Tuesday, October 31, 2017

all the potholes

All the potholes
Along the road
It finally tarred it
Years of seeing
Of the adhoc patching work
Now it looks new
It says of General Election
Coming to entice the people

There will still some areas
In the housing estates
It may be tarred
For the election gimmicks
Just to say the government cares
When the years gone
The little napoleons kept quiet

We don't need the gimmick
As if we have to beg to get it done
Let Bee Anne sink deep underground
Let the party struggle to breathe
Under the heavy loads of dirt and water
Let the party feels its sad tales

This is the time
To get our act right
Otherwise we will face
The future of bad race
If we don't change our thinking
If we don't change our ways
Then we don't complain

Ed the cry of men

The men cry
Hard men on the prowl
When they find they have ED
The world seems out of touch

The pills can help
It gives the hard men a chance
To hit the sack glow in the day or night
But there is a price

It may take life
The reaction causing heart attacks
Is it worth the blue pill?
Getting TKO instead?

ED has no game
It brings men to tears
It sings the bad songs
There is direct act of exchanges

Forget about the blue pills
There are natural ways to cure
The natural foods around the market
It doesn't cost a bomb!

Even in the kitchen
There are sitting in baskets or bottles
The herbs and spices adding flavors
The natural cure many forget to see

the men always afraid

The men always afraid
They find they can't last longer in bed
They will try every method they come across
With the hard thrusts within a minute they explode!

They roll over feeling satisfied
They think they have done their jobs
Filling it up for the women
As they fall into their dreams

The men should wake up
Every woman wants a sexual satisfaction
Though women are slow to get the high
Foreplay is so important to get them there

Sex is like a marathon
It needs training and help
It isn't just the putting hole
It is also the drive and the swing

When the men are in full penetration
They will thrust hard into the holes
They must know how to control its timing
One is take a deep breathing then continue the thrusts

Too quick to explode
It makes a woman dissatisfied
She will not say it loud
She will think of going elsewhere

How else we hear of affairs?
A party has no sexual satisfaction
Go through the back door
Telling lies and keep secrets

Sex is a marathon game
It needs skills and knowledge
It needs training and engagements
It isn't just putting the hole!

a monster mother

A monster mother
The girls at her mercy
A mother who forgets
The children she takes care

She sells them for prostitution
Ruining their lives for good
For a mere $50 per session
To the male clients she befriended

The girls of 8 and ten years old
What a horror they had to face
A mother who forgets
She needs the money to live

The police took her into custody
The male clients must be traced
The men shouldn't be allowed to escape
They know they have sex with a minor

the hardcore terrorists

The hardcore terrorists
They have learned the trade
They have learned to kill
They have learned to spread lies

The hardcore terrorists
They find life is a storm
They fight in foreign countries
When they don't have a reason

The wrong way of life
Believing in a religion
Get brainwashed to carry arms
Fighting for God they are told

Like the Crusaders in history
The Crusaders used religion to justify a cause
They made chaos and unhappiness
And untold deaths and torturing

The hardcore terrorists
They want to flee from the foreign countries
Coming home but the gates are closed
They made their choice so they have to pay

Lucifer has collected souls
In his souls bank he counts his credits
The humans who had gone to him
There was no paradise but a made belief!

Monday, October 30, 2017

the little rats

The little rats in the coalition
They tend to steal or bite a little
Every morning every night
Till the big cat smells the rat

The big cat needs his sleep
He doesn't need the constant whispering
So one day he relented to the little rats
Give them the crumbs of cheese

The little rats run for joy
Look at it, boys!
A plate full of cheese crumbs
Aren't we clever with our pursuit?”

The dogs outside the hole
It is nothing to shout about
You should see what the big cat has
This you wanted to run for joy?”

The little rats whisper
What did the dogs say?
Did we miss something?”
You mustn't beg!”

the lies on IMDB

I sing the blues
In the ringing fall of the shower
It makes me feel alive
Listening to all the lies

The sound of dripping water
It dances on the tiles in circles
Before it seeps through the pigeon hole
I sing the blues

Nobody will understand
The way the authority lies
The way the ministers give excuses
Everything on 1MDB

Show us the music score
We will know how to play the tune
Don't just say you are composing
It has been ages since

I sing the blues
In the ringing fall of the shower
The droplets of water dancing along
Before disappearing into the pigeon hole

the sin on our faith

Why should religious authority condemned LGBT?
The same sex marriages; the same sex relationships
It exists long in the scriptures of any faith
It is a play of the mind and the way of fate

The religious authority should study the scriptures
Understand its core values of how one interact...
In a society of many faiths and religions
Of cultures, likes and dislikes, and preferences

The straight people shouldn't stand smart
Even if they think bad of LGBT they will be condemned
They don't have to become one to know
Love your neighbors” it is commandered

No sane people want to be in LGBT
It is something happened in their minds
They changed while growing up
They changed when they were born

It isn't their fault
Maybe it is God
He makes to test the straight people
How will they face LGBT?

