Friday, April 30, 2010

the dark night

The dark night
The shadows lurking
On the backyard of the mind
You know what is all about

Lies and deceptions
Saying it out loud
The audience open mouths
The minds sweetened well

The road painted with honey
The green grass for the eyes to see
Pick your choice people
Let share our destiny

The dark night
The barking into the minds
Of lies and deceptions
Of money many fall that night

only changing of government

Corruption in the open
Saying it out loud in public rally
“I give you $3 million
When my party wins the election”

Isn't it enticing voters?
There is the offer to the public
And a condition when the party wins
The inducement is already there

So what's more to say?
No corruption in public rally?
The macc act is clear on it
Why the wait to take action?

The leader of the party knows
He can escape the charge
Even there is a report on him
He holds the mandate the agencies follow

The truth will be buried
The judiciary is tainted few
Only changing of government
We will see the light of day


Learning riding a bike
It was a cool thing to do
When life was young
Riding it perfectly

Sometimes to show aerobatic skills
Like you see in the TV shows
Guys would do the stunt harmlessly
In the village to impress the girls

Running the bike
Then hopped on with it
Pedalling quickly to let it rides
It felt good to be free

Else one riding it
The other guy has to hop in
Without falling from the bike
One becomes two on the road

Riding without holding the handle bars
Pedalling it around the village road
Girls would say trying to show off
Guys would say it was skill honed in practise

Riding bike in group
Ringing the bells riding by
Along the streets...........
Until the years took our youth

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the eden we dream 2

The ship sailing
Of Noah's Ark it isn't

It is a gift of cooperation
Make the journey of a new change

Looking up the sky
Brilliant sky golden rays

Spreading colourful insights
Life must be great.....

The ship sailing
The compass of navigation

Pointing to the focus destination
Of a new beginning

Time traveling
Passing through desert

The hardship in the beginning
Finding the oasis life's blessing

The footprints mark of history
Learn the lessons hit the future

In unity dancing in flames
Of burning gold skin of yellow

Swaying with the tempo
Tasting the good life

The greedy ones
Throw into the dungeon

Keys leave broken
Into rooms lock forever

The tree of fruits and life
Don't touch it else losing the immortality

The hungry people
Heed no advice

Plunging into deep depths
Crying for repentance

Calling God
Let us mend our ways

An angel stopping by
Tell a story life of joy and bliss

Opening souls and eyes
Crack the eggs opening sky

A beautful sun
The golden rays of light

The cool breeze
The gift of life

pictures borrowed from and rita lili chio

the eden dream 1

Once the Eden
Of life and harmony

God created
Live here and multiply!

The bald headed man
Bringing with him the power

Of love and multiplication
Let the journey begins

In the beginning
The flowers and trees

Nature bloom
Light up the life

Then greed takes over
The trees chopped off

The humming birds tweet
Telling the sorrow and pain

Money in the beg
Caressing of gold and smile

About nature let it burns
About people let them disappear

When the eyes wake up
Through the windows emptiness

Of axes falling trees
Stumps rearing it up

Nature has fallen
To the profiting machines

In the desert
A reprieve of underground water

Life bloom
Animals, plants and trees

Man tracks through
The dense forest

The passage of time
He stands out smiling

Opening the gate
Of dropping rain

Life must be great
To get a taste

Looking down
Flowers bloom

The life of nature
It starts all over

pictures borrowed from magick

the calm sea

The calm sea
In the afternoon light

The friends gather
Daring each other to ride

On the sea
Swimming to the other side

Amateur swimmers
Never understand the sea

Calm in the eyes
Under sea current magnetizing pull

The sea demons
Wake up for the kill

The unprepared swimmer
Flapping hands finally disappeared

The other guy saved
Beating the sea current

The poor challenger
Found floating in the sea

About 1.5km from the starting place
A man of 36 years old cold in the sea

I always remember this song
“Billy don't be a hero......”

Let God be kind on his soul
As he wakes up facing his loss

the last train ride

The last train ride
From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Years ago I tried
Got the bug made up the scene

No car licence
The easy way by train
Over night sitting through
Looking at night scenes

Half way through
I met a classmate of mine
Of all places in the night train
His name is Maya working in Singapore

When we reached the clean city
We parted ways never meet again
The last train ride I did
I don't do it ever since

eager for the freedom

The little birdies tweet
In the morning sun for feeding
The adult birds flying in
Bringing insects for growth

The elder 2 little birdies
Feeling the need to fly
Hopping out to feel the freedom
They can't make it

Hopping on the ground
I picked them up put in cage
For in the nest forgoing it
They have tasted the wide world

The little birdies forget
Freedom has a price to pay
The predators out in the open
The big birds and cats

Now in the cage
At least they will survive
The adult birds will feed
Until growing fit to fly

the journey hasn't done

The journey hasn't done
Many roads one must go
It isn't at a crossroad
The sound and laughter

The merriment in life
The glee to take it on
Leave the negative rides behind
Life has much to offer

The world of good and bad
You can't change it
No matter how you try
It is the trend of life misses

Let the pictures tell
The golden history of life experiences
The lost hope the weary travellers
And the make it good to the pedestal

Carve marks in positive contributions
Of any kind to save credits for the next journey
It will carry a lot of weight to make it there
So the journey hasn't done even the light gone

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the sun set over the beach

The sun set over the beach
The cool warm day looking at it
At the beach club sipping drink
Listening to the waves rolling to shore

The splashes on the rocky stones
Nearby the fishing boats anchor
The low wind toying it around
As the sun going down

The beach boys laze
The dark skinned guys smile
The Japanese women need their company
I was told by a friend of mine

The black and white
The white and dark brown skin
As the sun set begins to disappear
The erotic scenes half naked women

The rolling waves splashing along
Touching the shore teasing the sun bathers
On the quiet beach dreaming about nature
As I watch the antics sipping my drink

the crown is still waiting

The dust settles
On the sleepy town
The banners slowly disappear
The lonely whispering

Life back to normal
The people go play a part
Getting the goods for the buy election
Now they wait............

