Friday, January 31, 2014

the painted face

The ugly face of Amno
Afraid to show how it got
Painted over with ink
People knew long ago

The card of race and religion
Sometimes throwing the royalty into the ring
It wants to project the role of guardianship
Paving the way for a single race

The painted face hiding the truth
Rearing the farm out boys to fool
The people shouldn't fall for it
The future will be bad if we fail

It is time to make a new
The footprints of our nation
The ugly face of Amno
The painted face to hide its true colour

the brutus trap

The Brutus trap
A leader will fall
Silence isn't the way
When things become heated and prey

The fall guys
Somebody has to pay
Letting the farm out boys
Running free to antagonize

The multi-racial society
With all kinds of religion
The tolerance and harmony
Nobody should try to divide

As the trends go
The society is trapped
With a leader who can't decide
The style of managing of affairs

The frugality he forgets
Those years learning the hardship
The Brutus trap is running
A leader has to fall

izzy and caly

You may not hear it today
The duo hasn't formed to play
In the future we hardly know
Maybe it will happen one day

The two young girls
Messing around with guitars
Strumming it away giggling too
The laughter only they know

Izzy and Caly
The cousins each from different country
Once they meet they will play
The dolls in Caly's place

They imagine the stage
Izzy coined their stage name
The Super Star Lovely Sisters
The future still unknown

Now they play
The guitars each try to imitate
Maybe one day they will
The Super Star Lovely Sisters

loong cai

Loong Cai in his best dress
For the Horse Year he smiles
In the morning of the sun light
He looks at his sister
Just awake after her long dream at night

The small and big pails
The green and red in colour
Loong Cai tries to play with it
For a while it keeps him interested

It never holds it long
Loon Cai will roam
Looking for new interest
In his eyes and mind

Once he stands for awhile
Raising his height as he tries
The expression on his face
The soft exertion of doing his business

When he is done with it
He will continue to walk
Back to the green and red pails
With a square transparent plastic cover on his face

In the morning light
Loong Cai smiles in his bright
Sometimes he will make his noises
Always wanting to get his way

the shadows move

The shadows move
Along the dark tall trees
Creeping silently with the wind
With eyes of red the hooded heads

The twilight light
Covering the maze of the night
The shadows creep along
Always aware of the silence

The branches of green
Scattered among the branches
Holding court tampering evidence
Along the dark tall trees

Occasionally the crying
The echo of the wind it seems
But is it really?
As the night casting its net

The web of spiders
The silver lining spread
The protection of the night
The bad luck for the insects

Yet the shadows move
Among the tall dark trees
The eyes of red the hooded heads
The silent echo branding the night

Sometimes it is said
The walk of the ghosts
Telling the living
You aren't alone”

the hot day

The sunny light
Beaming in the sky
Wake up in the morning
The sun says

The bathing rays
Spreading its golden beams
The hot day ahead
Nobody wants to notice

The silence for a while
The dogs and cats keep quiet
Of yesterday's night firecrackers
Shaking them to hide

The Horse King gallops
In the morning of the rising sun
The applause on its coronation

The sun branding its rays

the galloping horse


The galloping horse
Brushing with the wind
In midnight express
The throne of a king

The bags of goods
The peace and prosperity
Singing it along
The cool breezy wind

The thundering hooves
The spreading of smokey cheers
The smoke of mists
Rising to the air

On the throne
The Horse King commands
The days ahead
He shakes his hooves

The bell rings
The Horse King commands
Don't expect an easy ride
The bumpy road ahead!”

The Spring of a new season
The banners of Kong Xi Fa Cai
The Horse King commands
The days ahead just enjoy the rides”

the black kitten 2

The black kitten
Meowing at the first floor
Of a double storey house
Finding how to come down

The Indian woman called
The black kitten tried
Walking backwards on the ledge
Finding her way

She tested her paw
On the edge to gauge the distance
She found it but afraid to jump
The mother cat came

The mother cat meowed
The black kitten looked down
The mother cat jumped over the fence
Showing the kitten how it was done

The Indian woman called
The black kitten judged her distance
She lost her grip and fell
But she was safe she jumped over the fence

Thursday, January 30, 2014

the horse king

The King Snake
He takes his bow soon enough
He spins his tales
The poison darts fly

It is how we take
The moments we get hit
Will we live in peace?
Will there be a stinging pain?

