Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the day 12

Down from the hill
Smell the agony of lies
Buttered it with cash
The branded cars driving away

Leaving trails of misery
Of deceits camouflaged in projects
Costs keep increasing year by year
The taxpayers cry wastage on their hard work

The wind of change
It sings right at your door step
The stairs to freedom
The choices make

As the sky white and blue
Black spots return......
Rain sheets of it
Wet the ground, rivers, and wells

Down from the hill
Smell of agony of lies
We may as well don't pay taxes
We set our own funds

The wheel of change
The country must evolve with it
She can't be one sided train
The branded cars driving away

the day 11



Down the hill
Hill of cooling effect
Effect suddenly turning hot and humid
Humid as branded cars zigzagging on contour slopes

The hardship for the farmers
Farmers livelihood in tatters.....
Carving out living on the hill
Hill control foreign workers, expanding roads

Roads to destroy the natural effects
Effects too with no plan farming
Farming at least give us food
Food to live and plan again

Again we hear the familiar record
Record of enriching cronies in a quick way
Way to living easily without much energy
Energy in wealth the taxpayers pay

Pay for our carelessness
Carelessness to vote a giant
Giant swallows up our rights
Rights shackled justice falls

Falls into greed and corruption
Corruption of the minds and souls
Souls to seek grandeur in short term desires
Desires of the greedy minds....

Minds the good and evil
Evil of lusts, greed and lies
Lies of good minds betray
Betray on our weaknesses

the day 10

bullybeef02.jpg Bully Beef image by not_dead_yet_2007

Bully Beef

The bully in government
The people suffer on their follies
Voting a party to make us miserable
Fairness in distribution of wealth

It is the game of power play
Elected representatives get the mandate
With it they forget to judge and rule fairly
Elected by the people, goodwill for the people

In every aspect of our lives
With the power play the people are left forgotten
These ruling representatives enrich their own bags
Of power, projects and prosperity

The cry in the nights
The delusions the people short changed
The lives they lead in this country
Will it last through this generation?

The remote areas and villages
The folks should wake up and listen
Know the road of blindness
You have a role to play

The bully in the darkness
The corridors of power
The wrong leaders
We must change for our future

the day 9

bdf3.jpg Cameron Highlands image by frankinasia

Cameron Highlands

The hilly living
Living the farmers earn
Earn the wealth on the soil
Soil morning till sundown

Sundown breathe the cool breezes
Breezes for a day deserves its run
Run into dreams on toil of the land
Land the footprints of life's journey

Journey for the State
State encourages farming
Farming to feed millions
Millions will live and produce

Produce to reduce imports
Imports drain the financial affairs
Affairs on the land deserving consideration
Consideration isn't in the hands of little napoleons

Napoleons lack of compassion
Compassion to bridge good wishes
Wishes of the millions to survive
Survive on farmers toil on the land

Land now wants to make road
Road causing hardship and misery
Misery of food cultivation
Cultivation to feed millions

Millions must decide
Decide the political journey
Journey for accountability
Accountability through transparency

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the day 8

00013815.jpg Freddy Kruger image by XJasonVoorheesX

Freddy Kruger

In the night of our lives
The silence sometimes laughter
Of the jokes of our stupidity
Of listening and agreeing
Of our wasted land and resources
Piling it up higher and higher
Even reaching to the top
The corrupted leaders still want
In the night of our lives
The corrupted leaders conspire
Digging up wealth covering tracks
They think they are smart
Writing laws all under OSA
When it is nothing to do with the State
In the night of our lives
These corrupted minds pass messages along
The corridors of power engaging in cronyism
Direct contracts with rights to increase costs
The corrupted leaders think they are smart
The people are fools obeying blindfolded
In the night of our lives
Freddy Kruger rocks for us
Bringing the judgement to the corrupted ones
As we pray until deliverance is done!

the day 7

The street lights
Casting shadows
Good or bad you decide
As walkers do

Cars park on the side roads
Row and row as parking space limited
The car owners and friends walk to night hawkers' stalls
The crowd of many tastes mixtures

The noises and street music
It's the night entertainment
The illegal sellers and drug pushers
Behind corners waiting for customers

On the 5 foot way
The walkers hurrying along
Eyes looking ahead.....
Confident nobody will hustle

In the night fall
Walk alone aware of the pitfall
Better to immerse with a crowd
Safety mustn't be let to chance

The street lights
A sense of security
Aware of shadows
As walkers strolling

the day 6

DSC02100.jpg KLCC at night from the street image by redhood20

KLCC at night from the street

Walk in the back alleys
In the dark dim street lights
Row and row of hawkers' stalls
Smell of food many types

Life of these hawkers
Tough yet willing to try
Sunrise to sundown
They stuck it out

The legal and illegal ones
Strike it out to elk a living
As long as they can find
Where money can be made

Single, partners or family
Try it out every night....
For the cheap food and drink
Bare the heat, the smog and noise

City in the night
The fun of entertainment
The way to elk a living
All kinds many outlets

Beware too of unsavoury characters
Hide behind sweet facades......
All they want are money
Easy to take easy to run

In the long shadow of the night
The drum beats keep hitting along
It never dies so quickly..........
Until 4 in the morning

Monday, June 28, 2010

the day 5

GothamSpeed.jpg dark city image by until_clarity

The dark city
The night of neon lights
Scattered shadows mingle with buildings
The night of little demons
Watching, plotting, conniving, entrapping

The dark lanes of dimly street lights
Lights of entrapment of bodies, souls and desires
Desires whisper behind walls and back-doors
Doors open with money exchanges

Exchanges in the dark city
The thriving businesses
Of food and drink, women and gigolos
Drugs and forgetting emotions

Emotions sometimes make worst enemy
Enemy within draining out the life
Life only one the entire journey
Journey of circle up and down

Down in the dark city
City of businesses
Hardworking souls make
Make the day of life

Life in the dark city
City of night glow and dreams
Dreams of making it in the world
World is just a small droplet in the eyes

the day 4

Rempit.jpg mat rempit image by kit1986

The empty straight road
Road for smooth passages
Passages of daily routines
Routines change night falling

Falling of reasons
Reasons of thrills and spins
Spins of lives fast track on road
Road of flame broken bones and maimed

Maimed on broken rules
Rules of lives spinning out of control
Control within where lives support
Support disappear when rules are broken

Broken chain lives in circle
Circle on the empty road
Road of fast lane and thrills
Thrills of life no 9 lives

