Friday, May 31, 2019

hello darkness

Hello darkness
You never want to change
You want every day be the same
You say you can’t help it

You live unseen
This is the way
You live expecting others to follow
Living in the cocoons

You don’t care want you do
The darkness will bring you invincibility
So, you believe as the darkness closes
You are left alone to pursue your interests

Hello darkness
You shouldn’t act you know it all
You are nothing when the lights through
What will you say?

hippo joe, time to fly home

Hippo Joe
You can’t hide forever
Even if you change your mask
The fingerprints will give you away

You don’t have to hide
Behind the back of foreign lawyers
Giving out statements to show you are innocent
Yet you dare not return to save your face

The karma will corner you
Now you think you are invincible
The police are on your trails
You can’t hide forever

IGP hints he knows where you are
His special branch officers will track you down
These officers are good in hunting criminals and terrorists
Hippo Joe, it is must you fly home

IMDB funds must be returned
You allegedly stole the monies
Now every asset must be claimed back
To pay for the funds siphoned off

the fate of a crook

The great pretender
He can smile he can go
He doesn’t care what he did
The police carted away cash and valuables
In his homes worth billions

Does he feel remorse on his bad deeds?
He will not see that way
He may think it is his right

Now he can be boastful
He has over 3.8 million likes
He thinks he can do no wrong
Still the charges piling up in his name

Though he can be free
He can’t escape Bamboo life
He has his date with Ms River
He better listens to Hotel California

Once he goes in
He will stay there for life
He can say all he wants
The music will drown out his voice

any cat will not listen

The Persian cat
Alive he has become
His eyes always over the fence
With his hopping leg
He will jump over to the road
I scold him for doing it
He will bend his head low
Telling him of the bad dogs
It never goes to his head
He thinks he can hop faster
If the dogs chase him
Now he has disappeared
In the night of mating cats
By morning he will show his face
As if he is a good cat

why showing a different mask?

Why want to keep up the lies?
The physical evidence can’t be wrong
A person should not waste time
Admit it save everyone’s energy

Because we have police and judges?
Let them investigate; let the judges deliver?
There must be honour to admit the crimes
Be like a man; take it like it is

There shouldn’t be making up stories
Running in circles so as to declare innocence?
A person can spin his tales to his audience
Back in his mind he is afraid

It is better to feel sorry
Admit it and let the law takes its course
Keep showing a different mask
It fools nobody

Thursday, May 30, 2019

the world is small

The demons never fail
They always try to come back
Still use the same slogan
No idea how to stay relevant

They want the free meals
The fusion to live and happy
There will be no hard work
There will be no sweat or tears

The demons want the free loading
They will demand their rights
They can shift forms in command
Yet they live in fear in their minds

Outside their circle
They will feel they aren’t alone
They want their own kind
They forget the world is small

So, they draw shadows
Hitting with their artworks
Depicting their own sorrow
But they never say they are to blame

The demons will cry
Watching many aliens come to stay
Sharing the lot singing their way
It’s time they blend in

gambling companies scholarship fund

The Non-Malay scholarships
It should come from the gambling companies
These companies must by legislation set aside
A certain portion of their revenue for scholarships

Every company has social plans
So, there will be nothing wrong
If the gambling companies set up the fund
To help and progress Non-Malay students

PH leaders should study Hong Kong Jockey Club
How to put aside monies for charity, scholarships and the poor
It is a well set up organization now another branch in Beijing
So, we don’t have to hear the sad stories again

PH leaders do not fail your social responsibility
Every year we will hear the same predicament
The ace students fail to get scholarships
And Singapore will lure these students for free

planning chaos is no way to paradise

Living in harmony
Some will think it is a sin
They will hell bent to make it worst
They can’t stand the thought of it

We can’t blame this group of people
They don’t have a chance to live
In their minds it is somewhere else
They call it the paradise

They forget they have to perform good deeds
Not by praying but by physically doing it
It isn’t a day or two but as long as they live
Maybe they can walk to the promise land

