Saturday, October 08, 2022

the young brides


The young girls send to marry

Why should parents allow it to happen?

Is it because of hardship and money?

The parents shouldn't make the easy option

The young girls future will be destroyed

No education no future but a sex slave

The men will be lustful for them

The young virgin brides

It has recorded 15,000 young brides

The back door leaders washed off their hands

They don't see the need to protect these young girls

The object of sexual lust of men of virgin young wives

It is totally wrong and it is a sin

The lustful men should reflect on their actions

Taking advantage of disadvantaged families

Carting away the young girsl for their brides

This is a lust of sin

The wages will be long term fire

The lustful men should wake up and repent

It isn't worth it to get fired into the lake of hell

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