Monday, July 31, 2023

the wild accusations


The wild accusations

It will not stop for the political salesmen

They will go all out to sell their products

Believing they can swindle voters' minds

The young voters aren't fools

They are good at determing their fate

They can't live within a confine of religious law

They do not want to be in a huge cage

The people mustn't live in fear

The moderate approach should be the way

Living in the many colours of the nation

It isn't about a race it is about people

Here is the reason

The foundation in the Constitution

Let no political salesmen should give false information

The 4R are protected in the Supreme law of the nation

everyone needs a boundary


Everyone needs a boundary

It is a space to be alone and think

It doesn't need distractions to intrude

It will make the time worthless

A boundary just to say

Let me be alone

Let me be free for a while

Let me think what should be done”

Even at home or in work place

There is always a time to be alone

Don't let distractions pull it away

This is the time to fully concentrate

In working places

The boundary too exists

The party must respect each other

For a conducive existence

In may be hard for some

Respecting the boundaries of space

Remember life isn't a straight line

There always bad vibrations running into it

don't fall for the charm


The campaign trails

The loudspeakers and walk about

Every candidate will try

Be the political salesman

They will want to tell

As long as the crowd willing to listen

The products of charm in their bags

All for free listening to their tales

Will they charm the voters?

Will the voters become their tools?