Anti-corruption laws put aside
When it is openly dishing out
Goods and money for votes
Shifting voters places of voting

PKR needs to brush away
The members who want goods for services
Do it now before the general election
For Hulu Selangor has spinned the beans

When the smoke lies low
Smell the betrayals in the party
Clean up the list no more with nice smile
Let the half hearted members go

The road to Putrajaya
It's for those who wanted change
The whole system for the country
And the people to the future

Start learning the losses
Unit into a formidable force
Differences mustn't derail a dream
Share it and be a gentleman

Hulu Selangor
The halfway mark to sit up
Learn it and be wiser
The crown is still waiting

the religious morality

The religious morality
Raiding on the unsuspecting couples
The moral policing who check these officers?
When accidents or deaths or wrong invasions of privacy?

Most of the time they go free
Shame and guilt for the offending parties
So these religious officers
They feel they are immune

They forget about compassion
They should change their attitude
Raiding parties to enforce the religious code
Let the shine of teaching flow

People tend to break laws
In centuries past till today
Learn from history...........
You aren't the hall of fame

The religious officials
Learn the way of harmony
Teach your way to understand
You have sinned when you failed to do

be prepared

Don't hitch a ride
Alone on the street

It isn't safe
Don't try to be stingy

You can be late
So why worry about it?

It's better be late
Then feel sorry later

On the public domain
You never know about crooks

Every one is a potential
Only never let your guard down

Be prepared while alone
Walking on the street

Window shopping
Go to night spots

Even opening home gate
Be cautious about predators

We are living in a world
Where people want to make quick money

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the crimes of many kinds

may her soul finds peace

She gone out
With a man she hardly knew
A woman with big dreams
Finally she was found dead

In New Yoke City
The crime of sex offenders
On parole yet never repented
It keeps surfing on the street

It does happen in big cities
It can happen in every town and State
Even here we read about them
Women disappear sometimes found dead

Once along Kuala Dipang Road
A Chinese woman thumbed a ride
She wasn't found till today.........
Over-confident makes her fall

Many women and children
All disappeared into unknown places
Some as slavery some buried somewhere
The crimes of sex offenders................

They charmed and win your confidence
They don't show their true calling.....
When the victims feel so confident with them
The hammer comes the dreams die.....

the villagers

The villagers
Living in remote areas
Earning sun up to sun down
Hard work low returns

The settlers dreams of many
Clearing land fortunes in hand
Dreaming about the good life
The green hills and surrounding ground

The eyes of materialistic wants
The minds dream all about
Clearing up the empty virgin land
Believing there will be good living

Decades of surrending
Fighting the forces of nature
Hardwork low returns
The dreams seemingly disappear

Now matured and spent force
The land once they knew
Of dreams and good life
It seems the middle men make it

the pecking order

The pecking order
The ills of the country
Every project reflects on it
The way to get them in

The orders go
The pecking line takes
Stretching its head
“Give me! Give me!”

Stepping on others
Rising up to grab it
Hard work and sacrifices
Let others do it for them

The ladder step
Catch me if you can
Rising up to the peak
The eagle waits

Too many handouts
The pecking order
Until it becomes soft
Easy pick economic slow down

the jealous mind

The jealous mind
It hurts the heart

When feeling grows
The demon strikes

Putting words in the mind
As the day and night cry

Staring at shadows
Thinking it is the real thing

Out of rage
The uncontrollable urge

The jealous mind
It causes damage to life

The one track mission
“I can't have so you will not”

The foolish way
The lost soul to hell

Take a deep breath
Think of the grave yards

What it tells
Enjoy life be free

the 4 little birdies

The 4 little birdies
Embrace together in a small nest
With leaves attached to a branch
Struggling for spaces bending it down

The mother bird making noises
Humans or cats passing through
Distraction and irritation listening it
It just says “Move away out of my way!”

The tweeting little birdies
Raising its heads to be fed
Short noises eagerly for the food
Now the little birdies don't care about cats

As night falls
The little birdies struggle for space
Stepping on each other
Stretching for leg room

The last incident it happened
They dropped out through the nest
For the nest isn't made for 4
Now I watch as the leaves seem to give way

I get the bird cage ready
To house the little birdies
Until they are fully grown to fly
To join the crowd tweeting away

Monday, April 26, 2010

promises and goods

Will promises and goods ever arrive?
When the winning team celebrated and gone home
Leaving its marks buried in whispers and minds
As all parties packed up going separate ways

The lies and deceptions
Opening displayed in campaigns
Offering money running to millions
Will promises and goods ever arrive?

The bellwether of a vision
What will it like in the end?
The people still hope for handouts
Money walks the path

The promise of good life
In a place out of the main economic zones
Life for the villages and hollow townships
Money will pave a way of light

Phantom voters play a role
Money again to strike gold
The agencies involved will ignore
Doing it against the law

So what will it be tomorrow?
The Decepticons still rule
Only for a while before they fall
Into the deepest ocean of human marches

the dreams of many

Principles lay bare
The alleged $64 million carrot

The eyes sparkle
The minds dance

In silence of the windfall
It comes on certain conditions

The people hard on money
Open hands alms accept

The treats fall
The souls betray

The dreams of many
Money eases the pain

So the crooks stay
A little bit longer

For the wayward souls
The pit on the ground

Unless they are saying
Walk the talk; 2 years plan

We will see
In GE 13

do the small parts

It's life
The good and bad
Surfing into mind
Some see; some pretend

Mother Earth cries
Many cracks no time to heal
People keep going
About nature they forget

The sorrows on the land
In the sea; floating in the air
We look; we hear; we try
Yet many just let by

The way of the dark
It comes to make us realize
Don't go the wrong way
The deep hole of the flame

When the light shine
The glory bloom bright
When we do small parts
It's the way of unity

the dogs

The cyclist on the bike
In the morning she cycled
The wind blowing on her hair
She was gearing up to market

On the road she cycled
Pedalling leisurely in the morning
Out of nowhere two dogs came
Barking and running at her

She screamed loudly
“Dogs! Dogs!”
Cycling as fast as she could
The dogs just chased

Then the voices of dog owners
Calling the dogs back home
The cyclist cycled on her way
In the morning of dogs and hot wind

winning doesn't stay forever

Losing doesn't say its the end
Winning doesn't say it will stay forever
There will be a time for change
In the political life of a party

Bee Anne has ruled too long
The life shelf will be cracked
Hulu Selangor isn't the Waterloo
It will happen in GE 13...........