Lives on the 2 wheelers
Wheelers revving to go
Go on the flags of pretty women
Women of late night spins

the day 3

dark_sunset.jpg dark sunset image by barrioap

dark sunset

The dark blue sky
The light bloom
Attracting the eyes
Surveying the clouds

The dark silhouette
Branding its own shadows
Come on it isn't Dracula
It's nature night dreams

On the river or lake
The bright moon smile
Like a candle ripples along
Dancing solemnly away

The soft careless windy breezes
Dancing on the river or lake
Splashes of small steps.....
Like a candle smoking glow

Dreams of many
In the mind so it is said
Accept the fate what lies ahead
Nothing should stop in its way
According to the way of life

The dark blue sky
The circle it goes
When night fall.......
There is a place

the day 2

Putrajaya087.jpg putrajaya image by y2chong79

By y2chong79

The darkened sky
The sun going down
The shadows begin to dance
As the people take a break

The shadowy buildings
Black silhouette standing tall
Reflection of the darkened lights
A different day; a different fun

The still wind
Listening to the soft whimpering
Amongst the hollow of the buildings
And the quiet lake ripples

The dark silhouette
Imagine the tall elongated shadows
Reaching out to the unwary souls
Behind the concrete buildings

The darkened sky
The hands of gold
It sparkles just imagine
Watching the light

The night life begin
Somewhere in the city
A different day; a different fun
The silhouette of life

the day

PUTRAJAYA.jpg PUTRAJAYA image by sktm_4028

Silence on the hill
The early morning sun
Dim light blossoming
In the quiet darkness cry

The lighted buildings
Standing tall wastage of public funding
Along the streets broad and ugly
In the quiet the hollow echo

The idling cars
Parking without souls
The various models and origins
The taxes pay higher costs

On the traffic lights
Turning green,yellow and red
The easy flow of traffic
In the quiet the silence rule

In the reckless driving of some
The crushes and entangle vehicles
Sitting on the side roads ugly mangled steel
Of lives lost, injured or maimed

The howling of ambulance vans
Roaring in the dark silence
As the morning light slowly takes shape
The street lights disappear

The sound of early morning praying
Hit the gong or loud speakers reign
Blasting through the silent morning
As the religious faithfuls gathered

The early light bud opening
Breathing the light of life
Revving of motor vehicles
Babies cry in apartments and houses

In the early morning rise
On the hill slowly comes alive
The silence slowly disappear
When the sun takes control

Sunday, June 27, 2010

you sold your training

Religious scholars
Joining political party
You can't tell a fair story

Now you are in
As others before you
The scholarly upstanding gone

You can't preach
The balancing view
On the rostrum holding a mike

What you will say
Somehow tainted your training
Religious scholars should stay neutral

pkr there is no half way home

PKR which way to go?
Up to the PJ hill or down to the Klang river?
You came a long way to bring a change
Then along the way something rears

Small success you got it
The honey moon gone so soon
PKR what will it be?
When we wake up we see something different

Squabbles and Brutus
Fresh air or toxic waste PKR?
You come with a light of change
Is it only for a while?

Wake up before it is gone
The hard work built over the years
Get the right candidates to represent the party
Leave the trouble makers in cold storage

PKR which way to go?
Unity the way to PJ
There is no half way home
Stay on the course else dump in Klang river

teen mothers

teenmother.jpg Teen mothers image by Marie56

Teen mothers

Teen aged mothers
High on the run

Current year 111
The year isn't out yet

Don't they know?
What lies ahead?

Family planning
They never read?

The 9 minutes high
The 9 months of blue

The shame to family
The shame to your own

The shame to the unborn
Never know why it has

Teen aged mothers
Time to teach

Sex education in schools
For every student

the dark valley 6

unity.jpg unity image by moonbeam_follower

By moonbeam_follower

There was hope
When some managed to break the hold
Into the light they felt it so
Until disagreements broke the chain

Chain of life support
Support the change in our lives
Lives to live enjoying our fruits of labour
Labour on our grit and determination

Some how the dark forces
Dangle them with money and gold
Eyes of paradise minds to dream
Some fall into the traps of deceit

Money the root of evil
Evil to blind your eyes and minds
Minds to fight the darkness
Darkness in the valley

Brushing highlights of misadventures
Reality floating on the deep valley
Understanding to bridge the gaps
Talking without clue what happening
United cohesion the leaders fail
Satisfying selfish agenda down hill of principles

The dark valley looms
The people still hope for change
There are still good leaders out there
The people will try once again

Saturday, June 26, 2010

the dark valley 5

The villagers sink
Sink on routine works
Works to get a living
Living on sweat and hard labour

When ruling elites arrive
Arrive with branded cars and body guards
Guards to pose as running dogs
Dogs to bark to intimidate

The villagers feel obligated
Obligated receiving the meager funding
Funding to hard labour on ground
Ground they plough let them occupy

The dark valley of deceits
Deceits to fool the villagers
Villagers simple life routines
Routines to survive on their land

The ruling elites of the dark valley
Valley to pursue black gold to wealth
Wealth in illegal journey
Journey to bankrupt the nation

Nation of natural resources
Resources for her people to survive
Evenly distributed to build goodwill
Living in harmony making the country proud

Yet the dark valley
The songs of sorrow linger
Of cries and discrimination
Of decades under a corrupted party

The dark valley
The light can't penetrate totally
The minds and souls of the people
Gated into crumbs of surviving

As the branded cars drive away
The smoke of smog linger a while
The villagers wave goodbye
“We aren't stupid anymore!”

the dark valley 4

The sandy dreams
Hitch up down by the river
Earning profits taxation defaults
National agencies careless attitude

The dark valley stinks
Stinks of lies and stealing wealth
Wealth of the nation
Nation of her people and resources

Resources for all people
Allegedly gearing for one race
Race not even from the land
Land given to immigrants came here

Here the land of gold
Gold of black and silver bloom
Bloom in the minds and eyes
Eyes of greed sharing part of it

The sandy dreams
Down by river
Openly cruising tolls pay
Of profits and easy life

Tax undeclared
Action slow to catch
Managing nation's finances
Excuses run into billions

The dark valley
The cronies play hide and seek
Between the dark and light
Telling one thing do the others

Will the people light up candles?
Candles to pursue the truth
Truth ailing the nation
Nation of colourful people

The dark valley
The sandy pursuit
Down by the river
Sailing in the open

the dark valley 3

untitled.jpg dark sky alex image by crystalight16

By crystalight16

The soul of the nation
The bad habits bury her smile
Corruption and greed run
Into the dark valley

The dark sky moving
Smiling clouds so stupid the people
Knowing what they have seen
Yet they give away their solemn rights

The stars shine
Let the people see what in the valley
Open your eyes and minds to know
What lies in the dark valley

The drum beats of our hearts
The tears will fall the mistakes done
Electing officials cheating the voters
The dark valley why let it happen?

