Friday, August 31, 2007

merdeka! merdeka! merdeka! for changes

Picture courtesy from The Star

One voice: Abdullah (centre) shouting Merdeka and joining him (from left) are his Barisan colleagues Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

Malaysia celebrates her historic 'Merdeka' on 31 August 2007 at the Dataran Merdeka in KL. It is her 50th year of independence which for a nation she has matured to tackle the woes that her people are trying to fight for a foothold on each other realm - economic, wealth, politics, religion...along the way sidestepped into corruption, cronyism, bending rules and laws, suppression of free speech and goblok people/bloggers and slogans carrying no bite in its words. So this merdeka must carry the torch of definite changes in our lives, the country's focus and the leaders we elect to represent us. We can't be called 'goblok' by a minister because we dont agree what the government says or intends to do. The country needs another TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN AL HAj to lead the country out of its communal in box breeding - each leader trying to curry for his race forgetting the noble role of unifying for fairness to all for Malaysia's progress in the eyes of the world.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

will there be light after dark?

What is 'Merdeka' to me now? Lopsided policies or statements. Corruption on the rise like the moon. Cabinet ministers and Chief ministers never go to the ground. They stay in the loft looking like emperor hungry for the golden light on the goblok people like me voting them to plunder the country. Sigh. The next election will go for different road......'Take the road Jack' Police dont go after the elite group even police reports made by the opposing party...It is now becoming a "Merdeka" of corruption. Chinese national staying and married to locals for 50 years yet to receive their citizenship papers whereas Indonesians seem to get it so easily...................."Take the road Jack" I won't be walking with you. Time I compose my own song(s) of poetry.....And the worst is the PM topsy turvy statements.....people found out he could be hiding an agenda to make the country truly Islamic by coining his "Islam Hadhari"....well he isnt a prophet. Allah never appoints him as such. But he is pushing his agenda. He should read his own statements and see how shallow his words had become. No focus no direction..............Merdeka now is for change - really change the goblok cabinet

rapper wee warned

Rapper Wee was warned and threatened by a group of covered faces guys (malays) in You Tube that he would be in danger when he returns to the country. I guess the police should go after these group of young adults who wanted to take the laws into their hands. If Rapper Wee needs to be charged for his song, let the laws of the land decide. These group of young adults are being duped to behave in a threatening manner believing they are doing a service to the nation. The way I look at it, they are following the antics of the Taliban and Iraq terrorists or Indonesian terrorists. Will the government of BN take action or will they sleep on it? (check out in screenshot.....jeff ooi)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i am sleeping dont disturb me

The Hon Speaker, Ramli Ngah, rejected the opposition motion to discuss the PKFZ and Zakaria Deros 37 charges withdrawn. Ramli Ngah, a trained lawyer and a former chief minister of Perak, didnt allow the motion to be discussed in Parliament. He says the government is looking into it and left as that. Zakaria Deros 37 charges had been withdrawn so no need to discuss about it. I always hold the view that Parliament is Supreme in the land. The Hon Speaker should be impartial when he sits in the August House. He shouldnt be holding the view that he is the UMNO man so he must side with the ruling government. In Parliament this shouldnt be happening. I dont agree that the party whip should be there as a watch dog over the elected MPs by the people for the people. In this case, after the election the BN government ignore the people's wishes to run the country in a truly and fair manner. We should look into the history of UK, Taiwan and Japan. If we want to be more radical, we can see the example of the people's power in Pakistan and Phillippines. The people of this country must not be fooled by the BN government again. 50 years listening to the half truths and bending of laws and rules to suit themselves shouldnt be allowed to drag on for another 50 years................I grieve for my country
Listen to their explanations, Ramli Ngah and Chan Kong Choy, it makes the country in low esteem and lack of decorum and importantly never value the voters who vote for them..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Many reports wrote about HIV/AIDS. Yet the disease is still rampant in the country. Now it isnt about drugs abuse. It is about people who don't take protective measures to stop the spread of this deathly disease. Husbands to wives; wives to husbands, boyfriends to girlfriends; girlfriends to boyfriends; gays to bisexuals to lovers and husbands and wives. This is a wastage of life. This is one of those parables of the Noah Ark raining forty days and nights causing floods sinking the Earth. This is one of the 4 horses written down in the books. There is no cure as yet; maybe drugs to prolong life but it isnt to cure the disease. Now the young too are inflicted. At one time it was reported about drug abusers and sharing needles. Now it happens to all segment of the society. I had my own experience of this deadly disease which inflicted my former employees years ago. I saw one died when I visited him. The other recovered for a while came to see me and I thought he looked fine to me then one week later he died. These two guys didnt listen to me and they paid for their lives. They slept with different women..................yet the disease nobody really wants to know about. Look at the Mat Rempit and the life style they live in. If we dont change our ways and thinking, it will be the end of us soon.

fine for promises not kept

A man who didnt keep his promise to marry his girlfriend was ordered by the court to pay $70,000/- to his girlfriend when his girlfriend then sued him in court. The man aged 41 years old heard the judgement delivered to him yesterday. Now when lovers are in courtship do not promise or agree to get married unless one is very sure of tying the knot. Normally something has to be given to conceive the contract. Normally it is sleeping and having sex with your lover or staying together in a house or flat or room or doing something like a normal husband and wife thing. A promise or services given to bind the agreement................on two persons agreeing to fulfil that obligation to its final conclusion. When that fails, the aggrieved party has a chance to get compensation in court. Most of the times parties involved do not go to court because they want to keep their dignity intact. It can be a social outcast in others perception especially to the women.

Industrial Relation Act (amendment bill)

The government always support the business community in all aspects right through the laws enactments. You dont see action not link to the business community. Because the government holds the view that the business community employ workers and pay taxes(billions) than the ordinary wage earners daily struggling to survive. The money trails grease the hands; the eyes caress the glittering inviting light.....You hear the explanation of the importer of foreign cars about the tinted glass and Xenon light on cars. Much have been said then slowly died off in the maze of many excuses and half way siesta.................finally nothing happens until some lives are lost like the bus tragedies then only actions are then taken to pluck the wrongs. Now the minister has tabled the Industrial Amendment Bill in is to tied down payment of cost to 24 months maximum. Now you can imagine what the CEOs will do to you? They know they can pay 24 months on your last drawn salary. Currently it is upto the Industrial Court Chairman to decide on the quantum of damages arising on the wrongful dismissal of workers in his employ. The government is not siding the workers but is helping the companies to commit more 'no care attitude' to the workers. MTUC cried foul on the amendment calling it stabbing its back..........The MPs as usual just toe the line without knowing the responsibility entrusted to them by the voters where the majority are workers voting them into the August House. The voters too have been stabbed in the back. Laws can be passed; laws can be amended or deleted.......through the voters. So send those who can really help the workers to deal with the companies fairly and good social interaction amongst the players involved in the business. It shouldnt be lopsided amendments to please a favoured party ignoring the rest of the food chain..In this instant, the workers are short-changed. Dont vote BN; it has failed to support the workers and voters. Dont ask MCA either. The party too had failed in its mission through its ministers in the cabinet. The workers must stand united now and vote a party which champions the workers..................Vote wisely

Monday, August 27, 2007

all blogs

Now the symbol arises
Spreading its light to the world
The All Blogs has a face
Hit the road
A force to be known

There are many
All races ranks and files
Spreading it out far and wide
Something is brewing
A tiny drop an ocean in time

The wings of All Blogs
The golden rays of hope
Let the bloggers write their saying
Influence people making choices

On the marks the echo rings
All Blogs waving freely
Spread its wings
Flying high for all to see

you start your own

Parents want easy life
For their sons and daughters
They make it with money
In tuition centres
They place their hopes and dreams

The teachers in school
Dreaming about good life
Looking for ways to make some money
Secretly they conduct their pursuits

Through words of mouth
Student to student, parents to parents
The throng arrives at their door steps
Money has shone
Students dream of straight ‘A’
In the examinations they sit

They forget
You make your own destiny
In the life marks at base zero
It is there you would make or break
On your own efforts and pursuits

It is said your future is written in the stars
How true it is you would know
When your life begins to bear fruit
The journey has begun
When you join the many
Seeking your fortunes and misfortunes
In the stars of many sparks and colors

What you learn and pay to acquire skills
It is only part of the life’s journey
The next phrase you are on your own
Seeking your stars
In the sky blinking you away


