Monday, July 30, 2007

Boh tea or Lipton tea?

Which tea taste the best 'Boh tea or Lipton tea? If you check the price of each product in the supermarket, Lipton tea cost more than Boh tea. When you order tea in any cafe, you will be served Lipton tea. Is it the dealer sold it cheaper to these outlets? Personally Boh tea taste better with its thick aroma and cost cheaper than Lipton tea. If we could have political parties divide into 'Boh party and 'Lipton party', then we will not hear about racial slurs in our politicians. These people want to score points for their own benefits without realizing the consequences to the country. I drink 'Boh tea' in the morning which is a ritual I do nowadays. Previously I dont take my early breakfast. Now with nothing else to do occupy my time, I can indulge a cup of Boh tea, biscuits and my kaya. Thinking about it, the country leaders have no kaya to lead this nation of many religions and races. It is a party for race. Gerakan and PKR are the best bet to transform the country. One is in the BN coalition one is in the opposition. It is there in its basic structure but along the way personal ta. stes and survival may change its landscape. In BN coalition, UMNO is the dominant party. The Malay based party call the shot though it is in coalition. It is on paper that sounded better but in reality it is the Malay leaders who have the pistols pointing at the coalition partners - toe the line or else........................Boh tea or lipton tea anyone? Look even in Japan the ruling party suffered heavily in polls......likewise Malaysians must be brave to change the present government. China can change her clothes to suit the time and see how China a communist country embraces the capitalist's economy. China is now a creditor country. Even USA owed China billions. Likewise Malaysia borrowed about $1.2 billion to finance the second bridge project. Interesting...............China has one party system and she can progress effectively in the last 10 years. One race one party equals progress in the global economy. Likewise Malaysia can too providing the political landscape changes. Right now we have 'Lipton tea' flourishing in the market. A little bit of soap...............(remember this song?) it makes self gratification a think that is enough? We should go the whole 9 yards to enjoy our fruits of labour. So the next election one vote wisely. Boh tea or Lipton tea? Selamat pagi Malaysia!

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