Projects for cronies
Revealing how good it is
Obtaining funds wasting it
Jumping high leaving the people behind
Erecting barriers sign on the boards
Capturing the good people
Torturing them in police lock up
Station of life dark in the valley

The dark valley
The souls of the nation
Lying for redemption
Only the truth will set her free

the dark valley 2

SexyDarkAngel.jpg Dark Angel image by 2allmyfallensoldiers

By 2allmyfallensoldiers

The valley sinks
Releasing gases to the air
Some religious scholars came
They think they can make it clean

The heart and soul of the nation
It is the greed and corruption gone into it
The wealth waiting to be wiped clean
The charade the guilty will do

Down in the valley
The muddy clusters dumping ground
Of the illegal transactions hiding the truth
Of projects just to camouflage the scenes

The people hear so much
About the dark valley in their lives
Things have become worst now
The road of prosperity down on the hill

The dark valley erupts
The echoes of decades of greed
Now the people learn and see
Don't get fooled again!

the dark valley

Dark_Nubra_valley.jpg Dark Valley image by stitch-face

By stitch-face

The dark valley
Valley of fear
Fear of the unknown
Unknown reflecting in the mind

Mind dreams capturing images
Images drawing the eyes see
See it to believe
Believe of the dark valley

Valley burying deep
Deep in the soul
Soul of the nation
Nation run by incompetents

Incompetents run
Run the law; law ignore
Ignore the etiquette
Etiquette for a sane nation

Nation breaks on divide and rule
Rule of law conveniently forget
Forget to suit political agendas
Agendas to bankrupt nation

Friday, June 25, 2010

internal frogs

TattooDark.jpg Dark Tattoo image by Pinguina626Evo

By Pinguina626Evo

Internal frogs
National agenda they forget
Telling it the way they want
Entertaining for the opposite camp
Repeat the scores betraying trusts
Naturally they will say ignorant of the rules
Acquiring dreams it is just that only
Leverage in numbers they hope to gain

Fraternity in group
Realization of miss opportunities
Organization in badge they ignore
Gang up they think they are right
Services to the people what happen?

Integrity of values
Naturally they try to hide
Interest of self they pretend
Tell them to get lost is the way
Initiate party renewal to rekindle hope
Accept the wrong choices start a new
Leave these greedy leaders forgetting rule

Sacrifices for personal gains
Action for the people they divide
Catch other frogs they hide
Killer's punch they are so willing to strike

the puppy barking

The puppy barks
The morning till at night
Caged by its owner
Empty lot ramshackle garden

Rain or shine
The puppy keeps going
Until the owner releases
The needs to get free

The way of attention
The noise of nuisance
In the neighbourhood
The owner forgets

A pet dog
Care must be exercise
Else don't rear animals
Let them be free

game of politics

Game of politics
Politics of truth and lies
Lies influencing the nerds
Nerds get going believing it

It is said of politicians
Politicians of the wind blowing
Blowing into every hole
Hole of spies

Spies playing games
Games of deceptions and division
Division of plots effects flow
Flow into the minds

Minds of politicians
Politicians of good and bad
Bad when the people vote
Vote on dishing projects

Projects come string of promises
Promises to woo the minds
Minds of hardship and sorrow
Sorrow on the people choices

the dark knight 15

582-1.jpg image by vampyressdarkness

By vampyressdarkness

The dark knight stands at the windows
Windows of opportunity to escape.....
Escape into the darkness he is king
King to the wretched souls inflicted on their bodies

Bodies of surrender into its immortality
Immortality dragging into the nights
Nights of the curse cruising into lives
Lives of many shall be sacrificed

The dark knight listens
Interesting developments in the valley
Mixing of cries and heartaches living in fear
Etiquette of rules long time forgotten

“My lord, the dawn is approaching
Time for our beds and some socializing”
The dark knight turning around from the windows
“Princess better don't underestimate the old man
He's like me learning a different craft............
Next when you meet him show him the respect
If you want to live for a long time”
“Yes my lord I apologize
My indiscretion for my eagerness to harness his soul
Next when I meet him I will remember your wise council”

“And princess you aren't his match
I don't think I am too with this elder
He spares me once for old time sake
I don't think he will spare your soul”

“Thank you for your advice
Of adversary I should know
My lord I take my leave
Dawn is approaching soon”

The dark knight staring into the fading shadows
Shadows which he must learn to conquer
Conquer his fear of his own death
Death of his life he has sold ages ago

“We will meet my old friend
For our friendship lies in our minds
The bond we shared decades ago
We have gone our separate ways”

The dark knight weeps
The dark tears of regret
Sticking into his mind
Of the natural things he has forsaken

the dark knight 14

1340707wx3wnwfx6a.jpg Mistress of Vampires. image by michellemellon

By michellemellon

The 2 young men walk to the elder
With swords running towards the princess
“Stop it young warriors
It isn't time for heroism!”

“But master!
They are the ones”
“Yeah they are
Time for us to go home”

The elder lifts his hand
“May I know who are you?”
“She is joining us master
She says the beast kills her family members”

“I am Red Woman
I come from the village Red”
“Oh I know the village
Once I lived there”

“Come lend me your hand
I was there ages ago
Defending the village against the evil”

The Red Woman looks up to him
She feels surprise she remembers a story
About a man who stood up against the dark knight
Chasing the demons out of the village

“I am called the Elder here
In this village where I used to live
I traveled a lot during my times
Living in caves, huts and homes”

They stop turning heads
The dark building imposing on the hill
Like dark eyes observing the people
The winged bats flying around

“Well we better get moving
The light of dawn will be arriving soon
Let them sleep for now
As the cool night breezes flow

the dark knight 13

25-1.jpg image by vampyressdarkness

By vampyressdarkness

“I am not going to challenge you
The time doesn't permit me to do
My old friend you are free to go...
Enjoy your life in the valley”

The elder stands up slowly
Showing him the sign of old age
The hidden skills the elder keeps
Looking at his one time buddy...