But the way they are planning and doing
They will not reach their target
In the lake of fire seems the way to it
Planning chaos is no way to paradise

the old singers

The old singers
Slowly one by one will be gone
They leave us with their songs
Let us remember those years ago

Some will not be heard for decades
They disappeared from the entertainment stage
Only when sickness or death we hear of them
The old singers some live- in hard times

Some are active in different fields
Away from the entertainment crowd
They carve their own businesses
But not in the entertainment industry

The old singers
They let us listen to the songs
Bring us back to those era
Where the present generation will dream of it

the weakness of a race

The 3Rs still haunt us
Though we try to move on
It shouldn’t arise
It is in the Constitution

It is with Amno baru and Pas
They will try to drive in for their needs
It has nothing to do with the 3Rs
They can’t forget the power game

So, they will keep harping
They can’t sleep without it
These are the leaders bankrupt of ideas
They only seek for their own fortunes

They don’t think we are Malaysians
They only think of race and religion
Everything else isn’t their cup of tea
PH shouldn’t play into their kind of game

Let the 3Rs be
It is all in the Constitution
It is only the weakness of a race
They can’t see the black and white

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

don't give mo1 the publicity

Don’t give MO1 the publicity
He knows he needs it to stay relevant
He knows he will not have the chance
When he will face his Bamboo River

Lim Kit Siang made his wrong move
Though his senses finally came to his rescue
For a veteran politician he would have known
Maybe he was eager to debate

Now the dust has settled
LKS should play his game of a critic
Let MO1 know he can’t escape
The laws will put him away

MO1 craves for publicity
He will do anything to stay relevant
But his sins will bury him
It is best he wakes up now

the people and hand-phones living together

The people walk
Eyes on their hand-phones
They are so busy even standing
The hand-phones take over their lives

Everyone has a hand-phone
They can’t live without it
This is the gadget causing less face to face
The keyboards do the talking

I was in the mall watching
The so busy people walking
The day in their lives
The hand-phones in their hands

Even sitting in cafes
The eyes bury in the hand-phones
Though they let the food or drinks turn cold
The people and hand-phones living together

watch your steps, PH

PH leaders watch your steps
Don’t let your opponents have a reason
To make up tales of falsehood
The opponents are good at it

These opponents have decades in their belts
They aren’t ashamed to use lies every day
They want to paint bad on the stage
Every opportunity they have

PH leaders don’t play the defensive games
Use your heyday on the streets to fight back
You mustn’t forget your roots!
Now you seem to have forgotten

PH leaders don’t challenge your opponents
You have your tasks to finish your agendas
Concentrate on your strategy in the manifesto
Once you get it done your opponents will disappear

honour tell the truth

Honour tell the truth
It will not sway by crooked means
It will stand on its ground
No wind or rain will change it

Even fire will bow to its light
The sharing of common goals
Burn the crooks to ashes
Let the tales be told many times

Don’t keep telling lies
The credibility will be lost
No reasonable person will carry on
The silence backlash will stain it

The back fingers pointing
The lies will not gain its foothold
It is the fools who will blindly follow
Until they are covered in stains

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

PH, you will go back to nothing

Race and religion
PH should let it be
There is no end to it
Don’t play into the hands
 of your opponents
You will go back to nothing
You show you haven’t learned
You reverse gear
Be bold think like a nation
It is better to lose on race
Don’t lose the face of the nation
The nation needs to progress
PH leaders don’t let race and religion bite
We will lose in this game
Politically we will cry in pain
Then who will win?

