Saturday, January 27, 2007

what's wrong with a baby girl?

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I read in recent report a mother committed suicide when she delivered a baby girl. She expected to have a male child. Now what's wrong with a baby girl? I always believe a female has most benefits than a male. In the time of hardship and what's not, a female can do wonders than a male. A man can walk out of his family or neglect his children but a female will nourish and prosper the family alone with patience and gritty to carry the family through. A man always go for the easy way out - leave the family and go for another. Of course I am not saying every guy is such a coward in the family. I am saying it does happen in the society here or elsewhere. So I can't understand a mother committing suicide because she has a baby girl. She should be proud that she is a mother.....delivering gift of god to the world.

Friday, January 26, 2007

sony music system

I had Sony Bravia LCD TV 40inch into my living room area together with its DVD 5 tier player. It cost me $9,500/- for the package set. The LCD TV alone will cost me $8,100/- whereas the DVD player will cost around $2,700/-. So I bought the package which would cost be less. So it stood proudly in my new house. I go back to watch programmes at night. Right now I haven't shifted in as yet. I go back to sleep over. And day time I still spend in my old house writing in the internet. The new house has no phone line as yet. I found out phrase 1 had telephone lines. I am in phrase 2 still I have to wait for the developer to pay deposit to TNB before poles and lines can be connected for phrase 2 houses. Currently the whole housing area is not occupied fully. I can count something like 20 houses occupied and few hundreds are unoccupied as yet. People buy for speculation. And I know these house buyers got burned on their fingers. Because no buyer to buy the ready made house.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

toll protestors

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The recent toll protestors were injured by the police even though these protestors went about it smoothly. I thought the police personnel should exercise restraint in dealing with this type of protest. The toll hikes affect every motorist including the police and their families and relatives. They should allow them to hold the protest peacefully and let the govenment understands the situation on the ground. The contractual agreements are lopsided at the expense on the rakyat. The government should publicly published it so that the people can judge it. Currently the government dares not do it because I see there is something to hide. Actions always carry the weight in gold than mere words express in the complex legal jargon which only benefits the legal fraternity. No...the government is hiding it under OSA(official secrets act). Accountability and transparency throwing with the wind.....................Will there be charges file against the police personnel and the officer in charge for hurting innocent people? There shouldn't be another cover up. I think we have so many. The worst one was the Anwar Ibrahim's case......

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bloggers sued 2

Many views had been expressed about bloggers got sued by NST. There is a fund being set up to defend Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru from the people in NST. The PM allowed the suing to be carried on inspite of what the people had voiced their sentiments. NST is controlled by the pro-government. This is indirectly telling people there is no such thing as freedom of speech in any medium in the country. This will cost votes in the next election which could be this year or the earliest 2008. And I think BN will feel the wrath of the voters this time around. For me I have enough of the speeches and the double standard dishes out to favoured people and companies. I strongly believe there is nothing wrong in their articles about NST but I have find out in court what the lawyers will present the case to the Judge. Let the battle begins! your words and the way you walk

black puppies

The two black puppies have been tied up by the owner. I dont see them sneaking into my garden yesterday. So I was free of dog shit and urine. I am quite happy now. Every morning I survey my garden before I go to my other house. My CCTV doesn't capture any dog images. In a way I know the owner didnt release the puppies at night. I hope the owner keeps it the way it is until the puppies growing up around a month time. Today I hardly hear the barking of the puppies. Maybe the owner has given them away or takes to her village. I always maitain that dog owner(s) should take responsibility and care of the animal. It is like a step child which needs constant supervision and training. When one has no time to do it, it is advisable not to rear dogs.

Two days ago when these puppies sneaked into my garden around 12.00 midnight, I came out from the house and caught them. One I let go through fence. The puppy squeezed through after some effort. The other one I captured I knocked its head telling the puppy 'dont come here and shit' and I knocked 3 times on its head andd gave the puppy a kick. It ran like crazy and quickly escaped through the fence. I thought these puppies had learned its lessons. Boy I was wrong? By morning I saw two dog shit in my garden....fresh ones to let me know that my advice didnt work
But so far now I haven't seen the puppies sneaking to my garden. If I see the puppies, I will throw them away. I prefer dogs wait outside for permission to come in. These dogs I believe are good dogs....