“Don't let look deceive you
My old friend of yester-years
Look at you feeling young
Yet have no soul at all”

“I don't think you know
Maybe I have no soul
It is my choice to live
Though you don't agree!”

“Ha the dark knight!
You have lived a long time
Your days are numbered
In this palace you will be buried”

The dark knight glowing his eyes
Red of fire blazing through....
The elder side steps it
The evil one looking surprise

“You better go!
You have stayed your welcome
Princess leads the elder out”
“My pleasure my lord!”

The elder waves his hands
“Remember old friend of mine
I will bury you here..........
You have lost your soul”

The princess escorts the old man
“Who are you to him?”
“You never want to know
And don't go making scenes in the valley”

Outside the elder breathes in the cool breezy air
The night is still bright by the full moon in the sky
The winged bats keep flying staring at him
The princess waves at him “Goodbye old man!”

Thursday, June 24, 2010

sand of gold

The sand of gold
Passing through for years
On the river Johore to Singapore
Nobody knows really?

Kota Tinggi sailing down
Passing through agents run
Pay the tolls as they say
Grease the palm entering easy

Brokers link in the agencies
Renting tolls life a bliss
Occupying grease chair the passage flow
Knowledge receive close one eye easily
Enough of evidence lack of stamina to pursue
Reality of life living easily
Sins of many bankrupt the nation

The sand of gold
Gold of life hungry dwell
Dwell in the mind
Mind of blissful living

The money outflow
The sand of gold
The sinking ship administration
The potholes leak tax disappears

The sand of gold
Gold for the sinners
Sinners sink into sinking holes
Holes of smell wealth the name

the dark knight 12

untitledvamp.jpg Dark Vampire image by bloodluster_2007

By bloodluster_2007

“Come on old man
Give up your miserable life for me!”
The elder holds on to his magic sword
The soft whisper to get it free

Free the choices of life
Life where greed takes hold
Hold the chamber of dark forces
Forces of evil death of life

The woman hisses eyes glow
“You know old man....
My lord knows about you
Years ago in this palace”

“So move away
If you know your place
This isn't your time
I let you live to night”

“In my domain old man
I am the one giving the sentence
Of life and death belong to me
You have no right to order!”

“Ask your lord to meet me
It's the only way to get it done
I have given him chances
Until to night he hides”

“Old man you are out of line
We are the immortals living on greedy souls
You can't control these demonic humans
Greed and corruption belie their tolls”

“Move away princess!”
She looks up smiling at the dark knight
“My lord you came at the right time
The old man doesn't want to surrender”

The dark knight steps down
Walking down the steps....
“My old friend of years gone by
You have aged and I am young”

The elder smiles looking him up
Up on the stairs eyes chilling the dark knight
Knight of valour once he was living his time
Time seems to stop as he endures the curse

the dark knight 11

66d8.jpg Vampire image by hatesouthernbitches

By hatesouthernbitches

The elder watches
The memories of his time flooding by
The images of his childhood memories
All coming in a flash

He sits quietly
Listening to the walls echo
Right on the centre stage
The woman tries to seduce

Seduction the woman asset
Asset on the empty skull
Skull of death in the night
Night of bats black as the darkness

The woman hardly dress
Showing off her muscled toned body
Smiling seductively wanting to break his resistance
Breaking his mind wanting his soul

Behind her the black bat snares
The eyes of hunger the body needs to feed
The elder stays calm waiting for the move
It has to come in this night

Outside hundreds of black bats
Rattling the window panes...
The woman waves her sharp fingers
The black bats all disappear

One big bat staying behind
Guarding the princess
Waiting for the strike
The candles light burning

The moonlight move
Casting shadows eerie glow
In the dark palace shadows dance
It seems many eyes watching

The woman stares hungrily
Gesturing the old man to come
The elder pretends to fall asleep
The night will be over soon

She gets up from her seat
Scantily dressed woman in the night
The elder can see it through
She doesn't know her death

the dark knight 10

cf45.jpg Dark Vampire image by mariapray

By mariapray

“Who's the old man?”
Man lives there once
Once upon a time he spins his story
Story about his playground”

“Playground of his time
Time he seems doesn't have
Have the dark knight creatures taken him?
Him at the entrance door talking”

“Talking by himself with a shadow
Shadow of the night creature
Creature taking souls in the night
Night where screams linger in the valley”

“Valley where we live
Live in fear and worry
Worry about lives disappearing
Disappearing children in the night”

“Night of dreams
Dreams of beautiful creatures
Creatures turn into beautiful images
Images of women and guys”

Guys put a silence sign
Sign of the women eyes
Eyes piercing in the night
Night of feast in the palace ground”

“Ground the elder walked before
Before the darkness swallow whole
Whole of the dark palace
Palace once place of feasts and dancing”

Dancing with virgins wine and songs
Songs of entertainment living free
Free to go without fear or favour
Favour of tokens presence of laughter”

“Laughter dies once the lordship change
Change into a beast curse of the night
Night is where he will walk with his horse
Horse of black shining in the moon light”

“Light on the upper windows
Windows curtains drawn to the night
Night of evil bats flying around
Around the playground....”

the dark knight 9

dark_vampire.jpg dark vampire image by emogothgirl_13

By emogothgirl_13

The woman creeps along
Along the muddy ground to help
Help the guys captured the dark knight
Knight of the palace once she lived

Once the palace of grandeur lives flow
Flow into the good days of harvest
Harvest the crop and men and women
Women the warm souls living for men

As she hides amongst shadows
Shadows of the night moon shining bright
Bright of the mind knowing evil must die
Die in the knowledge good shall triumph

She hides amongst the big trees
Trees giving her a dark camouflage
Camouflage her presence in the dark
Dark the way where evils will live

The young guys move
Move amongst the shadows
Shadows try to blend in
In the darkness they see light

On the dark palace upright on the hill
Hill a long way to make it right
Right of mind right to live
Live without fear or cohesion

The young guys blend with the tall grasses
Grasses swaying with soft breezes
Breezes bring a fragrant smell
Smell of a woman behind them

They turn around to confront the intruder
Intruder holds up her hands
Hands of claws yet a woman
Woman of substance smiling in the dim light

“I come to help
Help to nail the bastard
Bastard had killed my whole family
Family I don't have any more”

“How can you help?
Help needs sacrifices
Sacrifices of souls
Souls of death!”

