Wednesday, April 17, 2024

the back door of moos


The Moos

Thinking their “traitors”

Shouldn't keep their seats

As ROS recently approved

The party amendments

A party constitution can't take action

On the past before its party amendment

As it stands today the Moos can argue

They shoud notice to the House Speaker

There the Moos will know the answer

As one party leader argues

Renaissance man has no 2/3 majority

So he enticed the Moos members to declare support

He is just lying through his teeth

Renaissance man has his 2/3 support already

It is good to amend the Federal Constitution

Because it is the requirement of 2/3 majority

Any majority leader shouldn't abused his position

Finding ways just to amend the Constitution

He will face the anger of the voters or groups

Now the Moos can't do anything yet

The 'traitors' will have their days

The Speaker will have to weigh on his decision

It may not sound good to Moos

Knowing who is the Speaker in Parliament

Then there is the High Court

Right up to the Federal Court to interpret

The party constitution on its amendments

Going backwards to punish its members

But the House Speaker will decide

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