Let them celebrate
With lies and deceptions
Offering goods and money
The same method repeating always

The voters should know
Don't get fooled many times
It's your own money
Why only in buy elections?

Bee Anne afraid
The way forward in murky waves
The cracking of tsunami
It will return again

Sunday, April 25, 2010

life is dark and light

Life smile and misery
It goes on as you grow
Baby tall and old
The images of the past
It never says it is wrong

Staying lonely
Crying in the night
Cursing a life
Jumping down from a height
Letting it go hell fire looms

A choice it is
Use it to the advantage
Life is good and evil
It depends where it hits
As life turns upside down

Stay on course
Know darkness a light will shine
Walking through it
Learning the ropes
What paradise will sing

So stay on course
The vision of light
Don't let darkness consume
Take it over cutting loose
And live free without regrets

Life a trade
Learn it do the best
As it is written
To inherit heavens
As you learn the ropes

the red apples of deceptions

The tricks and treats
Ulu Selangor residents
Beware of the old witch
You know who she is

Queen of beauty
She can't live without it
She comes with bounties
Of red apples in her basket

Know what she has done
Over 5 decades ago
Promising many only crumbs in tow
Now she comes with her bags

The tricks and treats
She will never fail
Ulu Selangor then to Sibu
The same red apples

Queen of beauty
She can't live without
In her basket carrying
The red apples of deceptions

challenge for change

Challenge for change
In the mind in reality
You can't work on the routine
It has to go

The way forward
It shouldn't stay
It has to change
Working within foundation

The routine sounds
The echo of static
Dare not want to change
Contentment smacks of fools

Challenge for change
It involves personal investments
A little movement makes a difference
So is a dim light glowing

one line vision

One line of vision
The humming birds fly
The same route never changes
Feeding the little birdies

Today I shifted the flower pot
The line of vision changed
The humming birds came
Tweeting loudly couldn't find

The line of vision
Only one track focus
When it changes location
It can't see though nearby

So I put it
The line of vision
Wait for the humming birds
The birdies find

Like wise with Bee Anee
One track vision offering goods
Dangling carrots wanting to win
One track road..............

When people shift allegiance
Wanting to change for the better
Bee Anne can't find the location
Tweeting loudly no response

So Hulu Selangor
Shift the location
For the change must come
The choice is there to challenge

Saturday, April 24, 2010

make the right choice

Hulu Selangor
Tomorrow the voters decide
A new chapter or the old?
You better think hard before you go

Bee Anne carrots
Dangling to win votes
It is alleged corruption
What else does it say?

Only buy elections
Bee Anne dangles the carrots
Otherwise you don't get any
For the last 52 years ago

Wake up now
Give it for change
For you and generations to come
Believe it you can do it

We have been kicked in the backdoor
For years we allowed it to happen
Now we must make a stand
Bee Anne must go............

Hulu Selangor voters
You will make the call
What it will be like tomorrow?
We pray you make the right choice

it's money

The righteousness is money
Grease into palms......
“This is how it is done
Let us help you to live easy”

It never goes wrong
When we hear reports
Suddenly the turncoats say
They don't support

The party has deviated
From religion and race
The righteousness is bag of silver
Shining bright in the darkness

1Malaysia a slogan
Behind alleys racism thrives
Sign with Perkasa
Ameeno tricks can't hide

This viper stings
The poor villagers hook
The righteousness is money
Help you to live easy

volcanic ashes

Volcanic ashes
Erupting up to the sky
Soaring high floating around
Erupting economy of many kinds

Aeroplanes can't fly
Grounded in airports
Passengers queue angry faces
The long waiting goodnight

Billions will be lost
Billions on cleaning up
The volcanic ashes
Telling the world

Time to seek peace
Living in harmony
It's the marker
One of the signs

Friday, April 23, 2010

play to lose

These frogs got free
Ate the cake smiling away
Ipoh session court freed them
Without calling them to defend

So macc wasted time
Playing to lose case not airtight
Got the money evidence and video tape
Yet these frogs walked free

Money in the bag
Women to joy
Yet evidence tendered
They walked free

Will macc appeal?
Let them walk free
They are with Ameeno
So why bother any more?

freedom price to pay

The black people
Suffering through history
Ravished on the land
Punished by the warlords

In modern history
Shipped as slaves
Toiling day and night
Freedom was hollow

In the new world
They thought they could change
They suffered in the fields
They suffered in domestic abuses

Then they were free
Standing tall freedom soared
Yet they know it's a long way home
On different lands of white and brown

In the modern world
Freedom extracts unnecessary sacrifices
The army in the African continents
Use them to lord over

Now malaria and HIV
Spreading through the African nations
They thought they are free
Unwanted viruses come to claim

The lives of the Black
The suffering of many
Of the army and warlords
They are in vicious cycle

the farmers on land

I try so hard for you
The years I toil the land
Under the sun under the rain
I have no complaint

On TOL land
On leasehold ground
When I am done
When I make a name

You come knocking
Telling me I have no title
The land must be given up
Pushing me out into the cold

The years I toil the land
It never brings recognition
I only get a letter
Now I should go

The governmebt cronies came
Armed with bulldozers and notices
The land now belongs to them
The poor farmers protest

Voters you have choices
Don't go blind with greed of alms
It is our tax money.............
It's our rights

Stand up to the bully
And the group of dogs barking
I toil the land sun up sun down
In the end I am chasing out

hiv on the rise

HIV on the rise
Go check on it
It doesn't have to hide

Multiple partners
Lady of the nights
Sexual excursions

You don't have to hide
You aren't alone
In this crusade

You may take a wrong turn
You don't have to condemn your life
Go check on it............

There are medications to treat it
Go early; don't go too late
HIV isn't a child play

Many learn too late
Many get it through sexual partners
Sharing needles blood transfusions

HIV on the rise
Go take advice
Check it out

HIV isn't a child play
It takes your life away
Slowly painfully if your hide

deception and lies

Deception and lies
Want your support
Telling you stories
Door to door face to face

You don't know the facts
Listening with wide eyes
Deception and lies
The hidden goals never tell

The village people
They are easy to fall
When they hear prominent leaders spin
They think it is the gospel truth

Deception and lies
It still works from ancient to now
The gullible people
They just fall

For the simple truth
Of greed and wealth
Wanting to live easy
Falling for deception and lies

Thursday, April 22, 2010

oh Lord dont let us down

Don't let us down
Oh Lord don't let us down

Show us the way
The way of your life

Don't throw at us
Earthquakes and tsunamis

Don't show us your anger
Let us soothe our pains

Oh Lord don't let us down
The children you make us all

On this earthly paradise
Tell us what have gone wrong

Why words and history
We don't learn at all?

