Thursday, February 29, 2024

the wolf youth chief


The wolf youth chief

He is breeding bad behaviour

He thinks his party runs the show

He better looks in his mirror

He is using 2R to paint it

He should ask himself

Is race so important to him?

Then he should stay in Middle East

He forgets his party in unity government

He is painting an adverse publicity

Trying to score his brownie points?

He has to stop his arrogant behaviour

The wolf party chief

He shoud reprimand his junior leaders

They should tow the party rules

They shouldn't simply shoot their mouth

covid 19 in cat-nap


Covid 19

The flowing tide is slow

Its movements running silently

Nobody seems to take notice

Every one seems living at life

Nobody wants to know about Covid 19

MOH will not issue any official statements

Updates still in the need basis

But we mustn't put our guards down

Covid 19 may be sleeping now

The virus still active in our lives

It may explode it if we forget

In Oz nation

The government warned her people

Vaccination still a better bet

To stop getting strike down

Covid 19

Cat-nap in its time

We mustn't put our guards down

Its movements maybe slow

Bersih did its way


Bersih did its way

Talking about changes

The promises still in limbo

This is to push the Renaissance man

He graciously accepted Bersih entourage

Though he would not say much of it

He would listen and carry on his tasks

Surely Bersih will not stay quiet

Renaissance man

He mustn't wait in his administration

The promise of changes has to begin

He has to get the changes going

Though in unity government

He mustn't offer excuses

There is no reason to delay

The promise of changes

He has 2/3 majority

The power to change available

He mustn't sit and watch the time

Because moment can change

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

the moo isn't free


The Moo

He can't escape yet

High Court gave him freedom

The Appeal Court put him to trial

The Moo

Be honest to yourself

The paper trails don't lie

He can plead innocence all he wants

The money flow chart will track

How the transactions are done

He wants to escape his corruption

Blinded by his greed

Let the people hear

In the court of law

The Moo has to say

How the funds transferred

when you are no good


When you are no good

You don't have to cling to it

The work you do

The performance stinks

You have to take a back seat

No need to give excuses

No need to justify your reasons

Statistics can hardly lie

You know the key numbers

The financial statistics can't lie

If you have lost the plot and direction

There is no reason to stay

Let a better person try

You go back to the drawing board

Study the causes of failure

Learn to adapt and acquire knowledge

the rats


The rats still run

They don't care about security

In their minds they want the cheese

Displaying on the table

The fat cats roam

Sniffing for the rats

Waiting and hiding

Shadows seem unseen

The rats climbing high

Poles and window ledges

Thinking they can escape

When the fat cats chasing

The rats still hanging up

Making their noises to anger the fat cats

Watching from the ground up

Eyes glow paw claws out

In the end it is the waiting game

The rats will want a 10 seconds fame

The fat cats only want to protect their interests

The flame of power and benefits

saying sorry why so difficult?


Saying sorry

One Old Man refuses

He thinks he didn't do wrong

When he was holding power

In and out of hospital

He knows his numbers game

The calling in his head

Telling him to repent

His 2 sons

Macc ironing them out

The Old Man can't do a thing

He can only say with his words

Who will want to believe him?