Monday, January 22, 2007

the good feeling no more

LKY wants the BN Chairman to hold a conference to explain to the BN delegates about the economy of the country. He said he heard about the rumblings on the ground about the state of affairs in the country. I agree with LKY. People kept talking about the poor economic situation in the country yet our PM seems sitting coolly in his office. Perhaps his advisors never tell him what is happening on the ground. I don't think he needs it. He should walk his talk and he can know first hand about the sentiments of the rakyat. Imagine my bowl of laks has gone up to $2.80 up by 30% Now it has become too expensive in a small town where I plonked myself thinking that small town cost of living should be manageable as compared to KL or PJ or Shah Alam or even Klang. I know of these big towns where it can cost me anything from $5 a bowl to $8 on the roadside stall. Property slumps has arrived. The government never informs the public about the currrent situation. Many houses are left empty - sold or unsold? I don't know yet. Factories are closing down or shifting to other countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Even the FDI too had gone from the country. Only sometimes I heard about factory upgrading its facilities and then a beautiful write up was published. But the factories shut down werent put up for the public consumption. Lately I heard a factory in Nilai is going bust and affecting about 7,000 workers. Yet I dont hear any official reply in the press. Perhaps every one is busy reading about the floods in Johore. I pity the people there or even other states or my home state for that better for the greed and corruption on the wrong planning of developments. In the end the people have to suffer but the wrong approaches done by the government and greedy businessmen..As the saying goes 'we profit what we planted' I dont feel the bouncy glow in myself. I feel so quiet in the country. And I dont see our PM in the front pages of newspapers. Has he lost his magic touch now? Words he had won then but action needs to be desired. The economy is moving at a slow pace.....toll hikes again. People protest and got arrested (21 persons) But seditious speeches no arrest what say you oh Police?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

dogs shit

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I can't understand dog's owners. The owners want to keep dogs. It is fine with me. But when they dont leach their dogs and keep the animals healthy it becomes someone's problem. My garden is attacked by these dogs. Two black puppies came to shit in my garden. At one time I thought it was the cat. I saw an orange cat in my garden. Of course the cat ran away then. When I surveyed around I saw a pile of shit on the pearl grass. I scooped it up and buried underground. Next day in the morning I saw the same cat again but it hopped over the concrete fence and disappeared. During these times I didnt see the black puppies in my garden yet. Then one day in the morning I saw two black puppies huddled at a corner. I caught one and the other ran away through the iron gate. So I released the other black puppy and it ran away quickly. I walked around the garden and I saw dog shit. It was the same shit I saw few days ago. Now I scooped it up and buried once again. In a way I was quite annoyed now. So this morning I saw a pile of dog shit but the puppies weren't in the garden. My box of sand was scattered around the porch and my plant leaves crumbled into pieces laying on the tile floor. This was too much . Now I am going to catch these puppies and throw them away. I have no grudge against animals but I want owners to discipline their animals. If they can't do that, I think they shouldnt rear animals. I have enough of dog shit in my garden and the time I have to scoop it up and clean the place. Opposite the owner's house is a plot of vacant land where the owner use to plant crops and trees. The puppies can shit there for all I care but they dont. They have to crawl over to my garden and shit on it. My other house I find I have bird shit every morning. This is another story..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

bloggers sue

NST sued Bloggers Jeff Ooi and Bro for their comments in the blogs. Now I see the big giant wants to silent the small fry in alternative comments. Why can't the big fish let the small fish swim in the oceans? There is enough space for each to move around. Why need to establish perimeter to restrict one movements? Let them do their own censorship. I like to say my piece in whatever forms I think I should comment in my blog. Those who have done wrongs should be answerable for their actions and not covered their acts through litigation or sue people to silent them. Every time there is a gossip there must be something brewing in the waves. Otherwise people have other things to do. I believe there is always something to look at when one says out of the ordinary. It is for the person concerned to admit to it privately and changed for the better and not act arrogantly to silent the minority. This is a test case for the bloggers. I want people to have freedom to express their views in their own blogs. How many of us know of any legal laws in depth in our daily lives? We write our views thinking someone will change for the better or accept alternative view points in discharge of one's duties and responsibilities. Let this freedom of views flow in the blogs. It is just a small droplet in the cyber space and how many will visit your blog? Sometimes a few at times hardly so. May God be kind to our views in the blogs