Support? Shy away? Condemned?
Afraid to mix around with them?
These people can't go away
They are here for a reason

The test of faith
Of any religion we profess
Sadly we still die
Of the sins we have tried

the old vehicles 2

Once the duty taxes on motor vehicles removed
There is a reason to justify the expiry date of vehicles
By then the motor vehicles will be affordable
For the majority of wage earning people

The senior citizens will lose out
The banks will not approve any easy loans
It has to depend on their children
To assist them to get the motor vehicles

There is no need to review
The last time it did the people make the cry
Telling the transport ministry to look at satistics
It isn't too late to study it again

Deaths and accidents on the road
It is caused by the young drivers and new cars
It is always on the driving speed by these crazy drivers
They will pay for their lives

It isn't involved on the older drivers
It isn't involved any old cars on the road
The older drivers are careful while driving
They aren't crazy to beat the traffic

The older vehicles
The old generation owned it
Driving around town and shopping
They aren't crazy to speed

There is less likelihood of an accident
As the old generation learned through experience
They aren't going to speed to Satan
They want to enjoy life as much as possible

Sunday, October 29, 2017

the old motor vehicles again

The old motor vehicles again
The last episode it was shelved
Now Bee Anne wants to revive it
The party leaders better think twice

Don't try to compare to Singapore
She has a limited land space
The city state wants to limit it
Hence she is right to impose an expiry date

It boils down to helping crony companies
The nation must have an efficient inner city transport
The nation must have an efficient public transport systems
The motor vehicles should be sold at a affordable price

Right now we see no economic sense
What are the reasons again to justify it?
It is the old profit generation again
The people hardship doesn't matter!

the road of dust

The road of dust
The shapes in rising particles
Nobody will care to see
The vehicles speed pass it

As if by chasing speed
Quickly pump up the adrenalin
The taste of speed in the smooth vehicles
The pumping up for a nice race

Nobody will think of tragedy
The drivers will want to test it
Speeding along the road
The dust rising in the air

But the demons always wait
Picking up souls to take back home
Build up the cosmic energy
Playing a game on the human race

When death takes its toll
The crying of the departed souls
By then it will be too late
A life is lost too early too soon

bee anne doesn't need to stay

Time to go
Bee Anne doesn't need to stay
It has stayed for decades
Giving enough time to play

But the games we heard
It never makes us feel good
Every year we will hear
The bad reports of pilferage

Nobody will be hauled up
It is as business as usual
Some will get transferred
Nothing serious but millions lost

Time we wake up
The sweet coating for show
Once we are held in addiction
We can't even say “No!”

Time to let Bee Anne go
The acid budget a party drug
Don't fall for the entrapment
We will shake our heads like crazy

We must have our power
To play the game we are good at
It is our destiny to act accordingly
We shouldn't be pushed around

Time to go
Bee Anne doesn't need to stay
It has stayed its welcome
We have to wave it goodbye

the accidents on the road

The accidents on the road
It never seems to go away
Every time we will hear
The sad news in our heads

When will the drivers ever learn?
When will the company directors be held?
When will the fleet managers supervise?
When will JPJ go on the spot checks?

The lorries, buses and vans
The commercial enterprises bloom
The carrying of passengers to and fro
The utmost care should be exercise

But is it happening?
When a major accident happens
The authority will set up and investigation
Nip the problems make recommendations

Will it be enforce?
For a while then back to the old
We will still hear the sad news
Ringing out on our heads

Saturday, October 28, 2017

marriage is a game

A man lures a married woman
Take a flight together to Bali
Sharing an expensive villa
The sex in the bedroom

The secret way
Hushed it up and away
The man of public figure
The woman married to a police officer

Why she did it?
Playing a game of secret affair
Maybe she needs a hard stick
Maybe she needs a romance

The secret sexual games
It pumps her into an active participant
She waves away her marital status
She crazes about the hard stick

When it was blown up
The man spoke differently
The woman admitted her affair
She filed for divorce

Marriage is a game
It isn't over; crossed the finished line
It has turned into a marathon
Keeping fit to last the distance

Once it fails
The party will fall into affairs
Finding ways to keep sex alive
In secret or in open....

