Wednesday, July 31, 2019

the foreign sampah

The foreign sampah
They mustn’t allow to stay here
We shouldn’t allow our shores
Be their permanent land of hiding

There no excuses to allow them to stay
There aren’t our citizens we shouldn’t offer protection
PH leaders in government should wake up now
Before people power throw you guys in the rubbish tongs

Why must we offer red carpet treatment?
When our own aborigines we thrashed them?
Don’t use religion to say your excuses
It doesn’t help the nation in the eyes of the world

PH leaders in government
There is no excuse not to do the right thing
If the Old Man doesn’t understand
He should be told nicely

The Old Man likes to do his way
The old habits can’t change in the new
He needs to be reminded in the collective decision
He isn’t a one man show

We will keep monitoring
The next 4 years before GE15
Don’t be a one hit wonder
Be like the Rolling Stones

Aging well still entertaining
Across nations and colourful people
Give them a moment to enjoy
The free flow remembering the summer of 1969

dust in the air


Dust in the air
We breathe it
Thinking we are still alive
We hardly think over

Dust in the air
We are busy with our chores
We don’t see the danger
Coming at us every day

We breathe in and out
We walk in the dust
We don’t think of the danger
We think we are still alive

Dust in the air
We gossip on the sex video
We try to say our pieces
But the danger in the air we forget

We want to live in peace
We want to enjoy our lives
The political dust makes us astray
We play our tunes in different camps

But the dust in the air
We breathe in and out
Thinking we are still alive
We hardly think over

we must be the power

The people power
Stay on the constant alert
We mustn’t allow our representatives
Do as they plan on us

Democracy works 2 ways
The trust and honesty
The politicians must be sincere
Though we know power will corrupt the mind

So, we have to stay on our toes
Some leaders are charged out on bail
Yet they walk around towns
As if they are the great ones

We can’t blame these bad leaders
They have zombie followers singing high praises
It is only when they enter Bamboo River
They will know they are finished

But the people power
It mustn’t come only in elections
It has to be a continuous monitoring
We must be the power for the nation

the muslim couples

The Muslim couples
Dating and sex
Finding ways to escape
The preying eyes

Once I was told
The authority gave money
Let them know of the amorous couples
The raid would be conducted

The policing of unmarried Muslim couples
They will find hard to play the dating games
The Queen Victoria era had chaperons for the girls
There would be no amorous dealing or escape

The Muslim couples
They will try to play
“Catch me if you can”
They will not think of the shame

Sin isn’t in the physical union
Sin is in the mind if we dream on it
Though we can deny we never do
Sin is everywhere we couldn’t escape

the river cries

The river cries
Feeling the water flow
Red, yellow, orange or blue
It tells what is going on

The eco-system plundered
It never stays the same again
The debris push to the river
Choking its life to the lowest ebb

The rainy days
The onslaught of colourful debris falls
Rushing to the river contamination results
Who will answer on the dying river flow?

The river cries
In silence hoping sanity prevails
The acts of the humans
Don’t we realize nature gives us life?

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

the smokers

The smokers
They don’t learn
They don’t care
They want to puff

Smoke of rings
Floating in the air
The high in the mind
Of diseases they forget

The smokers
Addicted in their lives
They don’t admit
They feel it is cool

Quit smoking
The smokers smile
“This is life
It makes us alive!”

Smoking bring health hazards
The smokers and secondary inhalers
This is the cycle of life
It benefits nobody

When life hanging on edge
The saving gone to treat it
The smokers start to regret
“We should quit!”

under the bridge

Under the bridge
The homeless stay
The addicts hang around
Living in the addicted dreams

They watch the scenes
Of the motor vehicles passing by
Roaring noises and fumes in the air
They stay on living as the outcasts

Under the bridge
The rubbish everywhere
The rats will run along
Sometimes rain beating in

But for the homeless
But for the addicts
They call it home
Living under the bridge

Under the bridge
The stench of urine and stale food
It’s life for the destitute
A life moves in the wrong way

PKR like horse pulling a stage coach


Anwar Ibrahim
Get your party in tandem
You have a job to do
Now don’t think of the plum job

If you can’t handle your party affairs
It will show us you aren’t the right man
Don’t be hungry for the PM post
If it is you, the job will come knocking

Now ask your supporters to stop running down
On your own party leaders who may think differently
They are the veterans in the party but they have different view
Every party member should accept the differences

Attacking their own leaders
All because these leaders view differently
Anwar Ibrahim you have a job to do
Get your supporters to behave with decorum

PKR like horses pulling a stage coach
The riders hit the horses and running smoothly
Until the riders misbehave with their whips
The horses may pull in different direction

Anwar Ibrahim
Get your party in shape
Currently, it runs in different directions
It will show on your leadership skills

growing old without saving

Growing old without saving
Life will be difficult to survive
On a daily basis wondering how
When mobility is an issue

Many will regret
Forgetting to put aside for rainy days
When the sunset finally hit the mind
It will be too late to get it started

Some may have children
Thinking there will be no worries
But the children turn into adults
Get married have their own families

Help will infrequent
The aging parents only talk and of despair
Knowing they will stay alone
Counting the sunsets

Don’t ever think the children will help
It depends on the bond in their growing up years
If they are mistreated or neglected in their lives
They may do the same tricks back

The old age will arrive
Everyone should be prepared to embrace it
Save our wealth for the rainy days
We don’t have to worry it happens to everyone

Unless we have nothing
Growing old and alone
We will suffer indignity and shame
For we forgot to plan our old age

Monday, July 29, 2019

the aging singles

The aging singles
Once they lived the good life
Without care what would happen
When old age takes its form

Monies can ease the problems
But it isn’t the solution to grow old
When the physical self -deteriorates
The inability to walk or feed the nightmares will begin

