Tuesday, January 31, 2012

now we will change

Don't go changing
The ruling regime sings
“We are here for you
For decades we stood”

The test of economics woes
The test of racial tension flow
So don't go changing
“We want to stay”

The people sing
“We know what you did
The feathering of wealth
Look at your leaders

We want to change
You have served your time
You can't be allowed to stay on
The code has changed”

Don't go changing
“Don't forget our contributions
The wealth of the nation
We make it happens”

The people aren't fools any more
“Along the way it seems
The back door entries coached in legitimacy
Though it shouldn't happened”

“Now we will change
The new birth of a new regime
We have to take back our dignity”
So the people sing

the hokkien new year

sugar cane plantation
sugar cane plantation

The burning smoke
The cloudy sky
The drizzling rain
Where's the sun?

The people pray
The sugar canes display
The offerings to Jade Emperor
Once he saved the world

The gratitude of remembrance
Though history of folklore gone
The generations of the young
They may not keep up the tradition

The significance seems gone
Public holidays the people take a break
The working lives dragging out energy
The story will not be retold again

Its the business of feathering wealth
The long holidays the businesses flourish
The public holidays the people take a break
The working lives dragging out energy

white packet of money


White packet of money
Perkasa has gone crazy
Don't they know about cultures?
Living in this country for ages

White packet of money
It is given for funeral services
Perkasa don't tell of ignorant
The leaders aren't born yesterday

This is the alleged political ploy
Of a racist party out to exert influence
The leaders claim to open house
White packet of money what's the hint?

For the CNY celebrations
The Chinese should share the blame
Why accept the white packet of money?
Don't you know of the significance?

In the good faith of CNY
Maybe we should forgive Perkasa
Of the ignorance of cultures
As they claim they don't know!

everything can can

The cars go missing
On the public car parking
On the housing estates
On car thieves ramming
With evil in their minds
You can't defend yourself
You just let them cart away

The cars go missing
The car owners can't help it
They have tried installed security gadgets
The car thieves keep on coming
The police never find the top syndicates
How they export the stolen cars?

Money play a game
All eyes will look elsewhere
The missing cars land in foreign soil
The owners cry for a while
The paper chase and Insurance claim
The cars go missing

In the country we brag
Everything can can
The cars go missing
The owners cry for a while
The paper chase and Insurance claim

Monday, January 30, 2012

we shouldn't feel tiny

We shouldn't feel tiny
The nation of equals
We must exercise our rights
Let the change start from us!

Every one is born equal
Enjoying the rights and freedom
Nobody should say he is a superior race
Nothing in this world will give him that right

There is no master
We live and breath the same air
On this planet Earth we make or die
Nothing superior in our minds

Only we must remember
The Holy Grace who makes all happen
There is no color to blind any one
We have to earn our keep

time we put a stop

The feathering wealth
It never ends.......
The leaders will find ways
At the legitimate drillings

There will be the excuses
Abundantly plenty in our nation
Feeding the people with crumbs
They forget where's the gold

The small packets
It doesn't cost a bomb
The way it is said and done
We better wake up soon enough

The outsources players
They cause the most damages
Nothing will be pursued
It is the hidden understanding

So people what say you?
Have you got enough of the rings of circle?
We have been dragged all round
Time we put a stop don't you agree?

cars go missing

One minute you see
One minute you don't
The car you park
Near the house or the parking bays

The car disappear
You stand there
You look angry
You look to kill

Yet there is nothing
You could do
The car is gone
The car syndicates steal

Breakdown to parts
Export to overseas
The close networks
The close one eye

So the cars keep missing
150 cars a day it seems
Hundreds of millions of money involved
The police should be hounding the ground

change our political mirror

Oh Bee Anne!
Don't you see the writing?
Maybe your eyes are blind
You don't see what is rising?

You still think of the pot of gold
In the sunset in the rainbow
Come one guys your time is up
The giant has to fall....

Giving money
Giving out subsidies
And say the government cares?
You kick the ball don't you remember?

The truth it is hidden
Declaring assets to the public
You don't dare to do
Why not make us satisfied?

The road to redemption
It has to start on your fall
Maybe you don't look left and right
You walk through the back door

The unlucky number
The end of the regime
You fail to see it
A new code begins

The city folks will redeem
The villagers will listen
The chess game will change

life of many parts

Life of many parts
Within the body it lives
Learn to recognize each one
The imagination and creativity too

When problem arises
Take a deep breath
Then find out what's wrong
Don't jump to conclusion

Find the fact
Until you know in record
Otherwise don't get cowed
Where is the cow?