The King Snake slides around
Taking back his belonging
Tidying up his space
He has given his best

So he thinks he has
The intense religious hiccups
The costs rising hurting pockets
He can only look taking his leave

The Wooden Horse King
Gallops down to take his place
Breathing fire knowing he has much to do
The calm body the eyes of concerned

By midnight of the hour
The Wooden Horse King ascends the throne
He can't have his honeymoon
The Snake King leaves too much poison

The Horse year
The race to make it
With so many hurdles on the field
It will not be smooth galloping

the love of life

The web of time
The love of life
It comes a second round
It will last in paradise

The years may have gone
The footprints drawing in the mind
It is a just a passage of time
Now the love of life

The summer cool breezes
Weaving through the passage of time
Beyond the wonders of a new life
It never ends in the mind

The familiar faces
Old and new coming far and near
The familiar tune of melodies

The love of life

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the little daredevil

The little daredevil
He isn't afraid to get the stunt
He thinks he can do many
Sliding down the sofa

Bending backwards
The face of smile
Trying to touch the ground
The little daredevil

Though he walks unsteady
He tries to run quickly
Occasionally he falls down
He never cries

He gets up and walks
As if nothing happens to him
The little daredevil in the house
Only the adults watching closely

paradise isn't for many

Learn the scriptures
Know what it says
Don't follow blindly
For paradise isn't for many

Trying to spread lies
Trying to antagonize
Because somebody pays you
You don't see the gate of heaven

Believe me
You will cry all day
Even you kneel down
Nobody will hear you

The insincerity of a action
Bring it to the open to satisfy a greed process
For the simple reason of a greed of power
The devil's fire await the wayward

Don't play with religion
They are many trying to con you
Doing the dirty work telling of paradise
While you get burned and cried

too many illegals

Too many illegals
They came here for a reason
The money easy to come by
They need it to survive

They know they are needed
With low pay and hard working
Under the sun they toil
Just to get food and shelter

The locals a bit choosy
Some go to South of the border
Where the earning power is greater
They want to retire earlier

The vacuum in the local market
The illegals will arrive in secret
The police and immigration don't explain
Putrajaya keeping a close eye

So here we see
The illegals crowded in the city
In the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur
The illegals move easily

the small boy walks

The small boy walks
Though unsteady but he can
Walking to any place
His eyes see

Leaving him alone
He puts his palms on the coffee table
Drumming it to make sound
Then he will smile

He walks to the display cabinet
His eyes watching the miniature cats display
Pointing his small index finger
He looks at it wanting to play

He enjoys his walk
Once the shoes are put on
He knows he is going for sightseeing
He never refuses to tag along

This is Loong Cai
Back here for his holidays
He will listen to a few Cantonese words
The language he has to learn

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the church attacked

The church attacked
The banners put up on display
We can guess why it happened
Somebody paid to do the act

The tension caused
The disunity flew
It was the intention
Causing the downfall

Of the Putrajaya leaders
They were sleeping in their world
Now the undermining efforts
The web of Brutus

The previous incidents of the past
The police will know who play the game
Don't tell us they can't find the ring
The seed of disunity causing the downfall

The sane people will stay united
They know the nation need the most
The united people bring the success
Only the web of Brutus hits the gong

place to stay

Which place to stay?
The couple who got married
After a while the friction
They didn't agree

The wife wanted to stay
The place she was born
Delivery her baby
She wanted to be near home

The man couldn't accept
He couldn't take the flight
He wanted his wife to stay with him
In his home town so he said

Finally the wife petitioned
A divorce out of the dilemma
The court granted her request
Now the man lived alone

In marriage compromises
How strong is the bond in love?
In this case ego seems the way
So the final parted goodbye