PH leaders hit the net

The fake news
The opposition troopers go
Hit the cyber-wars in the net
Still dreaming of era gone

Some are paid to do the job
Some are called for favours granted
The whole scheme is to paint bad news
Afraid the new government will do a better job

So, the fake news spread
They pray so hard for forgiveness
Yet their minds can’t forget
The lure of the bright neon lights

The opponents will keep posting
The cyber soldiers will hit the news
The pictures can say a thousand words
The village folks are easily fooled

ramadan stays the calm

Ramadan stays the calm
The politicians keep mum
Not many want to say bad
Be holy for the month

The frogs may want to croak
The evening rain and thunder roll
In the holy month they stay low
Licking their wounds thinking ways to grow

No politician wants to say bad
He is afraid of the nailing bites
Though he may have his ready tongue
He has to hold it to pray

The truce among the politicians
Stay calm in Ramadan
Pray to God and eat dates
Don’t show hate

Monday, May 27, 2019

be bold and tunnel through

Amno baru and Pas
With their own partners to fight
They paint a different approach
The old tactics of 3Rs

They used successfully
In the last 3 by elections
The 3Rs approaches
Using religion and race

These parties were stopped
In the Sandakan by election
The 3Rs couldn’t work its magic
Sabahan people aren’t the fools

Bersatu leaders fall to the trap
Most of them are the DNA of Amno baru
They can’t think beyond race and religion
They can’t they are Malaysians

Time PH leaders compose a new melody
Be bold and head right on to the path
Tunnel through mountain to see the new sight
Let this be the challenge of change

you have to mix and share

You can’t do the scopes and scoops
You have to mix and share
Living in the cocoon shelf
Sometimes it brings benefits

You can do what you like
Mix your work learn the results
You race your own drive the lanes
The silence greets you

But you know you can’t live alone
You need the sharing of ideas
Bringing results quickly
So, there are the meeting and mixing

But there are introverts
They can’t stand the thoughts of socializing
They rather stay alone in the cubicle
Doing what is best to them

PH leaders don't sit and dream away

PH leaders time to study
The year you won the election
How you did it and why you won
You shouldn’t forget the reasons

A year had passed
The major changes still on hold
We don’t expect you to change quickly
We expect some ground works done

The draconian laws still haven’t repealed
The crooks are still walking free
They still talk of their lies and tales
And PH leaders pedalling backwards

Wake up Pakatan Harapan leaders
Don’t let power rule your heads
Learn the lessons how you won a year ago
Don’t sit on it and dream it away

the cruelty to animals

The cruelty to animals
It happens many times
Once people don’t see
The sadists start their tortures

Some use religion
As an excuse to defy compassion
Showing double standard in reasoning
Like killing dogs but hardly to cats

The recent dogs shooting in Ipoh
It causes an NGO to make press conference
Demanding the City Hall to stop it
The dogs have right to live too

It will never end the dogs and cats
These domestic animals will bring joy and problems
They breed too fast and not many want them
Some are thrown away by the ungrateful owners

Who to blame really?
It is a test on our faith
How we carry our tasks entrusted to us
Once we fail, we will sing our regrets

work through the back doors

The opponents haven’t declared defeat
They will try to work through the back door
They have the funds collected through the years
Last year they did some gains in the by elections

Now they will ride on it
The gains they have
They will play their tune
Like the Pied Piper of a story

In the internet they play their games
The attacks to give the wrong signal
Telling of the weaknesses and disunity
Just so they can feel good

But they know of the losing battle
They will get nothing
In history they will hang in shame
The back doors close on their faces

Sunday, May 26, 2019

the seeds of education

The seeds of education
It has to plan in detail
There shouldn’t be patches
It has to unite all the races

The earlier ministers
They went for a race
It has become bad
When graduates can’t be employed

Still the lessons never learned
The old policy still run its course
The world will not wait for us
We have to move or will be left behind

The seeds of education
Plan it right save us the problem
The bad policies must change
Don’t think of race but Malaysia

fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown
Nobody can deny it
Something we don’t want to face
Rather we want to avoid

It is like a maze
Walking or running in circles
Every time the fear creeps in
The sweat flow from the body

Yell or shout nobody will hear
Alone in an unfamiliar terrain
There is only one way stay confident
It will help to stay calm to find a way

Fear is we don’t experience it
We don’t want to see an alien
We will bolt and run away
The unknown scare us to pieces