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the dark knight 8

19-1.jpg image by vampyressdarkness

By vampyressdarkness

The villagers gathered
Amongst themselves whisper
“Where's the elder going?”
“He is going to the castle”

“The story he told us
Once he lived up there?”
“I guess this is what he is doing
He will be eaten alive!”

“You know what creatures live there?”
“The lord of the palace now deceased”
“This is wrong assumption
He is the dark knight roaming at night!”

“We must go help him
He trains us since staying in the valley
He says one day we will know what to do
Now I think it is the time”

“We better take our gears
The silver swords, bows and arrows
And bottles of holy water......”
“You think the dark knight exits?”

“I think 2 will go
We need you guys to defend the people here
We don't know what will happen
So I guess small is better”

“There are night shadows
Waiting to lure young men away
So be alert and hold your belief
The evil isn't easy to break”

The 2 young guys sneak out
Into the dark trees they hide
Eyes glue to the night
Breathing slowly surveying the silence

Then they run quickly
Along shadows blending in
Moving behind shadow feeling safe
Outside the hall they turn to see

The moon light shattering rays
Amongst the big trees casting dancing shadows
Blending with the trees a woman appears
Running along towards the young guys

the dark knight 7

10.jpg image by vampyressdarkness

Gothic, Dark, Vampires

The elder holds on the gate
The rust on the steel bars
Of rain and shine lack of human contact
The palace lies in ruins

As he pushes open
The creaking sound echo in the night
The cool breezes touching his body
Nature too is trying to get rid of evil

The evil bats flying around
In the moon lit sky..........
High on the palace ground
Eyes of red waiting for preys

The elder steps into the compound
He sees the front door slowly open....
A dark shadow appears with long hair
The wind blowing along gathering dust

Slowly she appears
Fair skin with oval shape face and long hair
Smiling with white teeth shining under the moon light
An attractive woman by the door....

Bending low showing the welcome sign
The elder walks steadily into the palace
The door suddenly closes by the wind
The woman gestures “This way please”

The elder surveys the living room
Candles light display on the tables
Certain areas of darkness and shadows
He touches things he knew long ago

Inside the living room
It is kept clean and shine
As if somebody has come
Maintaining the palace

The elder sits on the cushion chair
Dark brown leather soft as those years ago
He remembers the scenes of laughter, wine and women
Of parties he attended and women he scored

Now he sees only memories
Friends died or disappeared
And the lord of this palace
Turning himself into a curse

pudu jail bites the dust

179_pudu_jail.jpg pudu jail KL image gampeh70
By gampeh70

The Pudu Jail in Kuala Lumpur
A 100 years old building finally bites the dust
A house for criminals and hangmen
A history Bee Anne doesn't want

The lives of those who served
The lives of those who died
Recorded in the books once lived there
Now the Pudu jail finally gone

Money can be made
Turn into a tourist attraction
Let the history bring the tourists
Of a prison stands in history

Now it is only dust
The brick-walls all gone
Into projects to enrich
Of groups aligned to the elites

The Pudu Jail
Once a place to contain
The bad hats and hangmen
Now a history lost a heritage gone

the dark knight 6

vampires___castle_by_AnnKT.png Gothic art image by LadyShenna

By LadyShenna

The dark palace
Rising hauntingly in moon light
Spreading over 5 acres of land
Clustered with big fat trees

In the night silence of death
Nothing moves nothing to see
An area of darkness living souls run away
Leaving the place quickly

The rusty gates empty decades ago
The wall buildings decay and creeper plants
Holding it together gel it perfectly
In the moon light an eerie sight

The broken windows ushering the night wind
Alone you can hear the calling names........
Of people lost and sacrificed in pursuit of immortality
It turns ugly into the night creatures

Decades ago the elder came
With a mission to eradicate these creatures
He managed to kill nearly all of them
Only the leader the black knight escaped

For decades he doesn't hear
Life move on peacefully for many
Then one night the story comes alive
It isn't about story book adventures

It has become true
The black knight has returned
To claim his throne up on the hill
The elder walks pretending with his disguises

As he walks up the familiar ground
The place he used to hunt and lived
Now all rundown leaving to decay
He feels the memories and sorrows

The lord has sold his soul
Into a creature the dark knight
They were friends once in combat
Enjoying lives and women, wine and sex

Now he stands alone
The once beautiful palace crying into the night
The bats flapping wings in the sky
The wind say “Welcome home my friend”

the dark knight 5

32-2.jpg image by vampyressdarkness

By vampyressdarkness

On the well
The creature woman smiles
“You want to sacrifice?
I give you immortality!”

“I come here
Give a taste of hell”
“Ha ha ha!
You must be out of your mind!”

The elder keeps silence
The facade changes quickly
The creature sees it through
She too changes a beautiful woman

Lights on her hands
The underground creatures call her name
Crawling out to taste the night breezes
She screams in the silent night

The sky turning darker
The moon gets swallowed up
Only the form near the well
The elder stays his ground

The creature woman charging
With sharp claws running to him
Within reach he disappears
The creature woman hits the empty space

She turns around quickly
With her eyes and ears watching and listening
There is nobody to be seen in the dark
She screams again...

One arrow pierces through her heart
She gets a shock in her eyes
Pulling the arrow she can't bring it out
She screams loudly again

The elder swings his magic sword
One cut he beheads her head
Rolling off from her shoulder to the ground
Instantly gathering into dust

“No!” The dark knight cries
In his palace he wakes up late
“It can't be happening!
My child! My child!”

the dark knight 4

76-2.jpg image by vampyressdarkness

By vampyressdarkness

The blazing the dark sky
Brilliant colours bathing shadows
The moon drift along
As the minutes take her away

The guys watch
In the wooden walls of holes
The woman now turning
The homeless woman has returned

The bright moon light shines
On her face as she smiles
The sharp fangs the evil eyes
The young guys shiver....

