the country cries
Where are the leaders?
Where are the money gone?
The wealth of the nation?

The digging into holes
What do we find?
If we don't take our destiny
We will fall with a loud thud

The borrowing to keep its power base
It will come a time to pay back
There is no such thing we can close our eyes
Bee Anne wants you to forget.....

No matter what Pas wants to do
The Constitution will guard against it
Even Pas has no majority to implement hudud law
The party principles always stay with its members

Every religion has its religious law
Why afraid of God's law into our lives?
We can incorporate similar offences
Make it into a package for all to agree

We have most of it in our civil law
So there shouldn't be any negative responses
Let Pas say what the party wants to do
We shouldn't fall for the main objective

Get rid of Bee Anne
And its band of thieves
When the country goes bust
What have we? Hudud law?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

the expired party

You beg and beg
It never comes
You knock on the doors
Nobody wants to help

You write your petitions
You never get any replies
You are just a number
You don't have a life

When a short jolt came
The ruling elites woke up to see
They found the flood came
They quickly organized charity

Yet they don't learn
They are still arrogant and corrupted
They spend public monies without accountability
Secretly changed into projects of cronies

The election rolls tainted
Pointed out the errors
Bee Anne government doesn't take the cue
The ruling elites ignored

When Bersih came
The ruling elites never solved problems
Instead they gave out cash
Thinking it would stop the crumbling

Bee Anne leaders are incompetent
The administration of the country
The public debts jumped to $560 billion
Yet they still want to give subsidies

We know the answer
It lies with the cronies companies
It is time we say our piece
Once and for all get rid of the incompetent leaders

the mix breed dog

The mix breed dog
In the drizzling rain
It sat near the gate
In the night

It didn't go
Underneath the car
It sat curling up
In the drizzling rain

The owner didn't come
The mix breed dog seemed lost
It didn't know how to go back
Losing direction I suppose

The next morning
The rubbish was thrown all over
Maybe the dog went to pick up
From the neighbours dustbins

In the morning
The dog disappeared
It could have found the way
Home to where it belonged

the hired assassins

There are hired assassins
They come shoot the targets
Then they disappear
Like the Hollywood action movies

The money wired
Into the accounts for the named assassins
Within a few days the assassins ride
Along the road always at traffic lights

The motorcyclist and his pillion rider
Fully crash helmet open fire on target
The aim is to kill without a second glance
The target neutralized the job is done

Why it happens?
In this country of peaceful environment
It is the millions illegals
It is Bee Anne hitting the opponents

It is the cracking up of an empire
The last run before it finally collapses
The way all empires came and gone
This one isn't different at all

the losing grip

Bee Anne losing its grip
The way the violence spread
It is its own back door gang
Trying to create a fear...

It can't take hold
It has happened too many times
The cowhead and pig head incidents
The Amno leaders gave them leeway

Even a racist and religious bigot
Bee Anne says he has changed
The Mic member gave him a kiss on his cheek
It plays back into history

The kiss of doom
Soi Lek says he is reformed
Najib says he learns his lesson
But they never say why 1Malaysia failed

Why police popularity drop?
It is its double standard
The unfairness of its dealing
The police never follow the law

The people will not fall
For the simple reason they want change
Why create the violence?
The losing grip of power

The regime leaders know
The unpublished report..
Bee Anne is losing in this election
Pakatan will win by 125 seats

So the creating of violence
Inching closer to the dark history of the country
May 13 the people have come a long way
National Operation Council will not have its way

Friday, April 26, 2013

the wings

The wings spread
The colours bright and sparkling
It wants to take flight
Into the charted world
Of the sky and clouds
Living in the cage
It nevers learn its value
Out in the open
The feeling of choices
In it is the freedom
To make the difference
Feeding in the cage
The spoon feeding through the years
It makes the choices so limited
It is just like an addiction
It never wants a decision
Now there is a chance
To break out and take flight
The wings spreading wide
It's the flight to sky
The blowing breezes
The ray of hope and light

nigel's birthday

Something different
Something to remember
A plate of fried noodles
A cupcake and a candle

Blow away Nigel
The day you were born
The bright light on your face
You know you have your presents

Somewhere in the house
It lies there for you...
Nobody can take it away
Even Caly will want a share

But it is your day
Today you celebrate your birthday
Blow out your candle and a wish
Tomorrow you can smile wait for the next...

it is time to make the change

The black dragons
It roars its fire
The shadows of light
The hit and hide
Nobody knows
The ordinary folks
They get the fear
The feeding of lies
It is to make
There is no change
The ugly head
Of a time in history
Who were the black dragons?
We have unmasked them
In history of the time
The records released
Now the black dragons try
The spook in May 13
Once it is enough
It is time we make the change

the family ties

The models of retro look
They are here to stay

The carefree way
They smile away

The years of memories
They come back finally

Meeting up
The couple from UK

It isn't about richness
It's about family ties

The way life has been
It's a story to tell

The back branches
It says of family

the bumpy rides


The painted faces
On the dark tricks
The unleashing of its gangs
Hitting its own targets

There are reasons
The creating of fear
The greed of power declines
The painted faces gloom

The incidents of the past
The cow heads, the pig heads
The arson on churches
The Allah issue....

The hands of the gangs
The black knight behind
The painted faces to hide
The darkness we will not fall

Across the country
The self inflicted targets
Bee Anne knows its decline
The roads of bumpy rides

There must be a gatekeeper

Bee Anne leaders spin
The tales of half truth
They don't explain
Why they are afraid

Pas never waives
Its party struggles
One of these is on hudud law
Majority in the country are in Islam

When Pas was with Bee Anne
Nothing Pas could do for hudud law
The Constitution has to be amended
Else there is nothing in law

What a porn actor says?
He spins his long tales
Every religion has its punishment laws
Why the lopsided view?

The truth lies in our minds
The tales of greed and corruption
Right now there is no break
Bee Anne has a jolly good time

Pas can say until the moon changing colours
The truth is the Constitution
When there is no majority in Pas nothing can be done
Pas leaders in Bee Anne mould will spin

Pas still sticks to its plan
In the Nation of majority of Islamic faith
There will be the need to consult as in all religions
No religion can decide by its own

Thursday, April 25, 2013

midnight on the hill

At midnight up on the hill
The dim street lights shining along
The tall trees and branches
The long arms of the shadows

If you think about ghosts
If you talk about the stories
The mind will play tricks
You seem to hear the laughing

Sometimes you think it is the wind
Brushing the leaves of the branches
Waving at you reaching towards your walk
You will get a jump thinking it is real...

As you walk on the night hill
The cool air and silence greet
Alone on your walk
Your eyes and ears seem to play tricks