Monday, February 28, 2011

the black and white


On the international stage
He brews a different story
Giving free advice as if he knows
What he is trying to say

The camera and video frames
The audio recording he may have felt good
Dishing out his sane advice
To a dictator trying to crush his demonstrators

Back home he never sees
The back door decisions
Hitting the streets
On people demonstrations

With tear gas and chemical water cannon
Spraying the innocents trying to vent their frustrations
On the country's divide and rule policies
The sorrow echoing in the air...

The rough tactics, the brutalities on the streets
There is no showing of human compassion
The uniformed officers forgetting their roles
It's the order up from the top

Back home the divide and rule
“You help me I help you
Else you go to prison
Suck your wounds all I care”

cast in camera

The pictures of memories
In the albums on the walls
In the notebook in world wide web
The footprints burying it

Years leaving as it is
Let the time fly new developments arrive
The picture of memories
It hides somewhere in pages of a life

Some may have nothing
As the years passed no memory recalling
Sitting on the rocking chair dreaming about it
The missed opportunity and images of youth gone

Go indulge yourself
Take pictures to record your own history
It's never too late start a new album
Of current life dreaming of the past

Go to the photo-studio
You can create some parts of your life
Pretend of the youth and his time
Live it for a moment in camera

the puppy dog

The stray dog puppy
Across the street
It was playing by its own
Until it crossed over

Running across
The puppy dog smelled its way
It went into the house
It put a claim on the patio

The owner of the house
He didn't know about the puppy dog
Until he heard the whining sound
He came out to chase....

The stray dog puppy
On the garden wanted to put its mark
The owner clapped his hands
The noises made its impact

The stray dog puppy
It got scared never knew where to go
The frightened puppy got rooted
Until the main gate was open

It ran away with tail between its legs
Across the house of nobody was in
The stray dog puppy playing with shoes
Until it gone the hot sun

Sunday, February 27, 2011

life is full of test

What is life?
Born to get the blues
Every day night and day
You strum it away

The tears flow
As you get on with it
Leaving some memories
Walking behind you

Life is full of test
You can't run away with it
The young ones learning to walk
The aging ones trying to live longer

Born to get the blues
Maybe there is a colorful rainbow
Branding in the mind telling the truth
Yet life a temporary passage of time

Learn to live with it
Stay as long as you could
You shouldn't let failures
Betray your trust to live fully

What is life?
Life is full of test
Born to get the blues
Learn to live with it

molly the curious dog

borrowed from josephine chan@facebook

Molly and her tea cup
The conversation begins
She barks at her companion
“Hey how's today?”

“You don't want to know
It's damned hot here”
“You must be kidding
Look it is raining”

“You must be blind or something
You don't see the hot water vapor?
Maybe you are blind..............”
“Woof woof and woof” Molly says

Now the tea cup challenging Molly
“You seem brave to come near me
You don't feel afraid of hot water
Come take a sip and see what happens?”

Molly raises her head
The paws on the table
“You think I am afraid”
She smells the tea cup

She licks it with her tongue
Then she quickly runs away
Hiding under the table
Licking her hot rashes

The tea cup brewing hot air
Laughing at Molly for her mistake
“You think I was kidding you
Now you learn it was hot here”

Molly raises her head
Peeping at the tea cup
“I believe you
My tongue is red now”

the angry tears of a fire

fire void

Mother and young daughter
Smell the smoke in the house
The mother cried for help
In the early morning light

Neighbors rushed to help
Some calling the Fire Brigade
The fire spread quickly
On the single storey house

The gated barrier locked and chained
Nobody was manning the gate
The firemen delayed by precious minutes
Trying to cut through the barrier

By the time firemen arrived
Mother and daughter perished
The fire sucked its victims
The black coal and ashes

Now whom to find fault?
Gated community without guards
In the night with chained gate
Is this how they lived in security?

