Tuesday, April 23, 2024

don't give trust 100%


You shouldn't trust a person 100%

It leaves you with nothing to power it

In time of high achievements you don't see

Until the flow of traffic jam causing the headache

When you realize it

You will find you lose financially

Millions will have been gone unnoticed

When the high achievements clouded the judgement

High returns good standing

Every one is on high

Receiving bonuses plenty

Without knowing the cracks

When the downturns happen

Eating into the game of profits

The founder will realize

Many financial deals may go wrong

The trusted persons

Skim off with monetary gains

Scoop it off while they are hot

Leaving the owner holding the fort

You can trust a person

But you need to hold 1% power

At least you will stay aware

Of the business dealings in progress

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