The elder prays
He has seen learned the craft already
Arrow through the heart beheaded quickly
Let no soul can be made alive again

He brings out his long box
The young Turks stare
As he brings his ancient bow and arrows
And an ancient sword of magic

“What are you going to old man?”
“I am going to face the evil walking here
It has been decades I see it again
It's time for my expertise”

Under the big trees
On the well nearby
The woman changes again
A beautiful woman sitting on the well

The moon shines her body
Like fire of pure beauty
As the young guys suck in sorrowfully
Knowing they can't taste her assets

The elder walks out
Carrying his trusted equipments
Walking slowly to the well
He too changes into a muscled young man

“Now what happened to the old man?
This isn't the elder we saw............
Where is he? Where is he?”
The time ticks along in the night

the dark knight 3

hotdragongirl.jpg serpent queen image by beautyandpainter

By beautyandpainter

The village folks
In the day tend to fields and talk
“Did you hear a scream last night?”
“Many nod their heads praying for light”

When they take a rest
Under the shady trees of light
Smoking weeds drinking and food
They talk about last night

“What must we do?
We can't live this way the whole night”
“He's the lord on the hill
He is powerful in the full moon”

“We must stay united
Face our common enemy
Together we can win
Taking him down in the day light”

The elder calls a meeting
In the open shade they meet
The cloudy sky looms in their midst
Strong wind blowing cooling effects

The ravens flying on tree tops
Listening and watching them
The people of the valley don't realize
The black birds the words of death

When the sun goes down
The darkness will soon appear
In the far distance a woman walks
Naturally with the falling light

The villagers group together
In their common hall to wait
The elders and the men
In group of 4 guard the entrance

The sky changes
The black birds in the sky
Calling cry flapping wings wild
It's feeding time.....

The woman walks
The young guys watch
The creature of the night
Embezzling souls care to try?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the dark knight 2

26-1.jpg image by vampyressdarkness

The homeless woman
Struggling to walk her way
Reaching her home late at night
Under the bridge of full moon light

The black knight sees her
Galloping hard on the muddy road
Reaching her in quick time
The homeless woman screams

The nightmares thundering in
The homes the people hide
Knowing what will be like
The dark knight has taken a prey

In his palace on top of the hill
The full moon shining rays of shadows
The homeless woman struggles to be free
She gets caught in the claws of the man

The changes has completed
In her eyes the wolf-man smile
Saliva dripping hungry in his eyes
Tearing her cloths taking her in

In the embrace of the night
The dark knight takes his prey
The screaming in the silence
The valley hears her cries

For fear breeds cowardice
It makes slave of the human race
They want to close one eye
Finally the breeding spreads

The dark knight controls
The valley and its surrounding
On the full moon of each month
The howling of the dark knight

the dark knight

DarkRider.jpg Dark image by and4vlad

By and4vlad

The dark knight in the woods
Black cloth covering from head to toe
Galloping on his horse of moon light shine
Breathing fire words of lies bewitching eyes

Under the full moon
Darkness seems bright
On the horseback riding by
Thundering hooves vibrating souls

The old trunks wake up
Branching out to salute
“Oh Lord welcome the night
Let the nightmares begin!”

The roar in the woods
The laughter echo deep in the valley
Houses quickly close at night
Shivering in fear sleep escaping night

The horse galloping
The whirring wind rustling along
On branches and leaves
“Don't hide from me!”

The dark knight reaches the valley
The silence greeting him alone
The horse galloping slowly
Breathing the smell of human fear

“Listen to me!
I am lord of this land
I take what I want
You have no choice but to obey!”

The wooden walls of holes
The people peep eyes wide in fear
The dark knight galloping by
The people pray hoping for light

the darkness run 38

SolarlightPH.jpg Solar Light image by caralan9

By caralan9

The curtains fall
Drawing a close to the stage playwright
Applause ring from the audience
As the stage actors take a bow

As the people trooping out
Noises and whispering hit the walls
The echo travels deep into the holes
Of spies and secret agents

The special branch officers
Video recording the show
Freedom of expression only words
Action is out of bound for many

In the circle of life
The tragedy befalling nation
Of the greed and corrupted officials
Lining up to squeeze the people

Are the puppets on the strings?
Giving the party a right to rule
On our behalf for a better future
Yet we realize they fail

They scoop up awards
The expenses we pay
Running us down the block
Divide and rule telling lies all round

We pray for our light
Shining out from the darkness
For decades we have been fooled
Now it has to change

The road to PJ
Obstacles are many
Our fate in our hands
We must unite take back our lives

round and round in circle

Round and round in circle
On the road to the side lane
Cruising in the morning hours
Of Ipoh General Hospital

Parking lots all occupied
Inside the compound stretching to the side road
The long stretch of cars.....
Of Ipoh General Hospital

The security guards standing by
With whistles blowing high
The cars move along....
Nobody is allowed to park

The mosque gate finally opens
The Muslim car owners parking in
Beat the jam and the queue
On the scarcity of parking woes

Round and round in circle
Car owners driving with it
Some park for a while
At the rubbish garbage space

Soft windy breezes
The sun rays beginning to get hot
The humming birds tweeting on trees
As the minutes ticking away

the darkness run 37

1158200648485-2.jpg dark puppet image by caden3047

dark puppet

Each puppet has a role
Drilled into it program to talk
Like what it is said
“We fight for all of you!”

The scenes tell a story
A leader tries to seduce
In the open dark lit woods
Let the puppeteers see

How it is done?
Then tell them to condemn it
With words from selected leaders
They bring the messages across

The people the puppets
Hang on by strings.....
Dancing to the tunes
Of “can't buy me love”

Now the master puppeteer
Pulling his strings to call in favours
Let the game begins......
Spin the story push it to the opponents

The audience clapping
They forget of life reality
It's happening in the society
The guardians become the stooges

The ravens fly
Eyes of glow taking it all
The evil master strings together
“Come to me children!”

The promises of gold
The lure of projects, power and prosperity
The greedy and corrupted officials
They sink in forgetting religion

Life isn't a textbook
It isn't a story to be told
It is hard fact people got used
Played then dumped or killed

Monday, June 21, 2010

the darkness run 36

The light switches into darkness
On the stage the puppets cling to strings
The props and the master puppeteer
Relaying scenes taking away pressures

The lonely people
Standing faces of gloom
Life sucking out into misery
Forcing to look at the captive

The master holding her
Play the music waltzing along
Taking her to another world
With it he wants to control

The spectators clapping
As the scenes unfold...
Of night in darkness arrives
The red eyes redemption denied

The woman tries to escape
In the jungle of dead woods
The others puppets only stare
Others closing eyes to forget

The black clothe man
Smiling on his face
“You don't have to run
In this dark world you are mine!”