The Dewan Speaker disallowed the motion from the opposition leader to debate on the issue of PKFZ fiasco by saying that the government is studying into its problem. Damn! Parliament is the correct forum to discuss the misuse of public funds. Parliament is now trading on like the pasar malam shouting and shouting to get attention but without serious thought to move forward. The August House rules supreme in the land of the nation. Now the coalition ruling it has become a mere stop over for the tiring souls to listen to some fiery speeches without any concrete decisions made for the future of the country. The fiasco is involving about $4.6 billion and the government had said that the Finance Ministry would loan an about of $1 billion to help PKFZ. I think it is helping the cronies involved in this project. As stated in the previous articles, they are the people from the coalition partners. In fact it is a bail out because PKFZ couldnt pay even on the interest charged for the soft loan of $1 billion. The Dewan Speaker who was the former chief minister of Perak should have allowed the motion to discuss the project failure involving the taxpayers money of $4.6 billion. Now the opposition leader isnt going to stop just that. He will continue to pursue this matter and bring those involve to face the arms of the law. The PM visions of transparency and accountability have gone up in smoke. He himself doesnt preach what he preaches. As a result the country is running without a clear projection. Malaysia you are going to be 50 years old and see what the leaders have done to you.................send them to their own dreamland

change of statement no direction

PM: Yes, we ARE an Islamic state

Yoges Palaniappan Aug 27, 07 7:35pm

Departing from his previous 'not secular, not theocratic' stand, Abdullah today specifically said that Malaysia was an Islamic state in an answer to a question in Parliament. More

news from Malaysiakini

Now PM retracted his earlier statement. Now he says in Parliament that Malaysia is an Islamic state. He can't decide in his own decision. The country has no affirmative leader. The way he conducts himself and the statements he made didnt go down well with the majority of the people. Now the coalition partners especially MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others better say something or else face the wrath of the non-malay voters in the next general election. The FC has already spelt it out very clearly that the country isnt an Islamic state. The coalition partners as usual can't say as much as they like though I believe the leaders in the coalition know that PM is wrong to said that again. Why change of statement by PM?

let all be fair then fight the world

A leader must champion and respect other races in the country. He can't champion his race alone. The PM said this in Ipoh yesterday. I totally agree with him on this point. But I always wonder does he understand what he said? His own party only champion for one race in action in speeches in policies. Every other race questions certain issues, they are shot down without debating or thinking through the issues. It is always boiled to the 'social contract' Look at the NEP itself or Dasar Ekonomi Baru for the Malays. It should have been canned long ago. But it isnt because the Malays are lacking behind the Chinese. Look around ourselves. Are they really behind the Chinese? The Indians are way down the ladder seeing their lives going down the drain and only occassionally some assistance are thrown in to save them. Then about the other races and natives of the land..................? The NEP has become a perpuity for the Malays which I think it has become a drug to the race. Without it these Malays wont be able to compete on their own two feet. I know some of my Malay friends who are intelligent and can think straight and have the guts to challenge the world they live in. The Malays arent lazy though some quarters tell me so. I had worked with Malay employeers. In fact I would say all my working life I had worked with the Malays in my organization. Most of the time there was only 3% non-malays. I had mixed with Malays from Johore, Selangor, Penang and Kedah. My outlook is that these people are nice and friendly lot. Like other races nobody wants to be rundown. Every one has dignity and value in one's self. By doing a good PR and knowing the values of human kindness, everything can be done. So I think NEP has served its purpose a long time ago. The drugged Malays won't help the country and I dont think they want it because they know it will sour relationships with the other races......feeling that one race is given a leg up on the other races. Let them compete on an even playing field. It builds unity and strenght in our mental capacity to challenge the world...I guess PM has to understand what he speaks about. Words are cheap in any medium; actions are hard to implement when the heart and mind isnt sincere........

express buses woes

The express bus companies expressed the lack of bus drivers owing to the on-going operations mounted by the JPJ, police and other relevant agencies to weed out drug induced bus drivers, no licence bus drivers or suspended bus drivers and poor conditions of the buses like tyres, brakes, window panels etc. The CEOs of these companies should have checked its fleets daily and conduct monthly internal inspections on the road worthiness of these buses. They should also conduct courses on public relations for the drivers and how to check the basic operations of the buses they drive on the roads. Better still these drivers should be sent for short courses say a day to teach them the finer points of driving and obeying the traffic rules. I had on many occasions travelling on the highway where the express buses could over-take my car when I was cruising around 110 kph. Now these companies CEOs are crying foul that the buses would not have drivers to man it when 'balik kampong' rushes are on for the Raya celebrations. Just like the taxi drivers in Penang who cried the same story that they couldnt cari makan because of the raids done by the enforcement officers. The agencies concerned should not let it go. They should mount the checks on a continous basis through the years. But as always it is a knee jerk reaction then it will fade away. The enforcement officers will stay in the air-conditioned offices and taking long tea breaks.....leaving the rats to run havoc once again. I wonder how JPJ is going to check for drivers whose are licences are suspened or cancelled when the licences are renewed 3 or 5 years........Maybe the agencies should follow like the credit cards companies where the credit cards are swept and identified in the charge it can be used for the driving licences so that one sweeps of the card on the machine it call tell some details of traffic offences, summons not paid and warrants of arrest...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

school fosters unity if one thinks it right

Teachers cried foul on the raiding on tuition centres and homes. Parents cried too because they thought their children would surely fail in the public examinations. Students cried loudly now they couldnt score string of 'A's in the subjects they are going to sit. So the future looks bleak and unfocus...............What with the parents, teachers and students? Is life measured by scoring good grades? It is this - learn to read, learn to write, learn to communicate, learn to think, learn to value yourself (whatever you walk on the right path of your life) Scoring in public examinations isnt the sum of your life achievements. Of course parents and students want to score straight 'A's because it is where they thought the gate would open to the vast richness into the future. When one is young, it is the spirit to roam and learn; not only with books but with social inter-actions with others and nature. Learn while you are at it not after school drop in to tuition centres to crowd your views again. Newspapers too play a part for the parents and students and sometimes teachers when they highlight those who scored straight 'A's in the public examinations. Is this what achievement about? The newspapers pamper them as a result a new culture is formed. Winning is the game to the final frame....Tutoring amongst friends or students is one of the best form of relationship for the students. In it one learns how to give and take without any monetary considerations. One learns through this process that a leader teaches his followers his skills to accomplish something now and in the future; the followers teach the leader how to become humble knowing one has the skills and knowledge to rule......but never doing it yet help his friends to move along to pursue a common goal in life - all must pass through the gate leaving no one behind.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cik Siti Aminah

Today I read an article in the Star about one Cik Siti Aminah in Kota Tinggi, Johore. This Malay woman married 99 husbands who died the next day. The number 100 husband to marry her survive. The husband who was an 'ulama' had no lust on him when he proposed and married her though he knew about her reputation of 99 husbands dead the next day. This story happened many centuries this old Chinese woman knew about her story and she dreamed about her. She said that Cik Siti was sad and was guarded by 2 body guards......(because afraid she might cause havoc on men (?)) There might be something to the story....perhaps Cik Siti had the power to seal men's faith in her hands, something like the Black Widow mated her mate then killed her lover. There is a tomb erected in her honour in Kota Tinggi. When I was in Mersing, I didnt hear about the story of Cik Siti Aminah. Maybe somebody should write about her and how she married 100 husbands(99 died tomorrow after marriage)

Friday, August 24, 2007

lover's fury knows no boundary

In Russia a woman set fire to her ex-husband's penis. Both got divorced but by law were forced to live together in their flat. When her ex-husband was watching TV naked she set fire on his penis. A man's penis is a prize asset in life. Now without it, a man isnt a man anymore. A guy must stay honest with his wife or lover. He shouldnt two timing his lusts to satisfy his wandering eyes. When a woman finds out, she won't let you go so easily. There are so many cases happening around the world where the women cut off the men's penises while the guys were asleep. When I was in the kampong long ago, the elders adviced that if you wanted to have many girlfriends follow the Islamic ways - you can marry 4 wives. When I grew up, this isnt a sound advice. It makes more problems than solving it. It is better to find one that is made for you.

