Wednesday, July 25, 2007

China Doll canned by lover's family

The family of a 72 years old man canned a China Doll in Klang. The report said the old man was cohabiting with this young China Doll. The 72 years old "miang" man wanted enjoy his golden aged in life. So he didnt go home for the past weeks and his family came to teach the poor China Doll a lesson. Then the poor China Doll was brought to the police station where the police officer would check her passport.......I wonder why the police never questioned the family members of canning and hurting the young Chinese woman? Come on the old man will kick the bucket any time soon or maybe 5 years down the road. By right the family members should rein in the old man than hurting the poor China Doll. Affairs of the hearts or sometimes lust or sometimes is so difficult to define. Each person has his/her own rights to do what he/she pleases within the broad outlines of laws. Any fault arising in love affairs it should be handled with care and sensitivity. This is a delicate matter of the heart. Maybe the old man will die losing his young lover. I am not saying it is right or it is wrong. This is one person wishes to enjoy his late roaming life....maybe when he was young he couldnt enjoy it...

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