Don't get emotional
Stay calm with collected mind
Get the fact or reasons
Before you start jamming

Sunday, January 29, 2012

save for the rainy days

The old Chinese man of 72
Alone he lives in a shack
Living from a daily basis
On handouts from well wishes

The story of a life
How could he land himself this way?
We have to think when we are able
Learn the mistakes of his days

Don't always think
When you are young you don't have to plan
There is a strong possibility
You can land yourself his way

You must remember
You can't stay young forever
The years will come to claim
The youth will be gone

Learn to save
The rainy days in a life
For most of us will never know
How the chess game will be played

the punch holes

The punch holes
The leaders know
Once it is there
It can't be obliterated

It can be patched up
The sign will still stand out
The punch holes
The feathering of wealth

The leaders may spin
The people aren't fool to fall
They give the red packets
To bring cheers....

The marks are there
They try to hide with gold
The smell of corruption
The greed to satisfy

The punch holes
The fall will come
No matter what game it is
The party will fall

you made your own case

When we were born
We were helpless in life
We were scared screaming out loud
Into a world we didn't know much

Then as babies grew
Eyes began to know
The warm glow of touches
The babies stayed calm

The babies learned
A part of it of a whole
Learn to accept
They just couldn't run away

Years on the life
We grew and got education
Some dropped out some made it through
We could fly so we thought we did

The next phrase of our lives
Got married or stayed alone
Feel the freedom so we thought
Some gone to jail some gone to hang

The grim fate of life
Every one had to go through
The choices one made
The parts learned to accept

In twilight years
The circle returns
Wrong approaches
Living alone

No saving no home
The crying shame of a life
What one had learned through it all?
You made your own case

Saturday, January 28, 2012

here comes the dato clowns


Here comes the Dato clowns
The sleazy way they make their own
They got fine but it was peanut
So they don't feel remorse

Now they come
The sex tape again
The authorities should jail them
But they can't no order given

The families of Dato clowns
What say you of filming sex tape?
Tell your guys to repent
Before fire capture their souls

This is the dirty political game
The ameeno leaders run out of ideas
They talk so much but have no clues
They let the Dato clowns play

Kedah MB wakes up

Kedah MB
Are you following Dr Hassan Ali?
The way you acted
A slap on your party

You should follow common sense
Let the students have their say
What's wrong to let them speak?
They are voters they are adults

The Pakatan common stand
You shouldn't break away
Are you following Dr Hassan Ali?
You better find an answer

Defuse the situation quickly
You can't let the Pakatan struggles derail
You are in Pas so subscribe to the common stand
Don't try to do it betraying your party trust

Kedah MB
Wake up and see around
The college students had said
You shouldn't be arrogant

it's time we change the game

The familiar tactics
We hear it so often
“We have the experience
We have our track records”

“Don't pawn it
For the future generations
We take care of all races
Living in the country”

Think about it
The spins they turn
They think we are that stupid
Believing every mantra say they

“Yeah they have the experience
Telling us the long yard of Ali Baba
The projects they give them
Running into hundreds of millions

The bailout of failures
Tax payers losing monies
Do these leaders charge?
Nay they have the track records

Corruption and greed
The index by world body
Yeah they have the track records
Misusing authority and mismanagement

The people lose
We can't afford it any more
The decades of current regime
It's time we change the game

sweet subsidies

Sweet subsidies
The government says
Let the sugar prices
Let the market decides

Let the people think
Why intake of sugar plenty?
With the cost per kilo
The people should revise

Why need to subsidize?
The millions spend use it for something else
Housing for the poor for one
Imagine $567 million a year

This is the easy way out
The ameeno leaders have no plans
Dishing out the sweet subsidies
The leaders want to feel good about it

Friday, January 27, 2012


Chinese New Year firecrackers
Chinese New Year firecrackers

Light up the sky
It also disturbs the night
What happen to enforcement?

The police says it is banned
Yet firecrackers bloom in the night
The loud bang and boom boom sound
Some get injured they just never learned

The children run
The fun of playing firecrackers
When injuries haven't been inflicted
Parents should discourage firecrackers
Where are the police?

