Wednesday, February 21, 2024

don't ignore article 153


Break to pieces

If we dare not challenge it

On the round table discussion

On article 153

The majority enjoying the benefits

While the minority doesn't get any

They have to struggle on their own

Harder to compete while the nation cry

It is a cause of hiccup

The nation can't see progress

In humans capital to advance

In this competitive world

Renaissance man

He is afraid to walk in

He always thinks of his votes

He will do a disservice to the nation

It is time to discuss article 153

For over 60 years it is time to revisit it

Give to those who deserve the assistance

As long as they are the citizens of the country

Zaid Ibrahim put it nicely

As a lawyer and former Law Minister

We should return to Article 153

Let the leaders in UG and opposition discuss on it

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