The gated community residents
Learn the basic form of fire fighting
Equipped yourself with some knowledge
The firemen will be willing to assist

Don't leave it to the paid security
Lives are precious minutes delayed tragedy
Take the simple precautions in fire prevention
It may make a difference of life and death

i help you you help me



I help you you help me
The struggling singer strumming his soul
He weeps in anger in his eyes
As he remembers the promises whirring in his ears

The passersby stare at him
On the pavement he strums his soul
Nobody stops to listen
You help me I help you

On the city boardwalk
Under the shady poly roof
He sings his song with his weeping guitar
I help you you help me

It never comes to his day
He loses his youth believing it
It never works for him
He was left with empty promises

I help you you help me
He weeps in anger in his eyes
In the city boardwalk
As he remembers the promises whirring in his ears

Saturday, February 26, 2011

take the walk

All our lives in circles
Moving in every direction
You know it is true
Nobody wants to know

The pieces of religion
Causing sorrow and misery
In the hands of the wrong minds
It destroys lives in a wink of an eye

The dictators rule
Like gods giving life and death
They control the peoples' minds on fear
They never allow disruptions to smear

The democratic leaders whipped up the masses
Through half baked cakes saying it is a good taste
They allow the controlled democracy to prevail
Behind the curtains the plots and turns and renewed

All our lives in circles
Moving in every direction
You know it is true
Nobody wants to know

Now the world wide web
Nobody can hide and smile
The total free flow for the people
Take the walk enjoy the freedom

the curtains will fall

The curtains will fall
The end of play is coming
The group of actors and page boys
They are lined up listening to the call

The plays running for decades
Into people's lives consoling their setbacks
With tokens here some there
The simple folks just can't understand

The tricks of their trades
Honed it in decades of deceiving
“You help me I help you”
The rural folks allegedly fall

The basket of goods
The simple lives lived happily
Even with thatched leaves
Without piped water and electricity

The older generations
They thought this was good
Only the younger generations realize
They were fools to fall for the cheap trades

They have seen the leaders lived
In mansions or bungalows.....
Branded expensive cars, servants and fun
Smoking expensive cigars, jewelries and brandy

What the villagers have
It can't survive the next generation
The decades they got fooled
Now the drumbeats of change

They know they have to make a stand
For the country depends on them to wake up
Enough of playing a passive role.......
It's time to profit high interest rates

The curtains will fall
No matter what the actors will say
The script has been written
The 13 episodes finally done

the light nature bring

The blazing morning rays
The golden lights shining bright
Early rise in the dawn
The messages of God

Don't you think it's true?
The glory in your eyes
The day brings hope
The dawn of goodness

The early chirping
The whirring breezes
You listen to the messages
Don't you think it's true?

The day moves
It's waiting for nobody
The seeking of truth
Hail the light nature bring

the pieces of sparks

Dawn's early light

The pieces of sparks
On the darkness bright
You can't get it wrong
Walking right through

You can hear the echo
Of the silence in your mind
You may feel the scary thoughts
Of the change you seek to find

The pieces of sparks
The sprinkles of light
You may see your own shadow
Larger than your life

You realize what unity will be
When people have the same dream
The light of hope for ourselves
And the flow of the country's goodness

It's time the change
The waves keep lashing the shore
You can feel the soft whispering breezes
The whirring wind the flow of a dream

The pieces of sparks
Darkness the thing of the past
You go out with confidence
Knowing a new light will be found

Friday, February 25, 2011

dare to change dare to lose

The 13th the final run
The head will roll
The body will be gone
Buried for good

The blood banks
Sucking up the blood
Storing it up for their own
Until the people find

There are nothing left
For them to go living
The river seems to dry up
The fishes begging for water

The people begging for salvation
As the wealth seems to disappear
The economy will be colonized..
If we don't change ourselves

The 13th the final run
Wither the change or losing it
The scenes will be changed
The people have to decide

it's money what else

Illegal demolitions
The developers want to escape
For the land worth millions
Paying peanuts reaped the profits

What is a fine?
A pittance for the directors
These selfish people should be sent to jail
Teaching other developers to respect the law

The law as it is
A small sum for the hundreds of millions made
The company can afford to pay and escape penalty
And the directors can smile ear to ear

Once I was living in Penang
One developer demolished an old hotel
Along Sultan Ahmad Shah...........
Penang people protested fined $50,000