Like in Bangkok
People died houses burned
Firecrackers shouldn't be allowed
Enforcement is the key

Police can go around
In the housing estates
They will find the people playing
Firecrackers in the night

every life a cycle

Life is important
Nobody should take it easy
When you have emotional quarrel
Don't think of jumping through highrise building

Is that the way to settle problem?
Death on the ground answers never found
Is that the way to go?
Lifeless body surrenders to immature thought

You have lived and struggled
Years even in decades
Just one likely opposition
You want to end it so quickly!

You should take a deep inhaling
Clear your thought quickly
Look into the real picture
Death isn't the way

Every life a circle
You have to go through it
You must know you aren't alone
Take time to ponder

deaths on the roads

Deaths on the roads
Every festival lives get lost
Don't the drivers learn?
Drive carefully better be late than never!

It's time to ban motorcycles
The small bikes shouldn't be on the roads
It has caused major casualty
Speeding with the wind

The drivers of cars, lorries, vans and buses
They too must be severely dealt with
If they speed causing accidents
The drivers should spend one day in prison

Summons them will not work
They just keep doing it......
It is in prison the wake up call
A day in lock up they will remember

Else we will see
The death toll on festive holidays
The drivers just never learn
A life can't be replaced!

why waste it for nothing?

Lovers Quarrel

Lovers quarrel
Death on the ground

Is life so cheap?
The emotional drain

What's with these lovers?
Death doesn't solve any issue

It brings sorrow and pain
The years will always be

Now the dying pain
Is it worth the stupid jump?

Lovers quarrel
Learn to forgive and walk away

People in relationship
Learn to be a little kinder

There are so many decades ahead
Why waste it for nothing?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

aa- the way it is 2

AA makes you fly
You know you can
As long as you don't add on
Fast and fall asleep

The extras you need to pay
The temptations on hungry taste
You can keep it away
Fast on the AA plane

The business model
AA doesn't disclose in full
The regulators falling asleep
AA flies pass them

Many had flown
Winning awards
AA proudly displayed
“I let you fly don't I?”

AA must play fair
Do the right way
Be human and caring
Let it be known..

aa - the way it is

AA the way it is
The hidden costs under the seat
What you pay is just on booking
When on flight the hidden costs smile

The tag line “Every one can fly”
The unsuspecting travelers allegedly get fleeced
With extra costs need to pay
The travelers shake their heads

AA -automatic action
You call customer's service
The lifeless answering machines
Is that service?

AA and other big companies
The automatic action no personalized services
Ringing tones answering by machines
You are left holding it costing money

AA makes you fly
Of cheap flight in your mind
You never read the smallest print
The charges turn you back to cry

Alcoholics Anonymous
At least they have group to tell and share
The warm of friendship but AA red baron
They take your money they forget your cry

When you complain
It takes them ages to come
So it is good Australian government investigates
Let it be a lesson to AA and ameeno government

We have our bloated civil service
What these people are doing God only know
I had seen during my time
Tea breaks and endless meetings

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

do we really forget?

History of myths and facts
Of legends of exploits
As long as it gives the readers
The dreams of the past

Of how these leaders did
The characters they held
The way the affairs of lives made
The pitfalls and the rising glory

It is still exploitation
For the power can do the magic
Events can change or rewritten
Just somebody can feel good about it

Only we forget one thing
God make all these and beyond
God is the Maker and Founder
Of all things and events past, present and future

the rise of a new code - A B U

The code fulfilled
The last of the ameeno leader
The party will fall
For the weight of lies and corruption
Greed of wealth; power of intimidation
As if the country and people owe the party
The pillages and feathering wealth
The leaders and cronies carted it away
Through projects and wastage
Only the villagers don't see it
The city folks have seen
The blatant disregard of norms and courtesies
The party leaders using agencies to prop up the stage
Like the stage opera people have grown fed up with it
The leaders want to write their own script
They spin the tales of what they had achieved
They don't tell what they have allegedly pocketed
The long line of gravy train....
Yeah the code fulfilled
It's the ending of the party regime
The rise of a new code

marriage isn't a way ticket

Marriage isn't a one way ticket
Many have failed when they don't realize it
They jump into thinking it is all bed of roses
They forget about the thorns poking into their minds

In the beginning so much preparations
Wooing the person you want for life
When you have the person, you don't forget
The time you spend getting it down to your net

Don't ever let it stand alone
You have to nourish it and make it glows
You can't let it be forgotten
It's the trouble with excuses