Friday, January 19, 2007

town council

Taiping Town Council has become the first council to designated all the councillors roads to check and recommend for improvement. In line with this concept I wish all the other town councils should adopt this pro-active approach in helping the areas to be in tip-top condition through the years. This is in addition to the other duties for the councillors to take care off. In this way I hope things will keep improving. But so far nothing is announced on the other town councils. Sometimes I wonder why these government officials never take a leaf from Singapore. And I am sure they had studied how Singapore managed her affairs on roads and rubbish disposal, licences and regulations. I still it is the attitude of these officials. The government should mix the civil servants racial composition. There shouldnt be any one race dominates in the agencies or departments. Every higher post must be opened to all races. Right now it is not really happening in the true sense of our multi-racial composition. This is not in spirit of the charter founded by our founding fathers. BN is only on the facade but the spirit is lacking in its implementation. Look around us. It is the rule and divide. The government criticised the British government of her rule and divide game then yet now the government takes the same path to divide its own citizens......will the elected government learn at all in the end?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

bleeding gums link to cancer?

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Bleeding gums link to cancer? We were told that it is lack of Vitamin C and poor brushing techniques. Now this! Normally the dentist will advice to brush twice daily, floss it and gurgle it too. Eat fresh fruits and drink alot of water. Though I dont know how far this is true but it is best to take care of one's health all the time. Fresh fruits help but also enough sleep to repair tissues..which I think most of us will not find it. There are many problems besetting the sleeping patterns. Even count sheeps will not let you go to sleep. The areas are people, children, money, colleagues, relatives, in-laws, parents, brothers/sisters, friends, religion, sex and bosses too. You think you can sleep well when issuess crop up at home and in work place? I dont think so. One has to solve it then sleep can flow easily.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

cherish life

Prostitution one way to earn a living and enjoy with it. This is what millions got. It isn't going away. There is a trade for it. So whether it is forced to do or volunteer for it one has to look at it objectively. I can't say women shouldn't do it. Because men and women do it every day every second every time either legally or through paid services. There is a need for these women to work. I am not a god or or a saint. Every time I think of beautiful women they make me dream. To me it makes my world look sane at least while I am dreaming about it. Reality is I am looking at pictures....psst....searching along the internet too like up close and personal...hehehe My point is nobody should surrender life just because someone forced you to do it. When life is at stake, it is better to do it and think of ways to get it out too. So I couldn't understand the two women hanged themselves because in a note one said they were forced to do prostitution. One has to act smart and know the rules. This isnt a game. It is real of life or death. Initial investigation it was reported as sudden death because of no break in or forced entry. Physically it was thought that they committed suicide. But evidence had shown they could be hung by someone(s) whom the sisters knew. Now the police has to look at a different angle. Personally, I dont think the sisters did it to themselves. They had their lives ahead of them. It isnt easy to take own life no matter how one has to speculate. At least the person has totally been possessed by the demons where his/her resistance is very low of fire. I also like to read mysterious novels - real or imagine. When life is at stake, it is better to do as asked. Principles shouldn't apply. Life is the greatest form one has to cherish.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

the woes set in

No neighbour will help you unless you help yourself. This is the truth in any crime scene. You think your neighbour will play the good Samaritan for your troubles. I say you better get ready for the silent treatment. I came from a kampong village and I could differentiate the neighbourliness amongst the villagers but I couldn't find it happening in towns or cities. I am practically have to find ways to protect my home and myself. Crimes have increased in many parts of the country. You read in newspapers about robberies and snatch thieves. Yet it was always the faults of the victim not the thief so said a deputy minister. With this line of thinking coming from the Cabinet what chances have the ordinary people got? Houses on public auction announced in the newspapers. Many housing agents too have houses to sell. I already knew about the housing slum about 2 years ago yet the government never plays its role right. Jobs are not many to be found. Some factories had closed down or some shifted operations. The government should announce ways to curb factories shifting to China or Thailand or Vietnam. Incentives and packages must be very attractive to reign in these bosses to stay in the country. I feel the current PM doesn't feel the bouncy feeling on the economy. He is taking things very slow indeed! Now the floods in Johore getting worst with the falling rain. Many towns are affected and people are sent into flood relief centres. Now calling for volunteers to assist in relief work in Johore. I feel the situation will turn bad. Every little napoleon will try to be the king because this little man can get away with it. Because the top is sleeping!