MCA leave the BN coalition

MCA leave the BN coalition. UMNO uses you for such a long time yet you dont see left and right. You ask for open tenders on government contracts, UMNO shoots you down because it is Dasar Ekonomi Baru. The policies are tuned to help the Malays to plunder the country and you get the crumps laying on the ground. Dont you see the reality of the situation? In section 153 of FC it never mentions about the privileges and benefits of the Malays. Why no discussion in all the years in BN coalition? Is it because you have no balls to bite the bullets? Look at the antics of the UMNO leaders. I feel really sad for Malaysia. You want to fight for the Chinese but you can't fight at all. You are left breathless seeing the beauty in your eyes 'puteri-puteri menurun dari bukit' The country leaders must be fair and act fair in all the affairs of the nation irrespective of race and religion. When there is lopsided favours granting to one race, there will be dissatisfaction amongst the rest of the people. Bearing in mind too that the leaders are voted in by the people to manage the country's affairs for the people not for the elcted leaders....You want to run and manage the country for the people who voted you in not for personal gains. MCA loses its credibility to check the wrongs of the UMNO leaders. Because now you are the slave and UMNO the master........................So leave the coalition where I believe UMNO too will fall. I have enough 'Roman Empire in the country' and now is the time to bid goodbye to 'Caesar!' MCA slow talk doesnt help you at all. Do you have a face at all? A Chinese values his/her face.........just dont get lost in pursuit of own greed.

the dead boy and the $60 million house

One was living in abject poverty. The young boy took his own life because he couldnt face the harsh reality of his condition. In the end he hanged himself. In his young mind I think it was the best way to relief his suffering. (Suicide as I learned long ago wont solve one's problem. It increases the burden to those who are close. One suffers more than one dies of accident or natural death. So one shouldnt commit suicide no matter what happens!) The other enjoying life with palatial home outside the country knowing not what is happening to the people in the lowest end of the food chain. He knows how to talk but he understands not. Because in my mind I think he doesnt know what he is talking about. Because in his own party, the chieftains are running 'wild' after the other races and making racial remarks or comments on the agenda of protecting his race. The ruling elite has twisted the Federal Constitution towards their own benefits. In section 153 of FC it doesnt mean it is for the Malay in perpuity in 'the special positions of the Malays' The FC doesnt mention the rights and privileges of the Malays. But the ruling elite twisted it to suit them and then released its own interpretation to the rural Malays. And so the ruling elite holds on to power with the support of rural Malays. It is a different cake in the urban society. These educated and professional Malays think more on the country then on race. These Malays want a nation full of smiling faces, peace and understanding amongst the other races living harmoniously in the country without conflict of race and religions.. When you ask AAB, he may tell you about his Islam Hadhari or you may tell you "I dont know"

no charges what a devil!

All charges dropped against the Port Klang state assemblyman Zakaria Deros and his co-directors. No explanation was given for the charges dropped. Previously Zakaria Deros and his co-directors didnt appear to answer the charges when it was mentioned in the Session court in July 20,2007. So he must be smiling now. Political connection right to Putra Jaya....I just can't believe it that not even one charge is sticked on him. This is truly Malaysia Bolih with a wrong twist. It is reported Zakaria Deros is a close associate to AAB. Now I dont know too about his palace in charge wil be filed I guess.

No charges against Zakaria Deros
And his co-directors
How convenient in the end for AAB?
Talking about accountability and transparency
Nothing much to shout about
Only taking the voters for a long ride
To graze in his farm in the Land of Oz

I don’t know how it could be done
The company laws are explicit
So how can charges are dropped when it is charged?
All 37 charges on Zakaria Deros
This must be a work of Merlin
Sparkling colorful lights in the sky
Let the people see understand not
What the government wants to do
Slowly eroding the governing system
The people have been taken for long rides
In his farm in the Land of Oz

I met this guy a long time ago
When he was with Anwar Ibrahim
In his pockets full of money
He showed me then when we met
Since we were from the Royal town of Klang

Money greases the roads
Nobody should run from it
It is either you got it legal
Or you got it in the black market

In politics so many unexplained
Why suddenly politicians are rich
Within a short span in the new arena
When they bet on the master horse
The ringing toll never ceases to amaze
The followers of downcast eyes
Taking with them the projects
Exchanging for millions in the end

So now the charges are dropped
Not a single charge sticks on him
There must be an explanation
In this ‘Bolih land’ I guess not
It is washed away with the tides
Kissing the shore feeling no regret

new airport for Perak

A new airport somewhere near Elephant Stone (Batu Gajah) costing around $390 million to develop. Though there are quarters who opposed it, there are those who think it may boost the state in tourism dollar. It will be around 40km to Ipoh City. What will happen to the old airport then? Pull it down? Turn it into an entertainment arena perhaps? Or another muzium in the state? Before the state embark on this new airport project, it is better the state government gets the inputs and outputs for the air port project. The state isnt a rich one now. It is said Perak is one of those poorer states in the country. As such the state government must not incurr any more unnecessary burden to the state and her people. If the airport is valuable to the state, it has to lock in the factors of how it benefits the state tourism products. Ample taxis and coaches must be available at a reasonable price. As usual the touts and illegal operators will make a killing in the tourism the state must have enough checks and controls to zero it off otherwise a bad name is difficult to erase even with huge publicity. I dont know about the tourist products in the state. Those I had visited were long time ago.....The new airport must be helpful to generate economy activities in the state. The numbers must be collected and studied it with a fine comb to see it is beneficial to all parties in the state. Perak must find ways to generate income otherwise it will be remain as one of the poorer states in the country. Perak was a rich state during the booming tin trade now it was just a distant memory..........It is time to bring back the shine to Perak.

now think before you vote


courtesy from

When we have leaders
Who only want their positions?
What more do we want?
Let them carry on the business as usual?
A country is made up of many people
Different cultures different religions
Different perceptions different temperaments
Yet if a leader singles out his own race
As the supreme race of all
He is calling the other people
You aren't welcome in the country
This type of leader one has to boot out
A long time ago
For he has damaged the social framework
Put into place by the founding fathers
When we have leaders
Dont know what they say
Playing into the racial card
Raising unwanted tension
Then blame it on others
These types of people
Vote them out sooner the better
Before the country cries for tears
When we have leaders
Only say to score points
Thinking they are the best
It is better, my friends, vote them out
For not helping the people
When we have leaders
Saying words to please the crowd
Behind their backs they plunder
The nation wealth
Leaving them with nothing
Only words to live by
It is time to kick them out
The sooner the better
In the end

Thursday, August 23, 2007

what to do if stopped by malaysian police

There are bogus cops on the prowl. Because uniforms can be bought or made to specifications. When you have the means to commit crimes, money as usual always move the greed of people or people looking for ways to make some bucks. Normally these bogus cops want money or sometimes they rape on the unsuspecting women drivers.....There are many cases happening on the roads. So I find this article informative and helpful in case the police stop you or what to do knowing your rights under the law.......(courtesy from


This is is very useful information. Please pass it on to your friends and family.............especially the women folk!

The next time you are stopped by persons who claimed they are plainclothes police, you are under no obligation to answer their questions or follow their orders, lawyers told Malaysiakini today. "Policeman who is not wearing his uniform does not have the authority to stop anyone," lawyer and human rights activist Sivarasa Rasiah said.Sivarasa was commenting on the alleged gang-rape of an 18-year-old Uni student by four men claiming to be police officers on New Year's Eve. The girl said that her car was stopped in Taman Tun Dr Ismail in Kuala Lumpur and were asked by the men to open the car bonnet. She was then told that she had committed an offence and ordered to follow the men to a police station. The girl was driven in her car along the North-South expressway to the Tapah-Cameron Highlands road before she was raped in an oil palm estate.This incident, and many others, have sparked confusion over the procedures which motorists must follow when flagged down by the police. The most common problem is that most people take instructions without determining if the other person is really a cop," lawyer Annie Santiago said. However, if you are stopped by a uniformed policeman, then you are required to stop. But you need not get out of the car because you are not expected to do so, Santiago said. The other rule to follow is to provide your identity card only when you are asked to do so. "Even then, you should get his ID first to confirm if he is a cop. There is no harm in calling the relevant police station to verify if he is supposed to be on duty that day," Sivarasa said.Both lawyers said that motorists should never follow an officer to the police station unless one is under arrest. "If you are not sure, and your instincts tell you that something is wrong, then drive off to the nearest police station and lodge a report," Sivarasa said. In response to the alleged gang-rape of the 18-year-old, Women's Aid Organisation executive-secretary Ivy Josiah called on the police to launch an education program to teach the public about their rights to prevent them from being victimised by bogus police officers.Procedures to follow in the event you are stopped by uniformed police Officers while driving. Stop the car and wind down your window. If the police officers ask for your documents, request to see their IDs first. If you are satisfied about their identity, ask them if you are being summoned, and for what offence. Produce your identity card and driver's license and wait to collect your summon ticket. In the event that the police officers ask you to follow them to the police station:
Ask if you are under arrest and for what offence.
If you are not under arrest, you have the right to leave.
In the event you are flagged down by persons you believe could be plainclothes police:
Do not stop because plainclothes police officers do not have the authority to stop you.
Drive to the nearest police station and lodge a report. (The same procedure applies to pedestrians)
In the event the police come to your house:
Do not let them in before checking their IDs.
If you are not satisfied, phone the nearest police station and confirm if they had been sent to your house.
You are under no obligation to allow them into the house if they don't have a search warrant.
Do not go with them if you are not under arrest.
In the event persons who claimed to be plainclothes police come to your house:
Do not let him in because they do not have the authority to do so.
Lodge a report at the nearest police station.
CALL THE COPS:IPK KUALA LUMPUR: 03 - 2076 0522AMPANG: 03 - 4252 2222BRICKFIELDS 03 - 2274 2222CHERAS: 03 - 9284 2222DANG WANGI: 03 - 2070 2222KL TRAFFIC POLICE: 03 - 2072 9044IPK SELANGOR: 03 - 5514 5222HOTLINE: 03 - 5510 2999PETALING JAYA: 03 - 7956 2222SHAH ALAM: 03 - 5510 2222KLANG: 03 - 3371 2222HULU LANGAT: 03 - 8736 2222HULU SELANGOR: 03 - 6064 1222KUALA LANGAT: 03 - 318 7222KUALA SELANGOR: 03 - 3289 1222GOMBAK: 03 - 6092 6222SABAK BERNAM: 03 - 3224 2222SEPANG: 03 - 3142 1222KLIA: 03 - 8787 2222

p/s when you are not sure, dont stop on any dark street.

a good move yet...