The political salesmen on high

Wanting the power; wanting to shine

But the voters must realize

Don't fall for the charm

Not only they lose votes

They may lose their freedom

The campaign trails

Don't let the bad politicians walk in

The voters mustn't be ignorant

Don't fall for the charm

the back-stabbers arise


The back-stabbers arise

They don't want to be left out

They will cry like unwanted babies

Throw out to fend for themselves

These politicians will crow

The bad about their own parties

They forget they were there before

Now they felt angry back-stabbing their game

The party leaders dropped them as candidates

Maybe they didn't perform their tasks at hand

Maybe they need to go for new faces to rise

They served their time now for the new faces

They don't have their parties at heart

They only think of their own benefits

Because of losing the power base

They begin to talk of bad stories

The back stabbers

They don't have it to serve

The party leaders have the say

Out they go learned their lessons well

Sunday, July 30, 2023

don't vote for the Sandakan man


Let the Sandakan man

Stay back in the swamp

He has no value since jumping frog

The crime of betrayal mustn't be forgotten

He is in the moos

The bad vibration still rings true

Don't let the Sandakan man return

Throw him back to the dark hole

Now he has no credibility

Becoming a frog in history

He is in the dark side

Spinning his tales of bad intention

The voters must realize

Never elect a traitor to cause pain

Vote him out to gain the state progress

He is a frog never believe his stories

the greed and power


The greed and power

Everyone wants a piece

Not only with the politicians

Even in our everyday living

Everyone is afraid

Once the greed and power is gone

There is nothing to claim

Be the ordinary living in shadow

The power in the hand

The glory for a while

One can taste it well

The power to hire and fire

The greed in the mind

Day in day out wanting to fly

The short cut to enrich a life

Forget about trust and honesty

It can happen to anybody

Living in the corridor of power

Greed is so easy to gain

When power speaks volume

The greed and power

The conflict of life

It's better to have nothing

Entering the kingdom of God is so easy

the 6 states election


The 6 states election

The campaigns start on the roll

The parties and candidates

Galloping to the finish line

Every candidate will claim

The right to win as the aim

Nobody is going to quit

Unless there is a monetary reward

UG candidates must win it all

There is no if or but but win

The nation needs to progress

Living on religion nation will digress

The voters must be smart to see

UG is the only choice to grow

In wealth creation and religious flow

Make no mistake of a wrong choice

The nation debts stand at $1.5 trillion

There is a long way to get home

The voters don't gamble your freedom away

Let the opposition live in the swampy land

the bad souls


The demons will smile

When too many bad come out to shine

The easy target the souls to dine

The bad souls can't deny

In the beginning

There is the joy and laughter

The greed and corruption ring high

The bad souls can't escape

When payback time is called

The bad souls begin to cry

Wanting to bargain

Give them a second try

But the demons will smile

They have the bad souls

The easy target the souls to dine

They listen to the cry

Saturday, July 29, 2023

the words we live


The words we live

Like it or not it will stay

In our everyday living

Raining hard in our minds

The words we hear or listen

It can motivate or discourage

We can't close our ears

We need to stay in tune

The words we live

The richness or poor

It's still our living

How we train ourselves

Let words of positive flow

It will encourage us to go high

Leave our comfort zones and fly

Don't let the bad vibrations spoil the fun

the bad vibrations nobody wants


Pee Anne leaders

Afraid they will lose it all

They keep ringing the bell

But the echo dies unfulfilled

They had their chance

Once they did run the government

They were a failure in every way

Even the highest deaths in Covid19

The corruption hit the chart

Its leaders are charged in court for corruption

Yet they feel no shame in their minds

They can fool their followers

The fate has been written

Pee Anne leaders forget

What they did would nail them

The bad vibrations nobody wants

when time to go


Don't cry

When time to go

You give your best

You shouldn't feel regrets

Always remember

Everyone has his moment

In the time we live in

Feel the joy a part we played

Don't cry

When age catches us

Don't feel regrets

Somewhere others will remember

Never say goodbye

There are still time to do

Playing the game of joy

Just don't cry living in pity

the black dog


The black dog howls in the day

The glowing sunshine glows

The hot weather drags on

The echo of the sound

Nobody seems to care

As it is in a day nothing to scare

The black dog howls again

Dragging its sound into echo

Only in the night

People will feel the fright

The black dog howls in echo

It tells of death in a house

How true is it?

But death will happen

In my time I saw many

The Taoist priests would ring their bells

Friday, July 28, 2023

the UG leaders


The UG leaders

Winning the states election

The gateway to consolidate power

Even for the wolves an energy boost

The 6 states must be won

The suffering for the Covid19

It needs to be addressed

Stop the opponents rhetorics

The UG leaders

Marching ahead is a must

No need to bend backward

To satisfy a race tantrums

It is for the nation

Where everyone benefits

As such the UG leaders

No time to experiment

the lovers walk


By the beach

The nights of stars

Twinkling bright and shine

The natural shadows

Casting wide to the nights

The lovers walk

Holding hands and smile

Touching the soft sand

Listening to the rushing echo

The wind of embraces cry

The swaying of coconuts leaves

Waving as if to say hello

But the lovers walk along

No eyes to see its greeting

Only the drunkards calling

The wind rising strong

The waves begin to rise

The ripples catching up

Touching base on the beach

The white foams splashing free

The lovers walk

By the beach

Listening to their heartbeats

Eyes in the nights

The wind of embraces cry

the lover's song


The lover's song

Live of memories

Living in the mind

The embraces a life time

The life of struggles

The time of joy

Living in the mind

The flow of delights

When age sinks deep

The painted skin seeking time

Live of memories

The pictures of the story

The lover's song

The words will stay in time

Living in the mind

The embraces the life time

the party comes first


A leader comes

A leader goes

Nothing to feel annoyed

When the time rings along

The support base known

The years a leader reigned

Once it is over

The supporters shouldn't cry

It is the party

Nothing to do with personality

A leader may have served his time

Time he makes way for renewal

The cry baby

Making noises belittle own character

The party comes first in the end

The lousy leader will be forgotten

the red eyes raven


The souls of the night

The wind scoring high

The crescent moon smile

The kisses for a mile

The garden of delights

The tempting faith

The reason to be jolly

Riding high in the night

Though the night watch-men

They don't like to run in circle

They can't have it

In the ring of fire

The red eyes raven

Spreading wings to fly

Once the deeds done

The souls of the night

Thursday, July 27, 2023

the crocodiles word


The crocodiles word

Nothing good on the take

People aren't the fools

Their actions will tell

When they bite

They will not let go

It is their nature

Spinning tales on scriptures

When the foundation is wrong

Every structure isn't strong

We can hear the wrong song

Our suffering will be long

The crocodiles word

Hiding in false clothing

Sounding to be good

But in the wrong mood

the sour grapes


The sour grapes

They should see

The bigger picture

The voters and nation

They got their chance

A measure of respect

A glow of the power

It doesn't last forever

Once they aren't picked

They shouldn't feel sour

The party leaders know best

Of the renewal processes

Once they are dropped as candidates

They must still support their party leaders

Yet they are those showing their true colours

They only think of their own desires

The sour grapes

They will be gone

They show their true colours

Only for their own benefits and reasons

Anwar has to save the nation


The Old Man

Age on his way

The decades of his life

What did he learn?

