Thursday, February 08, 2024

when apology is tendered one has to move on


A shame for the country

A judge sentence Claire Brown to 2 years in prison

Though it is a sentence without her presence

She said she didn't receive any notice in UK

She was the person who exposed of MO1

For years she wrote articles about his dealings

Until MO1 was finally jailed and fined

Though the Pardon Board halved his sentence

Claire Brown apologized in her error in her book

The Sultanah shouldn't bring up a case

Knowing Claire did a huge favor to the nation

Caught the corrupt and saved us the blushes

But the judge didn't see it

He gave his decision sitting in Terengganu

A decision many will not see the logic of it

Claire Brown will file her appeal

When a person apologizes

Most of us will move on

We will accept it in good faith

It is a shame for the nation

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