Saturday, April 06, 2024

the "mun mun lai" AI


The “ mun mun lai” AI

He walks in the corridor of power

Not something new to him

He was once the deputy prime minister

With all his experiences and trials

He should have a better grip on his administration

Going full throttle to get his agendas done

But he has no back-bone to finish it

He has gone back to his 2R game

Wanting to glow with his own race

Wanting to stay relevant and in power

He has forgotten his base of multi-races

All the brouhaha on 2R

He didn't take action immediately

He kept his silence for days

When he said it he wasn't in his element

At this rate he shouldn't dream ahead

A second stint as prime minister?

When his track records hasn't risen the chart

He has to double it up to show he can

The trouble makers

He has to arrest them for good

No matter which party they belong

Have a back-bone and true grit for the job

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