The string of life
It pulls; it staggers the puppets
One falls one runs one cries
In the dark woods where evil smile

The silence in the dark woods
The puppets feel the sound of strings
Pulling them to entertain...
Only it is as simple as that

The spectators whisper
Pop-corns and chocolates
As the scene changes
The master puppeteer smiles

the darkness run 35

AnimeshitIlove.jpg Dark love image by SammyGirl16

by samyGirl16

The people walk
The people drive
On the streets; on the roads
Leaving or going I just watch

Lives flow
Bankruptcy looms
Women and men
Prostitutes and gigolos

When the wealth is gone
What will the nation do?
Like the neighbour across the sea
Opening legs galloping away!

Jala says
The elites try to bump him off
It is written in records.........
Belt up now before it is too late

It never happens
The mega projects must go on
Depleting the national coffee
The elites want to run away

“Hey man! It's green now
Are you going across or stay?”
“Oh I am sorry
I was staring into the future”

“What you see?
Women, bets and songs?”
“The home guard changes
A new horizon under the sun”

People walk
Feeling heat of the sun
The smog of the vehicles
Waiting for the red sign

I run across
Knowing a few seconds left
Hit the pavement
I turn into another scene

the darkness run 34

The lies they spin
“We don't fight for a race
We fight for all races”
After over 5 decades!

The young black girl smiles
Innocently in a world of war and misery
The eyes glow capturing the images
Of time past and the future

It isn't going to change
The hope the young generations
Into the future they decide
The change of guard

The ravens fly
The dark feathered wings
Spreading darkness in the eyes
The darkness run

The lies of greed and corruption
Reaching for the elites
On the wealth of nation
The taxpayers suffer in vain

The mega projects
Quoted costs can be changed
Set the drills then asked for it
The elites know how it is worked

Properties of hundreds millions
In Canada for the elites of the Horn-bill
How did they get the funding?
Living life of luxuries....

The sky of light
Slowly emerging to showering hope
For the evil doers will surely disappear
For the time has set for pay-back

The dark girl turns into shredded pieces
The wind blowing her away into everywhere
By the time I reach for her.....
On the traffic junction staring at the red light

the darkness run 33

For a while I think
The world will change
It is the changeling
Manifest itself in the twilight

The waterfall lashing hard
On the slope to the rocky meanders
Clean clear water streaming along
The water vapour misty white flow

I struggle on my climb
On the rocky mountain high
I stand erect watching the fall
The whispering never dies

As twilight glitters
In the garden of the wild
I know it will be difficult to blend
Of the sight of the night

The agencies embroiled
Into unit of devilish desires
Power prosperity and projects
Breathing cohesively as a unit

The master puppeteer
String them all together
Bidding them to do his desires
The people hook to all lies

In the dark woods
Of the falling waterfall
A young black girl sits
Pitiful eyes watching the world

The darkness run
The coast isn't bright as light
The scaly trunk emerges
The night creatures alive

The ravens cry
Along the dim lit sky
Circulating with killing instincts
Let the people know.......

Sunday, June 20, 2010

the darkness run 32

The black cloth easily carrying away
Believing in his skills to manipulations
He sings with untamed passion.......
“You all come to me....”

The warlords clapping hands
Tainted with greed and corruption
Sometimes blood too in pursuit of wealth
Some even dance on the stage

The darkness run with no fixed rules
Drawing lines divide and rule........
Telling the people this is how it must
“I am the leader; I have the rights”

The little crawling insects
Quickly climbing up the pole
As the opposition struggle
The rope loosens....eyes glow

The lion roars in the night
The black cloth turns around
Stop his singing and strumming
“Who's there?!”

No king shall live by himself
On the throne without the support
Of the people of his kingdom
This is the truth through the ages

The warlords stop dancing
As the lion runs down the steps
“I don't make demands
Yet you bad people corruptly do”

The opposition quickly dismantled predicament
Sliding down the pole now eager to do battle
The light and dark shall finally meet.......
The lion roar into the silent night

I wake up in a garden
Of streams, waterfalls, birds and insects
Soft breezy wind waving at my indulgences
Of the golden soft line of light

the darkness run 31

Animated_Guitar.jpg Guitar image by Rocker3604

By Rocker3604

The black cloth beast
Laughing with glee
“The night is mine
You hear me sing!”

With a guitar
He strums it away
No tune no melody
He doesn't care

He takes his time
The warlords marching in
On the stage they sit
The greedy eyes corrupted minds

The winged bats hang upside down
Feeling the heat of warm bloody sacrifices
The black cloth beast strums his guitar
Loudly into his frenzy mood........

“The night belongs to me
The evil I shall give
Now hear me children!
Don't walk alone on the street!”

The echo rings
The cool wind capturing spirits
The warlords sit still
Waiting for the windfall

The feast slowly light up
Poles of fire surrounding the encampment
The warlords eye the prize.....
The wealth of the nation

The crescent moon struggles to light
The sky slowly begins to flash out rays
Penetrating through the canopy of winged bats
Ray of ripples flashing on the opposition

The black cloth beast smiling away
His claw hands strumming the guitar
The shadow of small insects appear
Floating out into the dim lit night

“My children!
Take your pick of the night”
The opposition struggle
The rope doesn't tie....

the darkness run 30

GUYS97.jpg red shadows image by dominican90

By dominican90

Underground of the belly
The beast surging to the surface
Face of a skull firing dark cloth
Slowly emerging smile on his face

The night breezes
The insects stay silence
The opposition struggle
On the pole tying them to fate

The red dark form stretches
Into the dim light standing tall
The dark cloth edges flowing
Of the cool breezes sing

The night owl flapping wings
The sky turning black of bats
The canopy of darkness near
The crescent moon rays losing sight

The dark knight commands
“Let the feast begin!”
The black wings hook on poles
Eyes of red flapping wings

The beast slowly changing
Into a human face to laugh
The eerie sound traveling
Into the captives ears

The opposition feel lost
Knowing fate is near
The agencies all corrupted
Milking the wealth; the nation falls

The laughter in the nigh
The nightmares on the darkness run
The obstacles to gain Prince Hill
Line up of crooks with ties

The opposition struggles
The pole can't shake free
The beast stares at them
“Hey let me taste!”

the darkness run 29

by princedark

shadows.jpg Shadows image by princedarklink

The night falls
The sleep begins to flow
Into the empty spaces
Of the darkness run

The night vultures
Flying into the minds
Taking out your reasoning
Altering the changes

People dream on
Outsiders only watch
Lines of dark shadows
Execution of the minds

The dark hill
The shadows reign
The black knight stands
Viewing his domain

The tricks he uses
Telling half truths covering tracks
For the night is his friend
Letting nobody dares to challenge

The opposition tying up
On the dark pole under the crescent moon
He laughs at their stupidity
“Don't you know I rule the night?”