After 22 deaths, the transport ministry got all the agencies to work in unison to check on the bus drivers. It also wants the demerit points to be implemented immediately for all motorists. Now we have concrete action by those who are paid to do. In years they are sitting and taking long tea or lunch breaks. Every year in the past we hear the slogan of driving home safely. Yet there were many deaths on the highway and trunk roads. The authorities had plans but didnt do it wholeheartedly. As a result many deaths on the roads. Now there is this operation to nab those who have summons and warrants of arrest for running foul on the traffic laws. Will this be a knee-jerk reaction only? After awhile will the agencies slow down under the heat of the sun? Will this be a 'sandiwara' operation? Ther are plans to charge the CEOs and directors for the buses involved in accidents through the suspended drivers......this is a good move to make these top management to move to the ground instead of sitting in the air conditioned office barking and issuing orders. Lives are at stake and these leaders of the bus companies must be held accountable for any accidents involved their buses. For a start these CEOs must check all the drivers licences and also check with police and JPJ of any oustanding summons or warrants issued to these bus drivers. Now let see what will happen in 90 days time..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

keep the promise

MCA through its VP Chua back-stabbed Rapper Wee who is studing in Taiwan Uni on Wee song with background music of Negara-ku. VP Chua in the Star newspaper asked Rapper Wee to apologise where Wee did. Then the Cabinet decided otherwise that Wee must be charged for belittling the Negara-ku. Now in about turn VP Chua said that Rapper Wee must be charged according to the laws. In the last MCA Youth Assembly held in Malacca its youth chief said there is no master and slave. In this instant, UMNO is the master MCA the slave. Period. As I said before MCA should leave the BN coalition. The party has failed to defend its stand on Rapper Wee and has to back down. This isnt helping the race. It is kowtowing to a master where the youth assembly then said there is no master and slave. Apparently UMNO decides it is the master MCA and other component parties are the slave. The keris wielding education minister from UMNO wasnt charged at all even though it is seditious branding keris in public and saying words seditious under the law (though he is a trained lawyer from UK) What about those UMNO leaders who said seditiously about racial hatred on the Chinese? What did MCA do then? Gerakan? Or what Dr Ling Liong Sik used to say 'discuss quietly in the walls of Barison' to diffuse tension amongst the races. The thing is somebody had said something against the laws whom must be punished according to the laws. Why MCA and other component parties stay silence? I dont know how Wee's father feel now. It is best Wee engaged a human rights lawyer to defend his case. You can't let this moron party to help you. ( I was in the party before but I let my membership lapsed because I was pushed around though the party then/is recruiting members to the party) Honestly people join MCA to get monetary values. Helping others come second. Now the Chinese know that MCA isnt made what the leaders preached. When it suits the leadership,it helps you. When the table is turned, the leadership wont back you up. It turns its tail within its legs runs away leaving you to grab the straws.....

the enforcement is weak

Health Minister says it is illegal to do blood tests and screening in hotels and shopping malls. He says these people are linked to private hospitals and some dont know how to read the results....................It had been carrying on for years. Some by the voluntary organizations offering free services on check-ups and screen tests. Like Rotary Clubs and Lion Clubs, some by the charitable organizations offering free services and consultations. How one must make it legal? Qualified medical doctors must be present in these charitable services to the public. These organizations should get the approval from the MMA citing who are the medical doctors to be station for the charitable organizations. In this way, the public can feel confident of its results obtained from the medical doctors. Malaysia has many laws and by-laws yet the relevant ministries and town councils dont enforce it. It is too happening with the judges where judgement of cases takes years to write. It is imperative for the judges to write their judgements within 1 week after disposing the cases. But some judges aren't following the rules. They have their own code of conduct but will they act on their fellow judges? So our tidak apa attitude will carry on lazily through the years

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what is fair, anyway? 2

HEADLINE: 'Don't bend. MCA's demand for open tender is against the NEP'
courtesy from screenshots
The gravy train moves
Nobody wants to share
The sparkles of gold
It rocks the heartbeats to all
MCA wants to share
The UMNO elite cries foul
You can't walk in
This is a prohibited zone
The MCA youth leader says
"There is no master and slave"
Here we have the story
Who says so?
Tell me
Are we fighting for Malaysia?
Are we fighting for a race?
The gravy train moves
Stop only at the toll gates
NEP will choke the nation
When the breath is gone
Then the ruling elite realize
God has punished them
For not sharing her wealth
To her people whatever colour
Walking on her soil


SOURCE: Malaysiakini, August 20, 2007
How fair it is, PM?
Words wont mean a thing
Action is the key
Of those responsible
Over -runs the costs
Giving guarantees
Knowing none should be given
Now the Ministry of Finance
Covers the tracks
Issuing reversed letters to support
Otherwise Port Klang Authority in receivership
Is this fair in your opinion, PM?
The BN partners must face the music
Nobody should be let free
Yet in your own words
You want to be fair
Do you hear your own echo?
Teaching the people yet you dont know
What is fair when NEP choked the nation?
Satisfying one race against the rest
Malaysia digs in your wealth
The greedy cows and monkeys come
Grazing your land plucking your fruits
In the end you are left barren
A sad affair in the end!

what is fair, anyway?

What is fair, anyway? Giving $100 to one person; another gets $200, it doesnt sound fair to me though each gets certain amount of monetary value. When polices introduced are bending towards one person advantage over the others, it doesnt be fair to me. Fairness is opening the field for all to compete - who is the toughest or smartest get the rewards. There shouldnt be any lopsided laws or rules to benefit one against the other. If that is so, it isnt wanting to be fair. It is only saying it is fair but in reality it isnt at all. Look at the housing scheme. One party gets 7% discount on the selling price of a house but the other party gets nothing. Though the other party who gets the discount says he/she can't afford the house, it isnt the point to tell the other party. It is the fairness dealing that one wanted to know. Why giving advantage to one against the other? Then there was another episode dishing out $600 million to the class F contractors. It wasnt a fair deal by the power that sits on the throne. It is siding one race against the other. Is this called fair? Actually, it was fishing for support to cushion one's seat and grip on power. Then there is 'Semi-god' who claimed he could help his race to improve their lots. In the end his race is still struggling to compete with other races in the country. He has failed in his endeavours to promote his race. He stays there for the sole purpose to grip his power where monetary values can be achieved through the corridors of power. The other Chinese base party is attracting people who wanted to enrich themselves in years they are in the party. Helping their own race is just a smooth talking only hiding behind the real truth of what they are planning to gain by joining this political party. Can these politicians be fair at all? Action makes the loudest noise than words to gain mileage. Yet there are goblok people who just believe everything said without knowing the station of life these people lead. And these goblok people will sweat and toil the land, in office, in every pursuit, but only crumbs they get for all their efforts. And the political leaders get all the creamy juices smiling happily ever after..............Fairness is one party has no advantage over the other. Every one gets a equal share of everything in the cake. Do the political leaders know what they are talking?

Monday, August 20, 2007

sexual predators

Sexual predators never change colors. How can they when they can have their fills? Prison sentences won't alter the fact these people (men mostly) will change. They may plead guilty to their offences but once they are free, they will prey on the innocent women or children again. Some of these sexual predators are highly qualified persons in corporations or in religious bodies. Yet these people will enforce their own lusts on the unwilling women and children for the sole purpose of satisfying their own cravings. In Muslim practices one guy can marry 4 times. One of the reasons is to control a man vices. But it never helps the man anyway. I read a report in Singapore about the husband raped his own daughters for the purpose to satisfy his sexual needs. At that time has 4 wives living with him. Though wives and daughters forgive him, he has to serve his sentence in prison. Men by nature want to have his harem. The more women he has he feels he is a man....believing that women are there for him to satisfy his lusts of sex. He forgets he must worship and take care of his woman. So these sexual predators - rapists, molesters, womanizers -will not change their mental colors. They will be there when the women least expecting them.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

dont call bloggers coward

Do the leaders in UMNO know what they say?
Most of the time it is serving self interests
Fooling the rural folks with coated honey
Finding it hard to please the urban citizens

The former MB of Selangor
He forfeited his rights to say
School in the old colonial times
Yet he claimed he can’t understand English
Even primary students now
They will understand it perfectly
But for a man of his intelligence
He saddened me afraid to admit his guilt
Now he calls the bloggers coward
Hiding in cyber space

When I was in school in Klang
The teachers said to the students
‘Don’t call others stupid
It starts from you alone’

I think bloggers aren’t afraid
No name no home to say
They are there for many
The government tries to silent
Cyber space the transformers reign
Only a government telling lies and cheats afraid
So the leading party leaders called them
‘Cowards come out and face the music’

If we have a government leader who is asleep
Running a ship in the open seas
Many sonic sounds can be heard
He can’t differentiate his snoring or the blue seas
Do we still need him steering the ship?