life goes on and on

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Life goes on. Flood or no flood; corruption or unfriendly smile, poor or rich, thieves or robbers, and or too many forms to set up a factory, the flow must go. The forces will not be stopped. The engines will push forward for the better or worst. Murderers, rapists, religious fanatics or peeping toms, wayward wanderers, mental patients or whateve ills society has, nothing will stop the development paces muchrooming around the country. Drug addicts, fornicators, conmen, quack doctors or mediums, witchcraft and lazy people, the transformation will be made though the ills of the society keeping pace with it. It is our own creation dividing the lines of the good and bad. The emotional stresses and traumas trigger many suicidal incidents in the society; albeit some are fatal indeed. Like the recent cases of a couple died in the car of carbon gas through the exhaust pipe and two sisters hung themselves on the ceiling fan. Did they think they could solve problems in this way? Paradise is above the ground; hell is buried underground!! And yes....heavens high in the galaxy far beyond our imagination and eyes; perhaps our mind can imagine it. We are born for a purpose so it is best we finished our term not half way through and we disappear. Nay...we lose our values and the conditions of our existence. I know life must go on and on..

Friday, January 12, 2007

goods hike

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This New Year goods and services will increase. Visit Malaysia Year 2007 welcome to the cost of rising prices. Though I hear reports that it won't increase but reality bites. How come the minister or prime minister never goes to the ground and see what is happening? Making speeches people forget after the talk. It is the concrete result that would make the difference. Nay I have to pay more now. My regular stall here has increased his selling price. A bowl of assam laksa jumps to $0.30 to $2.80 previously was $2.50 even meat mee soup jumps by 10%. When the petrol was increase the cost of goods jumped too. Now nearer to CNY it jumps up again. Will the minister really go to the market and find out? I doubt these ministers ever do that unless it is near to election time then I could find them walking in the market or hawkers' stalls. Every election it is the same routine. Time to change. The present government has served its purpose. For nearly 50 years the rakyat gave them to rule. But what happen in the end? We pay through our noses to feed these ministers for not helping the people by their business friends. I read somewhere the petrol price should be $1.42/litre instead of current $1.92/litre. Yet the government never changes it but allowed the petrol companies to collect the extra $0.50/litre. On top of that the government allowed the toll companies to increase the toll charges on its lopsided contracts. If they have the hearts of the people, the government should take over the companies and dismantle the tolls. Perhaps the government can introduce it within the city limits so that it wont get congested other areas should be free flow...As I said before previtization projects cost the people traumas. Because it benefits some people at the expense of the general populace. Like the case of our road tax discs. It can't last the season. Even for a half year road tax disc it starts to peel off within 3-4 months. And JPJ will charge you $50 for a replacement when in the first place it is the product that is flawed!! Will the PM take corrective action on this? I dont think he sees his own road tax disc on his cars or official cars. He should go and take a look every time he walks into his car(s) Now Cuepacs want salary increase but the delivery system is still very bad! The civil service should have equal proportion of the races in the workforce. In this way Malaysia can progress in the globalized world. Ketuanan Melayu is for the politicians who always wanted to tell lies anyway. If you listen to these people, you puke it in your brain. They never get scared of The Lord...Pity really that we elect these people to power and eventually we get booted out...Next time play wise.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

hike the rates you fall

PM said it is fair to raise the toll charges in the Klang Valley. But the demonstrations by the NGOs, ordinary people and opposition parties told him a different agenda. The majority of the people are suffering of the many hikes in his administration. Even MCA too went on the demonstration on the toll hikes though it was censored in the main newspapers. The agreement is lopsided benefitting the company. The responsible government should publish its agreement so that the people will know how the elected government runs its affairs for the people. Right now I think the PM never tells the truth. A business is a risk. Any company knows it. But do our government know about it? I dont think so. This toll affair will make the rakyat angry of the government by making the companies richer while the ordinary people suffer...The government for the people; nay it is more like the government for the business people..BN wont get it good next time around!!!!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