His 2 sons got rich in early 20s

Macc want to find out more

The Old Man will try to divert it

The Old Man

He dares not admit his mistakes

The bad vibrations rung in his rule

Now karma walks in to hold him accountable

it's late


It's late

To give advice

They have been getting away

Every time

Don't stick too much to rules

Look at the current situation

Looking at the past mistakes

Do the right way everything will fall in

It's late

The bad habits stay

Clean it up will take time

Unless fear of prison ring

Even hard core bad hats

They don't care about rules or laws

They want to do their own way

Creating fear and hardship

It's late

To change bad

It will take much work

Fear and prison chain

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

the bad MP should be fine


The Parliament Speaker

No need to give advice

The disobedient MP should be fine

The habitual MP should be locked out

All benefits should be stopped

All members of Parliament

They should work hard for it

No truancy should be the trick

There are many bad mouth members

They bring disgrace to Parliament

These members should be cautioned

If they don't behave severe punishment should be given

The Parliament Speaker

Time of talking is over

Now is walking the talk

The bad members should be chained

the heyday of brown envelopes


Brown envelopes

It was a popular talking

About wanting easy work done

Through the government agencies

Brown envelopes

Those were the days dealing with agencies

The corruption was the tea-breaks

Out in the open many knew

The ACA then couldn't do much

The officers couldn't punch many holes

The big sharks could escape the net

Because of political connections

It was the small fishes

They could be the news fodder

But many knew too

It was just for show

Now it has evolved

Mark-up contracts or commissions

The layered cake caters to many involved

Hard to detect because it looks legal

do some good deeds now


The crocodile Bawang

Sickness falls on him again

It should realize his time

Do some good deeds now

Our lives are fixed a short time

We can't live forever

There is a fixed term to it

We have no chance to negotiate

Within our short time on Earth

We should live in the good deeds

We shouldn't live for our selfish needs

The politicians should realize it

Otherwise it will be too late

The crocodiles should remember

Spinning bad tales will not help

It will be chained hooked to their lives

our nation's foundation must stay


Don't fall for the crocodiles

Their words don't tell the truth

They engaged in political Islam

The politicians hard to believe them

Our nation's foundation

It has to stay as it is

Let no bad politicians steal it away

Let no single party make us the fools

The crocodiles false pretenses

Look at the states they manage

The economic growth seems slow

Funding has to flow from Putrajaya

Don't fall for the crocodiles

They spread the narcotine words

Only the drama of fools will fall

Dreaming of paradise or heaven

In reality we are living in paradise

It is ourselves dividing the line

The land of good and bad

We don't need the crocodiles approach

Monday, February 26, 2024

macc rise on the chart


The retired and old politicians

They shouldn't feel worry

If they lived clean in their lives

Wealth through efforts and sweat

Nobody will want to envy that

It is their own efforts to acquire wealth

They should live comfortably in retirement

They don't have to worry looking back

The retired and old politicians

Cry in their sleep if they did wrong

The circle will enslave them

Afraid of Macc knocking the doors

Macc now high on the chart

The officials will run on

Corruption in the country

It has to be stopped at all costs

The retired and old politicians

They shouldn't feel worry

If they live a clean life

The circle will pass with a smile

come away


Come away

Don't live in the past

Close the door

Move the life ahead

The past has gone

Leaving its memories behind

The good or bad or ugly

No need to go there again

Come away

Walk the path of light

There are many to be done

Don't live in the past

When we get down

Open our eyes to watch

Don't get fooled by golden sparkles

It's a temptation to lose

Come away

Don't live in the past

Walk the path of light

There are many to be done

too much talking


Too much talking

The audience may get bored

They need something else

Jokes or comedy act to rise

The single engine roars

Too much noise isn't good

The on-lookers will shy away

Who want to get their ears sting?

Too much of loud noises

In concerts or music at home

The long run the ears will surrender

Walk in tinnitus causing worrying faces

Too much talking

The brand will be NATO

The rise to the high

It will be just a dream

the attitude and bad culture


The bad culture in civil service

The attitude is lacking in their work

They want to work easy without sweat

They don't want to cruise in the hot sun

Here in the market place

The enforcement officers will sit

Have their morning break and talk

Some with their hand-phones

Do they see the untidyness?

Do they see the unclean floor?

Do they see the dust on tables?

Do they see the out of shelf life chairs?

When time is over

They will drive away

Believing they have done their work

Maybe write a short report

The attitude in work performance

The desire to perform for their services

There is a lot of work to culture it in

They don't like to sweat it out in the sun

Sunday, February 25, 2024

spread goodwill for a better tomorrow


The bad politicians

Let them feel the heat

Even their families too

They can't plead ignorant

When they leave this world

The praises must be balance well

The bad things they did before

It must be equally shared

Don't just give a single entry

The wealth creation has raised suspicion

Only his own kind will sing praises

They too dare not want to be in the spotlights

In our short stint on Earth

It is better to perform good deeds all the times

Big or small it doesn't matter

Spread goodwill for a better tomorrow

the untouchables facing the music


The boxes once it was said

The corrupt documents hidden

Of those times when corruption ruled

The pathways still have the echo

Now the man in power

He wants to clean up the mess

The corrupt politicians will run

Finding ways to stop the dragnet

A few big timers on charge

At one time no agency dare to touch

They were called the 'untouchables'

The anti-corruption officials would stay silence

The bad politicians have their heydays

Now the time they have to face the music

Catch a few elites to gain the trust

In domestic and in the world of economy

the 2R can't chart the economy


The country's image

It mustn't go to decline

Everyone must share the blame

Letting 2R run its game

It can't chart the economy

It only brings bad vibration

The 2R should be in the drawer

Let it feel the darkness a while

The country must have a better frame

Renaissance man has to play his game

He must have a backbone to gain his name

As it is he should feel his shame

The ringgit exchange rate

It slips lower than before

Because of lack of economic frame

The football game hard to exchange

The Renaissance man must have a better frame

Don't wait on the side road watching the flame

It may not help him to light up his name

He has his ball he better plays his game

the smoke of evil


The smoke of evil

Floating down to the bad

Branding in their minds

The bad things will rise

The wind of whispers

Caressing along the ears

The story of lies to entrapment

The bad will fall easily

The good and evil

It is always in our minds

How we manage our living

It will tell in our pursuit

The smoke of evil

Singing the false claim

Only the bad will fall victim

Listening to the echo

Saturday, February 24, 2024

the white raja


The White Raja

The power once he had

All gone to the ground

Leaving his legacy

History will write

The White Raja

The land of the Hornbill

The murky Panjang river

Maybe there will be a fight

On his net worth with his children and his wife

The net worth will come out in settlement

If there is an open challenge

Macc should revisit the files

Sarawak Report will have report on it

The net worth he has during his tenure

Unless Macc want to stay quiet

The White Raja

The good he did

The bad too must share

Be it clean or otherwise

the kitten causing commotion


The kitten meow

Running to the neighbour house

Meowing so loudly in the morning

The mother and son running out

The mother called her son

Asking him to catch the kitten

The son said he couldn't see it

He looked every where

Underneath the car

Open the boxes to see

He peepd underneath the car

He found no kitten

He even used a broom

Brushing it under the car

Still nothing was found

He opened his car bonnet

The kitten ran away

Walked to another house nearby

The mother and son still talking

Finally her son said “Don't bother”