Something with the scriptures
It doesn't tell us straight........

Don't let us down
Oh Lord don't let us down

Wars and bullets
Missiles and suicide bombers

We have the brains
Yet we fail in our mission

Of learning life
The way to heaven

Don't let us down
Oh Lord don't let us down

the bully bully 2

The bully bully
The humans learn
The animals kingdom
The power winning

In the jungle
The roar of the beasts
The bully bully
The small animals run

The humans make fear
Indoctrinated into the minds
Creating the illusion of power
Only to serve a certain group

The bully bully
The humans can defeat
When the weak united
When nerd gathered

The bully bully
They will run and surrender
The history of empires
It tells many times over

the victory they just can't see it

The PKR train
On the track to greater ambition
Pulling its might along its objectives
The wayward members can't stomach it

So they jump out of the train
When enticement playing into their brains
The long march these turncoats can't stomach
They jump into the waiting wagons

Ameeno sings loudly
“Money, money, more of it!
If you listen to me
You don't have to work
You can live happily!”

The tiring journey
The hardwork and failures
The weak hearts and personal agendas
They jump out the PKR train

Giving all sorts of reasons
Just to cover up their failures
Of weaknesses for alleged wealth
Dangling in their eyes

The PKR train
It stops at stations
Let the turncoats go
For failures fruit of success

It's the country and people
It isn't for personal profits
For the turncoats will be history
The victory they just can't see it

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the bully bully

The bully bully
The birds kingdom
The big birds chasing
The small birds hide

The bully bully
Eyes wide perching high
Surveying all around
Where's the coward fly?

In the crowded bushes
So green with tainted brown leaves
Blending in keeping still
Of the bully bully

The soft chirping
The birdies cry
The bully bully listens
Trying to find out why

The bully bully
In our lives
The power and corrupt
Making life a miserable hell

a vote on the nail

Bee Anne
A 13 party components
Formed to play a role
For Malaysia and her people

Along the way
The principles playing differently
Race base members
The leaders keep harping

It never ends
The 13 party leaders
The smaller ones can't say
They just hop the wagon

Leaving MCA and MIC
What do the leaders think?
They don't act as one of the players
They are made to tie strings

Look at it
Bee Anne chairman
Deputy chairman
Youth chairman
All Umno men

Even secretary general of Bee Anne
Umno man takes it all.........
What do the coalition leaders say?
You have sold out your shares

Now walking
Without soul
Yet want to campaign
Where is the dignity?

GE13 the final nail
For a 13 party components
The voters will mark the change
They had tasted it so they knew

mca has lost

MCA has lost
The years of patronage
Leaving the Chinese on the ground

Once Umno senior leader said
“MCA dead or alive?”
The MCA leaders forget

The leaders run
“Oh Big brother
Come help us!”

They collect crumbs
Where's the dignity?
Partnership in name

MCA leaders
They should be scolded
They should be kicked in asses

Hulu Selangor voters
They get it right
Scolding these crumb collecting leaders

MCA leaders
Honestly why collect crumbs?
When you can eat the cake?

Don't sell your dignity
The voters will bury
The B-end coalition

ashes in the sky

Clouds of ashes
Floating in the sky
The Iceland volcanoe eruptions
Crying grey misty smoke

The airports closures
Stranding passengers for days
As aeroplanes can't take flight
Camping out in airports.....

Some lucky ones
Get to stay in hotels
Weary of the long delays
Going home or sitting examinations

Some cash running low
Praying the flights should resume
Now visibility bearable
Some can take to the sky

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

patience makes the day

Patience makes the day
On a pursuit of one's dream
It's the tenacity to keep trying
Even against all odds on the way

Every failure a chance to learn
A way to redeem try it harder
The will must be there........
Else a dream is just

Pursuing it with logical mind
Knowing the stakes and the odds
Just don't play a fool; be stupid of it all
On paper the reasoning fails many pages

The groundwork must work
The plan of a dream is achievable
The targets can be realized
On a certain plot into the future

Though a risk can't run away
Know the odds and the good reasoning
Patience makes the day........
The life works will be realized

on a book of history

Fight for a cause
Fight for the people
Throwing on rubbish
It's just childish prank

The people come first
So says its slogan.........
Yet in this battle for votes
B-End handlers completely forget

Get a person
Who can fight for the people
Never be afraid to admit mistakes
Never be afraid to fight what's right

Don't get a person
Stringing on the apron
Of somebody's agenda
He will never work

When the journey is going to end
The sunset is blooming capturing its soul
The ripples and the waves lazily touching
“Come on guys time to go”

The Ameeno struggles
Never belief it's the end
The story of its life
On a book of history

the ballot papers

Big fat mama
The thundering feet
“Don't you listen to others?
I am the one every time”

Ameeno the wayward
The gong has sounded
The echo of past glories
It will not sustain it

Too much baggages
Too many lies
They dare not tell
They cover up

When Ameeno ditched Tunku
The rot has begun................
Impatience to wait
Power and greed rear in unison

Reading back on Tunku writings
Ameeno has no principled to admit
The party leaders good at rhetorics
About truth is way down the line

The cycle of change
It has already begun
Ameeno and its partners
They still think they have it

Big fat mama
Whispering “It's alright!”
Lay on the tracks
Only the people wait

The ballot papers
The pen and eyes
Big fat mama screams
Too many XXXs

when age is young

When the age is young
Fighting for survival of warm and love

Food and drinks
Shelter and hope

When the age is young
Afraid of the unknown

The eyes still close
The movements restricted

Calling out every time
Afraid of loneliness

The touches of adults
The common bond

When the age is young
Common bonding afraid of tomorrow

In the nest waiting
Praying the day will come

When the age is young
The future will not be known

The wings to fly
In search of freedom and glory

Monday, April 19, 2010

colours of life

Colours of life
You take it to make it works

You can't forget
Opening eyes life begins

The blue sky sunshine
The rays of hope enriches soul

The work the time
The people laugh and cry

It's colours of life
Paint it pages turning

On the dreams
Of misty paradise

the cheese

The rats hiding in holes
Quietly running in shadows
Whispering words of defection
“Go over there lots of cheese!”