The fear of abandonment will rise
Living alone without support
Relatives may turn blind eyes
Friends may disappear or reluctant to help

The neighbours may help for awhile
The aging singles should realize now
The neighbours can’t do it forever
It is a short -term solution to help

So, it has to be the welfare homes
If the aging singles have no families
With monies to spare maybe they will
Live a pleasant life to the sunset

the dumping grounds

The dumping grounds
All for monies the owners turn blind
The land they owned they contracted to other parties
They get their monies so they stay quiet

They don’t have to sweat on the land
They stay at home receive their monies in the banks
Whereas the land will be suffering
The folks too have to bear the bad smell

On the nearby streams or rivers
The contamination will be severe
Even the dumping sites near catchment areas
The costs of cleaning up will be high

The authorities must be pro-active
They need to walk the places of interests
Work with the NGOs to find the truth
The officers mustn’t stay in office too long

The dumping grounds
The problems for the nation
Because of monies and easy work
The landowners turn blind eyes

a promise must be kept

Who will be the next Prime Minister?
The grapevine blossoms with the predictions
The opponents will say they support the Old Man
Even Azmin Ali says he wants Dr M to stay
To steady and steer the nation battered image and economy
Leaving Anwar Ibrahim trying hard to stay relevant
For a job he wants it in his body and soul
Yet the waiting for Anwar may be long
And age isn’t in his favour

The current problems in PKR
Anwar has to right the direction
He has to show his mettle he can do it
Otherwise his credibility will be at stake
Now he has his problems with his deputy
And his camp has created many problems too
His camp is allegedly link to the gay video
Hitting at his own party deputy president
And the video facial analysis can’t show the result
Even the IGP admitted it weeks ago

The opponents have their own schemes
The leaders can’t afford to go to jail
The curry favours to stay in freedom
Though the Old Man knows
The rule of law will prevail
There will be no bargain on the score

The Old Man has said it many times
He will surrender his post in slightly over 2 years
A promise he has to keep no matter what is the outcome
It is the gentleman’s honour to give way
And Anwar must stay clean and healthy
For the country top job is a demanding exercise
But Anwar has to keep his house in unity
He better begins the healing process now

the giant falls

The giant falls
In last May
The circling stars
He will never see

Down on the slope
Tumbling deep in the hole
The crying can be heard
The brave words all gone

The little people rush to see
They smile and clap their hands
Finally, the giant in the deep sleep
For a long time in history

The followers run and scattered
Finding ways to assemble and fight
But the grapevine says they can’t move
Without monies to march on

The giant falls
In history he will be recorded
Forget his root and stay humble
Karma collects her payment in full

the bad ways always fall

Wealth lure the mind
Once it digs into the eyes
Nothing will stop it to spread
It will contaminate the life

Once we lose control
Believing to hide the crime
Nobody will know
Cook the books steal the cash

The corrupt mind will find ways
To get hold of wealth in the shortest time
Believing it is the right to have it
Even by crooked means to achieve the wealth

If it doesn’t come by honest way
The crimes will be found and detected
Because crimes of any shapes or modes
It doesn’t pay in the end

Sunday, July 28, 2019

sex is work

The women of the night
They provide their services for a price
It’s the willing to pay and accept
There is no hidden cost to lie

The sex workers take risks
It is the hardship of their lives
They are willing to swallow pride
It’s the living they want to survive

Sex is work
The women provide their skills
Honed it through experience and networking
They have the guts to get it going

Though they will face the law
The police will conduct raids and arrests
The women of the night
They know the consequences in their lives

It is better to regulate this industry
The government should provide an area
Classify as the dreams merchant to paradise
The police can handle other important criminal cases

the leaders of red and white

The leaders of red and white
They can’t see beyond but lies
Every day they will say something
Trying to curry favours not to go to jail

The crimes they will face
It will not go away
The laws will be used
It is better they understood

They can use their running dogs
Barking up loud and noisy as well
Give them the skeleton bones
They will be indebted but on the wrong side

They will use distractions
Employ their goons to make distortions
Let the government put out the fires
Yet they can’t escape the rule of law

They will attack in every opportunity
They can’t think best in their heads
They only see their own kind and religion
The others are maze in their minds

The leaders of red and white
The stock has plunged deep in the ravine
It will be difficult to stage a come back
They better prepared to see the worst

the malaysian unity

The Malaysian unity
It is still far off the distance
The political agenda isn’t in the frame
Each party will try to curry favours

On that score we will hear
The 3Rs issues keep shouting in the air
The majority race leaders can’t stomach it
They think they should rule the nation

In fact, all of us are immigrants
Our roots originated from other countries
China, Indonesia, India, Europe, Thailand
Yet one race keeps trying to gain its originality

As long as the politicians aren’t sincere
The Malaysian unity will fall on the side road
The Constitution guarantees it for all races
Yet the race base parties will try to say differently

The King’s wishes are sincere
He has mixed around from villages to the cities
From all walk of lives, he continues to socialize
His vision should be realized for the nation

The Malaysian unity
As long as the politicians think as one
There shouldn’t be divide and rule on race
The nation is the wealth of all people

karma will want her payment

Base on a false premise
The foundation will be weak
The leaders of red and white
The turban heads of green moon

The leaders aim isn’t on common ground
They just want to gain back the power base
Still using 3Rs to satisfy their inner craving
The majority race isn’t supporting the plan

Karma works in the shadows
Luring them to feel the false rewards
Now these leaders have fallen again
The complete destruction will burn the doors

When the smoke rises within their souls
They aren’t going to escape but get choked in
Only then they will realize their full payment
They have to atone for their sins

The party of red and white
The party of the green moon
You may have the false hope
But karma will want her payment