Monday, July 23, 2007

government after bloggers in cyber space

Government through the police is after bloggers who posted or wrote articles belittling the government policies, persons in government, or corporate figures linked to the government(read cronies). First the special branch officers arrested Nathaniel Tan (the 1st blogger in Malaysia to be arrested under OSA), now UMNO information chief made police report on YM Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today for his series of articles in his blog. UMNO leaders could say racial slurs and yet got away with it. When the opposing side says the same thing, these leaders say the opposing team is trying to incite racial hatred amongst the races. Damn them! UMNO is trying to scare these loving Malaysians who love the country in their souls by trying to intimidate them. When their own leaders said about racial remarks police never go and catch them. (Case UMNO last general assembly DAP had made police report but nothing is forthcoming!) I believe YM RPK could be right putting his assumptions in his articles in his blog about the inner working relationships happening in Sabah and the Police links to the underworld. Perhaps it is to pull eyes of the people by saying something else while the real truth is buried somewhere. The bloggers in Malaysia will not be easily intimidated. What's more so many overseas Malaysians will ink it by then the whole superpowers will know.....Dr M had already said Malaysia is a police state................imagine from our former PM. The next election the people of Malaysia should decide through the ballot boxes to send BN out into the wilderness. MCA has felt its heat because the party has not stood up for the rights of the Chinese. The MCA leaders remain docile.............MCA too will lose heavily in their seats allocation. After RPK who will be next?

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