The weakest link leaders
They want quick gains and prosperity
They can't stomach to work hard for it
One by one getting hooked the smell of cheese

The weak leaders and followers
Jumping over the fence hoping to strike
They were there before now got back home
Begging for 3P dreams can come true

The rats run waving its followers
“The coast is clear come right over”
The greedy ones eyes glow
Running across through tunnels and drains

The wealth of cheese
On the table for all to see
“Now join me to party
It's paradise can't get any where”

winning counts

MIC Kamal
Playing to the majority

He forgets his root
A sad case to his image

Yet he doesn't care
Winning counts......

Perkasa racist to the core
Kamal wants the votes

So he says
Twisting his ways

We are called
Beggars and whores

We have little kings
Living it up gleefully happy

Doesn't Kamal know?
Cow head parade....

Ah the 3Ps
Power Project Prosperity

Read about Hee Hit Foong
Now a Dato in Perak

Hulu Selangor voters
Don't get fooled

For Kamal has forgotten
Where he came from

what's the name?

The days of NEP
For a fixed time
To help the poor
Irrespective of skin colours

Years down the road
Hijacked for only one race
Leaving the others to fend
On their own spoils

The coalition partners
Silence of the lamb
Quietly scavenging the crumbs
The wealth of the country

When the time up
The race claimed otherwise
They want the handouts
No stomach to work hard for it

So NEP changed to DEP
For others it's the new NEP
Change name factory no change
The race keep enjoying it

And the coalition partners
Digging wealth forgetting roles
Leaving the others to fend themselves
They live with the crumbs barking loudly

Now with NEM
The extra new NEP
Deja vu once again
Telling different story

It's the same familiar road
Using different people
Telling there is no prejudice
It happens before; it will again

heavens or hell ?

Sickness and disease
Part of life; part of living

Hear it often
Newspapers and hospitals

Inflictions young and old
It has no age barrier

Live healthy sufficient exercise
Outdoors or indoors give a try

Working hard day passes by
For the money health pawning it

In years on the cycle
The weak immune system

The cry of sorrow
Sickness and disease

The good news
We all go anyway

The sad news
Heavens or Hell?

We decide
On our lives

a little effort makes changes

As a young boy growing up
Politics wasn't my cup of tea
Only rearing chickens and ducks
Sometimes looking at the well

Living in the village
Life was quiet and fun
No stress no outside influence
It was fresh air helpful neighbours

Time changed
Uprooted moved to town
For me it was a different perspective
Living it forgetting about politics

May 13 erupted
People talked about unfairness
Deaths fired by the soldiers
In Klang Valley sometimes heard gunshots

In the village of many races
The head village kept his cool
Every race maintained the peace
No incident amongst the race

Life was pretty the same
Curfew then lifted.....
Normalcy returned sunshine bloomed
The racial tension ebbed

It isn't the same any more
The uniformed personnel took side
It didn't come out in the papers
Rumours came villagers talked

In time NEP initiated
Telling the people
We will treat fairly
Every one in the country

In time it became for one race
Only that race enjoyed the benefits
Funding and leg up in businesses
Other races without political connections suffered

My late mother encouraged us
Joined MCA to protect our interests
At that time it sounded good value
Branch leaders became rich so quickly

Yet the most of us
Couldn't care about politics
We egged our lives
Struggling in our years

In years down the road
Moving from state to state
Politics hasn't made a sense to me
I wasn't keen to comment on it

When Anwar got jailed
For a charge really framed up
I was telling my staff
The malays umno guys
“He never did it
Though they said he did!”

It took years later
I was right though I had left the scene
At least I had the consolation to say
Umno tricks never admit its own mistakes

MCA, MIC and Gerakan
The lame ducks they become
I totally lapsed my membership
I couldn't swallow what they did

For their own pockets
Enriching themselves
For the people just slogans
It keeps repeating till today
1Malaysia. People first. Performance now!

The ruling Bend
The leaders dont tell the truth
Hiding behind collecting dues
The wealth of nation

Even in work
The race crops up
On the highest post
Reserved for it

Now the coalition partners
They don't make noise
For them they want the easy life
Though crumbs they get
They don't mind

So I was
I make a stand
On my own
For a change

The country doen't need crooks
Of all kind of shapes and sizes
The country must be for all
Calling themselves Malaysians

There is no reason
We can't change the government
Other countries keep changing
Through votes and choice

So let us make our efforts
Through the voting process
Change for a better country
For the future of our people

A little effort
Every one will make the change
To the future the generations to come
What we will do today

Sunday, April 18, 2010

it's in the mind

The unfaithfuls
The many you find

The men and women
No colour, religion or creed

It happens
As age changes

Interests change
The eyes turning cold

The mind visualizes
The young care free ways

It isn't about money
It is about satisfaction

In tastes ; in sexual flow
The familiarity breeds

The mind stops
Recognition fails to sustain

The crying in emotional needs
It takes a moment to seek the truth

The running lane
Focus on it

Feel the familiar ground
The works and dreams

It's in the mind
The dream of tranquility

the brown puppies 4

I haven't seen the brown puppies
In the market place I drive in
It seems they have gone
Maybe a kind soul takes them home

The brown puppies let go by the owners
They have no time to care for them
Letting go in the market place
Let them find food themselves

The world we live in
Harsh reality surviving instincts
When times are bad, we think differently
For the law of jungle licks in

The brown puppies could be in pots
Some Chinese or Koreans eat it
They say it taste like chicken meat
Tender flesh young puppies fetch

