Monday, July 09, 2007

PM says "I dont know"

Who is the senior cabinet minister involved in corruption put forward by Ezam the former youth chief of PKR? He said he has a "Tan Sri" title which is easy to trace the minister concerned. But AAB said in Penang he didnt know who he is.....It is so convenient for him to say. It was such an important document running to over 632 pages yet our PM says he doesnt know. He wants to fight corruption but when reports were presented he doesnt want to flick it through and see who is the minister involved. Our country is running rudderless. This is what as reported in newspapers crimes rate goes up. In Johore, in Selangor, in Sarawak, in Perak and it is also reported in the web blogs that crimes lead to Putrajaya. One deputy minister was investigated on receiving over $5 million to free the underworld lords. I think most voters like me too were taken for a ride by our AAB (slogans like come walk with the end nothing has been done but more corruption in his administration as the world transparency report stated) There were reports too on Azalina Othman by her own Putri member then in 2003. Yet nothing is forthcoming from the police. Everything is still pending or waiting for Ghani to give the green light. He has already taken so long to make his decision. To me he shouldn't be holding the post as the Attorney General in the country. Even the police IPCMC is overdue yet now it will be conveniently forgotten. He was given 12 months to prepare his views or fine tune the IPCMC but he didnt do anything....Our PM is busy transporting himself visiting countries and leaving the country without a good captain to guide the ship....This is what we got for our 'half past six" people running the country (Dr M said it so)

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