Tuesday, April 30, 2024

shame on you


Shame on you

Afraid to say

The truth to save

The nation and people

In the court

Trying his best

To deny it all

Playing his games

The dribbling in court

Giving out the long narrative

Still the truth dares not say

Though the paper trails say it all

Shame on you

Better admit it now

Save your soul

Don't play the rock and roll

Macc on Perlis MB


Perlis MB

Facing an arrest by Macc

On his power abuse

On his son on-going investigation

The crocodile leaders

They still can't walk straight on the road

They still refuse to return to the swamp

They will feel much at home with it

It's leader says

Corruption isn't wrong in his religion

Only it isn't for the Non-Muslim

The drama of spin to taste his life

Macc must make it stick

It shouldn't go under NFA

Make sure AG doesn't fail

Macc should monitor AG too

MB of Perlis

His credibility will be dented

The pious religious man

In the wrong road to redemption

corruption in the country


Corruption in the country

It will take a couple more years

Before corruption will bite the dust

As of today it still holds the seat

Power and money

A powerful combination

Nobody wants to ignore it

They may want to grab it all

Renaissance man on his crusade

He should know it better in his times

Once he was in the government of the wolf party

He knew first hand the disease in its many forms

He spent years in prison

He even got a black eye

So he hasn't forgotten it

The crusade on corruption

Corruption in the country

Cases must be carried out effectively

Macc mustn't fail on its duty to the nation

Renaissance mustn't fail to get it done now

puff in religion


Puff in religion

It makes all seem easy

Floating in the mind

Nothing to worry

It can't go wrong

The scriptures say it

A long tale of 1001 nights

Vessel of 72 virgins

When we are reborn from death

We don't need the vessel of 72 virgins

Because our bodies will be formless

Floating endlessly in space and time

With over 2,000 years in history

Maybe we shouldn't think so far ahead

We may still be sleeping beauty through eternity

A cycle keeps repeating in every cycle

Puff in religion

We can dream and believe

In reality it may sound like 1001 nights

To each his own to take flight

the boycott


The boycott

It has the effect

On the chain outlets

Causing by the drama of fools

KFC closes 100 outlets

Citing costs increase and poor sales

Many customers refrain from going

Maybe trying to avoid trouble

It's the fear

Where some were threatened bodily harm

Some were even shouted at

Because of boycott initiated by the wolf party

This is the bird brain

Who is going to suffer loss of jobs?