If you can't keep dogs
Send it to be neutered save all costs
Why let them suffer losing young puppies?
Let them live without the baggage

the dolls

I can't recall I play with dolls
In my early years I guess not

For guys to do it sound silly
So the macho thing act in physical games

Playing marbles flying kites
Around the fields on the streets

Dolls for the girls
The care free world they live in

The dolls live it up
Beautifully display wanting to enjoy

The world in its eyes
Opening wide hoping for miracle

Or it becomes Chuck
The evil ducks quack

The subtle messages
Crafted on the doll routines

When the dolls can talk
The world may live differently

In the closet the dolls speak
We never are bored, we make a child happy

In the day the dolls in play
The children gathered speak a language

You have good imagination
Live it up as life takes you along

live simple

Live simple
No complications
Early rise
Sun set smile

Colours life
Enjoy smell
Bearing goods
Live simple

The villages
Fresh air
The whispers
Of life scents

The streams
The waterfalls
The naturals
Live simple

In city
Never forget
The roots
Live simple

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the climb to heaven

The steps to the temple
The devotees huff and puff
Old and young brave up the efforts
The long climb to get prayers

On festivals the throng of people
Coming all over the country
Gathering to pay homage
To the deities granting wishes

Beggars and food and drink operators
Doing roaring business on the people
Tourists and devotees come many
Giving alms no way to be stingy

The climb to heaven
The devotees believe
Offering alms and prayers
They will get credits

The steps to heaven
The journey of no door
Into the temple ground
The prayers and idols

The verses and religious songs
Ringing out to greet the masses
Ushering good tidings choking smoke
A test of faith; a small step to the light

ting ting candy

Ting ting candy
I don't see it around
The sweet taste
A long time ago

In my kampong years
The neighbour made to sell
I used to hang around
Smell the sweet aroma

I got to taste the crumbs
Right out from the big oven
The smell of candy
The lollipod too

The father passed to his son
For a while the business was carried out
In years the son gone to Singapore
The ting ting candy disappeared

dream away

Dream, dream, dream away
Climb the ladder see what's on the top
Touch the sky feel the light
It's the imagination living it up

Whatever costs you will pay
It's the living the best you could
You must remember you make your choices
When you grow up, learn an education

Spread your wings soaring high
Until you forget what you are doing
Building castle in the air......
Forgetting reality sometimes life sucks

Yet you mustn't forget
Dream, dream, dream away
Imagine the life you will want
It helps you to stay on sanity

Friday, April 16, 2010

the fountain

The fountain flow
Water splashing glow
Droplets of white

The girl throws
Pebble stones into it
Wishing herself a merry day

The ripples drawing out
Reaching to the other side
She stares with her eyes

“A penny for your thought?”
“I just wish life can be so easy
Without so much hassles and trappings”

“It has to be this way
Else it will become boring!
Living will have no meaning”

The soft breeze whirring
Around her ears she listens
The echo of ringing lives

The morning rays
It's golden beams crafted beautifully
On the water the fountain brushes it

you got no where

MIC talked so loud
Wanted to do this and that
When Umno decided
MIC kept quiet

You got slapped
You didn't realize
What's to hang around?
Partnership has no ground

Wake up MIC
The leaders only fight for themselves
The marginalised group only work half way
Let them suffer the agony of forgetting

Umno strikes again
The partnership for show only
The other partners should realize
You can't go anywhere without Umno

the boundary line

The boundary line
The running dogs guard
Let no others come to pass
Sitting there under the shades

Using all tricks and lies to hide
The truth about political life...........
The running dogs bark
The sound travels far and wide

Gathering its own kind..........
The boundary line
The hidden truth
sweeping under the carpet

The power and greed
The bad ways, probing agencies
Giving freedom a bad name
They don't read

The ants story
Unity and sharing loads
Sitting on the table
Sharing equal bounty

Amongst equals in society
The boundary line
The running dogs guard
Afraid of changes; afraid of new light

a white cow

Many horses trading
Galloping on empty ground
Finally agree to trade
A white cow

Pull out in anger
Closing branches in protests
Our man or no deal
Then the white cow

Smiling faces
The horse trading completes
The copulation of anger
It is forgotten quickly

The white cow
The sacrifices for greed
Let the Hulu decide
It makes a difference

The government and policies
The changing needs for change
Will the Hulu want it?
When it matters for the nation?

the way forward

The heat goes
The race each its own
Bluffing mind twisted curve
Nothing new since 1957

The sidekicks parade
Twisting facts greedy eyes
Want it all then satisfy
In the mind............

The deep pockets
The digging of its own
The people in general
Offering prayers divine help

The heat goes
The running dogs bark
Telling lies hiding in the dark
The way it is

Until the wind
Blowing storm for change
The way forward
The future it is

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the heat the rays

The rain doesnt make it
The heat seems to take
Of coolness weather
It has hidden away

The falling rain
Only for a while
Then the heat the high note
It makes the shade sweet

Driving away in cooling car
The journey bearable for a while
The outside cool breezy wind
Whirring its whisper laughing at the back

Back in the house
The heat overbearing cry
“You can't escape from me
I make you sweat a little longer”

the political masks

The masks of a face
Everything putting it on
Telling different story
One mask at a time

It's all about greed
When the fingers in a jar
Feeling the itch and the touch
It will be hard to share

Sprouting 1Malaysia
The spirit isn't there
Back home the obvious happens
The onion skins painted colours

We read what's wrong
The stigma we are put through
Labelling us a story in the alleys
The truth hiding out in shame

The masks of a face
The political leaders hide
Eyes contact they try to escape
Into their own self made cocoons

the apron strings

Ameeno calls
The dog trainers run
With the pack of dogs
Barking all loud

“What it is boss?”
“Play your bugle
I am the kingpin
You do as I say”

The dog trainers
Minds twist around
“Are you sure?”
“I am now go!”

The dog trainers
Group together read the headline
“Ameeno wants young
The old can go......”

