Monday, October 31, 2022

the bad ways of the wolves


The turtle man

The mind floats up with his eggs

He doesn't think twice before he says

Tommy Thomas will not be going away

He has filed his legal challenge in court

He has broken the cultured pattern of decades

The turtle man and his party of warlords can't take it

The report is glaringly trying to shoot down the former AG

The turtle man and his task force committee

They have their vested interests to say

The problems recorded in the book

They ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist

Now Tommy Thomas will shoot his bullets

They have to defend their report or interests

Let us wait the battle in court

Let the saints march smiling

when you have no fund


When you have no fund

Life takes the worst turn

You will feel afraid to go

To hospital government or private

When it is an ICU case

Funding is still cash flow

Without it health remedy will delay

The outcome will be bad

Even in government hospital

Certain skills may have to go to private

The patients will have to ship there

Causing problems to the family members

When you have no fund

In serious health issues

The crying in the mind

Wondering how to find

The private hospitals

Only entertain cash in hand

Nothing will move

When no fund inflow

In critical health issue

Funding has to be available

Those who are working now

Better buy health insurance

Sunday, October 30, 2022

the back door games


The Moos

No need to tell the tales

Of the S move in February 2020

The people knew it was the Old Man doing

The only hiccup was the Old Man changed of heart

But it was too late to stop the engine from moving

The Moos and gang backstabbed the Old Man

He was left alone running to find his bearing

The Moos publicly announced withdrawing support for PH

It was a traitor's move for one ego growth

Though the Old Man had 114 supporters then

But His Majesty didn't want to entertain him

Because His Majesty had agreed to Moo

The Old Man was late to push it home

So no need to tell your tale

The people knew years ago

In GE15 karma will work her magic

The traitors, liars, frogs and kleptrocrats

They will face the wrath of the voters

PH has to return to finish its unfinished business

chained the wolves


Chained the wolves

Let the dark full moon shine

But no wolves to roar in delight

Because they are locked in the cage

The nation will progress

The divide and rule will be gone

Everyone will share equally

Work hard and smart for the nation

The days of the wagon train

It will be a story to be told

How it was used to enrich the elites

Letting the nation stay poor

The nation wealth mustn't be stolen

The wolves could hide it away

Because of the bottom line agencies

Staying one eye close for decades

The time has come again

A new guitar scale should be used

Let the melody of sweet sound flow

In every corner of the nation growth

the night of lights


The night of lights

The flags will weave

The wind will sing

The hit song again

The tears will flow

It isn't about sadness

It is about the light

The changes in our lives

The dark shadows hide

Afraid to show their faces

Afraid to announce their sins

It's a long good night

The rising echo of the night

The horns blasting and singing songs

The vibration hits the ground

The nation cries with delight

The hit song will be on the chart

The point of change in our hearts

The freedom rally in democracy

Don't let the fire go down empty

eggs shortage


Eggs shortage

In the university town

Market shelves empty

So are the supermarkets

The egg sellers and customers

Go eggs hunting in town

One shop still selling

Coming it from the farm

The long queue of buyers

The egg sellers buy 30 trays or more

They need to do business at their stalls

The ordinary folks scrambling to get in

What has the turtle man doing?

Maybe he has nothing to say

His mind is warped up in GE15

His chief wolf painted his good deeds

The eggs shortage

Affecting the people

Singapore rejected our eggs

Citing contamination involved

don't let the trusted ones disappear


Have the political parties sharing notes?

Every political party is fielding new faces

Some shifting their bases to face the new voters

Those tried and hardworking ones are sidelined

It may cause uneasiness among the voters

As they have to get the feel of the new faces

Though the voters still have to vote with their selection

The uneasiness will keep flowing

The women candidates are still inadequate

The parties should have fielded more women

It will make Parliament more lively than before

They can check the bad mouthing male politicians

Fielding new faces will be a risk

Since every party is performing similar task

The leaders hope it will square off for the best

The voters will pick the best to perform

Saturday, October 29, 2022

don't get sold blindly


As they use to say

Don't trust the politician, lawyer and insurance agent

They are the good liars trying to impress

The good living but for themselves

In our lives

We will need these people

We should be clever and know the rules

Don't get sold blindly

The worst kind is the politician

Say all the good vibrations

Looking smart and intelligent

Once he wins hardly appears

A politician can set up for life

A good or lousy one makes no difference

He has his cake he isn't sharing willingly

Still the voters have to pick and choose

In any general election

The people have to elect a government

Formed by the elected representatives

This is where the wagon train starts to run

Do we need to trust these people?