But then he has his bag of gold
Golden rays showering up beautifully
Rural folks run to see
He can win them surely I know
Then he takes them away
Leaving his cronies going on the night spree

The bloggers aren’t coward
They know what these people do
Plundering the nation of her wealth
Hide it secretly in OSA
One can’t say in ISA

You are a coward Tan Sri
I am ashamed for being a Selangorian
But I can’t change my fact, can I?
Admit your guilt and retire peacefully
Your time has gone done with recorded in history
Turning pages in Selangor
One day the students will read
The disgrace MB

About Khairy
He better gets a job
Then his words may carry some weight
Now he is ball carrying on the field
Looking how to kick into goal
But he has no direction
Sweat flowing on his face…

no master and slave

MCA Youth General Assembly held in Malacca going to the root of the independence day in the country. The Youth Chief speeches were trying to score some arousing points which were at best only the MCA people know how to react. The words 'there is no master and slave in the coalition' Who is he kidding? MCA? The general populace? In any party there must be a leader and followers. Doesnt he recognize himself? Likewise in a coalition partnership there is a leader and followers. Or crudely there is a master and his slave. He should look at what happen to Wee Meng Chee episode. MCA VP Chua tried to help the young man but UMNO didnt agree so he got a slap on his face. The Cabinet(read UMNO or sometimes called AMNO) didnt accept his apology. The Cabinet through Nazri wanted the law (Sedition Act) to pursue on the Muar guy who is studying in Taiwan U. I am sure MCA youth will discuss it at length in its Youth Assembly.....which is what they would do - protesting and protecting its own survival in the coalition. MCA should leave the coalition and join forces with other multi-racial parties in the country to live up the aspirations and expectations of the founding fathers of the country independence not playing a lapdog services to a whipping master. The youth in the country is asking for change in the government. When the keris waving education minister and UMNO youth chief did the seditious thing, MCA youth didnt really protest. When other UMNO leaders bashed the Chinese with seditious remarks, MCA didnt protest. As Ling Liong Sik (Tun Dr) used to say, we discussed it privately in true Barison spirit. Ling wanted to keep his job and position. Did UMNO leaders check with Ling when they make those remarks long ago? MCA youth should think seriously about its position in BN. The senior partner is in cold storage for so long now that he doesn't know where to see and go. It is like a drunk sailor on the high seas........It is time MCA youth sees the difference of real diamonds and blood diamonds. We are identified to a country; it isnt identified on race. When we do on race, the thin ice will break one day. As it is happening now, every race based party is trying to score points against each other without realizing the damage it has done to the nation. SEE THE TRUTH AND BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

IGP gets 2 years contract

Personally AAB shouldnt extend the contract of the present IGP. His immediate boss charged him on corruption but AG cleared him so quickly. It is known in the open he couldnt get along with the deputy internal security minister. So why extend his contract when he is going to retire next month? Now the friction with him and deputy minister of internal security will continue for another 2 years unless AAB changed his deputy internal security minister. I dont expect him to know his own department. He has shown he has no direction or understands what he is doing. Doesnt he read reports about his deputy and IGP? AG under the law can't instruct the ACA to stop the corruption probe immediately. It is the PM who has the authority to do so but what he is doing? I say he doesnt know his roles in the administration of the country. Dr M is mad at him but it was Dr M who appointed him to lead the country. Dr M made another mistake when he stepped down. Anwar was the other mistake he made when he took action on him base on false reports planned by Anwar own political enemies in UMNO then. Now the country is moving to nowhere. So crimes will increase in all the states.

Malaysia cast your magic let truth prevails to the people. Elect honest people for honest government.

assassins on the prowl

Latest news from the North...........a Datuk contractor received 2 bullets in his mail. He immediately lodged a police report. So far there is no arrest in Penang. 2 days ago an MCA youth leader was shot dead in broad daylight when he stopped in car in the traffic. An unknown motorcyclist cruised by and opened fire on him. He died on the spot witnessed by his wife who sat beside him. Business rivalry? Or politics? Police is still investigating. It reminded me of a doctor politician killed in Lunas years ago. He stopped at the traffic light an unknown motorcyclist approached him and shot him on the spot. So it could be the same assassin on hire doing the jobs...How could guns smuggle in so easily to the country? It could be those manning the check-points on the take? We have sophisticated equipments for checking or else nothing is checked then just for show only................We haven't reached a stage of fear gripping sensation yet but if the government doesn't wake up soon, we may have real issues on our hands.

sex crimes in the mind

Today I leave politics aside. Politics in the country always boil up the taxpayers. Everybody works hard, pay taxes, pay dues, put food on the table, pay mortgages, etc. When the government projects fail, taxpayers (through taxes) have to bail out these crony's companies. You dont hear the culprits are charged or put in suspended sentences or ask to step down....Nothing. So can see the shows directed by the sleeping beauty..........................I am going to write about sex. You hear it right here. This is just a diversion for my mind nothing is serious though it is said the Education Ministry wanted to introduce sex education in schools...........but I dont hear any concrete solution yet. Maybe these people feel too uptight or sex tight about it. You want to teach the people about sex or you dont? They talked for years yet no solution is in sight. You want to teach go and teach to the students from Form 1 onwards. Why feel so bashful about it? When I was in secondary school, the headmaster allowed The Family Planning Board to show a cartoon show on sex education. The hall was packed with all the students. It showed how sex is involved, what needs to be done, how to avoid pregnancy and how to put on condoms. After the short cartoon show, condoms were distributed to the students. I didnt know whether the message had achieved its audience target but I knew it helped to know how to avoid pregnancy then. I said before SEX IS A GIFT FROM GOD. It isnt a dirty subject or taboo subject or no discussion subject. I know it is hard to discuss it openly in the Asian context. This subject takes gut and positive mind to achieve its target if one wants to avoid pregnancy, avoid getting diseases or avoid getting HIV. Of course by now, one can surf it in the www to find things to read and understand. In the old days it was through magazines and sharing notes with others to achieve a certain level of understanding about sex in a person's life. With the muchrooming of internet knowledge, every one has access to the education about sex in the internet. So what is our Education Minister doing? It is better to do it now. Dont spend time trying to weigh the pros and cons before deciding what to do. Internet has all the shits you want to see and read then form your own opinion about sex. Many sex related crimes committed blaming on the sex movies seen by these people. What about adult persons? Married adults? Blame them on sex movies in the market or in the net? Sex crimes such as rapes, molesting people, sex not according to nature ( this I can't understand; we are nature so what is against nature?). I firmly believe sex crimes are committed by people who lack the mental capacity to control needs and desires. It is not relating to sex movies to get off to commit crime. If sex movies are blame for sex crimes, why for example Kelantan has a higher rate of sex crimes in the state? Kelantan is managed by PAS a muslim political party yet we read in the police statistics it has the highest sex crimes in the state. It tells something isnt it? When you have sexual problems, whom do you see? A sexual professional or sex therapist. You are not going to see the ordinary GP. This GP isnt trained to handle your sexual problems. It is the sex therapist who would help and guide you to achieve your sexual potential. One of the methods is seeing sexual movies..............dont look at me this way. It is something one has to learn to be a better understanding person in sexual encounters. The people in the South of our border has a leg up against us. The government there has passed law to legalize oral and anal sex in their relationships. Here we are still debating or trying to see beyond our coconut shells but we dare not touch it afraid crimes will be committed. When sex offenders are caught, they would blame on magazines or sex movies. I dont believe that. It is in the mind which made or break a person. Nothing to do with watching sex movies, reading sex novels or looking at sex magazines. IT IS THE MIND WHICH MADE THE DIFFERENCE. BECAUSE SEX IS A GIFT FROM GOD We are living in the blaming culture. Every time one loses one will blame somebody or things. (Like the country national player who blames his chief coach for his failure but he doesnt blame himself.)