Marriage is a game
It needs skills and knowledge
It needs a lot of engagements
To get it fulfilled and satisfied

let pakatan run the show

A desperate measure
To win the election
The people have seen
The city folks can't be fooled

There is a price to pay
Somebody has to take the fall
With so high expenditures
Running into deficit again

Don't sell for short term gain
We will suffer heavily in debts
We can't pay through this generation
When we forget to check our back doors

It is an acid budget
It gives the poor a high
Once it breeds into its system
The addiction will not let go

When the next fix arrives
There is none to give away
The complaints will pile up high
By then our debts in the sky!

Let Bee Anne bite the dust
It is better it is done
We will not be poor
We will take the best measures

Pakatan Harapan has proven it
In Penang and Selangor have done
The States move in better shape
We must let Pakatan run the show

don't surrender life

At the Tambun graveyard
The sleeping beauty of all ages
Lying in wait for a faith
The resurrection of life

The truth is the host died
Leaving the soul to travel
Far into the future
Where it will seek a new

The weather is hot
Though the wind keep it cool
There aren't many to pay respects
On a Saturday morning

The florist makes the kill
She is the only selling her flowers
Many families buy from her
There is no choice

Once you suffer from depression
Once you suffer of personal setbacks
Take a detour and visit a graveyard
It will help you calm your mind

You see the death can't run
The tombstones stay in one place
The ground will hold tight
There is no escape but accept the fate

Don't surrender life
Fight for it to live
Every day every time
It will make you alive

don't fall for the enticement

Catch the birds
Flying in the sky
The hunters on the ground
They watch with naked eyes

The throwing of seeds
The enticement for the birds
They stop at trees hopping to branches
They aren't stupid to fall for it

Though they have bird brains
They don't want their lives to be ruined
The food on the ground it looks tempting
They stare at it finally flying away

The hunters keep watch
They hope to catch the birds
The long hours have gone
The time to take a break

We don't need enticement
We know what's wrong with the ruling regime
It is no use flooding with goodies
When it is still a deficit budget

Somewhere a Tom or Dick or Harry
He has to pay for the excessiveness
We don't hear the hunters complain
They were jumping with joy

They know they have bags of seeds
A time to entice the hungry folks
Nobody should fall for the trap
It is selling your own soul

It is better to fly away
Let the eagle take the helm
Once the hunters are gone
The free way to deal with it

Friday, October 27, 2017

the budget

The Budget
The lap dogs get the meat
The people still can't believe
The development is 16%

The expenditures are high
When the coffers are empty
The people shouldn't cry
For a year to hook votes

It is still spending
Like there is no tomorrow
The debts are high
Measures aren't in the loop

Nothing on 1MDB
The tens of billions in debts
The scandals involved in it
No person or party is charged

This is a budget to win votes
The rural folks and low income groups
Don't sell it for short term gain
You all will cry when it is done

It is better to change
Let Bee Anne bite the dust
Let a responsive party take over
We don't have to beg every time

once a thief

Once a thief
We can't change a leopard skin
He can say sorry
He can promise not to repeat again

Out of the sympathy
A thief will do it again
When he isn't caught
He will do it until he is in jail

He may try new ways
Working in the eyes for the loot
Once he finds there is a loophole
He will catch the old habit

Once a thief
There is always a possibility of change
But life in the fast loop
He may think hard on it

don't be smart alec

You have a university degree
You have the work experience
You have worked for years
You have the knowledge

You think you are a better person
With the exposure and acquiring skills
But sometimes simple questions
It will make you sit up and listen

Every question on law
You will not be able to answer
Though you can try to read it up
But you will say “I am not a lawyer”

There are many types of lawyers
They have different skills and knowledge
Not every lawyer can answer questions
When it isn't in the lawyer's expertise

Likewise with every profession
Nobody should be arrogant
Degree and experience don't make a better person
You still need religious training or knowledge

the laces of lies

The laces of lies
It never wants to go away
There will be the lap dogs
Barking as usual all the way

The wolves in sheep clothing
They run behind the scenes
Plotting and instigating their ways
Bringing chaos and disharmony

Promises never run its course
The university in Tilting Tower
It never sees the light of day
The last election will be over soon

Now the promises of 10 Chinese schools
The component parties swinging in droves
This is to woo the Chinese voters
They aren't stupid to fall for it

It is only the lap dogs barking
There is nothing from the ground up
A promise will not be kept
When the wagon breaks and stalls

By right it should be in the budget or plan
It shouldn't be begging for it
There is a way out of all the political promises
Change our outlook change a new party