Saturday, October 08, 2022

GE15 the dark moon isn't rising


The wolf leaders

Seem to send fake news

Trying their best to initiate GE15

They don't care of the people's hardship

Though they will deny it

GE15 must bury the wolves

Down to dark hollow for good

We don't need their brand of politics

Divide and rule

Rule the wagon train

Train it in their minds

Minds to loot the nation's wealth

The old ways on the rise

Rise to steal the wealth on projects

Projects on inflated costs to gain

Gain the loot and live in luxury

Luxury the village folks dream

Dream it while they sleep

Sleep of the richness in their minds

Minds should wake them up to be free

Free to decide their living

Living not in addiction or handouts

Handouts for the addiction

Addiction to destroy their minds

The wolf leaders

Behind the facade of howling sound

It's that fear to be caged in the dark

GE15 the dark moon isn't rising

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