Friday, August 17, 2007

dont let fear pulls you down

There are over 6.35 billion in the World. In the course of a life, working, socializing, love, sex, tragedy, lies, deceit, religious belief, demonstrations, education, reinvent packages, etc one still finds loneliness spreading every where. Looking at the World's population, one will think there are so many people packaged it this over-populated Earth. Yet there is still loneliness spreading its wing into every fabric of society - you can be rich, middle class, poor or homeless, you find you are alone in this wide populated World. You ask why? Fear my friend. You can't allow relationship to flourish because you fear there is/are ulterior motive(s). It is understandable in this crazed society. So instead of venturing out to socialize, you walk backwards and hide within the walls of your home. You feel secured. It is in the own home so why worry? But if you read reports about robberies and break-ins, you aren't safe in your own home too. Because there is no such thing as a safe haven. You can look and try to make it, you can't find it. That is why God commanded to love your neighbour. Neighbourliness helps to bridge the loneliness of fear. In this present context in our society, it will take time to fulfill the obligation to help one another without ulterior motive(s) It is in the villages or kampongs that one could find the neighbourliness reigns in one lives. I miss those times back in the kampong. With rapid developments in the country, social interaction will be limited. Every one is living fearful of one another not knowing what the other will do or behave. Fear draws the line in one relationship. Like the report about a 14 years old boy lured a 14 years old girl to have sex after he took her for a lunch or something. Or the stepfathers raped stepdaughters........or the recent one in Raub about a 46 years old policeman and a 14 years old girl having sex then circulated in the net...So it is understandable when fear pitches in one's mind. By playing safe people stay alone. Is it healthy in living? Life is an adventure; you only live once no matter what happens, and you have to make full use of it. I remembered during my working life, my cashier kept counting her cash till every transaction. When I saw her doing it all the times, I asked her why. She said she was afraid she might give extra cash to the customers. I told her when you kept doing it in fear, you would lose your cash no matter how many times she counted her cash till. True enough it happened. Within 5 minutes she lost $50/- when she counted her cash till. Earlier she had entertained a customer, she could have give extra $50/- to the customer. So she cried. And I helped her to cover her loss. I could see how happy she was then. Life must take chances every part of the way. Just remember this 'No venture no gain' or 'No smile no customer'

ah long's cages

Dont borrow from Ah Longs. Police will step up operations to wipe out these menace of fleecing the small business people and common daily waged earners. Yet these people still go for these Ah Longs inspite of what we read in the newspapers about their punishments and sometimes deaths too. Why I beg for an answer? It is again on the Police to trace these people of illegal lenders. So it boils to down to some 'Taiko' doing some illegal money lending businesses. Have the banks do enough to help these small business people and the ordinary waged earners? I say no! The loan sharks give out loans without collaterals. But banks will comb you with all the finer points and documents until you feel you are a prisoner to the banks; then the officers of the banks tell you it can be approved within 48 hours. Yesterday as reported in the Star newspaper, police busted and arrested 7 loan sharks runners who caged loan defaulters in cages! I hope the Police will do more busting to get rid of these loan sharks prying on the weaknesses of the people. I can only say it boils down to the sleeping government which sleeps through or refuse to hear the cries and complaints from the people. If the government of BN has done something concrete, I am sure there wont be loan sharks prying on the small business people and daily waged earners. The police should trace all those stickers on the walls or public places which I dont think it is so hard to do. Every pertinent information is printed on the stickers. The police just needs to call and try to pretend to borrow money. You can see it everywhere in the towns or cities or kampongs too. Is is so hard to nail these loan sharks or the people behind all this scam? Minister of Finance must check the banks too. These banks caged their costs to the borrowers. Go ask CAP where the president of CAP will give you a earful of what the banks are doing - daylight robbery where the sleeping government doesnt know or pretend not to know. The government elected is for the people not against the people, here what one sees is the opposite. Now people dont be a fool to let the gold carrot sways your emotion. You lose your pot of gold if you fail to control your greed. We can initiate change; go for it people!

rapper rapped

Wee Meng Chee had apologised for his musically rapped song with background of Negara-ku. Though personally I dont agree with his take on Negara-ku as his background, his rantings on issues should be food for thought. It is real; it is happening in the country. He wants to bring conscious in his view to all Malaysians and the World of colorful people. Somehow the AAB administration misses the whole point. The PM should listen to the song and see what he thinks of it. Maybe he never listens to Meng Chee' s song. He just listens to his advisors telling him what to do. Sad if he does. He wants people to tell him but when someone sings it with Negara-ku as the background he gets all upset or angry. He only sees or feels that Meng Chee has insulted the Negara-ku (My country) I dont think the rapper wants to insult the song Negara-ku. Now Nazri 'calling others stupid, stupid, stupid' minister said that Meng Chee would be charged in Sedition Act......I never hear him charge the Malaysian terrorists in Indonesia or call up the terrorists parents....

"(The) govt will not accept student Wee Meng Chee's apology for his Negaraku rap video clip on You Tube, the law will take its course, says Nazri Aziz."

There are so many issues to tackle in the country yet the government waste taxpayers money on minor issues. The government shouldnt kill off a musically composed song. Bearing in mind that the song is copied from other countries song..............Indonesia or Hawaii which is a love song. The government should show compassion and love to the people. Meng Chee has apologised. So in this case the government pushed MCA aside. No UMNO slapped I said before MCA should pull out from BN. MCA isnt helping the Chinese community only on the surface or when the time is right the UMNO led government allowed something to granting grants to land titles.....isnt this corruption when it is years nothing is happening? Remember Ijok folks? This isnt the way to foster national unity. I think the weak AAB doesnt know where he is going. When there is no police report, there is no case. Will the government make a police report? Or UMNO leader(s) will file a police report? If the government wants a case on the rapper, how about 'keris' holding Hishamuddin? Or those UMNO leaders shouting seditious remarks on the Chinese in the UMNO General Assembly? MCA should make a stand now. This is a lopsided judgement by UMNO. Period. Malaysia serenades me...........

Rapper Wee got his share
Of things he said in his raps
Using his skills he makes his song
Letting the world know how Malaysia belong

A young man sees
His country divides with lopsided policies
The country runs base on race and race
Lips services by the ruling elite
Saying come walk with me
Get slap on the face

Corruption abounds in every way
Small and big what's the difference
The sleeping beauty can't even know
Snoring away into the dreams of gold

Waste public money no law to say
The gravy train stops every where
Laying tracks short and long
Nobody can make noise
Else one is thrown into cell

When the streams flow with dimly dark water
Every official and minister smile along
Every cry in the falling stream
It is like a musical tone in the ears

Then when they hear rapper Wee sings
The truth of the matter they dont agree
Put him under the Sedition Act
When they are more important issues at stake

The government elected by the people for the people
Turned the tables on the very people who voted them in
Like the fence eating the grass or the dog which bites the master
This is a sad journey Malaysia My Country bleeds

Put the issue in proper perspective
It isnt about the National Anthem
It is about self served interest
On a very narrow minded scary view

When the truth reveals, it hurts the ears
The people's government should take out the box view
It can't be living under the colorful umbrella
Thinking everything is cosy and true

Apology should be accepted
The young man had so tendered
But the Cabinet didnt agree
He has to make a scapegoat for all to see

The sleeping beauty knows nothing
About song in a rapper's view
Listening to advice entangle in his own web
He doesnt know what he speaks............

Negara-ku my country
I fight for you till I disappear
But not for the goblok leaders
It hurts me listening them plundering
The wealth you keep for the future generations