They are in the daring business to grow

Out there some may be sincere and good or bad

While others may want to earn a living instead

the buying of votes begin


The buying of votes begin

The campaign workers going around

Buying essential goods and wheelchairs

Wearing their party logo to advertise

Letting the public know

The dark blue is on the round

The party workers advertise in public

Knowing they shouldn't start yet

The dark clouds up in the sky

Telling us the storm slowly gathering 

The wind of change will be blowing

The nation needs it to progress

The village folk voters

Don't fall for the entrapment

They are still living hands to mouths

Forget about crumbs and brown envelopes

Look into honesty and integrity

It will help them to grow and prosper

The nation of positive values will flourish

The cake can be shared by all

dreaming to beat the sun


Don't take the spin

The snake with 2 heads

And a vampire face

Want to sink teeth in all

The leaders are hungry

Dreaming to beat the sun

The sins are many in the coffins

It will be hard to forgive

They aren't for the nation

They use people for their own benefits

So beware of their spins

The givers of bad faith

Put a stake in their hearts

Forever they will cry in their sleep

Dreaming to beat the sun

Want to sink teeth in all

living on fast food and quick exit


The fast food

The quick run

In business in life

Leaving health behind

The health care

Many put it secondary

Indulge in quick schemes

Burning hard for a living

Is it worth the effort?

When physical health decline?

Gunning for wealth

Forgetting about health

Health diseases will spread

Causing anxiety and fear

Of life targets can't be had

When sickness call can't enjoy wealth

The serious illnesses will derail it all

Leaving dark holes wanting to take souls

All the wealth in hand can't protect

Living on fast food and quick exit

Friday, October 28, 2022

fix the country folks


Fix the country folks

There lies the hidden truth

They always think of their own kind

Race, religion and our friends

They even support Palestine

No doubt nothing wrong with it

But the backyard of the poor folks

How can they turn a blind eye?

But no they get the crumbs

They are happy voting the thieves

Because they think they are smart

They get hooked big time day in day out

Fix the country folks

The rest can fall quickly

Once the economy of integrity flow

The abundance of wealth will grow

time will be in shadow


Time will be in shadow

As the ages of old rise

Time will be precious

Every moment means a joy

Everybody should stop and listen

The sound of time running in our lives

Slowly it will become true

Time will be in shadow

One life no stand in

Don't waste it away

Without exercise and proper nutrition

Life will fall into bad waves

Don't live on excuses

There is no replacement

Once treatment can't help

Time will be in shadow

know your boundary life will be good


Money move in life

The luxuries one can buy

All those glitters in the eyes

Feel the wonder in the mind

Many will try

Many will dream on it

Counting the days or years

Life can be changed

Many will not make it

Living day to day

Today they will try

Tomorrow a new hope may arrive

Walking or driving through

The rich neighbourhoods

Watching the expensive cars on display

How they make their lives in colours

Envy is a good thing

It makes the mind wanting to achieve

Only better don't forget the root

It is where many have failed

Live in simple life

Don't worry too much

No need to chase after everybody

Know your boundary life will be good

the rain is making its marks


The rain is making its marks

The people should wake up

Don't be too late to realize

The cool wind and the rattling fall

The weathermen have forecasted it

The heavy rainfall and floods will be worst

Currently the weather like the politicians

Old and new faces or outsiders

In between we read about floods

Certain areas were hit telling its signs

But the wolves don't see it

They only think of themselves

The weathermen had said

We hope they are wrong

The heavy rainfall and floods on the rise

We have been warned and so don't cry

Thursday, October 27, 2022

is the Rocket planning to lose?


Is the Rocket planning to lose?

The hardworking ones leaving or shifting away

Leaving new faces to contest in those areas

This isn't the time to make changes!

The Rocket has its rights

It has to look into the voters might

Don't change just because it is so

A new leader new faces of support?

The Rocket has given away seats

By right the seats can be won easily

Now the new faces have to struggle

Some may lose the battle on the ground

Sorry to read Tony Pua sitting it out

He did a good job on 1MDB here

Even Charles Santiago has to be replaced in Klang

The Rocket doesn't listen to the voters

GE15 is to cage the wolves

The Rocket forget about it

Now the wolves will be salivating

An opportunity they don't shy away

Tambun the hope of Anwar



Where Anwar's dream live or die

This is his battle ground

To light up the beacon of hope

He dares to challenge

Knowing his stake is high

He will rattle up the wolves

The Moos will have no chance


The voters must make the change

Once they did in 2018

They should do it again

The wolves must be sent to the cage

One former chief is in jail

For his millions of corruption

The voters shouldn't allow the wolves to return

Tambun should make history

If a future prime minister comes from it

There is the likely chance Anwar will win

PH will return to finish its unfinished business

PH leaders listen to the ground


GE15 is a crucial election

PH leaders must string up good candidates

Don't change candidates just for new faces

This is the time the nation needed good leaders

As it stands today

Good candidates are replaced or shifted

Some even aren't going to contest

Why let a vacuum for exploitation?

The wolves, moos and crocodiles

They will exploit it to their advantage

Knowing new faces aren't a threat

They will want to gain the upper hand

Even Pejuang too will count on it

Though the party aren't the real threat

As long as past result in Johore shown

The party was totally wiped out!

