Monday, October 24, 2022

season of the election


Season of the election

The enticements begin

The voters will listen or hear

What the political parties will sing

Maybe the hit song

Maybe the bad song

It's the voters right to choose

The party or candidates

Only the voters mustn't forget

What the bad song will do

There will no hit on the chart

They will hear the bad vibrations

Rain or shine or flood

This season of the election

The floods will play its game

The voters mustn't run away

The nation hope for a new light

Shine through her face of a beautiful smile

If only the voters listen to the right song

The sunrise will bloom its golden rays

So what will it be voters?

Have a backbone to fight for her

The nation we all cherish in our lives

Don't let the wrong song pull her down

Season of the election

The court will give the verdict

Has the Constitution rules followed?

It may not happen and one man will cry

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