The government will lose tax collection

All because of Israel warring on Hamas

The drama of fools

They don't see

They should go to Palestine

Fight with Israel

They shouldn't cause problem here

It is our own people are suffering

The government shouldn't think of support

Take care of own people and jobs

Monday, April 29, 2024

lay back


Lay back

On the rocking chair

Smoke a cigar

Sip coffee or tea

Watch the scenes

Misty clouds on the mountain

Spreading slowly by the cool wind

The dancing branches wave

The charm of life

In the morning light

Listening to the echo

Of living getting to work

Once a while

Take a step back

Listen to the songs

It fills the good vibrations

Lay back

Let the cortisol low

Listen to the charm of sound

The whirring wind brushing along

world war 3



It may happen

As the escalation begins

The fear may hit us

Russia invasion

Israel and Hamas

Syria in Middle East

The sparks of war


It needs a spark

Watch out with China

Trying to control Taiwan

Japan is beefing up her military

USA is keeping watch on China

North Korea is playing her mouse games

Pakistan and India on Kashmir border conflicts

Every leader wants to take it all

Don't see the bad conflict will happen

In the world of fragile walls

It can be breached quickly


Inching closer in our eyes

The conflict will not go away

Because of greed, power and corruption

the old man crafty games


The grapevine says

About the Old Man's billions

Hiding it well in proxies

Likely with his children

The billions they have

The power in his hey days

The families and cronies

Get all the cherries

It has been said decades ago

The crafty old man covers his tracks

He was the master of his game

The veil needs to unfold to find it

Macc go hunting

Ordering his children to declare their assets

In a possible move to investigate the Old Man

It is better be late then no investigation at all

The Old Man is nearly 99 years old

Karma comes in full circle

Macc must hurry to find it all

The Old Man is the center point

KKB voters


KKB voters

Be pragmatic in choice

In this world

The physical needs

Every race has to think

Sinking in religion in this world

It will not bring you the best

It's the time of going physical

The survival instinct

Always on the physical needs

It isn't much on religion

It's only when we are satisfied

There is a race

Who can't see the difference

They are pulled by the supremacy

It will only benefit the race politicians

KKB voters

The ball they have to kick

They mustn't kick the wrong one

If they want to progress in physical needs

Sunday, April 28, 2024

the political game


The political talk

In a straight face

Even telling lies

It will seem good value

When it isn't done

It is a lie

When it is done

It is truth all right

The political game

The crafty politicians

They will play to win

Wooing the voters fear

Fear is a good game

Hit it in the mind

Many will just walk

Leading way to comply

The political talk

Don't take it seriously

It is only when a person elected

Otherwise it is just a game

gerakan party


Gerakan party

The era of Lim Chong Eu gone

Leaving his party in poor shape

Nobody wants it anymore

The current leaders

They shouldn't join Pee Anne

The party will sink deep in the hole

Until nobody will remember

Gerakan should pull out from Pee Anne

Join up with PSM and MUDA to contest

In the next General Election

As of now Gerakan is “dead man walking”

The leaders should recognize it

The power they dream about

All are gone without the voters support

Gerakan a party of down and out

living today forgetting tomorrow


EPF accounts

For the old age

Yet another twist to it

Allowing members to withdraw

In case of financial needs

Those below 55 years of old

3 accounts will be shown

The accounts flexibility of 10%

Those members who need it to tide over

When they face financial obstacles

Of paying bills or loans

The members must know financial planning

Save some for the rainy days

Do they forget it so easily?

Thinking they can fall back on EPF?

The retirement nest mustn't fall

The members should refrain from touching it

Once they do they will start to think

The EPF money can be withdrawn to satisfy their needs

The financial planning going to the wind

Of course many will be happy to withdraw

Living today forgetting tomorrow

They expect their children and government help

time to lift the anchor to sail


Renaissance man

The nation will cry

Of all the bad laws

Of the past governments

Now it is your time to shine

You seem to dance it slow

You dare not want to ruffle feathers

Thinking of your post

It is better to lose

Let the nation gain

Even the people will celebrate

If all the bad laws are thrown away

The politicians come and ago

They don't have their permanent hold

It is better to do it for the voters

The nation too will benefit

History will record their deeds

Renaissance man can be the inspiration

When the future generations learn on his history

It is something you would have to remember

Saturday, April 27, 2024

the little napoleons


The little napoleons

The last run coming soon

They better change their ways

Else out they will have to go

They always think

They are the little lords

The people have to bow to them

They forget who pay them

Renaissance man says

The new remuneration package

It will tie them to their performances

The bad and poor services civil servants

It may help to stop

The spread of the little napoleons

They are the causes of the problems

It could have happened during the Old Man era

Now the little napoleons

If they don't change their ways

The people will have to change them

Through the elected government

the frame of a game


The frame

High or low

The men decide

On approaching women

The low frame men

They will not dare to confront direct

They will sit down and watch the game

They afraid to go forward

They are the 'black pill” guys

No venture no gain in their pursuits

They will go home empty handed

Living a single track ride

The high frame men

They have their full confidence

They are the proud peacock

Flashing in their entrance

The women's eyes will glow

Watching the high frame men walk in

They don't have to play hard to get

They can easily smooth themselves

No confidence

Every where or any where

You are dead on track

You have nothing to achieve but loneliness

Stay on high frame

Craft it into your brain

Learn the art of approaching

Smile and share jokes

KKB 4 corner fight


KKB by election

It will be a 4 corner fight

The voters have to choose

The party which can represent their interests

The ruling unity government

The candidate has the edge

It is held by the Rocket

For the last 3 terms

The attack and defend

It will be said in the campaigns

In the end of the day

It is the one who can deliver

The Rocket will retain the seat

Though its majority votes will be slashed

Basically asking UG government to implement reforms

Talking too much will not ease the complaints

the nation's news


The nation's news

She doesn't need to sleep

With the politicians facing off

The break-dance will ensure

The battle of the minds

Running high like speed train

Always looking for the gold

Nothing matters as they shout

The people and economy

Every one can guess

It isn't on their top list

They only care for themselves

The ordinary folks can complain

Angry faces throwing tantrums

The beats can vibrate on the ground

The politicians will only open one eye

The nation's news

Get ready the pop-corns

The long stories will carry on

The ordinary folks will beat their drums

Friday, April 26, 2024

lonely bed


Lonely bed

The angels say

Living in the fast lane

No time to say

Walking on the streets

Many hurry to go

Homes or lounges

Afraid to socialize

In the shadows

Of the night some will try

Dancing their ways to achieve

Filling up the lonely night

The long drinking session

Filling up the flirting eyes

Nothing to show but empty glasses

Return to the lonely bed

Lonely bed

Many will sleep alone

Living in the fast lane

Working for money

act tough renaissance man?


