Friday, April 19, 2024

the back door headaches


The chief wolf antics

He got away with DNAA

Though his case isn't dismissed

But waiting for AG to file again

Renaissance man is grateful

The wolf party helped him to form his government

The stability the nation needs

After the bad wave of Covid 19

Now the chief wolf in controversy

On the post pardon bid of MO1

Of a letter asking for house arrest

But there is no law allowing it

It is best Renaissance man

Give his view on the claim

There is no law allowing it

Of a house arrest for any criminal

As usual the “mun mun lai”

He doesn't say anything about it

He goes to the South telling his tales

About SFZ in Johore projects

Maybe “mun mun lai” should cage the wolves

The leaders have cause much damages to his reputation

The boycott issues, sock-gate and DNAA

He has better changed his ways of doing things

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