Sunday, April 07, 2024

put a bar on 2R


The country will not progress

If 2R still wakes up in politicians

They should let it stay indoors

No need to show how good they are

With it in their political talk

It will not bring the nation

Growing enormously with FDI

It may just scare the investors away

Harping on an issue bringing in no benefits

Other neighboring countries will grab it

What are these politicians to show?

An empty shell hitting too much noises

Without realizing they scare away investors

The country needs to grow economically

The 2R will not benefit the nation to progress

It is best Renaissance man put a bar on it

He shouldn't race with it to score his points

He should realize he may lose in the end

His party may suffer a humiliating defeat

Unless he changes his route and see

The bigger picture for the nation

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