Monday, October 24, 2022

PH should stand alone


PH should stand alone

Let the fight to the end

Don't think of losing

Because every party will try

Fighting for a place in power

Where the wealth can be found

The Ali Baba and forty thieves

They can't live without it

The open cave of treasures

They think they can plunder

PH should remember

You shouldn't follow the pattern

It will not bring you to glory

You will have your sad story

So learn from the beginning

The Reformation Day

Don't think of the last tango

The Old Man got his chance

But he forgot about it

So PH stand alone and fight

Losing it will be an honor

Fighting for the right causes

The voters go out and vote

Don't try to hide and stay away

Your vote count to save the nation

Don't let the bad guys steal it again

Take the money as you want but kick them out

The country needs good leaders to stay afloat

So rain or shine or floods go and make the nation proud

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