A multi-storey building sits on the site
The company made millions out of it
The developers are willing to pay the fine
It is the land they wanted for hundreds millions worth

A harsh treatment must be forged
Send the directors to jail will make them realize
They can't run in circle stringing out the law
Once they break it put them in prison

Until the investigation is completed
Then allow them bail to prepare their case
Like what is happening with demonstrators
Catch them book them investigate them then allow bail

he can't smell the bad

In his own backyard
He can't smell the bad
He thinks he is in paradise
Maybe with all the greed and corruption

On local issues and developments
Something tangible must be done
You can't say what we already know
Democracy here is one third to the people

You make all kinds of promises
Even you don't believe it yourself
Right in your own backyard
You can't smell the bad

Racism rears its bad taste
You don't seem to know...
You are afraid to put them down
Until the cancer spreads to the bone

Projects for cronies
Tracking for one race solutions
Leaving the others to find own uses
You pretend not to know

2 kind of laws
For the people living here
Left and right and center
The drum beats loud or soft to the ears

We have seen the dirty work
We have decided for change
The era of the party reign
It will be over in the end

so live the life

Death has to come
There is no doubt about it
The living don't live in fear
It's a journey now or later

It isn't the end of its run
There is a second chance
Living the right way
Before you are sent away

Some people are so stupid
They want to commit suicide
They never learn from history
They will forever condemned in hell

You think you have a second chance?
You have failed to live your life
You know death has to come
You know it isn't the end of your run

So live the life
Carry on with it
Though you may feel bitter
There will be light after a while

while you are here

Live the life
The gift you have
You can't take it for granted
Every day night and day

While you are here
Show a little kindness
Give a smile and a hello
It isn't hard to do

The sum of it all
It makes the living easy to flow
While you are here
It isn't about acquiring money and goods

You have to earn credits
Only this will help you get along
What wealth can do to you?
You can't bring back home

While you are here
Live the life
Show a little kindness
Give a smile and a hello

Thursday, February 24, 2011

you know there is the one

When love comes to you
You never know the day and time
It can hit you as a passing flow
You may meet on the overhead bridge

Like the pedestrians
Hurry to go to work
Impatience to go home
There you get it

The sparks for a moment
The recognition of touching soul
For a while only the heart beats
You know there is the one

Then the image lingers
You hope you will meet again
When the love comes to you
You never know the day and time

you can't stop the change

You can't stop the change
You can tell it as you like
You must know the ground working
The people will vote for new light

The Middle East
The light shining
The people demanded change
And it has to come to pass

The people waiting
For the day of the call
When it will come
Finally we will make it comes true

You can't stop the change
You can tell it as you like
The second chance we find
We want it happens

the milking lies all the way through

The passive backdoor
The intruders came through
The padlock never locked
It was easy to go

They didn't want your money
They didn't come for the loot
They just want your backdoor
You bragged it so much in the stalls

You talked so loudly
You were proud you got it
You wanted to get some money
You sold your soul for the lies

The back lane swallowing
You got it made.......
The intruders knew what you were
They made you a pact

The bomb you got
You did the way you were told
The milking lies all the way through
The wild guesses you wrote

You went along
You felt great with it
Sorrow isn't in your vocabulary
You were milked for your lies

The truth in the flow
The road isn't straight any more
You find now it is so
You have no way to hide

casanova woman

Casanova woman
You make your play
With your body and a smile
You make the old men dream

The winking eyes blowing it away
You make them feeling young
As you go making your stage play
You aren't interested with young guys

The older women backbiting you
Telling all kinds of unsavory stories
Casanova woman you just don't care
With your body and a smile

The old guys all jumping for joy
You make them feel young again
The eyes may have seen plenty
But you make them feel wanted

Casanova woman
You make your play
The old guys feeling joy
As you take them one by one

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

12 girls band _ El Condor Pasa

12 girls band Butterfly

Rolling Stones - Satisfaction Live In The Park

THE ROLLING STONES - Wild Horses (lyrics included, 1971)

the laws sink into the hole

borrowed mob 1900

The truth will lie buried
In all schemes of things
Let the lies take precedence
Of the laws let sink into the hole

One man they can't sleep
Once he is free the ameeno gang can't deal
They will find ways and means to put him away
Though he knew once he was with them

All the agencies colluded to take him down
Every lie make it so many often it may come true
So these alleged officials thinking of their corrupted gains
The quick fix into the pot of gold

Every turn will make it comes out true
Let the people occupy with the ounce of nothing
Now the partially truth emerged in the chemist report
Yet the officials try to hide it more...