He doesn't see

The way of harmony

The way of respect

The way of compassion

Even in his old age

He still spins his bad tales

Only on his race

What did he do in his 24 years?

He grew the divide and rule

Using race to boost his power

Yet he doesn't help his race

He still makes tales

He can't believe he has lost

Once the power he had in his hand

He still thinks he can be relevant

His own race has known the change

The nation doesn't need him

He has brought disharmony in his way

The result the nation reels today

Anwar has to put it right to save the nation

the driveways of life


The driveways of life

The swaying of emotion

Breathing its essence

The ray of hope in light

Everything we do

A responsibility in hand

We can't ignore it

We have to be bold

Nothing is a straight road

Don't let the mind fool us all

Lost a little we may face

But don't let it be a disgrace

The driveways of life

We have our tools and devices

How we will perform decide our fate

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

put Lucy in jail


Lucy of the North

Time he stays in prison

Learn of tolerance

Don't talk nonsense

His days in court

He has to appear

There will be no excuse

Spinning his tales on sedition

The voters should understand

His type of intolerance

It isn't good for the nation

Religion is compassion

Somehow politicians get it wrong

Royalty is one of the pillars

Holding the nation together

The Sultans have their roles to play

live the right way


The plotting to win

Hollow down the road

The loopholes many

The greed shows no remorse

The plotters may gain

It will not last long to win

As the foundation is weak

The cracks will cause the fall

But do the plotters care?

They are blind like the bats

Fly out from the caves

In a hurry when plots are found

Live the right way

Do the honest living

Nothing will shake it

The nights of evil will sleep

the old trick


Pee Anne

Feeling the loss

So make up the excuses

The survey and attendance

Using the wolf's way

Since many are in it

Leaving the wolf party

Hoping to get in value

They will shout high

Ringing up in the air

Like the wolf's way of long ago

Using cash to entice

The chest of cash

By the corporate players

They bet on both sides

Either way the corporate players win

Only the moos and crocodiles

Battling on a losing game

Yet the leaders pretend

Still shouting on threats

Pee Anne

The flood will swallow them

Dragging them to the swamp

They should stay a long time

beware of the hound dogs


The desperate women

The nights of chasing dreams

The loneliness in empty spaces

The needs can't be fulfilled

These women will not stay idle

They will go out to get the vibrations

In social networks to boost their needs

They may feel the hound dogs too

In night clubs or bars or cafes

They will go to make their presence flow

When they see the sign of master stick

The clue will make in the mind

The cold approach

The hound dogs will bark

Aroma of the vibrations

The desperate women in the flow

The nights can be full of needs

It can turn into nightmare on the wrong kind

It is better to see the lights in the mind

Beware of the hound dogs alert to the drawbacks

the calm sea


The calm sea

The bountiful ripples flow

The pattern on the water

The invitation to dip in

The morning sun

Glowing in the glow

The soft sea breezs

The whirring of carelessness

The calm sea

Eyes see no danger

The mind feels no fear

Only the old man's tale

Don't get fooled

Feeling the calm sea

The under-current of demons

It can sweep a life away

But do people really listen?

A life will be lost on the list

Of an misadventure in the sea

Only the old man's tale

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

don't let greed make the fall


A boat on a lake

A rope to tie to a pole

Swaying lazily by the wind

The ripples running straight

A notice promises

The riches and no return

Who dares to step in?

A boat on a lake

The normal greed

Wanting to satisfy and return

Nobody dares to step in

Afraid to lose a life

But indeed is it?

Nobody dares to challenge

Life is a bountiful thing

Don't let greed make the fall

the black marks


The Sandakan man

Once he was popular

Rode high on his chart

He thought he had his art

Because of impatience

He gambled it

He won for a while

But he lost big in the end

The black marks for life

He can't escape or hide

His political career may be over

Jumped like frog croaking no where

The Sandakan man

A sad tale of impatience

The fall from grace

The tales of the black marks

the plots and twists


The plots and twists

The games we will play

Everyday in our lives

There is no denying it

It will keep us on our toes

It brings hope on the good

Though the bad will want a share

In our games of playing

The fire of warm

It makes us living well

The joy in living

The play on paradise

The cold in our minds

The pain in our eyes

As we forget the good

We plunge deep in the darkness

The plots and twists

We will spend on it

Losing opportunities

Of living life to its potential