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Ronnie Liu Tian KhiewJeff is right. The prime minister is passing the buck. (read Screenshots today).He should know what was going on with the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone by now as our source showed that he has met Noel Gulliver of Jafza in April this year before he was sent back to Dubai. Besides, the case was also discussed in the Cabinet recently after I made my second police report on 11 June 2007. In fact, the Chief Secretary was asked by the Cabinet to investigate why the multibillion bonds were issued by the Transport Ministry and not the Minstry of Finance.He should have summoned Chan Kong Choy for an explanation immediately after he was alerted about the wrongdoings and weaknesses of the mega project. How can he say 'I don’t know and I have to ask Chan Kong Choy'?I have just got back from Klang after making my third police report ( Klang/031416/07) a while ago. I was accompanied by Selangor DAP leaders Lau Weng San, Tee Boon Hock, Cheong Kai Cheng and Chang Pak Hong.My IO is Inspector Samsuddin of the Commercial Crimes Department. He will be taking my statement on Thursday. I had a word with his boss ASP Ahmad Faizal before I left the Klang IPD, asking him to look into the matter personally before more money of the taxpayers gone down to the sea. He could not answer me why my second report made on 11 June with his department was not being investigated. In the press conference, I said the police, ACA and the Cabinet must take the necessary actions because the implications of this scandalous white elephant are very far-reaching. It has already affected the confidence of foreign investors besides losing taxpayers’ money.Heads must roll. Those who should be stepping down must do so immediately and those who have committed crimes (corruption, abuse of power, cover-up for illegal activities, mistakes and weaknesses) must be brought to book.No more cover-up!This is my second police report in June…————————————————————————————Police report by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC Member and NGO Bureau Chief on the questionable RM1.81 billion PKA/Westports land deal and RM1.3 billion contract on Tuesday, 12 June 2007 in Klang. A. Buyer: Port Klang Authority (PKA) B. Seller: Kuala Dimensi/ Pulau Indah Malay Fishermen CooperativesC. Players: Tun Ling Liong Sik, Datuk Chan Kong Choy, Datuk Yap Pian Hon, Datuk Chor Chee Heong, Datuk Tiong King Sing, Datuk Rahman Palil, Datuk Azim Zabedi. Tan Sri Gnalingam.D. Losers: Rakyat Malaysia I was alerted by someone who has read my recent statement entitled “ Westports RM1 billion land deal: Why still no answer after police report made in December 2004?”, that the actual amount paid by Westports was not RM1 billion as reported earlier, but a whopping RM1.81 billion! The figure was found in the 2005 AG Report according to a Business Times Singapore report dated 13 August 2005. To me, RM1 billion for 1,000 acres was unreasonably high, what more if the amount was RM1.81 bullion? According to S Jayasankaran who filed the news report titled “AG highlights Port Klang’s financial dilemma”, MALAYSIA’S Port Klang Authority (PKA) cannot meet huge debt obligations of almost RM3 billion (S$1.32 billion) which will begin in 2007 without some serious government help, according to a report by the Auditor-General on the Authority’s financial statements for the year ended Dec 31, 2003. According to the AG’s report, KPA agreed to purchase 1,000 acres of land near Westport from a private company for RM1.81 billion in November 2002. The plan, which has received federal government approval, was to create a national loading centre and a regional distribution hub along the lines of a similar distri-park inDubai. Earlier, it was reported that the deal valued the land at more than RM25 per square foot, which is more than 44% higher than the market value at that time (about RM14 psf). The AG described the price as something ‘calculated on a special-value basis’. What would the AG describe if the price was RM1.81 billion? Can anyone in the PKA or the Transport Ministry now tell us what exactly was “ calculated on a special-value basis”? According to S Jayasankaran, the private company, which was unnamed in the AG’s report, is Kuala Dimensi, which is controlled by the family ofSarawak tycoon Tiong King Sing. Tiong is currently the Bintulu MP. Since 2002, it has been chaired by Azim Zabedi, who was named treasurer of the United Malays National Organisation (Umno) in 2004. The AG’s report stated that KPA paid a 10 per cent down payment of RM108.5 million and agreed to pay the rest over 10 years beginning 2007 in installments of between RM130 million and RM179 million. But that isn’t all. The report stated KPA signed another agreement with Kuala Dimensi to develop the land as a distribution hub for RM519 million in 2003. Subsequently, the authority signed another supplementary agreement with Kuala Dimensi to develop the land but this time for RM1.3 billion. No explanation was given for the price increase according to the Business Times Singapore report. This is simply not proper and unacceptable. We want the police to investigate on these two questionable contracts between PKA and Kuala Dimensi.I have toured the Westports Free Zone last week and taken some pictures. The 512 units of godowns were completed for a long time but yet to start operation. The only visible foreign company that set its foot here is Aker Kvaerner from Norway. It appears to me that less than 100 acres of land were being utilized for the Free Zone, leaving much of the overpriced land vacant. The high-rise motorway linking the Westports and the Free Zone currently under construction is unnecessary and highly questionable. The report noted that a similar scheme of payment would be undertaken by KPA - namely, it would pay Kuala Dimensi a down payment of RM100 million, while the rest would be paid between 2007 and 2017 on a staggered basis. But the report stated that KPA did not have that kind of money. I have made a police report on the scandalous PKA/ Westports RM1 billion land deal in December 2004, urging the police to instigate MCA leaders like Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy and Yap Pian Hon. Incidentally,Yap is now replaced by Chor Chee Heong in April this year. He was quoted by Merdekareview. Com that he has nothing to say about the questionable land deal.More than two years have passed but nothing has come out of my police report. But now we were told that both the Westports and PKA were in deep financial problems. In fact, PKA is said to have incurred some RM3 billion in debts! We also found out that Chor Chee Heong happens to sit on the board of Wijaya Global, a company linked to Wijaya, the mother company of Kuala Dimensi. This is a clear-cut case of conflict of interest! Chor has to resign either as the Chairman of PKA or relinquish his post as the deputy chairman of Wijaya Global immediately. ————————————————————————————And this my third police report made today… Third Police Report on the scandalous RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone by DAP CEC and NGO Bureau Chief Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew at the Klang District Police Department on Tuesday 14 August 2007.The RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal I made my first police report on the scandalous project December 2004 in Petaling Jaya. My second report was made on 11 June 2007 at the Klang IPD.I was not informed about any outcome about my first two police reports. I am now making my third police report on the matter and hopefully the police would act immediately without fear or favour!I am now referring to various media reports on the scandalous RM4.6 billion PKFZ.While the police has failed to act fast on the matter, the total amounts involved have jumped from RM 1 billion (Dec 2004) to RM3.1 billion (June 2007) and now RM 4.63 billion. The questions centre on:Exorbitant high costs on land and development (Corruption, leakage and wastage?) Acting outside of the jurisdiction of a statutory body (Abuse of power?) Breach of trust as cabinet ministers and government servants (Corruption?) Wrongful endorsement for bonds issued (Abuse of power and poor governance?) Misleading financial reports (Cover-up for corruption?) Political interference (Abuse of power?) Illegal amendments on minutes of meetings (Corruption?) Conflict of interest between the regulator and developer (Corruption?) Use of same lawyer for the buyer and the seller (Cover-up for corruptions?) Termination of contract without justification (Cover-up for corruptions?) Personalities allegedly involved in the scandalous project include a former MCA president, a former Transport Minister, two former chairpersons of Port Klang Authority, the current Transport Minister, the current PKA chairperson, the current General Manager of PKA, the current chairperson of PKFZ, a Member of Parliament and a Selangor State EXCO member, and last but not the least, two component parties of Barisan Nasional. The police must act before more taxpayers’ money was wasted! ——

——————————————————-(From theSun 14 Aug 2007 pg 2)PM asks Chan to explainLlew-Ann Phang and Terence FernandezKUALA LUMPUR (Aug 13, 2007): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has asked Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy to explain why concerns by Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) addressed to Chan over the progress of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) were not entertained. “I will get Chan to report to me about this,” Abdullah said after opening the National Asset and Facility Management (Nafam) Convention 2007 today.He was responding to theSun’s front-page report today that Jafza pulled out of the PKFZ deal because of political interference, bureaucracy and non-conformation to the manangement agreement signed between Jafza and the Port Klang Authority (PKA).Jafza executive chairman Sultan Ahmed Sulayem and its senior vice-president (international operations), Chuck Heath, wrote to Chan on March 11 and May 29 last year, respectively, but received no replies.In his letter, Sultan Ahmed had said Jafza was facing difficulties working with PKA and these issues were previously advised by Heath. Sultan Ahmed said Jafza was concerned that the zone’s reputation would be in jeopardy because of PKA’s continued interference which caused delay.He said PKA had also overruled many areas of its responsibilities, resulting in, among others, an incident in which Jafza general manager Noel Gulliver was escorted out of the office and taken to the immigration headquarters for working without a permit.Heath’s letter pointed to a “total lack of government planning … which has seen the most fundamental issues being considered and resolved only after the event rather than before”.Further, he said, transparency was non-existent and the “Malaysian political and economic landscape has too many vested interests seeking involvement and control in this project”.Heath also alleged that since the signing of the management agreement, many issues arose, contrary to the spirit of the agreement and the contractual obligations of both parties.Abdullah said: “The Jebel Ali Free Zone (is) some kind of joint venture for the development of the port site. It involves the Dubai people, so I don’t want to make any comment at this point.”He agreed that he had a meeting with Jafza officials but that it was held “a long time ago but it was not because of this”.Dubai-based Jafza had on July 18 announced it was pulling out of the agreement to manage the PKFZ for 15 years with the aim to mirror Jafza’s competitive and attractive business environment because of “strategic reasons”.The reasons it cited was that it wanted to concentrate on projects where it could retain control of equity. In PKFZ’s case, 100% equity was held by PKA.The original cost of the project ballooned from RM2 billion to RM4.6 billion because of, among others, overvalued land costs.What stands on the site are rows of unoccupied buildings, an incomplete four-star hotel and pothole-ridden roads.Documents obtained by theSunrevealed that the fallout was because of red tape, political meddling, inaccurate minutes and attempted tax evasions.Newly-appointed PKA chairman Datuk Chor Chee Heung berated the authors of the report saying it was pointless to get his comments at this stage.Asked if the report was inaccurate, Chor said he was at a meeting and would respond later.PKA general manager Datin Paduka O.C. Phang, who was accused by Jafza officials for her part in frustrating the agreement, was unavailable for comment as she was attending meetings all day.