Monday, January 27, 2014

the cost will blow in

The cost of hawkers' food
The hawkers give notice
The price will increase
On the year of the wooden horse

There is no way to maintain
The same prices of last year
With the costs increasing
The public have to pay

Now don't say just eat at home
The costs will not hide away
The gas and electricity
The labour and water

Don't forget the time
Cleaning and mopping up the house
The housewives may not like it
The oily stain floating in the air

So the cost will blow in
Like it or not we will feel it
The light pockets and angry minds
We better decide the next time around

let khalid run his show

The musical chair in PKR
The personal ambition should put aside
It is the people and State matter
Work for them not for personal satisfaction

Undermining Khalid in Selangor
The Chief Minister is doing a good job
You don't try to back stab for good work
This is Brutus operations

Let Khalid run his show
He knows what is best for Selangor
Let no others try to undermine his efforts
It is doing a disservice to Selangor

PKR should stop playing the musical chair
Enough of the games the people seem getting annoyed
When the good efforts gained they seem bend to destroy
Let Khalid run his show for heaven's sake!

we don't need a religious police

We don't need a religious police
Why must we pay for the double work?
The police can handle it honestly
Why must the taxpayers funded it?

Maybe of the 51,000 graduates
Unemployed in any sectors so far
This isn't the way to play the number
The civil servant list already bloated

Only Putrajaya thinks otherwise
The country's economy the leaders better work hard
Cut the expenses cut the greed and corruption
Not by establishing another branch of police work

No doubt it is a religious matter
But who will pay the bill in the end?
It is the taxpayers so why the double work?
With leaders who can't think straight I suppose

the cats lost their lives

The fire in the building
The cats got trapped in the apartment
The owner wasn't at home
The cats jumping high and low

The fire spread the heat and smoke
Neighbours ran out to safer ground
The running feet on the steps
There was no time to look back

The cats of 3
One ran to the room
There was no escape
It died with fire and smoke

The other 2 cats
Jumped through the open window
19 storey plunging down to the ground
The cats didn't survive the fall

The gravity sucked them in
The cats were dead
The children looked
Nothing could save them

The female owner came
When she was informed of her renting unit
She cried seeing her cats died
It would be a while before she looked for another

putrajaya sleeps

Putrajaya sleeps
The darkness in its dreams
The way out of a dilemma
The solution passing the buck

The monkey jumps
From tree to tree
Staring at the distant bananas
The yellow skin ripe in the eyes

Across the river
The sleeping crocodile wakes
Eyes staring at the monkey
Don't try to jump!”

The commotion on the water
The river piranha splashes
The crocodile walks on shore
You are so stupid!”

The monkey jumps
The losing grip it falls
Right into the death trap
Of the biting whores of time

When Putrajaya wakes up
The leaders think they are clever
Telling the people where they stand
There is no solution only empty talk!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

the political strays

The political strays
In the stage of politics
You will see them behave
With money they will do

Even in demonstrations
You can see the crowd
The big boys will pay
The insignificant strays stand

In the hot sun with banners
Shouting words to incite hatred
The world they believe in
The money in their pockets

The political strays
They have no allegiance
Itis the money they earned
It is their way of making a living

the guitar chords of our lives

The guitar chords of our lives
The open chords and minor keys
It is how we played the progression
It is there the melody

When we can't string a song
We shouldn't blame anybody at all
It is our skills lacking in melody
We don't see the way of change

We shouldn't play songs
Learning from the masters
Without understanding how it is done
We will forever be a puppet

We must learn how it is done
Learn the basic and theory involves
In no time we can stand on our own
On the stage jamming the lives away

take out the parasites

The farm out boys
They want to flesh their muscles
Fighting for their own kind
The world they live in

The master pays
He behaves the good guy
Behind the scenes the plots
Of the race regime

The outsiders will believe
The moderate he behaves
The moderate modern country
Behind the scenes the plots
Now the knives are out
The slices of the cake begins
The plots of the farm out boys
Pay us or else they scream

The country needs a regime change
Take out the parasites once and for all
Let the country free of these radicals
They are nothing without a power base