a thief will not admit his wrong


A thief will not admit his wrong

He will try to save his own skin

He will say all the excuses he can invent

He just wants to escape going to jail

If he is a high profile thief

His lawyers will say it for him

The lawyers are paid to defend his case

So he can plan his next move in close door

The lawyers move

Sick on medical leave

Has to handle another case in court

Attend to urgent family matters

It's the freedom

The thief can enjoy it for a while

Until the court fix another date

The lawyers will think of another move

The thief whatever rank he is in

Once he is caught he will say nothing

He will just say “bring me to court”

He will let his lawyers say

get corruption out of the way


Renaissance man

Corruption on his hit list

Get corruption out of the way

The nation will progress economically

Now the bad politicians

Running out in fear

Some may have stashed their wealth

Locked it up and plead innocence

The cronies too affected

They will try to find ways to escape

The dragnet will be cast wide

They don't want to be in the net

The past misdeeds

The culprits have to answer

Renaissance man has hit the gong

The sound will travel to the bad politicians

Friday, February 23, 2024

the past misdeeds


The past misdeeds

Nobody should escape

Macc should run on

Get the report start to snoop around

The nation coffers

No for illegal transfers

Catch the culprits

Never let them escape

Macc should their eagle eyes

On the politicians to catch the culprits

Even ministers past and present

They mustn't be allowed to run free

The corruption in the country

It can't be solved in one term

It has to start now

Let the heat spread its message

the grapevine of whispers


The “Panjang” river

The colour of tea brewing

Leaving a dark colour

No eyes can see

The river of death souls

The crocodiles bury for good

Leaving the memories

Once the happy times

The dead will not tell

The wealth or secrets

It is only the footprints

At times the records

Many sadly tales untold

The write-ups stifle or compressed

The wealth or secrets will be hatched

In the grapevine of whispers and condemnation

the riches can't follow


This Old Man

He should count his time

He should recognize his days

He better realizes it

He shouldn't try to spin his tales

The old strategy isn't working

Only the drama of fools will believe

Without realizing the country is facing

In and out of hospital

This Old Man should recognize his mortality

This is the sign he would have seen it

Yet he is playing his bad game in politics

This Old Man

Say the truth

Life will be easy flow

The riches can't follow

the bad politicians


The bad politicians

They shouldn't run underground

They have to face their corrupt lives

Serve time in prison; feel the shame

The young or old

It doesn't really matter

Once a bad deed has been committed

The law will take its course

Even if the old bad politicians die

There is no reason to stop investigation

Because his immediate families will stand to gain

The ill-wealth they have stashed away

The bad politicians

Still living better repent

Return the loot to the nation

Stop acting high and mighty

Thursday, February 22, 2024

politics is work of satan


In politics

Don't be a saint

You will not survive

You will be knocked down

You don't speak

The language of sin

It will not carry you far

Many will not listen

Politics is work of Satan

The way a person has to behave

You can't speak the truth

You will be pulled down instead

Power and greed

The way bad will behave

In language of sin

A saint can't survive

the crocodile bawang


The crocodile Bawang

Like the Old Man he better corrects his sins

Crowding back to back in his mind

What he says only suits himself

The crocodile Bawang

Once he nearly hit in the ground

By grace of God he still survives

Maybe God want him to see his bad ways

His religious upbringing

He doesn't learn it well

Putting religion in politics

The bad vibrations in his mind

He says bad words on the Sultans

The police recorded his statements

Yet AG hasn't file in to court

It was months ago

The crocodile Bawang

Like the Old Man

His time is on the count

He better spends his time praying hard

focus on what is fun in work


Don't lose focus

When you start of your life

Waking up to living in reality

The working crowd will not give way

Every one will try to live up

Climbing the ladder of success

The weakling will fall in shame

Staring at their loss in pursuit

Yet don't lose focus

Not every one can climb to the top

Some have to stay at the middle level

Some will live on the ground

Focus on what is fun in work

It will help a person to grow or multiply

When it generates positive feeling

The attraction will work ahead

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

don't ignore article 153


Break to pieces

If we dare not challenge it

On the round table discussion

On article 153

The majority enjoying the benefits

While the minority doesn't get any

They have to struggle on their own

Harder to compete while the nation cry

It is a cause of hiccup

The nation can't see progress

In humans capital to advance

In this competitive world

Renaissance man

He is afraid to walk in

He always thinks of his votes

He will do a disservice to the nation

It is time to discuss article 153

For over 60 years it is time to revisit it

Give to those who deserve the assistance

As long as they are the citizens of the country

Zaid Ibrahim put it nicely

As a lawyer and former Law Minister

We should return to Article 153

Let the leaders in UG and opposition discuss on it