Sabah and Sarawak old hands should stand

These two states are hard to predict

Don't change to lose but to win

If you have none stay with the old hands

PH leaders read the sentiments on the ground

Open up your eyes and ears to listen well

We want you guys to win in GE15

But don't forget to listen to us

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

the mother smile


The mother smile

The glow in her eyes

The wind whispering sound

The daughter feels the warm

The feeling will hold

The embrace of a child

Remembering this moment

The mother and her child

The child will feel protected

The mother will stay behind

Watching her every move

Growing up in one day soon

The mother will remember

The quality time in the glow

The daughter will feel tall

Feeling the comfort and love

The mother and her daughter

The sun will shine the wind will echo

Casting lights in the eyes

The child will feel tall she too will smile

PH will return


Don't let the wolves

Jump back on the wagon train

There will be no safe hands

They will net all they want

Don't let the wolves

Get us on the wrong side

By now we should recognize

The misdeeds of their roles

Don't let the wolves

Spin up more lies to cheat

Some got enough and retire

Living their lives in quiet shadows

Don't let the wolves

Telling their kind of tales

It is to fill their pockets

And the divide and rule ticket

Don't let the wolves

Prolong the caste system

They want to control

Making us the modern slaves

Wake up voters

Remember the frogs movement

They aren't to be trusted

Vote PH to reset our destiny

vote PH to reset our destiny


Don't let the wolves

Jump back on the wagon train

There will be no safe hands

They will net all they want

Don't let the wolves

Get us on the wrong side

By now we should recognize

The misdeeds of their roles

Don't let the wolves

Spin up more lies to cheat

Some got enough and retire

Living their lives in quiet shadows

Don't let the wolves

Telling their kind of tales

It is to fill their pockets

And the divide and rule ticket

Don't let the wolves

Prolong the caste system

They want to control

Making us the modern slaves

Wake up voters

Remember the frogs movement

They aren't to be trusted

Vote PH to reset our destiny

it isn't PH leaders to tell the voters


PH leaders listen

To the voices of the constituents

They know what they want and needs

Of who can work or come and go

Listen to these voices

They have aired out their demands

Those MP who served them well

They want them to be fielded again

PH leaders don't wrap up in Halloween

Open up your ears and eyes to listen and recognize

These are the winnable candidates

You don't have to field in new faces

GE15 is crucial to PH and the nation

The people's voices must be recognized

The voters are the ones making the call

It isn't PH leaders to tell the voters

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

don't come back turtle man


The turtle man

A lawyer should welcome debate

It is in his training in law

Has he fogotten about it?

Likely he has no confident in himself

He is a puppet on the strings

He always follows instructions from his chief wolf

How else GE15 is called when his Cabinets didn't agree?

The turtle man

Don't run away from debate

Not our culture but make it ours

Debate with the opposition leader

Unless he has nothing in his tank

Waiting for his chief to tell him to go?

The turtle man is gone on the stage

We will not see him coming back

The turtle man

He has his chance

Giving excuses as a leader

Show he is clueless and no confidence

the moos look in the mirrors


The moos

The leaders don't have to spin

They should look in the mirrors

Honestly telling themselves

Didn't they stole the people's mandate?

Anwar has no case

It was a political persecution then

He went to jail for his belief in freedom

Only the Sunni Muslim faith think otherwise

Though Shia Muslim find nothing wrong with it

Anwar didn't steal billions

Anwar didn't steal the people's mandate

Anwar gone to jail for sexual needs

But it was a made up story

The Old Man and MO1 wanted him put away

Even if he did

He didn't steal billions

It is a sexual need many will indulge in it

It is a private affair in closed door

Because of money events could be played out

We are looking for integrity

We aren't looking for traitors or liars

We want leaders who can fix the economy

We don't need leaders who want to fill up pockets

That's my friends are the difference we seek

beware of the spin by the wolves


Don't let the wolves return

Don't let the sidekicks hold the door

It will not be good for the nation

The voters mustn't stay stupid

Beware of the spin

The wolves have launched the attacks

2 years of PH they blamed

While they had over 60 years

The wolves trying to fool

The voters mustn't fall for it

They are the witches bringing poison apples

Once we take it we will lose our control

We will be the puppets

Dancing on the strings

We will be the modern slaves

Pull the strings we will follow

We have our chance on GE15

The votes we have will decide our future

Not only for us but the nation progress

So beware of the poison apples of lies

let PH return to finish its agenda


Don't believe the wolves

They will say to keep them happy

All they care about is their pockets

To get the rewards and power

You think they care for the people and nation?

Look how they conduct their affairs for the people

Throwing the crumbs, double standards, and lies

They still stay quiet on the large scale corruption

Don't believe the wolves

They still say their former chief is innocent

Though he is currently in jail

They don't even condemned him for the shame

The world has known the nation

A country of massive corruption

1MDB and SRC got us in the map

For the wrong reason to be famous

Let PH return to finish its agenda

The equal share and prosperity

The nation really needs it to shine

Not with the wolves or its kind