Sunday, April 21, 2024

no law for house arrest


Stay cool

Isn't the option

Renaissance man

Should do better

He can't afford

Giving excuses

On the wolf leader behaviour

It's eating into his administration

A party in the unity government

By itself it looks like playing the back door

Stabbing its own unity government

For the sake of a convict

It isn't in the law

Providing for house arrest

The former King should know his role

The Pardon Board didn't say it

The wolf leader can claim

In the open it will look bad

On the current administration

As he plays a role in it

There is no law for house arrest

AG should come out with his statement

The lawyers have expressed their views

So have the public of interest

But Renaissance man

Divert his view of his excuse

The wolf leader in government

He didn't bring it up to discuss

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