Thursday, July 05, 2007

police tortured remand suspects

In the ongoing case of Atlantuya murdered story, a police woman testified she was tortured in remand. But the public never make any protest. I knew the police would tortured people in prison. During my kampong days, I had heard stories of those who had gone to prison. The police officers won't leave any physical mark on the body. These Malay officers injured the prisoners internally. By the time the prisoners were releassed, the internal wounds would have been healed. It is a fact. You can ask the police officers serving or retired. They can't hide the fact of what happen in the prison cells. A former IGP was sent to prison for the similar tactics used on a well known political prisoner. Until today, the Police force is on the decline. The public perception is rather low. They are reports in the blogs of Police officers cohorts with the underworld lords. So far the person(s) involved dare not take up the legal there must be something else involved then. My point is that the Police officers do torture innocent people in remand. The government elected by the people should install CCTV in remand rooms to monitor the antics of the police officers conducting their investigations on any suspected people in remand. Because their own kind had testified that she was tortured in remand.(p/s my brother in law who holds a rank of DSP told me it did happen when I put the question to him many years ago)

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