It was brewing a few years ago yet no decisive action got underway. The BN government didnt take the appropriate measures to control the costs over-ride. Now the bail out is underway I think though the second minister was saying a ruse. It is bail out no need to hide with colorful words. As far as I see it, the sleeping beauty still dreams about billions and the taxpayers have to rescue failed project(s) again. Every privatization project fails. The people have to pay more and more. Yet the people still vote for BN is time the focus must be for changed in the government. The rural folks in the country should wake up now. It is no use taking $200/-
while the leaders take home millions. Even Dr M had said billions would be spent to win the rural votes for this coming GE. A few GE ago I had a friend who brought along $400,000/- in his bag for the purpose to win the voters in the rural areas and then to get contracts worth millions. He said he would not lose his money because he would get it back many times over. I think time these rural folks understand the truths thought it may hurt them initially. It is better now than never when one loses everything for the next generation. Vote wisely

malaysia on roll

Anwar says he is going to sue Khairy for labelling him a puppet of America and a Jew. He calls Khairy 'a hound dog' a song sung by the late Elvis. I always believe a young person must show respect to his/her elders no matter one station in life. Education makes a person but when one forgets his/her roots, one learns nothing though with a degree. Dr M says many projects announced by AAB but nothing is really moving on the ground. Dr M loves his party but not the way the country is managed now. In his dialogue with bloggers and social activists, T. Mahaleel told him that Augusta was sold to BMW for over RM$442 million when Proton sold it for 1 euro two years ago. (This is the work of AAB relying on his 4th floor boys) Now it is rumoued that VW wanted to buy 51% of Proton stake at RM$1! Proton is a national pride though it received so many bashings because it doesnt listen to the people. There are those who wanted the government to strip off the citizenship of a Muar guy who rapped about in his 6 minute video with his background music of Negara-ku in Taiwan. Why not these people ask the government to strip off citizenship of the Malay terrorists running in Indonesia? These Malaysian terrorists killed hundreds yet the government never says anything at all. Malu ke? These Malaysian terrorists bring shame to the country. The government has not stripped off these people citizenship at far as I know I never read it in the press media. Last month a brother of one of the terrorists was caught in US for helping these terrorists. He holds a permanent resident status in US. These people should have their citizenships strip off but the government keep quiet about it. The petrol dealers want to stop their operation after 10.00pm claiming costs hike and security matters. This is a lame excuse. When one is in business, one has to face it 24/7. It is there no matter what one has to say. It is only prudent that one has to take and plan one's precautionary measures to cut costs and control security issues. As the association stands, the dealers wanted to go ahead. The government clamped it down on them. Initially the dealers didnt want to follow government demand but eventually relented. The minister concerned didnt want to meet them saying it was a small matter. (To me he sounded arrogant. He is there for the people not for himself. As a minister he should go to the ground and meet these dealers. But he didnt. He delegated it to his officers to handle the situation) When the head doesnt know what is happening around him, the tail will wag its own way. Now I am going......Malaysia sings your songs

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the little devils 2

Now according to Jeff Ooi blog the person who sent threatening smses to Datuk Rohanie Ahmad is this guy from Kedah. Jeff Ooi said it was through 'Little Bird' who got the information.

Nor Asmadi bin HamdanNo 5 Kg Medan09800 SerdangKedah Darul Aman Sg Taka
NRIC No: 810413-02-5471Date of Birth: April 13, 1981
Now I wait for what the police will say on this. Of course beside unmask the guy, the police too must find out who is behind it. I hope the police dont just leave as it is. Unless you are somebody then the police will walk the extra mile otherwise the police buat tak tahu saja. Currently as IGP himself reported there are two camps in the Police Force. One heads by him; the other by a police director and a deputy minister. And what is our PM doing? I read a report in the blog somewhere that he had clocked over 150 trips out of the country! He doesnt pay much attention to the affairs of the nation or the administration. His administration is seemed running by the so called '4th floor boys' headed by his son in law. This is how the country sinks to the hole....Back to the little devil.....perhaps he can deny he had lost his IC and now somebody is using his name for other purposes. In which case I hope DIGI should be able to trace this guy and pull him over or it is just no where to trace him only just cut off his line. I wonder..............

suicides not the answer, my friend

Suicides in South of the Border
Going up when economy recovers
What are the reasons oh city of the South?
People give up when lights shining bright

Aging of men above 40’s
Women above 30’s
Of pressures in work
Of responsibility at home
Of parents growing old
Leave these people cook up
They don’t know how to go

When silence drills into motion
Wanting to save face losing life instead
Oh city of the border
Pursuing of wealth
Losing grip of life

The drumbeats hitting on
Down into the night
Talk to people
It always makes a difference

Suicides in any form
It never solves a problem
In fact it brings misery
To love ones and friends
And the country too

Suicides shouldn’t be in thought
Look at problems objectively
One has the brain so use it wisely
Don’t be a fool to let go life
I read about the report in Singapore about people taking their lives. Likewise it happens here in Malaysia too. Death isnt solving any problem. In fact it creates more problems to the living. It always reminds me of my school mate who committed suicide when he didnt do well in his form five examination. His parent didnt support him. He didnt talk to his friends. He was a good Indian dancer in school. But he committed suicide because he couldnt accept defeat in his examination. Is examination so important in life? I used to share with my employees then that examination is only part of measuring success but it isnt the whole package in life. Life is a different ball game where one has to find and start from base zero. I did give a talk to the secondary students once that strings of As dont make you a better person or give you an edge in life. One has to start from zero and progress from there. I had a classmate who did just that. Failure to him isnt an obstacle. He says it gives him the extra push to find his success. In the long run he managed to get his AAIA qualification and a Master in Bus Administration. For one who didnt do well in school.............It is persistence and perseverance that make the difference in one's journey in life. When one is successful, one shouldnt forget those who help along the way. As our Tunku Abdul Rahman( our first Prime Minister) said something like this "When you go to the top, be nice to people on the way up; because when you come down, you will meet the same people on your way out; unless you want to jump over them and break your neck"

dont ignore threats!

In my time in the village
Kampung gangsters threw threats and meant it
One wouldn’t want to mess with those thugs then
The consequences were too great to ignore

Seriously threats are real
Only the physical injury delays
One shouldn’t ignore those warnings
It is like a ‘fatwa’ you got no place to hide
Like what Khairy said of Anwar
‘….until there is no place for him’

In this instant I guess it could be
From Datuk Ruhanie own party
Somebody is trying to control
Their own people not following orders

When the ruling elite feels out of control
Threats and intimidation the order of the day
Make it looks like ‘Taliban’ ruling
Then nobody can usurp the authority

It is best he made his police report
So that the shadow could be checked
If possible, the police could unmask
But I think you know the answer
“Orang tu tak dapat dikenali”

Long time ago
I had Malay thugs in UMNO as friends
One word from the leader
These people could do damage
Physically and emotionally
They were the ‘soldiers’
Taking orders without question

And these thugs are protected silently
In every level right to the top
Some we have seen in Ijok buy election
Going rounds intimidating voters

So Datuk watch your back
If threats don’t move you
Black magic will
In what you take and drink
Especially drinks in black…

the little devils

This is serious. A fellow blogger was threatened for his writings in his blog. Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad, a former MP from UMNO, has received threats through SMS in his handphone. Later he made a police report at Kajang Police station. The threatening message among others is 'to put to sleep' of him and bloggers! Now this is something one doesnt take lightly. And here is Datuk Rohanie Ahmad police report reproduced from his blog :-

Saya, Ruhanie Bin Ahmad, membuat laporan di bawah ini kepada pihak polis demi untuk melindungi keselamatan anggota keluarga saya, diri saya sendiri, serta keselamatan komuniti bloggers Malaysia dan keluarga masing-masing, secara umumnya.Pada hari Khamis, 1 Ogos 2007, saya telah menerima dua pucuk pesanan ringkas (SMS) daripada seorang pengirim yang tidak saya kenali. Pengirim berkenaan menggunakan telefon nombor +60163929760. SMS yang dikirimkan kepada saya terbahagi kepada dua bahagian yang bersambung (links). Tarikh, waktu dan kandungan penuh SMS tersebut saya salinkan di bawah ini mengikut gaya, bahasa dan ejaan asalnya tanpa sebarang perubahan atau pembetulan seperti berikut:Linked 1/2:Just 4 bloggres whoever there ard w’ever shall be given stern warning drastic. Bloggers must realise they successfully been identified even will be put to sleep.Sender: +60163929760Sent: 1-Aug-2007, 15:53:29Linked 2/2:... Watch ur step take a good rest, good sleep, maybe after this u will be helpless, hopeless.Sender: +60163929760Sent: 1-Aug-2007, 15:53:54

Maybe I should make a similar police report too? Look the SMS said bloggers will be put to sleep. This is murder but action has not been done yet. The physical injury or death has not occurred but it is in the plan. In a way it applies to the bloggers who write articles in their blogs critical to the government. I guess the PM allows leeway for people to express their views; he also sends his soldiers to do the damage emotionally through party's cyber-troopers. I hope the police will catch and unmask that person(s) and trace who is behind all these