Thursday, October 20, 2022

the crocodiles of white caps


The crocodiles of white caps

Still harping of one track destination

The ultimate cake of religious rule

They think they are the only ones

They sing the Taliban rule

The way they want to smell it too

They forget this nation isn't a single race

She has the beautiful colours shining through

The crocodiles behaviour

Walking on land feeling inferior

By using religion they think they can prosper

Telling their hide and seek stories for their own benefits

The little napoleons rearing its ugly smile

The crocodiles will like it to stay

The little napoleons forget who pay them

It is the tax-payers they should oblige

But the crocodiles will be happy

As long as the little napoleons run the errands

These people may help the crocodiles to glow

They should turn around change their ways

The crocodiles of white caps

They have no vision or how to manage

Even in religion they may not have a solid understanding

In politics they have sinned themselves

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