The leaders of the light
All caught tying up for the creatures
At night where the devilish moments come
The whirring wind lashing small cuts

The eyes of fear
The minds try to understand
The beasts of evil
There is no place to run

The ground slowly erupts
Widening hole cracking up
The darkness slowly sit in
The dark shadows arrive

the darkness run 28

DSCF5081.jpg Penang image by z-LaN

Turn a knob
United with forces of light
Running hard on the steps
Nobody hears nobody helps

Traveling on the bridge
The haze and smog blinding vision
With cars and motorbikes revving
The long queue to get to destination

The taxpayers monies
Used and paid to help the cronies
When it was done taxpayers pay again
Using the bridge for daily transportation needs

Is it fair to the people?
Well the darkness run its course
We choose the government
We are fools got played out so often

We have learned
In the 21st century
Though it may be too late
The country's wealth going downhill

The plunders still are free
Overseas properties running to billions
How they amassed the wealth?
Income tax and macc officials closing one eye

The long bridge to fool an eye
Straight to a destination telling obvious lies
Now the people understand the truth
The darkness may find a light soon

I see the long traffic rules
The parties sucking up the wealth
The long waking up eyes slowing see
The long cool dream finally seeking truth

On the sky the smog filled clouds
The signal of change must come
The darkness has burned its course
Now the people must wake up!

the birds' sanctuary

Staring into the “birds' sanctuary”
Where plenty insects and nectar find
Feeding the little birdies population increases

Tall trees blooming with flowers
A small garden plot rearing poultry and puppy
The Indian family manning the cropping

The birds stopping by
It's the R & R on the trees
Big and small birds calling it home

King fishers and myna birds
Whistling along on the tree tops
Calling its own kind to seek shelter

Once an eagle chased
It caught a pigeon put it down on the branch
With claws pinning the poor pigeon

Quickly pulling off feathers
Quickly pinching alive.....
The pigeon struggled dying a horrible death

Horn bills of black and white
2 pairs hanging around searching for food
Loud calling finally flying away

Every morning busying tweeting
It makes the day flying easily away
With the morning rays crafted into the trees

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the darkness run 27

By taroook

Senses reveal in the dark corner
The style of behaviour shadows mix
Yet I know about the demons in the minds
Lining up the corrupted souls for bites
Earning cool millions turning over souls

Every step I listen to the echo
Vengeful spirits aiming to take many
Earning credits to pay debts
Remembering the losses lives gone
Yelling softly in the dark corner

Deadly creatures darkness run
Entering the living way too easy
Nature bring nature destroy
Tightened screws cage closes for good

I walk slowly listening to the talk
Destroying creatures I always dream
Interesting stories I will spin along
Often I hear people can't be bothered
The day of misty white blending in the light

Staircase to dim light
Excruciating pain crying softly in vain
X-ray eyes see the whole scenes

Bordering dead or alive
Obeying the power the greed destroy
Running footsteps echo in the night
Destroying souls promising good life
Errors of journey redemption too late
Reality takes a bite life is exchanged

The darkness run
Intention hide corrupting souls
Marrying into the dark forces
Earning credits man a long way from home

the darkness run 26

By holy_vampire

Burying in darkness
Under the silent of the night
Remembering of the past misdeeds
National Integrity wasted on lies

Living day to day
Involving them yet they don't pay
Extracting pound of flesh
Selling it high to the bidders

Judiciary bending its noble birth
Exemplary decisions way to deceptions
Solving cases eyes close to manipulations
Under the influence of greed and power
Shadowy dark cloth striking fear in life

Smelling of blood fresh warm scent
Marketing tools enriching the fools
Entrapment of the souls in all of us
Living the fast lane thinking it is good
Losing souls made the losses

I move amongst the dark boxes
Natural dim light I seek my way
Calling of the night creatures
Over-hanging bridge I crawl to safety
Movements on the steel railings
Explosion of lights scattering the creatures

On the opportunity
Naturally I quickly escape
Leaving the creatures to search and destroy
Yonder I take my flight to freedom

I open the door
That's the way for me
Accessibility to public domain
Letting me breathing easily
“Yam Seng!” I hear as I walk

learn from the fall

Learn from the fall
The falling grace the shocking waves
In the minds of people...
The public movers on stage

The glorious days
The dreams enrich
Leave it to the actors
They make it look so simple

The scripted routines
The way they handle
In dreams on stage
Nothing to worry

In reality many fall from grace
Pick it up don't judge others too harshly
Live what the actors perform
On the script of life's glory

Friday, June 18, 2010

life is free

By Alrr

Life of good
Life of bad
Life of misfortunes
Life of God

Life of wealth
Life of poor
Life of lies
Life of corruption

Life of dreams
Life of doing things
Life of believing
Life of making it

Life of diseases
Life of sins
Life of forgiving
Life of grace

Life of shadows
Life of light
Life of God
Life of Grace

Life of paradise
Life is free
Life of no regret
Life of no remorse

Life is God
Life the way
Life the faith
Life is Grace

the darkness run 25

By alucard_bennie69

I switch off the program
Sitting on the patio admiring the night
The moon glow bathing the night
Of witches, vampires, werewolves

My mind is full of the night creatures
Listening to the silent breezy wind
Caressing the branches shaking the leaves
The darkness run its course.............

Out of the big trees
The canopy of shades and light
The roaring laughter of 3 women
Beautifully crafted once they were

Now flying high in the sky
Sexily dressed voluptuous curves
The sing their songs bewitching minds
In the night of the full moon

The political frogs know
The lasting impressions they will get
Cursing by voters of cheating mandate
They will live suffering through generations

Unless they do for the people and country
Else their souls are corrupted burning in hell
The 3 nightmarish women know their preys
In the full moon they fly to sink into blood

The laughter ringing in the silent night
The full moon showing of their glory
Scantily dressed curvaceous bodies to ogle
In the night of the full moon.....

I switch off the lights
Knowing these creatures have a part to play
In the political lies and deceptions
They will show what darkness of life.....

It's better to fall on your knees then to fall flat
In a way there is another chance to make it
Excuses by the political frogs keeping alleged wealth
The voters aren't stupid to fall for the trap

The 3 beautiful vampires
Flying high crying for their needs
Who dare to mate them?
Live in everlasting life...!