Friday, October 21, 2022

ah long in the news


Ah Longs in the news

The men on street will go

Borrowing heavily and can't pay

The family members or parents have to suffer

Ah Longs been around

Big timers or small timers run

The easy cash on demand

Once in debts interests start piling up

Ah Longs aren't the nice guys

They have gangsters going around

Once the borrowers can't pay

These gangsters will come knocking

They aren't well behaved

They are the hooligans intent of causing pain

Physically or mentally without sorry

At best don't borrow from Ah Longs

The police should have rounded up Ah Longs

It seems these Ah Longs too have connections

The grapevine says police too borrow from loan sharks

With an eye for feeding information and leads

Ah Longs can't go away

It is about money and its evil ways

There are people who needed cash in a hurry

Ah Long will be the best bet so they say

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