Once in Malacca
One warlord claimed
Ameeno could go alone
A slap on the face

Yet the dog trainers forget
Living on crumbs selling rights
Hold on to the apron strings
The alleged puppets dancing all along

know your rules

You can't satisfy needs of others
They have ideas forming their own
The circus of minds reaching out
The hidden greed the lousy losers

The corrupted minds money the call
Into the hands beginning and fall
You know it is the truth
Money the sandy ground of hell

You can't satisfy needs of others
In this context play your rules
When it is made and done
Be satisfied what is the best

You can't satisfy the many lots
Life will be boring is true
When nobody argues pulses no feel
You share nothing gain no satisfaction

You can't satisfy needs of others
The hidden greed the lousy losers
Money the sandy ground of hell
You get sucked in losing principles

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the Constitution

Constitution makes it works
Of lives of the people living here
Let the groundworks say it all
Don't let a leader squandered away

Constitution makes years gone
Written up laid out to guide the nation
Yet there are instances of face off
It makes the people staring at the unfairness

Constitution changes are made
With 2/3 majority parliament can amend
To satisfy a party needs to control
The people mustn't let it happens

Over 650 amendments reported
Passing laws under the Emergency regulations
Though in the Constitution it is illegal.........
Not when it is under Emergency laws

Constitution plays the tune
A party leaders change its words
Telling lies for its own survival
The voters should wake up now

Before all are gone
Leaving us with crumbs
The hollowness of darkness and despair
The Constitution must be protected

let pakatan rule for a change

The country is
In Emergency Law situation
This law hasn't been repealed
Though communist insurgents and Konfratasi gone

Yet the Emergency Law bites
Into our daily life and Constitution
The Bend leaders aren't eager to repeal
It saves them from losing power grid

Pakatan needs all the help
Every bit cutting corners
The voters must rise to the challenges
Pakatan needs 2/3 majority to amend laws

Otherwise we can shout and demand
The imbalances painted on our faces
Know the law give Pakatan a leg up
Repeal the Emergency Law..........

Then we can see
What the country shall be
A country for all people
With laws of fair and equality

the blue sky

The blue sky
Writing patterns of white
Sometimes cloudy
It never stays in one place

The early morning sky
Brilliant rays absorbing eyes
People busy desperate wives
Hanging out to dry...........

The bees and butterflies
Flapping wings pollinations ring
Flowers bloom lives enjoin
The blue sky

It changes quickly
Quarelling housewives
Pack punches demons lies
In the blue sky

Nature glow
In the midst of heat
Flowering bloom
Life still great

The blue sky
Patterns in the eyes
Pick a choice
Write it away

ahini isnt a child play

Ahini never forget
It's contagious and deadly
Though the press hardly says
It's venom hit the news again

Ahini isn't a child play
When you get sick flu like
Better get treatment quickly
If normal medicine never works

Don't wait for too long
Help may not come your way
When the virus attacks
The weak body system has no defence

Ahini a calling card
The evil comes to collect
You can beat it
By getting prepared

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the temperature rising

The temperature rising
It's the hot day of 35C
It's only in the house
Outside the hot wind blowing

The humming bird sits
Guarding its eggs
The hot day makes no difference
It has its duty.........

The temperature rising
The heat biting into skin
I can feel the hot wind
Stay indoors or under shade

The air-conditioning units
Airing out eating into bills
Slowly the cooling effect
In the house makes it easy

the titles

Titled names and wealth
Paying for it smiling all the way
Showing out medals no citation
The stone throwing in many hit the heads!

Originating from the British monarchy
In the times of begone era
the British care less about it
Of Sirs, Lords, Barons..............

Here we have.............
So many titles to give away
On what grounds those are honoured?
Politicians and public servants

They are paid to do a job
For the country and her people
There is alleged no exemplary services
To get recognition for a title

Let the titles worthy of the recipients
Let the citations be ground for achievements
Published it out why such persons are honoured
Let it be transparent and accountable

There are too many
You throw a stone
You will hear “Dato, Dato, Datuk!”
“You don't know me?”

what's new humming bird?

The humming bird
The little 3 inches
Flying low tweeting away

Now it finds a home
Temporary though it is
Building nest laid 4 eggs

Late in the evening
The humming bird returns
Sitting on the nest

Morning sun rises
It will fly away
For the whole day

Monday, April 12, 2010

you dont have to wait

Work hard for your time
Get it started get it going
You don't have to wait
Open your eyes and mind

It doesn't wait for any one
It starts moving every day
Even you fall asleep
It doesn't wait for you

Within the time work for it
Don't say you don't enough time
It is there barely for you to lick
You can't have it all

This is the way of time
It doesn't rush you make for it
Screaming out loud when you delay
For time waits for nobody

don't lose focus

The stray dogs roaming
On the streets in the market stalls
All alone finding food to survive
The breeding then the owners throw away

In the day; in the night
It makes no difference when need to survive
Sniffing food throwing on the floor or streets
Sometimes rummaging around in the dustbins

The stray dogs fear in their eyes
Any significant goodness seems gone
In the dogs' minds surviving is the game
Sniffing around care not what people say

Study the dogs the significant of human lives
When you are poor, living hands to mouths
The fear of the unknown always linger in their minds
Dare not aggressively pursuing afraid to know

The rejection and run down of dignity
It breaks a person losing control
Living in fear when money is the game
Without it what life will be?

To turn around life
One has to forget
The background of a living
Try it harder forget about letdown

It is still holding true
“No venture no gain”
One shouldn't be a stray dog
Losing all hope for a home

find the one

Find the one make you dizzy
With the time and money spinning
Spreading out will cause you time
Will it bring you the money?

No doubt you want content life
Living the way you always imagine
It applies to many people living
Yet the elusive dream is just

They keep saying “time is money”
“Use it wisely to ring wealth”
Many go plunging on a chase
Finding the field a crazy maze

Are you going round and round?
Searching for ways to your dream?
Look for the real opportunity cost
Amongst the lot you have found

Sometimes listen to others bragging about
The way they make their nests
Within short span they acquire assets
Listening may find answer you seek

Pick the one earning you money
The quickest possible time on it
You have ambition desire to make
The way you always dream in

the cycle

The blue sky white clouds
Floating as the seconds flow
Many people just carry on
Of life and affairs chasing dreams

Jealousy and greed
Of neighbours materialistic gains
Finding out what they do
Man they will not tell you

For a short while
A decade the acquiring assets
Looking into the short term
It can't make on normal rules

You hear the story
The peacock colours bewitching eyes
As the blue sky and white clouds
Attract your time your forget a while

Then the cloud changes
Dark clouds rain fall
On the ground into rivers
Of things we do and see

This is the cycle
Slow and fast within the wheel
You pedal it how you want it
It is there you have to decide