Let every day a new beginning
It's no use taking vows every year
Like some celebrities do
Yet they forget to work on it

You must let the shine glow
Every time in your mind and soul
Let the chase keep on running
A healthy body a sound mind

Marriage isn't a way ticket
The day you signed for a shared journey
You have to work hard to nourish it
Don't let it be a trophy it will fail

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the easy flowing traffic in town

Where are the people?
The town seems quite empty
There is no bottle-neck traffic
It's the easy going flow

Even in restaurants
The tables aren't full
There are many waiting
For walk in customers

Maybe the economy
It isn't sounding good
Maybe it is the long holidays
The people go elsewhere

So the traffic flow
No need to get temperature rising
There is easy going traffic
With sound of firecrackers

hey don't rock the boat!

The ameeno and gang
They spin their tales
Of the decades in service
They only enriched their minds

They tell you
“Hey don't rock the boat!
They are afraid to get wet”
So they hide with their spins

Don't we all realize
The drawbacks they do
Our nation's face has graffiti
Yet they say “don't rock the boat!”

Enough for these spinners
The rule of 55 years
Now we have to change
We shouldn't be afraid

izzy plays hide and seek

Where is the small girl?
Where have you hide?
I can't see her

She lies still
On the sofa she pretends
Wriggling her toes
Body lying straight

She gets up hide near the dinner table
Curled into a ball
Holding her breath

“Where is the small girl?”
She says “I am here”
I pretend I don't see
I look elsewhere

the backstabbers in the web

back stabbers

back stabbers

The backstabbers in the web
They want to gain easy access
They don't care the troubles they cause
They use malicious spy-wares and phishing

When they do attack
Your website will be stopped
You can't even click into it
It is no entry to everybody

Listen up the backstabbers
You better use your energy for better benefits
Maybe you think you don't make a sin
Think about it when you hit the keyboard

The misery you may cause
Stealing information for selfish needs
The crooks you have become
In the end you think you can escape?

Monday, January 23, 2012

don't be afraid of the dark cave

The dark cave
The sea sings its songs
The wind brings its glory
Carving marks on its walls

On the edge of the water
The creatures swim guarding its treasures
The night of golden rays
The dancing golden threads

Many seamen say
You can't go in there
You will be swallowed up
By the sea or the creatures

Yeah you will find treasures
The seat of power and glory
It blinds you of your greed
It kills you of your own deceit

The old giant stays put inside
He doesn't want to go
He roars sometimes in the dark
When he sees crowd of seamen arrive

Time has changed
The cave is no more feared
It has to be conquered
Open it up to all

the water dragon's decree

Come to me
Come to me
Don”t I look friendly?
Don't you like it?

The eyes glow
The smiling face
The water dragon wags its tail
Splashing foam of water rising

Come to me
Come to me
I have the scroll
The year I am in control

Look at my belly
Soft tender and scales
Dare to give me
Wishes will be flowing

Oh come to me
I have the scroll
You know I grant wishes
If only you believe

the yellow birds

The yellow birds
Early morning song
It doesn't know the difference
The image on reflection

It's the puppy love
The one track journey
It can't feel the flow
It sings all day long

It's falling on its own image
On the mirror singing the familiar tune
The yellow bird can't even know
Clinging on to its own

Where is the partner?
It has long flown away
The fading echo in the far distance
Yet the partner falls on its own

the water dragon's light

The cloudy sky in early morning
The spots of dark clouds floating
As the day begins to light
The sun doesn't want to be left behind

The blossoming rays of light
The signal of the Water Dragon
The flames of fire and water
Here comes the Dragon Lord

The early birds tweeting
The sound of sweet melodies
The day finally begins
The change it will bring

The praying of hope
The praying of peace and wishes
We all need doses of it
As we usher the reign of the Water Dragon

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the water dragon's throne

water dragon

At midnight of this day
The Water Dragon will sit on its throne
Fresh from the mysterious ocean
The bell ringing for his turn

The burning joss sticks and praying
The monks singing the welcoming prayers
The followers bow to the figurine gods
On the ground the giant dragon stares

The temples and homes
The worshippers gathered
Praying for the good luck and wishes
For the year of The Water Dragon

The praying of peace
They wish the world will see
The breakthroughs we hope
For it is a challenging world

it's the waterloo for us

The change will come
We have to make the change
It's the Waterloo for us
We can't see it any other way

We can't depend on others
The present regime feathering wealth
You can look at their physical assets
It makes you think how can they do it?