kota kemuning/subang parade

I was in Kota Kemuning on 6 to Jan 07. I was attending my grandniece one month old celebration. I went there just to show my face and ate some food there. With this type of celebration it was eat and eat. Later at the tail end of the dinner, I had some chit chat with a British couple about places of interests in Malaysia - Malacca, Cameron Highlands, Fraser's Hill, Penang Island and Langkawi. This couple has chosen Malaysia as their 2nd home. They travelled alot. The last posting they were in Japan teaching English Language to the Japanese. At the end of the dinner, I stayed in Section 31/104c facing the golf field. Early in the morning the workers start cranking up the machines....and the early morning blast of music. I think the residents there will surely file complaints to the Golf Club Management...At one time there were many snakes crawling over to the houses nearby. Since the company completed its projects on its driving range and sports building, the unkempt areas had gone. Now no snakes around..Over all it is still a quiet place away from the traffic flow in the day and night. On 7/1/07 lucky didnt get traffic jam somewhere in Subang...there was a public demonstration against toll hike!. I was in Subang Parade looking at the new renovation works and passed my time looking at things like handphones and houses for sale in Shah Alam(Currently not thinking about buying a property in Shah Alam yet..) Had teabreak at Delifrance where the service was very slow and houseflies were flying around. The workers should be proactive looking into the hygienic part of the food display on the counter...Drinks took a long while to arrive. Ordered pizza never came though the outlet manager came to say sorry because its salamandar broke down! Cancelled the order paid for the others and left.

Malaysia...the government should not allow the toll hike!

Friday, January 05, 2007

m & a

Every time a company announces about its M & A, the shares will go up. So somebody will make money on the shares. The company will send statement to the Bursa Malaysia of its MOU then nicely put subject to Bank Negara's clearance. I think the government should stop this practise. It is akin to building a house without permit - build first obtain approval later. This is what happening in M & A. There must be watch dogs set up independently to view the scenes in the corporate world. Bank Negara should review its role in this sector. If it is overworked(as it always claims in the government agencies) it should let go of its policing. Let a reputable public accounting firm to evaluate the company's intentions to protect the investing public not to be conned by the lofty statements and guaranteed profits. Like the recent case of EPF nearly conned by a defunct company of $15 million. What will the government do? I think the entire Board should be replaced and bring in a mixture of professionals into EPF. It is the working people money yet the EPF officials dont take good care of it. I just hope nobody is going to lose his/her life saving in EPF. Me included.....

Malaysia- change for the better throw away old rules set up simple regulations every one understands

Thursday, January 04, 2007

changes the landscape of politics

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I suppose the government is seriously considering the demands of the Cuepacs. As I said before, the civil servants should buck up and improve the delivery system to the people. And other thing the government should trim the civil service force. It is too fat. Too many deadwoods spoil the loop...Cuepacs wanted to increase the civil servant intake basically for the organization to look very good at the expense of the taxpayers. The government is elected by the people for the people but it never happens when the election is over. Will the people ever learn? Now front page in The Star EPF nearly conned of $15 million for a defunct company EPF has so many professionals in its employ yet what they are doing? I can only say the officials have no interest for the funds under their control...The government should open up the Accounts of the EPF to the public. So many contracts and buying aren't transparent at all. Two years ago I read about EPF renting a whole building for something like $2 million a month which it could buy or build it. But no EPF officials rented the whole building....because it isnt their money. I dont what happen to it....I dont see a follow up in the press. Likewise Petronas should also publish its accounts to the public. Just dont hide it under OSA....This Act should be abolished. I can only think of a new government to tackle the woes of the rakyat...which remind me of Anwar Ibrahim- the former deputy prime minister and finance minister - whom I think can introduce changes in the government of his day. Will the people make a choice? Will they want it to get empty pockets in their lives? The majority of living day to day should swing the votes and make it into history as a force that changes the landscape of politics..

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

no plan yet for 2007

It is the beginning of the New Year and I couldnt blog as I like. The internet line is so damned slow. I guess I have to find my own ways to blog. New Year gone. I am the same as before. Running in my mind exploring it with my creativity. The lines of my dreams I begin to lay it out plain. It is coming out alive.....just for me. I took my years to get some desired result and I dont complain as much as I want. I begin to explore now. So I will have something new to think about. New Year went for steamboat in a restaurant with relatives. Only 5 of us attended. The rest were in Shah Alam/KL of which they had their own too. In Hong Kong my nieces had their own celebration. Other than that there wasnt anything new as always with the past years. What are my plans for 2007? mind is relaxing...