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the brown puppies 3

The brown puppies silence at neighbour
The yapping suddenly all turning quiet
No doubt it happened weeks ago

The quiet solitude nothing to disturb
Ocassionally imagining hearing the barking sound
Of the puppies running in cage

One day at night in the stalls
I saw the brown puppies scavenging
Food on the streets and trees

The puppies stared as I parked
For a while then running away
The brown puppies throw them away

late night supper

Late night supper the food outlets
Every one seems join the crowd
Partaking of food drinks and friendship
Balloon up sign coming of age

The night food operators roaring business
Catering to demand crowd at night
Order takers yelling coversation clearly loud
Yet the atmosphere many races gallopping

The health diseases breed without notices
The lack of exercises and sleep
The grounds loose circulating the neck
Be at risks don't heed advice

Late night supper the food outlets
Bring in cash glory for some
This is the cycle diseases spread
Balloon up sign coming of age

the red shirt people 2

The Red Shirt waving flags shouting
On the streets in capital city
The red shirted protestors displaying anger
Of government holding it through backdoor

The signs clearly seen by many
Let the people voices decisive factor
Let them choose their choice government
When legitimacy in question people decide

The kiasu of government ordered soldiers
Aggressive methods tear gases and bullets
5 dead number of injury clashes
It unleashes round of angry protests

The Red Shirt people marching on
For cause they want it corrected
The people should have quiet say
Democracy a way to bridge understanding

No high handed methods to suppress
It will bring unhappiness amongst people
The protests will keep marching on
Until satisfaction to appease the crowd

the old car

The old car coughs
Many ways in her arsenal
Bolts wires and engine
It sings so familiar tune

She takes me
Every where in her hey days
Now she is growing old
She can't push it any more

Old age comes
Leaking under dashboard
On the front mirror
I can't let her go

Radiator sucks up water
Sent for repairs...nothing happens
Every day or two I will top water up
The old car knows she can't help it

Only at night she gets to drive
She's the night angel now
I take her out only at night
Day belongs to another car

The old car winks at me
We share our bond in those years
Caught in flooding areas
Lost gear bolt in resting station

Yet she never failed me
She always stalled at a proper place
All those years driving the car
She keeps to her mood

Once in highway battery gave up
A van selling battery came
Paid for battery moving on again
She never lets me down

The old car now parks
Only at night she takes me around
Around town and short distances
Her heyday gone only bonding remembered

Saturday, April 10, 2010

the sunset

The sunset begins
Slowly blooming in the sky
Rich colours swapping the eyes
Of nature and its magic

Even sitting at the patio
The colours wave the rays shine
Taking it before it disappears
Until tomorrow it comes again

People talk
About anything in the sky
Of life in general
Of money, romance, sickness

The sunset whispers
“The ray of hope” it says
“Look at me every day
Rich colours radiant hope”

the berlin wall of malaysia

Berlin Wall of Malaysia
The divisive walls exist
Branding its own kind of agenda
Using slogan never goes the unity

The ameeno's sidekicks
Indulging in racist politics
Kicking up a storm in racist demands
Giving them a foot isn't enough

Once decades ago
30% cake got it and disappeared
The shares and projects all gone
Once it was $54 billion.............

And the sidekicks got the cheek
To demand 67% of the cake.....
They don't work hard for it
They think sleeping will get them rich

We should discard racial baggage
We should think as 1Malaysian
Working hard to enrich each other
For the country needs and ours

The ameeno can't do it
We should change a new kid
Take a chance to make it works
Let the new kid roams the streets

heaven whispers

Heaven whispers
The people run
Under the shade
Hiding it away

The shower rain
Spraying softly on the ground
The dancing droplets
Tempting the eyes

Heaven whispers
The glow in the sky
The people run
Closing ears heart beating high

The people wait
Understanding amongst themselves
Ears and eyes listening
Heaven whispers

redang island

Redang Island
The holiday makers arrive
Diving enthusiats and ordinary tourists
Soaking the rolling waves white sandy beach

Nature gift to the State
For the enjoyment of all people
Locals and around the world
No discrimination of class

Yet we hear
The State wants to restrict
For the rich and famous only
Leaving out the ordinary tourists

5 star hotels
On the island coastlines
You can't pay don't come visit
Shutting out the ordinary locals

It is management and control
Engaging the players to protect the environment
Strictly following the rules
Catch the culprits make them pay

Depriving others of God gifts
It smells the short sighted of the State
It is supervision to get it done
No sitting in the office dreaming away

The locals you have a choice
Play your part vote the racist party out
You can't say you have no say
Cast your vote for Pakatan


The people live for it
Even without money
It is the appreciation

A word of thanks
A word of encouragement
A word you do a good job
It is a way of life

People live to get recognition
Even a small gesture carries weight
Here we found the Bee Anne goons
Writing report to police and macc

$100 to the poor
It means a lot to get it free
A small gesture by PR
They take a chance making it good

We know the empire is crumbling
A slow way to die for good
Once it hits the ground goodbye!
We will live to see it happens

Friday, April 09, 2010

go out and get it over

Don't live in fear
Go out and get it over
Try out and get it moving

Procrastination a losing trend
A way to hide the truth
You don't get a positive road

So go out and get it over
Let the life blast it away
You don't know when you don't try

Try out and get it moving
Don't live in fear.............
You have one life to make it right

take a chance

Take a chance
Life is full of it
Once you forget
You shouldn't feel regret

Reaching out
Hit the right note
When you arrive
Be sure the card is right

Don't live in the past
When you miss your chance
It doesn't say it is the end
It only means you wait a while

Take a chance
Of life sweetness
Be part of the journey
Live it to the full

learn the rope

I live through all my life
I never see murders.........
I had seen police brutality
I was a victim of robbery

The years in the village
Gangs and supporters meet
In the village in peaceful co-existence
Only outsiders came to play music

When the Black Maria came
The police like mad drunken chasers
Catching the gangs punched them up
Hauled them into Black Maria

I got first hand account
Of the treatment in police lockup
My siblings were detained
For nothing they never did

Those years in the village
The police just caught you with the gang
They were the village friends
Yet the police would just pulled you in

I live through all my life
Learn the street habits
Learn to defend myself
Work hard for it............

Dream big too
What life could be
Learn the rope
Be better in future