And they issue intimidation
They just want to silent the critics
With fear they want to rule
In the country of many races

Yet they speak of one race
They have the eyes to see
They pretend to be blind
They talk of one race benefits

What about the rest of us?
Are we not part of the game plan?
So the change will come
It's the Waterloo for us

it's wrong to appeal

Sodomy appeals
Why waste time and energy?
Not forgetting tax payers monies
For a man ameeno feels so afraid

There shouldn't be a case
There are inconsistencies in the charge
The judge got his reasoning right
The prosecution case is flawed

Yet no, ameeno can't sleep
Put the potholes in his way
Sodomy now so famous here
Soak yourself the moments of lies

The appeal is wrong
There is no murder theft or lies
It is on a fool's journey
Wrong at the onset of the trial

Murder case of Atlantuya
There is no appeal
It smells of a rat hiding in a hole
Chewing cheese forget the cat

the toddy shops

The toddy shops
The small crowd gathered
They smell the toddy
The bodies crave for it

The unkempt Indians
Haggard and dirty
They just want their fix
For the day in their lives

Some become drunkards
Lying on the foot five way
Oblivious to all and sundry
As they dream of their lives

Do they realize it?
The addiction rules
The lives lost in booze
The dreams can be big

On the pavement they sit
Eyes far away minds in dreams
Will they realize it?
The future disappears...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

alcohol keeps away

Alcohol the easy way to hook
On the stores nationwide even in the world
It doesn't have to play hide and seek
Using runners in the back alleys

Alcohol on the shelves
Any shop there is the display
The legality of the product
It stands tall amongst the illegal drugs

It cuts through the strata of society
The rich and poor have the calling
The highest consumption on festive holidays
The money wasted for the legal drug of poison

Look at the disaster
Lives lost and man hours gone
The silent suffering of the families
The pain and agony of alcohol addiction

the dragon circles

Nigel and Caly
Maybe dreaming on Christmas Day

The Christmas tree
They don't want to put away

Maybe they heard about recycling
Now they are happy smiling away

They changed the ornaments
They put up the CNY things

Now they wait
The Dragon circles into the chimney

The night of no objection
The line of red packets see

The firecrackers light up
The Dragon burst into glorious speed

Nigel and Caly
They smile happily away

the dragon

The ascension of The Dragon
The year it will bring to all
It's the good; its the bad
The natural disasters
Through floods and earthquakes
The world will face the economy falls
As the Dragon will try to keep afloat
The Rabbit digs too many holes
The potholes of water and danger spills
The Dragon has a lot of work
In the beginning of his reign
He has to get his bearing
It will take him time to settle down
Meanwhile there is the natural disasters
It will fall on those who don't believe

The good will see
The 2nd quarter of his reign
The gel of his work
The world has to see
But as usual the unbelievers
They will talk the opposite of good
They make the bad snide remarks
The backwards to life of chaos
For the world is still reeling from the fire
Of bombs and air strikes
Yet the good strike back
Crossing out the negative vibes
For the Dragon wants to strive

End of the reign
The legend and folklore
Of the past where stories were told
The good and evil even out
In the land where opportunities lie
Take your pick be good at it

the house of God

The dreaming paradise
The angels sing
Life of bliss
The window of new haven

Once you go there
You want to live
The bounty of many
It soaks up in your mind

The House of God
Many dream to be there
The living of bliss
The angels sing

The easy passage
When do the right thing
Of live on Earth
Learn to be good

abolish death penalty

The death penalty
It shouldn't be in law
What the law is
A mad man made

No human should take a life
Literally or through law
Crimes committed jail them in the 4 walls
Let them stay in to learn their mistakes

It is better to forgive and move on
Why take a life when it is not your right to execute?
The government can give all kinds of excuses
Give life a second chance will you?