The wolf youth chief

When will the police lock him in?

His seditious statement still pending?

Caught in KK by the police

Asked him to go to Bukit Aman

This he was tasked to do

Where is the fairness to it all?

This youth chief still walks free

Others were caught and sent to jail

Within a week even DPP jumped into it

On the sock-gate issue but he?

He still walks free

Now he talks of BM for citizenship

He should study the Constitution

A person citizenship decided at birth

Born to parents or father or mother of the country

It doesn't involve proficiency of BM

The immigration officer should be hauled up for action

The little napoleon rearing his ugly face

The Home Minister should take notice on him

Renaissance man

Should haul this wolf youth chief

Back to the lock up

It saves him the headaches

But will he?

He seems playing his 2R card

He forgets his mission

Renaissance man hiding his mind

the rocking chair


The rocking chair

Sitting empty for the old

On the patio of the mind

Waiting for the day

The old politicians

Time they take a break

They are old still hanging on

Still afraid to let go of power

They shouldn't stay

They can't walk or run fast enough

They will hold up the traffic of progress

They should sit on the rocking chairs

Watch the sunset

Write their books or dreams away

They shouldn't run as the politicians

Let the young take it over

The rocking chair

The old should sit on it

Time they have their rest

Let the young take up the responsibility

macc on the old man


The Old Man

The circle comes full

Macc says he is under investigation

It is late but good news

Decades ago

People speculated on it

With DZ and cronies

The preferential treatment

The wealth of the nation

Gone to cronies in inflated contracts

Contracts signed government losses

In case of mutual termination

His sons turned into billionaires

All through connections and power base

The ways of hidden works

It finally comes full circle

Macc finally wake up

Never afraid to investigate

Any one who is corrupt

Justice and law will catch up

Thursday, April 25, 2024

the faked leaders


The fake leaders

We can see them

When power in their hands

They shift their minds

We can see it in politicians

They will play the humble game

Capturing the voters imagination

Until they are elected

Once they have their tickets

They will sing a different tune

We may not see their faces

They will dance a different beat

The fake leaders

The people don't learn

They will get hooked

On the false promises

am sea egg


Am Sea Egg

No need to shout

The rules of engagement

Support should be given

In the unity government

Every leader should stay

As a united front facing the voters

Not by sabotaging partners

KKB by election

Don't let it fall to the extremist group

The opposition has no standing in it

They use 2R to trick the voters

Am Sea Egg

You don't have the Chinese support

You are on your way out

It is best you stay away

Maybe you should quit

The coalition partnership

There you can shout

Nobody will care much

where are you renaissance man?


Renaissance man

Dancing slow in the fast lane

Events come fast in a wink

Yet he walks at his own paces

He crafted his speeches

Once he was the opposition leader

Wooing on Malaysia race

Wanting to get all on board

Now he holds the powerful post

He has forgotten his call in the past

He plays the game of 2R

Wanting his race to rally behind him

The changes on the midnight burning

Many have said he has to change his focus

Yet he doesn't seem to care

Dancing slow on the fast lane

let the tears flow


Let the tears flow

Of the times we remember

Of those who passed in our lives

Remembering the good times and shared ideas

Every one will go

Young or old nobody can tell

Only remember to enjoy our gifts

Of life while we breathe

Let the tears flow

It is a natural way

Nothing to feel ashamed

Maybe feel sad

The voices will never hear

The real like animation will be gone

Only movies or pictures will reflect

Of a time in the good life

Let the tears flow

Don't carry it on too long

The past has gone

Tomorrow is to carry on

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

the helicopters crashed


The navy helicopters crashed

A tragedy nobody could predict

Up in the sky pilots could be in error

10 navy officers crashed to death

The helicopters plunged down

Hit the ground at Lumut navy base

In the crushed of metals and bodies inside

Leaving no hope to stay in their lives

The close relatives and children

The tears will flow the sadness in the eyes

Cry the river of tears

Tomorrow life should still carry on

Remember the good memories

Of those who perished in the crash

They knew in their lives

Joining the navy and defend the nation

Though we will feel sad

A total loss gone too soon

The family members must move on

The government will move in to help

the blue eye leader


The blue eye leader

The star in his party

Parading his oral skill

The members will applaud

Sitting on his highest position

He will have a better view of things

But in his mind he only thinks what he wants

Leaving his promises on a slow dance

The blue eye leader

He has to listen to the ground

His members don't really tell him

The way to join the queue and rides

The blue eye leader

He should listen to his speeches

Don't beat around in the maze

The real promises still in limbo