We learn crimes don't pay
We will make our silly mistakes
Here we have seen the multiple partners
They don't go all out to find them

Swearing on the Holy Koran
Using God to make a point
Now it becomes a charade
The plotting turning a bag of lies

They forget
Lies can't be hidden
It will be caught and known
Of the corrupted alleged players

within the natural boundary

Buried alive the knocking echoes
Of the people got trapped in the rubble
Of the collapsing concrete buildings
Praying for help for lives can be gone

The rescuers and volunteers
Working day and night to find lives
Every effort will make a recovery
Of the people who got trapped inside

Running for time in rescuing work
When lives are buried struggling to stay alive
Every moment delay a soul can be lost
The people above the ground know it well

Nature wrecks havoc
A scale to register her anger
Of the centuries buried under
Holding the fort people can live

Will the people learn?
Nature wants us to live
Within the natural boundary
We all live for a purpose don't destroy it

nature pain

Christchurch Earthquake

Earthquake rocked again
Within 6 months it came
Christchurch of New Zealand
The buildings collapsed lives lost in pain

The tremors spread
The buildings gone underground
The people got trapped
In the rubble of concrete and plasters

Nature hitting back
Selecting targets to vent her anger
The poison gases and rubbish throwing
She can't take any more

Now the shake-up on the rise
Nature will pick and telling us why
Don't we get it on her pain?
Take care of nature she takes care the world

Now we feel sorry
The lost ones and the injured
Some suffering in agony waiting for help
Earthquake rocked again of nature pain

when he has enough of you

The loners crying in pain
In their own world nobody knows
They sing praises to every one
They can't find for their own

When they do find love
The Casanova brings them smile
The flow of hope the sacrifices giving way
The dark seems so far away

The women falling
The sweet words of honey bees
The Casanova knows the craft
He knows it of centuries past

Lonely the loners
The women want to escape
The Casanova brings a show of light
Until the women fall he disappears from sight

He takes your love
He takes your money
When he has enough of you
He disappears into thin air

The women falling
The sweet words of honey bees
He takes your love
He takes your money

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bee Gees - I Started a Joke

play it safe

I saw AIDS
As near as I could
I thought it was a normal ailment
On the skin

Did I forget?
Of the history of the guys
One used to tell me
The conquests he had

Women they shared
Locals, foreigners
The joy of conquests
Now what happened to them?

One I saw
He passed away
With all his strength gone
In his family's home

The other got admitted
To Klang Hospital for months
When he was discharged he came to say hello
In a week's time he was gone

There is no cure for AIDS
Learn the facts learn the truth
Use condoms play it safe
You have one life don't throw it away!

regret is too late

A woman's revenge
Inflicted on her with HIV
By her former husband in India
She went all out to seek men

She becomes the easy catch
With guys she knows she can entice
With free sex no restrictions imposed
She has her guys falling into her trap

Over 100 guys fall for her
With her vengeance she exacted her toll
The HIV disease multiplies in quick numbers
And the world slowly imploding inside

A woman's revenge
A woman's scorn
Why this has to happen?
She doesn't want to know

baby i am gone


When your girl leaves you
One day before Valentine's Day
You realize your mistakes
Letting her go away

When love comes
You must work on it
You shouldn't treat it any other way
Putting her waiting on the line

When she is gone
You finally learn the agony
Suddenly she isn't around any more
You feel so lost knowing not what to do

You put up banners
“Li Wei marry me!”
Along the streets to her home
By then she has flown away