Let God decide
The authority with God
God makes the world
We have no right to take a life

Give life a second chance
It is better than inviting displeasure
It's better to show compassion
Don't take a life let it go by itself

the toy cats

The toy cats sit
In the window cupboard
It has been a long time
Nobody wants to play

They sit there
Eyes open feeling unwanted
in the window cupboard
They pray they will

Now the young girl came
Eyes glow the toy cats meow
She listens so she wants to play
Out the toy cats run

On the floor she talks
The toy cats imagine its world
The merry go round the small girl plays

“What's your name?”
“You are talking to me?”
“Who else is here?”
“I am Izzy we can play”

The toy cats meow
Some tumble down to the floor
They become the jumping toy cats
Izzy plays in her world of toys

the yellow birds

The yellow birds fly
Around the familiar spot
Every day in its life
Calling each other

On the trees
Then back to the window ledge
It crows its song
One monotonous tune

It likes its image
Reflection of its taste
Maybe falling for its shadow
Wooing to its satisfaction

At times the yellow birds
Chasing each other in flight
Cracking noises weaving through branches
The speed they never get knocked down

the journey is a circle

circle of life
circle of life

When you are a learned person
The world will not bow to you
It never will be for the life you dream
You have to earn and work for it

Sometimes you think you can
Streaming along the flow of others
Along the way you will get ditched
For you never know their agenda

When you are a learned person
You shouldn't try to beat down your opponents
For a simple reason you need them
To work and earn your credits

In this life the journey is a circle
What goes up must come down
As long as you understand it
The world will celebrate with you

alcohol brings you down

The festive season
The drinking sessions on
The extra on the budget
Don't the drinkers know?

It's the poison you take
It brings you to your own misery
If only you think for a moment
The loved ones you cherish

Maybe some say
“We only live once
Enjoy ourselves damn the rest!”
If only they know...

The journey in the beyond
You don't see it; you don't know
You are born to this world
Learn and earn your credits

So you are not going to live once
You are born to inherit the immortality
In the world you only dream
So what you say “damn the rest?!”

Friday, January 20, 2012

the confident living 3


You don't have to let ego go
It is part of your profile
Don't you know it is always there?
You don't have to worry

It acts like a devil advocate
It puts you there let you feel the moments
You don't have to act in your part
It lets you see how people react

Let ego be your friend
It makes you realize the circle
In any part you can be had
One day you have to walk back

Learn to live
Sharing of your time
Spend the good cheers
You will be satisfied

the cows' dung

The cows' dung
It finally takes up a case
The intimidation to silence
The smell can't go away

The silence can't be had
The public knowledge in newspapers
It is best to own it up
Dragging to court more beans will spill

The cows moo
The tears nobody cares
The pitch of darkness
The hiding of the truth

The cows' dung
On the roads on small towns
The manure nobody interested
It's the beginning how it came about

don't be afraid of change

Don't be afraid of change
It doesn't swallow your pride
It doesn't make you look silly
It makes you look better

The old ways need to change
There is no such thing it can't be
It is the scared tactics to fool the masses
Like the leaders of the present government

These leaders can't change
They drug themselves into the power game
Absolute power corrupts the mind
So these leaders can't make way

We have to change them
Bite the bullet for our future
The country's health the people's wealth
We mustn't be afraid of change!

alcohol a legal poison

The happy hours
The drinking on the tables
Men and women
They down the hatch

Alcohol is a legal poison
It's the highest cause of death
It beats even cocaine and heroine
And it is freely available

There are over 60 related diseases
Consuming alcohol into your body
You should stop and think for a while
It is worth spending money for alcohol

Red wine a good health drink
It is said it brings benefits to the body
Provided it is consumed on recommended dosage
Else it is too a poison in your body

The happy hours
It may turn into a nightmare
The slow death crawling into your body
Unless you stop right now!

Alcohol kills
It causes you losing focus
It causes you to do silly things
It causes you to lose your self esteem

people want change

The Pied Piper songs
It sings loudly in print and televisions
The cronies papers drum up the encore
On the streets not many like it

The spinning tales
The way the leaders want it to be
The old drum to beat the news
It's only to make it true

The leaders forget
The old shouldn't be used
The Pied Piper songs
Many know what you did

The people want change
It has to come no matter what you sing
The future of our people
They decide which songs to play

Thursday, January 19, 2012

published your assets

Minister Federal or State
Published your assets
Why so afraid?
Maybe we know the reasons

The corruption free
The transparency start from you
As the elected officials serving the people
You must be seen to be clean in talk and deed

Of all assets declared
You must have your official documents
How you obtain your sources of funds
There shouldn't be any forgetfulness

If you do
It means something else
It is a noble cause serving the public
It shouldn't come with hidden feathering of wealth

We find them so reluctant to do
Maybe a law should be drafted to compel it so
We do not want them to gain on public services
With hidden scripts we aren't liberty to read