When love comes to you
You must work on it
You shouldn't treat it any other way
Putting her waiting on the line

we can't run we can change

Change the world

We can't run
The sins we see
Hear it too
Read it in details
This is the sinful world
Where to hide?
What not to read?
You can't hide
Even if you try
Somewhere in the stalls
You will hear it too
So indulge in reading it
It will not twist your mind
It is a devil's world
Where money pay for the filth
Generating out to pull any one down
For the sole purpose “I have the power!”
The politics of garbage
We seem the innocent ones
Picking up the throw a way
Listening to the lies
The money spinning its way
We are just there
Can we go away?
We can't run
We can change

Monday, February 21, 2011

it isn't an easy job to and sin

Call girls on the streets
They earn a living
Putting food on the tables
Fighting back tears degrading forms

Some people condemned them
They are the outcast in society
Even religious authority banning them
As the evil children of Satan

Are they really?
They earned a living
Fighting hunger living with dreaded diseases
They never know about clients hygiene

There are some professional call girls
Well organized well screened by doctors
For the benefits of themselves and clients
Call girls they are humans too

Maybe the women want easy money
Earning power settling in for a few years
Then they vanish building up own families
The past they blank out completely

Maybe guys want some varieties
Girlfriends and wives can't give them
Paying to call girls they can achieve
The desires or lusts embedded in their minds

Whatever the outcome
The sins covered in many forms
One shouldn't raise a finger
They say 3 will hit you

We aren't living in a perfect world
We aren't smooching in a sinless society
We are living in a world of many sins
Only which part you are trying to evade

If people want to play God
They must show compassion and grace
Help them pull through the ordeal
It isn't an easy job to and sin

the god's game

The people are disorganized
Come to religion they divide
“You are with me or you are not”
They argue until the cows come home

They forgot they are on chess board
Every move will go right back to God
God make the game we play like fools
We never use our reasoning to look through

We play the devil's game
We sin it so often we forget
We never learn the story
In the words on the chess board

The world we live
The chess board in our eyes and minds
Do we see the final chapter?
United we progress; disunited we fall

God enjoying the chess game
Moving the nights, castles, horses or soldiers
We are bewildered, sometimes scared
We run everywhere disorganized ourselves

Look at the chess game
“You are with me or you are not”
Do we see the final chapter?
United we progress; disunited we fall

We want to inherit the Kingdom of The Lord
He will not give us in a silver platter
Every day there will be test to know how we react
Until today “you are with me or you are not”

the wayward cows

The wayward cows
Walking on the streets
On weekends and public holidays
The animals become the “Mat Rempits”

They conquer the streets
The motorists can curse and horn
They don't care what you do
They are the kings on the roads

The cowherds no where to be found
They go somewhere else to pass time
On public holidays no enforcement officers around
The cows the kings on the roads

When the cows are poisoned
The cow owners cry blaming others
They don't blame themselves
For the cow dungs on the streets

The cow owners dream of money
For the civic duty they seem so far away
Don't let the cows become 'Mat Rempits”
Be civilized be friendly to the streets

and they say they love you

And they say they love you
And you fall like domino
On the knees you forget
The men of Casanova tendency

What they want they don't tell
They treat you like princess
They bring you goods to buy you
And you never want to ask why

And they say they love you
Until you let them carry you away
You think life will be bliss
They throw you away

And they say they love you
They don't know the meaning
The men of Casanova tendency
They want your warm body

When they have satisfied
They never come to you
And they say they love you
And you fall like domino

Sunday, February 20, 2011

sweet talking women

Sweet talking women
You have the moves in the city
Walking with full of confidence
You tell every soul

Out in the streets
You are the women
Sweet talking by your moves
The ogling drumming beats

You know you can
The sea of eyes staring at you
Swaying your body languages
The men can't get enough to see

Sweet talking women
In the single bars, night clubs and night lounges
You will talk till the guys fall
With money and hungry eyes

The fire in your body
Sweet talking with clever erotic moves
The guys all getting hot in night steaming
You only want cash nothing else to say

Sweet talking women
You have the moves in the city
The ogling dreaming beats
The men can't get enough to see

don't lose your game

Suicide afraid to face the truth
When all the aces collapse
You think life is a goner too
You go jump like Superman

You feel the soft breezes
Brushing you calling you stupid
You think you can solve your woes
You make it all sticking to you

Some blame it on social media
You forget you decide which way to go
The paradise you have to fight for it
The hell you just give it up floating away

You have a choice in life
You can't put blame on any one
Life isn't a bed of roses
Sometimes you get pricks too

When life brings you down
You aren't alone in any where
You just have to think and remember
You were born for a reason

Suicide is surrendering yourself to Lucifer
In his cage of fire and gloom of life
You think you can escape....
“No Sir you have severed problem in your hand”


the spinning wheel

The spinning wheel
The money spent of hundreds millions
Brushing the frayed leadership
It wants to make it look so good

The little fireworks
The leaders trying to hide
Branding it is irrelevant
Other countries economic and management issues

It can't happen here
We give the people democracy
Voting every 4 or 5 years
For the people chance to decide

But it is the spinning wheel
We know how it is allegedly done
The money and and wealth promises
Letting the rural folks feel uplifted

It is a controlled democracy
Every agency is told to toe the line
The separation of powers are for show
It ain't happening when cases flow

The spinning wheel
The course is done
The people will not listen
They want to truly decide themselves

Santana - Smoke On The Water (featuring Jacoby Shaddix)

the draconian laws

The draconian laws
You never want us to be free
You want us cage in our minds
So you can pillage as you like

We want summer breezes
Swaying into our backyards
We can breathe easily
Know there are no shadows hanging over us

The draconian laws
You never want us to say
The way you conduct your affairs
You want us in the drug induced lair

We must toe your line
The crumbs you throw
You say we must be grateful
We make you, you forget

The draconian laws
You can be replaced
You can be thrown into the bin
Lift the darkness in our minds

Don't you see?
We decide your fate
With our hands and minds
We want our freedom back

The draconian laws
You never want us to be free
You want us cage in our minds
So you can pillage as you like

sodomy 2 bag of lies

Saifool and his alleged orgy?
The chemist wrote in the report
The unidentified semen samples
It came from the same clothing

The sodomy 2
Damned it follows the similar script in sodomy 1
The mattress with semen sprinkled on certain areas
Likewise here it was on his personal clothing

What a disgrace to plot a downfall
Of an opponent whom ameeno feel afraid
Put him a way in whatever alleged forms necessary
We have become the fools in the world stage

The sodomy 2 should be canned long ago
The alleged fabrications of so called evidence
It never gels together to form a solid charge
The prosecution players seem to hide the truth

Ameeno wants to put him away
It's leaders feel he is a threat to them
Bringing him down serves its purpose
They can have a free time to throw garbage

Ameeno forgets the basic rule
The people decide which way they want
The people will make the changes....
The direction the country will forge ahead

Saturday, February 19, 2011



Lobo - How can I tell her

October Cherries - Butterfly

dont live in the coconut shell

They promise you the materialistic world
They sing praises of what you can do to them
They bow themselves in submission...
And they sing the promises of things to come

The city folks know their true selves
They profit billions leaving others in debts
They can have the best in their worlds
They leave you unwanted uncared used up bags

They don't even think to look back
They wish they don't meet the scums of society
The fork tongue leaders carrying away their wealth
They work for party not even the people voting them

The rural folks tired closing eyes
Listening to the long dragging speeches
In time they just happy to receive pittance
They sing praises how lucky they are

The soft touches change now
The people realize the truth
WE can't be cowed by these selfish leaders
Ask them how they get their wealth

Judiciary has been compromised
The judges are all sworn to allegiance
The Constitution they can forget
Delivering judgements against the Constitution

The police barking for their master
Like the well trained dogs they don't ask question
They go out doing the barking
In law they forget their honor

The city folks know
They will make the change
The rural folks living in pittance
And they could say they couldn't help it

hey politicians

Hey politicians
What you say what you mean?
People want to know
As you carry on with your speech

Politics is throwing garbage
On the streets of our minds
We have to pick it up one by one
Let us grow tired then we can't open our eyes

Hey politicians
What you say what you mean?
Going places to craft your trade
People want to know

We want honest politicians
You work for us not string to your party
We put you high on the stool
Remember that we aren't fools any more!

Hey politicians
Time have changed
We don't pick your garbage
We throw it back at you!